December 20, 2009

Seventh-day Adventist sued for $5 million

from the Bad Eagle Journal

Speaking of Seventh-day Adventists ... It seems like the Seventh-day Adventist folks are good at shuffling around their personnel at crunch time. Don’t like the way their youth “teachers” are treated by the local authorities and the local press, why not move them to another state? into a different youth academy? It helps if one has a father in high places too, don’t you think? Seems like the Seventh-day Adventist are not immune from black collar crime, no matter having a so-called father in high places.

Andrew McPherson, a former teacher at Pleasant Hill (CA) Adventist Academy, and the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists are being sued for $5 million by a former student at the school in the mid-1990s.

The woman, listed as Jane Doe in a complaint, was 13 when the alleged abuse started. McPherson is a registered sex offender in Idaho whose father is president of the church’s Idaho conference. The Complaint said sexually explicit comments escalated into unwanted groping, fondling and kissing, culminating in a choking incident on campus in 1996. McPherson was then transferred to the church’s Reno Junior Academy in Nevada, where he was later convicted of having sex with a 15-year-old female student at the academy, said a 1998 report in Reno Gazette-Journal.

One of Bad Eagle's Religious Heroes

Member of Yeagley's Church Pities Yeagley for His Bigotry


"Sad ... David Yeagley, known to many as a columnist for David Horowitz's, delivers a bizarre anti-Muslim tirade in his latest blog post. I find this very hard to believe. This is not the guy I used to know back in the late 70s and early 80s when we both attended the New Haven Seventh-day Adventist Church--when he was working on his M.Div. from Yale Divinity School(!). I really feel sorry for him. "


CM said...


This woman preached that humans had relations with animals and thats the reason yeagly hates the Black people comparing them to chimpanzees. They are sick to spread this kind of religion, its sounds like witchcraft...if its true for them it true for the whites who evolved....there are albino apes you know!

Betty ann owens Gross says she is studying hard on three religions and Indian Religion. Guess she is trying to be saved! I think it takes more than reading a few books. She once professed to be studying to be adventist, got mad at yeagley then quit studying and trying to be his soul mate. She probably just couldn't stay away from the meat? She looks like she really likes to eat, look at the fat cows in the fields, they eat only grass!!!!

Christmas time, I think those two have slowed in their hatred toward all..tiny,tiny bit(NOT!).

Betty ann owens gross might actually be helping the sioux by buying some commod cheese and meat. She says she doesn't eat meat, but she goes hunting for elk and turkey, isn't that a wasteful sin? Hunt just for the Kill, real WHITE of her.

Hey....she could make a unique Christmas tree out of ALL the antlers and feathers for all the little sioux children to enjoy.


CM said...

One thing I forgot to mention! Badeagle is being watched, the detrimental things baggy ann is saying against her people could really hurt them further. The degreed one should know its against the law to even share the commodities given to a family and right here on Public Net she is telling about her people selling the cheese and meat. She may kill more of her people when they stop the program and more starve because of her big mouth!


The_Editrix said...

She says she doesn't eat meat, but she goes hunting for elk and turkey, isn't that a wasteful sin? Hunt just for the Kill, real WHITE of her.

Wonderfully put!

I think the only topic Betty Ann is "studying" is the cost/performance ratio of booze or in plain English: how to get pissed cheapest.

Sorry, but I wish I'd understand America better. How can a perfect moron like Betty acquire an M.A. degree and a wacko like Yeagley a doctorate at your universities?

Did you see his latest howler? It's about enhanced airport security and "body scanners":

This is textbook Freudian Oedipal urges wreaked upon American society by latent white male homosexuals in power. It is the cruelty of unleashed libido. Yes, it is Communism’s denigration of people also; it is a demonic delight in cruel power over others. But, in this particular case, not about taxes, money, or even life styles. It is about rape. It is the perfect “Obama” touch. It is a homosexual perversion, but expressed through a black male. Again, the object is nudity, particularly that of the white female. (Who cares about anyone else’s nudity?)

If I understand that gibberish correctly, he is saying that Obama wants to see white women naked, but is really a tool of white male homosexuals.

Yes, we all know how much white male homosexuals long to see white women naked. Again, the pervert is projecting big time and lets all the world know how sexually confused and vile he is.

I have absolutely no time for Obama, but I am tempted to wish him a second term in office hoping that that might finally give Yeagley apoplexy. Every time one thinks he can't sink any lower, he proves that, yes, he can.