January 14, 2010

Bad Eagle: white supremacy

from the Bad Eagle journal

Amazingly similar to a pontificating someone we all know, me thinks.
White Power USA

Almost a year ago the inauguration of President Barack Obama was hailed as a turning point in US race relations. The country was said to be entering a new era of post-racial politics, on the path to a future of greater diversity and tolerance.

But while crowds flocked to Washington to witness the swearing in, others were refusing to join the party. Racially motivated threats against Obama rose to new heights in the first months of his presidency, with the US seeing nine high-profile race killings in 2009.

Meanwhile white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups claim their membership is growing and that visits to their websites are increasing.

Is the racial undercurrent that has long structured US politics reasserting itself?

Filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen went inside the white nationalist movement to investigate.

Some of the images seen and opinions heard in the film are disturbing.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brent Micheal David. I like this article and can we talk race relations and such?

raging mad

Anonymous said...

Starting point: Can a person of mixed blood be considered a white supremacist? If so, how?

Next point: From the video and what was read, it
begs to raise several questions.
a. White supremacist what type of person do they
accept as their own?

b. Mixed bloods with a white parent what tends to
attract them to white groups such as these?

c. What is the end result of mixed bloods finding
a need to be with white supremacists?

You have some great articles here, but you need to join in the conversations BMD.

Hitlers words: Fear and Anger Breed Racial Hatred

Raging Mad


Mad: Can a person of mixed blood be considered a white supremacist?

BMD: anyone can.

Mad: White supremacist what type of person do they accept as their own?

BMD: i suspect, shared beliefs and ideologies welcome like company.

Mad: Mixed bloods with a white parent what tends to attract them to white groups such as these?

BMD: are they "attracted?" (see "indoctrination") ... the romanticism of "mixed blood" is a non sequitur to the question.

Mad: What is the end result of mixed bloods finding a need to be with white supremacists?

BMD: silly question ... but i suppose, more mixed blood white supremacists, LOL! no one cares what racial makeup white supremacists are, except other white supremacists.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brent MIcheal Davids for your kind response.

Question: I read your bio and seen you at many gatherings, primarily with young children. You do an excellent job. And a might handsome I should say also......so you are implying that the more blood we have in our heritage that is the line we tend to lean toward?

According to the white supremacists and white hate groups that many label them, I do not see any of them taking to anyone with mixed blood heritage. Maybe in writing but in real life the mixture can become a disaster waiting to happen.

I read all on your site and if we are to be culturally sensitive Mr. Davids and we should accept all people for who they are and not their blood lines, why is it we attack what we feel are either the weakest or strongest blood lines?

For example being attacked for having Mexican blood to me that is racism also.

Wait for your response and thank you.

Raging Mad


the issue of race is not very important to anyone really. one can even argue rather legitimately that it does not even exist in any factual way, because there's always more mixing and re-mixing depending on how far back one looks, which makes it all moot in the end.

race really serves no purpose imho except as a dividing tactic. so when i see anyone super hyper about "race" i smell a whiff of fear, perhaps nationalism, and maybe some unknown amount of trauma from past abuse ... nothing positive to my thinking.

Mad: why is it we attack what we feel are either the weakest or strongest blood lines?

i have no clue, except perhaps as an inappropriate and knee-jerk reaction from our inbred nationalism, inbred racism, past abuse, or other feelings of inferiority or fear. i dunno, but i wish we all knew the answer to that question.

Anonymous said...

Brent Micheal Davids thank you. It is about race according to the video and the ones interviewed. It may be used as a dividing tactic also, but the video and in all reality is of white blood. No other blood.

Whites say America was built on white/christian thought. Every bit of America and her foundation was based on whites. We only need to read the history of the different Native Americans to see the horror and terror of white power and superiority.

The Civil Rights Movement sparked racial hatred and it continues today. No civil rights were created for Native Americans until the late seventies. Correct me if I am in error. The American Indian Civil Rights is good only on reservations and even then they are weak. The White Citizens Council is the main driving force behind tearing down these civil rights.

Many of these white supremacist or white groups do not allow any other race or color of people into their circle unless it serves a purpose. As one of the white group members stated and this is hard core but they do not allow Negroes, Jews, Mexicans or any other darker race, nationality or such in again correct me if I am wrong.

Racial identity is that not based on race?

Your last paragraph is excellent and needs to be discussed further. In ending, the confusion or insecurity that is felt by these white groups is the fact that America is founded on white values etc. and it does not fit in with a Black President. Maybe that is a starting point also.

Raging Mad


I think the issue abuse is not about "race" though the video uses it. the SPLC, for example, uses race in a legalistic way, but only as a response to groups who abuse others with a race mythology.

in other words, i doubt the SPLC would give one iota of care to race were it not as a response to the abusers who use race as a rationale for their behavior. so, sure, "race" exists as a category of thought, but it's not real life in the last analysis.

and yeah, hate groups are basing their activities on something that is make-believe. if one thinks this issue through logically, there is no white blood and cannot be any. a white race is logically impossible, though I doubt sound logic would stop the supremacists.

America is not a white country and was not founded as such. America never was a christian nation, in fact it goes out of its way to be secular in the founding and the constitution. America is a secular nation and was not founded as a white nation.

Again, i doubt this fact would deter the supremacists, so any insecurity or confusion that hate groups may trumpet as their rationale comes from the land of make-believe.

The civil rights movement was a response to the abusers who treated others as non-human. the movement did not "spark" the hatred, it is/was a response to it.

on and off the rez may each have its own dynamic, but the main issue is the same: human rights for all, not based on race. continuing to use "race" is divisive, both on and off reservations.

White power groups cannot even tell who is or isn’t white. there is no way to accurately measure that, so it’s a mythology they invent and reinvent at whim. Hitler himself had nonwhite ancestry and denied it, just like all the supremacists do now (go back far enough and we all come from africa). But yes, they seem to hate anyone they feel is not like them.

Mad: Racial identity is that not based on race?

BMD: yes, racial identity is based on perceived race. problem is, there’s no such thing as race. culture? yes. language? yes. skin shades and hues? yes. human evolution and migration? yes. but race? no.

i dunno what to do with the influence of the hate groups except the vital efforts of teaching tolerance, and exposing the false facts the supremacists use to create their divisive myths.

Anonymous said...

White supremacy and the white power movement is not a myth or based on mythology, to say this would be telling those that they target that they are not real and they do not exist.

They are real and they do exist. Inside the hidden chambers of these white groups, I would tend to believe that one has to go through some type of membership based to be included.

Too many times we use the myth or mythology to discredit and destroy or play down issues we do not understand.

In your post you wrote perceived race, can you explain please.

Raging Mad


the white power movement and the white supremacists are most certainly based on a myth. there is no sound definition of white race. there cannot be, and if we look back far enough we are all of the lungfish race.

yes, the hate movements exist, we can feel and touch those, they are real. but any notion of a "white race" is absolutely a myth, we cannot even define that without being supper vague and nonfactual.

Mad: Too many times we use the myth or mythology to discredit and destroy or play down issues we do not understand.

i personally do not know whether identifying the mythic base of a movement occurs "too many times" (speculative assertion), but i disagree that "teaching tolerance" for example would have a distorted purpose of discrediting, playing down, or destroying anything.

such a comment seems not only reductionist, and inaccurate, but misses the overall point of teaching tolerance of others who are different from ourselves.

as for perceived race, that is what "race" is, a perception. it has no verifiable reality. it is without concreteness existing in ideology only. i understand perfectly, so this is not a case where i am claiming ignorance.

there's no such thing as race, except as a myth, just like there's no real santa clause. people like to believe in santa but no matter what the strength is of that believing, it does not change the reality.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Brent Micheal Davids, excellent.

Raging Mad

Anonymous said...

Brent Micheal Davids, I did not know where to put this, so I will place it here.

The Soul Of An Indian: Ohiyesa Sampler BMD

Is this really your music! If so wow! I see where you were in the Dakotas with the Porcupine Singers and heard you did a fanstastic job there!

Sid Bird stated that this band of Sioux broke free and did not want to be confined to a reservation and therefore homesteaded land. That is true.

Raging Mad

Anonymous said...

Forgot the link!

The Soul Of An Indian


Raging Mad


The Soul Of An Indian: Ohiyesa Sampler BMD Is this really your music!

yes, that is my orchestral film score for Sid and Kate's film, composed and recorded last year, also features Sid's son Johnny on guitar. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

The link did not open. Shall we try another way? Love that The Soul Of An Indian. Need more of you men to compose and record this kind of music.

You had another one that was great, uhm, Black Hills or Bear Butte?

Music heals!

Raging Mad

Anonymous said...

Louise Erdrich and the other Flandreau Sioux ladies reflect the true beauty of the Sioux in the Dakotas.

Too bad the YouTube link does not work. It reflects how a group of 26 families fiercely fought for their independence away from reservation life etc.

In the background your music has the sound of gourds, are they?

Readers need to hear your music, that truly reflects Brent Micheal Davids (and mighty handsome). This is what life is all about, freedom, independence and a will to live as who we are and what we are, instead of what others want us to be. No? Yes, I think so (smiling).

Put the link up? Please!

Raging Mad

Anonymous said...

Brent Micheal Davids need your brain power!

A new name has been attached to half breed Indians of White and Indian mix.

Non-White White Supremacists

Raging Mad

Anonymous said...

Brent Micheal Davids stay warm in your neck of the woods. We had outage for over four hours and odd thing is within the snow is lightning and thunder!

Raging Mad

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beakerkin said...

Batty Ann

Why don't you post under your other aliases.

Racial Supremacy and racial purity nonsense is idiotic. If you think the KKK types consider you white dream on. The truth is that your truly is whiter than they are. For me it is a genetic variable and those who obsess over it are idiots.

Non white white supremacists are idiots.