November 4, 2009

Comanches may be racially mixed

from the Bad Eagle blog

If you haven’t checked it out yet, do go see the site “IndiVISIBLE: African-Native American Lives in the Americas.” If you do, you may notice an interesting photo right on the front page of a Comanche kinship group with mixed heritage including black. Considering the length of time and all the mixed history, it is probable that many Comanches might be of mixed lineage -- as are probably all Native peoples. But the photo, and the article, are especially good news for those who reject the notion of “pure blood” that distorts and falsifies the true reality of racial plurality on the planet. So hip hip hooray for black Comanches! Enjoy!

Comanche family, early 1900s

Here is a family from the Comanche Nation located in

southwestern Oklahoma. The elder man in Comanche

traditional clothing is Ta-Ten-e-quer. His wife, Ta-Tat-ty,

also wears Comanche clothing. Their niece (center) is

Wife-per, also known as Frances E. Wright. Her father

was a Buffalo Soldier (an African American cavalryman)

who deserted and married into the Comanches. Henry

(center left) and Lorenzano (center right) are the sons

of Frances, who married an African American man.

Courtesy Sam DeVenney


African-Native American Lives in the Americas

Within the fabric of American identity is woven a story that has long been invisible—the lives and experiences of people who share African American and Native American ancestry.

African and Native peoples came together in the Americas. Over centuries, African Americans and Native Americans created shared histories, communities, families, and ways of life. Prejudice, laws, and twists of history have often divided them from others, yet African-Native American people were united in the struggle against slavery and dispossession, and then for self-determination and freedom.

For African-Native Americans, their double heritage is truly indivisible. The exhibition IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in the Americas is a collaboration between the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the Smithsonian Institution Travelling Exhibition Service (SITES).


CM said...

The name Tenequer is a well respected name around here.

This is interesting, I never knew about the early Comanche being with the Black people and not too many with the White, but of course there must have been some relations, this picture proves it, and they are a proud looking family.

In this day and age it is not uncommon. We love our children no matter what color or whom they fall in love with.

Unlike yeagley who thinks falling in love with a Black person is animalistic, love has no color boundry.

Of course we were known to go shopping in South Texas for Mexican and White Children to replace ours who may have been killed. Quannah Parker is supposed to be 1/2 white 1/2 Comanche, but many Older Comanches say he is 1/2 Mexican.

Native Americans have such an interesting History if you split the U.S. down the middle the West would have Mexican ancestry and the East would be White European. I give yeagley to the East as a WASP, but he's more of a YELLOW-JACKET ASS!


CM said...


On badeagle the stupid bag, betty ann gross is claiming you don't want me on this Blog anymore because you posted this about the Black people mixed with the Comanche, and that I am to stupid to see that!

I see it as history and nothing to be ashamed of. Like I said this family name is well respected around here. I know of one that is married to a Navajo, a beautiful friendly couple they both are! and no one, and I mean no one mistreats any mixed Black with Comanche, Kiowa or Apache around here. If I see it I will personally address it harshly.

However I was suprised to see it way back when. Today its pretty prevalent among our younger generation. I see it as their choice, though I would rather see my mixed Breed Grandchildren find another Indian, no matter the Tribe. I would like them to stay Native american as much as possible.

I never discouraged my only son when he found his love, a white girl from Utah. I like her at times(joking) better than my son. I simply adore my Grandchildren two girls and a new Grandson.

Betty ann owens continues to lie, and stupid yeagley laps it up, knowing she does. She says as a Comanche, I am too embarrassed to comment...I commented but she didn't tell yeagley my comment was this was a respected family.

I am 4/4 Comanche, she can't understand what yeagley tries to tell her. She just ignores it all and takes this chance to love him to pieces AS A BROTHER...ha, has, thats all she can get. Its impossible for him to reciprocate her advances. Not because she calls him gay, but she is just too nasty, vulgar and plain unchristian and twisted. What else can I say.

Thank you for the History, only thing, it started yeagley ranting on again about the dead people who knew all about Badeagle...they are not with us, he can't prove nothing. Mr. Saupitty was close kin...his name was not "KARL", how disrespectful! Yeagley sure likes to throw names around that he thinks he can gain respect from....I will always put him in his place. I think that is why our paths crossed, the good Lord wanted him in his place, I am here to put him there. Forget betty ann gross, she is nasty!

I know yeagleys' cousin on his Mothers' side, she tells me yeagley is such a liar! She is alive and can SPEAK! She told me so much more than I even cared to know, and never sought out about his lies....and he is still doing it. Only betty ann owens sits in awe of him..I forgot Awen, Smile, Janklows baby and of course Rosedove.

Thanks again for the History lesson.


CM said...


Kool language for a degreed imbecile?

Seems as though betty ann owens gross etc, etc, can't get anyone to look at the Dakota forums, she has to plop herself where she can get attention..on the Comanche forum. Poor pitiful thang, yeagley can't get away from you and you can't get enough of him or any of him!

Hey bag, tell me about Janklows's Baby, why that name, he killed a member of your tribe and you use THAT name? What ever became of your Civil Rights Office in which you place as Chairmanion on your Board that lives hundreds of miles away. He also hangs around with white supremists groups here in Oklahoma, does your other Board members know this, he wil lead you into the world in which he cannot create here with the Oklahoma Indians. We know him as a racist, leftist(whatever that is) and a bigot. He heads your civil rights board? You say "many people are not aware of the work that he(yeagley)does and has done for the Sioux People". You go on to say that he remains silent! That wuss yeagly has NEVER remained silent when it comes to his accomplishments, therefore he must have not accomplished anything, you just want a pat on your behind or cookie! I think he will opt for the cookie!

HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF JIM JONES, DAVID KORESH??? One thing about yeagley is, he dresses like a morman, no one would suspect him of being into the cone crowd or wearing white sheets! Who knows he might be walking around OKC airport in those long dresses with the veil that he so admires....a man in a dress he so admires....

toodle doo, I have a few orders of dolls I have to get out today, busy, busy busy. LOL

CM said...

Baggy ann,

You lie again, I responded to this Comanche post with their Black relatives a couple of weeks ago, soon as I saw it...sorry I didn't put the date on for your inquiring sicko mind.

Why are you so interested in me anyhoooo?

By the way I received a compliment yesterday! A young lady came up to me....well actually I was sitting on the floor(chairs all taken) I commented on her pretty jacket, she said. "YOU always look so nice, YOU(moi) inspire me". I was actually startled. I had on jeans a vest and hiking boots,(several of us were going out to look at a 320 acre site that is wilderness and mountainy) and she told me how nice I looked! Oh my goodness!!!uh huh

I don't really know what you mean by "who would want to pork that", but I do have plenty of friends, I actually prefer male friends to women, they all think you want their guy...I don't jump into bed, like you do with every White tom, dick and harry or Janklows. I take pride in myself I am so different than you, you in fact, look like you eat Pork! I don't touch the stuff, its reminds me of human flesh, like I said you look like Pork, I would never touch you! yuk.....


The_Editrix said...

I hadn't been at ViolentHummingbird for a while. Nothing has changed. And here was I, thinking that Betty Ann was taking some kind of sabbatical, chaperoning her daughter at some terribly important musical event. It will never cease to amaze me how somebody who claims to have some education can be so incoherent, semi-literate and irredeemably vulgar, and she doesn't seem to care that she is an open book to anybody who reads her drivel. She is obsessed with sex (absolutely GAGGING for it!), she is obsessed with white women (artfully fuelled by Yeagley) and for some reason unknown to me she is obsessed with you, Beverly.

What a wasted existence!

Lead your life and be well. That's the best punishment for her.

The_Editrix said...

Is there anybody out there who can explain this to me?

Why is the offspring of a union between an American Indian and a white person considered Indian, whereas the offspring of an American Indian and a black person is considered black?

This is not meant to be a rhetoric, provocative question. I am genuinely asking.

CM said...

Hi Editrix,

Baffling isn't it, her obsession with me?

I happen to be Comanche and live in the area have met the man, tried to like him, but I could not for long. Not with his views on the Indian and especially Indian Women. I do speak out against him. My Comanche Chairman spoke out against him. He really doesn't know many people around here.He has become Comanche recently and all those that see him don't know who this man is who wants to lead a project and is asking for thousands of dollars. He is one of those that won't allow anyone else an oppinion.

Anyone that reads his blog can see how he actually feels about the Indian People, or anyone NOT White!

baggy ann needn't feel threatened by me, but she continues to show that she is.

She tells him to marry me, then she tells me he doesn't want me. Neither he nor I feel anything toward each in that way, its all disgusting that she can keep saying ugly things, and he nudges her on, with jabs at me. He sits and eats his apple, smiles and allows her to carry on.

Apparently she still doesn't get it.......she claims he is Gay, so what is there to worry about? That doesn't worry me at all, I'll even introduce him to some gay men, if thats his style. Her and her little Grandaughter can sniff out the Gays, yet they missed him! That comment she made about the Gays was so uncalled for, yet that is her M.O.

Talk about strange...Awen is a strange one! I believe Awen is "yeagley", Why else would baggy ann NOT jump all over that one by now? Awen comments about him being the object of her affection and much more sexual enuendos and baggy ann says nothing. Awen says she and yeagley have a history, he says he doesn't know her! She says he lies(we all know that), yet bag says nothing! I'm waiting for her attack on Awen...but that would be the object of her affection himself yeagley! Oh Well!

Thats what he wants....mystery, intrigue, lies, enuendos.

bag hasn't jumped her yet has she....continues to keep me on her agenda. To me its just entertainment.

All I post is a learning experience for them. Her Tribe is far removed from our way of life, and he knows nothing about "REAL" life, neither white nor Indian ways. From what I gather he has been acadedemic most of his adult life and now he is near 60 years old, lives theoreticaly as opposed to just living. He wants people to compare him with greats Treasures of American Literature such as Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, Thoreau. As much as he speaks and copies from these dark musky yellow pages of old, yeagley does not come close to these Greats!

I compare him with a withered old
white man trying to be a young Indian in the Autumn of his white life. He is going about it the wrong way!

Naiche and I give them something to chew on.

In our lives we are REAL Indian and can mingle and get along with the best of our Nations. Nothings perfect, but unless you know your Culture and can touch your people you are NOTHING, but a ghost, dancing in the Wind! They have no Spirit!

Those two make believe Indians are nothing!

I know a lot of Indian people, and none are as vulgar as she, no proud Indian man speaks against his People as yeagley continues to do. No Proud Indian speaks against our President and America as yeagley does, he shames me for claiming he is Comanche!


The_Editrix said...

Beverly it's YOUR fault that I went there again. ;-)

I found that Arwen you mentioned in the comment section of a recent blog entry. Is he/she/it in the forum as well? If not, it is no great miracle that Betty Ann didn't go after him/her/it. I haven't seen her in the blog section much at all.

But there is an interesting comment by the Great Not-Quite-White Pontificator Himself about Tiger Woods:

He is black. This is based on the reality that you are what people consider you, or treat you. For "people" read "Yeagley". Notice that all these affairs are with WHITE women. Errr.... So? He believe’s (SIC!) he is above being black, because of some mixed blood. How does he know what Woods "believe's"?

It seems quite clear that he has no respect for any race, except white. Clear? Why? because Woods has effed some white sluts? He apparently has no regard for any of the “races” in his own blood. "Apparently"! Apparent to a pervert like Yeagley. He disdains them, avoids them. How? Because the Great Not-Quite-White Pontificator says so? Claiming multiple races is just plain socially immature. Like, say, Yeagley? It is ignorant and greedy. Why it should be ignorant to define one's ancestry is beyond me. However, it is certainly greedy to abuse it to profit from it, like white boy Yeagley did when he suddenly discovered his so far shunned and despised Indian ancestry to pose as a "conservative Indian pundit". Pity it didn't work out. Just what we might expect from Tiger? Or no? No. I, for one, don't know what to "expect" from Tiger. Does the Great Not-Quite-White Projector? Well, yes. The same he expects from any "Negro". In his eyes, Woods is a "Negro", and as he knows everything about "Negroes", and that mainly from SDA "prophetesse" Ellen G. White and her writings about "amalgamation of animals and humans". That's all he needs to know about Tiger Woods, Obama or any other "Negro" on earth.

You say: "...she claims he is Gay, so what is there to worry about?"

I have missed that. Maybe she doesn't want to lose ANY hold she has over him. (Of course he is gay. He LONGS to be punished really hard by some black hunk because he is such a naughty boy.)

Here we have a little pipsqueak, a piano-stool pooper, a totally insignificant runt, unsuccessful, the epitome of a loser. On the other side, we have those hugely successful blacks. Did it ever occur to him, that those white women might go for Tiger Woods or Seal because they are rich and -- more important -- successful? Success and fame DO have a pull for women. But then, what does HE know about things like that?

By the way, I don't think he holds white women in high regard. He just pretends it to hurt and irritate the Indian women of his readership. There are countless callous, swinish, heartless entries about white women. He has the typical hatred and disregard of the homosexual man for women. Those over whom he drools are always of the transgendered type, safely out of his reach or sluts who have ensnared a black man (that is what he consideres "raped" by him). Read this: The Waffling Warrior's Nigger Happy Wet Dreams, another bit of Yeagley's pornographic analysis of interracial sex. We've seen it all before.

Be well!


CM said...


Excellent post. You said it all so well.

You know...I might could respect him if he would just come out of the closet. It would make for interesting reading, but what would he say that he hasn't already said? At least it could be taken in a different light.

Today I surfed the TV Channels and I think it was "One Life To Live"(I never watch those Soaps just passing by) but one guy was telling this other guy, "you are so beautiful" they embraced and acutally kissed...ewwwww...full mouth kissed holding each others' necks, they proceeded to unbutton each others shirts, they got on the bed one on top still kissing.......and the phone rang. Oh my gosh! This was on mid-day and NOT a porno show(and I DO NOT WATCH PORNO EITHER), but I couldn't believe the full mouth kiss, its becoming common I presume.

Of course I thought of yeagley, how much he would enjoy this. I'm sooooo bad!

I thought someone was going to open my door and catch me watching PORNO, my kids never knock and I never lock my doors. It was funny.

Then it got really serious because the call was from the hospital...someone has beat up one of their friends another HOMO.

I have noticed the transgender attraction(coulter).

I see no attraction in Tiger Woods no matter the color, but I think "SEAL" is umm,ummm fine, and he is very BLACK! I think nothing of their prefering a White woman. Yes I do believe yeagley pushes his preference for white women just to push buttons. We all have preferences.

Poor yeagley, painted himself into the corner, what in the hell was he trying to accomplish? Hating on Blacks, Indians, Mexicans, Women, Gay bashing. I thought to myself that his gay bashing was just a wee bit too much. I believe baggy ann has found personal information on his computor that he left on at her place. I believe she holds this over his head. Utterly unforgiveable thing to do, but he has allowed her to say anything she wants, never really reprimanding her, he just ignores it all....

He should try a different type of Blog with another Name!


The_Editrix said...

Exactly! He practically shouts "Look at me, I am gay" (have you ever seen a normal man with an interest in fashion?), yet spouts all that hatred about homosexuals. I don't hate gays, I hate that they force their disgusting sexuality on us. I don't want to see a "gay pride" parade and I am still waiting to see something like that from heterosexuals. That said, what grown up people do BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is their own business. But that's exactly what gays don't do. They are using sex as a political power tool, and to THAT I object.

The good doctor's interest in interracial relationships is truly perverted (and, again, very telling). I am sure the white wives of Woods or Seal went for the "star appeal" and not for the dark skin. Only the irredeemably insecure or the condescending go for black men BECAUSE they are black. I have never found black men (or men of other than white, for that) attractive, and I think that's a natural reaction. The more spouses have in common, the better is their chance for a lasting relationship. I always found girls who would marry anybody BUT the guy next door pretty silly.

All that said and granted that I am right and that a natural proclivity to choose one's partner from one's own race exists, why shouldn't that proclivity be overcome if one meets a truly nice and lovable individual from a different race? Obviously, that was how The Great Not-Quite-White Pissantator's parents felt. How much self-hatred must the offspring of an interracial marriage feel who relentlessly, obsessively, drivels about just that? And that when he could have honoured his parents' wish who brought up their children as white. He could have lead a life of an almost white man in a white world, married a white woman to have white children and that would have been that. But no, that would have been straightforward and he is too crooked for that. He had to bring up the Indian bit of his heritage to then diss it, hurt a lot of people who have never done anything to him and -- and that is the good thing -- make a gigantic fool of himself in the process.

On a personal note, I find that Seal comes across as a thoroughly nice and decent fellow, whereas Woods doesn't. But what can you expect from somebody who truly believes that blacks come from an "amalgamation of man and beast"? In his world, decency and niceness in a black man doesn't exist and his white wife is thus bound to have chosen him because of some perversion.

Yuck, what a mind!

CM said...


Well at least we can speak our minds straight forward.

By the way....My ideal man would be someone like Harry Connick Jr., he's so fine!

I have always questioned why yeagley strayed over to the Indian side, he is maybe...1/8th and even that is questionable. There is ONE picture he posted of himself(he loves to do that) when he maybe was a teenager, had very short hair because of his supposed cancer, where he did look a bit Indian!

All the lies I read makes me wonder if the Cancer bit is also a lie! He says he has a mutilated body, scars etc., yet posts a beautiful bodies such as Rudy Youngblood and proceeds to tear his ancestry.

With his disdain toward anyone not White, why would he try to turn Indian? If I never met him, saw his site, just think how much further damage he and baggy ann could have done! Not that I prevented any, but at least I know the Comanche are aware of him!

The few times hes spoken in front of the Comanche, he never invited any of them to join his site, he in fact never mentioned it. He knows what he does on it!

With all the talk of Alba(some popular singer or actress)who thought she was Latino and was extremely happy to learn she was more White European than Native, she showed the racism one can turn on a dime!

I would love it if I could afford a DNA test. Curious to see the percentage of Indian/Mexican and who knows what else was in the woodpile in the 1600's.

This subject of DNA came up at our Comanche Business Meeting last Saturday. With all the people trying to enroll every month, I suggested we need to use DNA to combat the less than 1/8. Lots of heads would roll if we used the blood quantum and NOT descendency! Clear out the ones that DO NOT BELONG ONCE AND FOR ALL!

"A normal man"! I know he is a bit strange. He hates the sound and laughter of kids, almost 60 and is celibate and never ever let alcohol touch his lips, never been in a Casino(what kind of Indian!), hates country and Rock & Roll music, lives alone with no female overnite guests(he didn't say anything about male!). Betty ann told me that she called his house once and a male anwered, yeagly made excuses, he sounded perturbed and anxious to hang up! Yep he is a strange one.....

Oh, I'm sure there are many more men like him, but the thing that disturbs me, is he has made disgusting remarks about the Indian Nations and he claims to be one, he has a blog dedicated to this kind of disgusting remarks. He allows no true Native American Indians to post, to air their opinon.

No posters but white discussing Indians!


CM said...


I finially read "amalgamation of animals and human", Ellen G.White. There is no way a Native American Indian Mother would allow her son to believe such nonsense. But he is a grown man now and he still believes that the Black man is of beastuality! I am disgusted with the behavior of some Blacks to at times. Loud, pushy, and yes animalistic, but thats not all Black People. In the store today, I needed to get to a certain meat section, these young REDNECK people were visiting and they knew I wanted to shop, but they just grinned at each other and continued talking about their tattoos. I knew they were being obnoxious and thought that was rude by not stepping aside. Not much difference in their actions than a group of Blacks, only difference in a small town not too many Blacks just the REDNECK white supremists. Thats what I call them, no respect for any one of color.

So thats been yeagleys motive all along is to create and keep the prejudice juices flowing in the minds of his posters! At the same time Preaching his Christianity. Looks as though yeagley studied Ellen G. White thoroughly and learned from the best at her use of words and way or arguement. His flip flopping and ending his way only...thats it, enough are dismissed, you may go now type of attitude.

I am beginning to believe yeagley is a very disturbed and maybe even dangerous. I mean, I always knew he was different. Lets just say, I would not want to be alone with the man! I think his attitude is getting worse as he gets older, knowing he can't prevent the ageing process. Some people mellow with age, not yeagley!

I also read the "Nigger Happy Wet Dreams" and remember well how disgusted in the way he could separate the little white girls' actions from the Black mother. Not even considering how those white boys were just as animalistic if not more than a Black male!

As a professed Christian, why can't he see differently?


CM said...

Dilution of the Indian!

Now he's sitting at his PC white as can be telling people who to fall in love with!

His Indian mother didn't think of blood quantum when the handsome german solder caught her eye! Her fist thought was to get away from the Indians, move into the White World with food on her table. She produced what yeagly calls "lusus Naturate" several diluted misanthropes to carry on the name yeagley, nothing Indian about that!

Indians don't produce "lusus naturate" offspring. Our offspring are beautiful brown sweet smelling and much loved and welcomed into this crazy world babies.

I resent his connection of Comanche to Communism. Comanches fear no man as he insinuates. We are naturally caring toward others and have always been since the 1800s as we were forced to assimilate and get along. If others don't accept us, we care little about that, because we still have our PRIDE and alloted lands we can retire to after spending our money in the White world. Most however, live just like the white man(just like yeagley) in their world and can retreat to our Indian life out on the week-end. You could compare us to the rich whites who have a country get away. We don't like to brag about these things, but we live OK!

Yeagley is jealous because he is poor white trash! He cannot get away to a country home! He is angry with his less than 1/2 white mother and angry with his white father for producing him into this nowhere world where he messed up with both blood lines because he thinks he is above them. He is Not! He takes his anger against his parents on the real deal the "REAL INDIANS".


The_Editrix said...

"I also read the "Nigger Happy Wet Dreams" and remember well how disgusted in the way he could separate the little white girls' actions from the Black mother. Not even considering how those white boys were just as animalistic if not more than a Black male!"

Beverly, just for truth's sake: it turned out that the white boys did not rape the black woman, after all. But that is beside the point here. When he wrote that, he ASSUMED that they did, yet apologized them.

That really was one of his masterpieces. He is really at his "best" when he can dole out sweeping blows at more than one of his obsessions. That black woman was a clear gift sent to him by Mrs. White from hell.

Can you imagine that a man who considers the threat to penetrate a woman with a broom handle as youthful ebullience within a "stimulating situation" ever had a loving relationship with a woman?

Best regards