January 11, 2009

Yeagley: Good Ole White Boy

from DavidYeagley.org

David A. Yeagley's New President and First Family!

Bevery Isaac, a TRUE Comanche, once against tears apart white-supremacist-posing-as-part-Comanche David Yeagley.

Was just reading again and came upon another group that Yeagley is published on, The "White Boy Society", imagine that. Membership is Any White Male, this was a link off of the John Birch Society/David Yeagley.

Yeagley has NEVER apologized to the Comanche People for his involvement in this Danish Doc. If he ever runs again for any position, I will make sure ALL his involvement with these people are brought forward. He will say he is attending these meetings because he wants to keep on top of the "Enemy", or some such nonsense. He has nothing but false public praises for the Comanche Chairman and Tribal Administrator on his site at this time, yet still puts the Indian People as a whole on the bottom of the barrel. These men are just too busy to pay him attention, but they do need to know of his devious anti-Indian involvements. I believe the Chairman is aware of them, in fact I know he is!

Also if he is a member of the White Boy Society, their stance "WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF THE WHITE PEOPLE AND FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN" that in itself is a racist view by any standards. If in fact Yeagley believes in the Comanche People, why does he not create for all to see and join in the "COMANCHE INDIAN BOY SOCIETY"?

I know why, because he is not really into being Indian at all, just into using the claim to a little blood quantum he can derive finances from. Why should he form a club for the Indians, it would be too much work and a waste of his precious white time, besides that he would have to rub shoulders and shake hands with the dirty, pitiful, beastly boring brown people, malcontent, lying, alcoholic, bottom of the barrel Indian men, people who are not worthy of speaking up for themselves because all we do is whine, professional mourners, and professional protesters.

Yes you people who read this, these are David Yeagleys' own words against his own Indian People and there are a lot more negative statements. He rarely makes a positive statement for anyone other that his white supremacist friends.

He believes that because the Native American speaks up, we are professional protesters and anti-American. All the hate has been overcome a long time ago, but because we choose to speak up and out does not make us Anti-American. Every person living in America has Freedom of Expression. We don't consider ourselves Victims, but he constantly uses that to describe our Freedom of Expression. We are learning our past. I call that taking responsibility, educating yourself for your children, grandchildren for the next seven generations, if not us who will do it using the Truth the Indian Way, the American Indian Way!

The Indian Wars are Past, we learned how to eat dirt and survive, we did not starve, we are still here, the Indian Wars are Past.....or are they?

Yeagley assumes the responsibility that no one gave him, to speak for the Comanche People, to compare Columbus with the Comanche People, to be an activist in our Name. No one gave him that position, no person can do that for a Tribe, but the Tribal Chairman, Yeagley assumed too much, but that is his arrogant, narcissistic, self-righteous White Way!