September 16, 2009

Racism is still alive

Thank you Jimmy Carter.


CM said...


Its always on with yeagley, he is so jealous of our young handsome popular President Obama he is practically slobbering on his owns words and his Blog today, he said the dreaded word "BLACK" 22 times.

He can't stand that Obama will be appearing on the top TV shows and exposing his Beautiful Black Face to America. Yeagley says, its for America to get used to the Black Face! Hah...jealous nowhere little man.

Of course Obama won't be on Fox! Nothing but white blond commentators who shout over each other, who can make out what they say, I for one can't stand any of them, men and women on the Fox channel. They remind me of ducks following each other none with an original thought all in unison!
One sided.

All the low down racist dirt that Obama has had to endure and he still maintain self control. I for one am very proud of President Jimmy Carter and his wife beside him. Someone had to do it sooner or later. As a Southern White, he knows what he is talking about. Every thing he says is to the point many of us feel. Yeah Jimmy! Thank you ever so much.

The white dignitary that shouted "liar" to the President should be in prison, just as the man that threw the shoe at President Bush, of course this is America, land that Obama loves, freedon of speech and all that good stuff to save hateful comments.

And how could some schools not allow Obamas' speech, I call that racists. Yet some children probably heard that man shout out "Liar", a personal attack a racist attitutde, and their mom and pops laughe, what kind of example is that for a child?

Yeagley says he will be doing a sermon at his Church...I wonder, does his church have Black they know his Hate for the Black skin?

Reading his Blogs full of hate, I can't believe he could say anything in a Sermon in a Church that would be Spiritual. I speak the truth and Honor it, I know what's false. Yeagley is a liar, there is no other word for it, he is no better that the Catholic Priests that molest the young people, as he is doing the same thing to the people who listen to his sermon. That is Blasphemy and close to being profane with the use of Gods words, while he has his hateful site outside of his church. That is false worship, his beliefs and passion for the Lords works should be carried 24-7 not just Friday nite at sundown til Saturday sundown. He has no Spiritual Appreciation, yes he may study the Bible, but his interpretation is just that...HIS. Racial Hate should not be in the mix, just as it should not be for President Obama!

Yes I am very angry about this racism toward our President. What about his wife and children? How do you think they feel, they are more Black than Obama, my heart goes out to the First Family.

Talking about it will help...I don't think it will help yeagley, nothing will, but it will help America!


The_Editrix said...

Honestly, CM, I don't think the Obamas know that Yeagley exist. Having read your comment here, I just went there and had a peek at Yoogle's latest, and I must say it's a beauty:

There is a simple reason Barry Soetoro, the first black president of the United States, is putting his black face in the media as often as possible: he wants people to get used to the black race in their face.

I mean one doesn't have to be a terrific fan of Obama (I am most certainly not) to see what's going on here. The poor, nondescript, lonely, neglected man with all his delusions of grandeur somewhere in Oklahoma is almost choking on his bile when he sees this handsome, successful "Negro" recognized and celebrated. That goes far beyond the racism he has inherited from his father. There must be a different reason. Well, I'm not all that much into that Freudian stuff he is so fond of quoting, or I could tell you know a very good reason why he gets so INORDINATELY... can we agree on "exhilarated"? ... at the sight of Obama's face.

And now excuse me, too much ...errrr... Freudian perspective always makes me run for a sick bag.

CM said...

Hello Editrix,

Yes, I doubt very much if anyone but us or his close enemies whom he made on his own knows of yeagley.

Getting used to seeing the Black Family as they should be seen is on many commercials and yes Obama is invited to many shows. The "View" ladies were asking him back. They said you came before you were President, We Want You BACK! He is a very popular figure. He and his family are a good example for many Blacks for the Black People to follow. I think it has happened for American.

Gotta Go.


One day it may happen...we won't even think of Black and White...of course they never thought of us Brown Indians in anyway, but thats ok with me.

Yeagley won't ever change, I notice when he is at his lowest, he retreats to his religion. Hiding behind a false image of himself in his Church. Acting all pious while he reeks with racism and Hate, for anyone other than white. He is a "LIAR", he is a user!

He is supposed to be helping his friend Nick, at our Tribal meeting this weekend, but he begs off saying he has to do a Sermon! Yep, he is all talk behind the computor screen, but in real life he is "LIE".

The_Editrix said...

"I notice when he is at his lowest, he retreats to his religion."

Astute observation and that's not mere chance. The 'gator knows all about it. I was blissfully unaware of SDAs and even more so of their "prophetess" Ellen White until he educated me, White, to which our mighty political pundit goes back for every little bit of advice, White for whom blacks were not quite human.

His "religion" is the source, for example, for his rabid anti-Catholicism and as SDAs never had a definite stance on abortion, our mighty "conservative" mouthpiece has none either.

Fancy that: A "political pundit" who aims to be taken seriously gets his ideas 1:1 from a wacko 19th century religious nutter and her cult and can't form a single independent thought outside same "prophetess'" warped world view.

CN said...


I've said this before. Looking at a picture of White, it may be just me, but her features(someone in the wood pile?) are Black features, not necessarily a bad thing, but in those days how and how did she become a prophet instead of a Witch?

These kind, Breeds, know how to build each other up(bag/yeagley), but he hates Women, yet he uses Whites" words and uses the demented bag. He does live in a fantasy world behind the screen, he is one big tuff little man using big words and ugly bagg. In person, he reminds me of a wimpy uppitty breed, very alone, but for one, maybe two acquaintence. He can't get his point across to a room full of Indians, HE may know what he is saying, but the room full does not and We ain't all stupid. We all may not have four degrees, but we know our Comanche Issues, he does not! All he sees is $, he says that is not important to him, but how does one live with no job, disability? "Government" disability? The Government he denies as he is Anti-Obama, Anti-American for the next four years?

Almost forgot, baggy ann posted about your input on Beaks! The crazy wo-man just can't leave others alone, she goes looking for trouble where none exists, it all input and discussion and opinions on Beaks and these things can't happen at badeagle, just one side conversatins that get very boring when they all kiss yeagley skinny white azz, especially bagg. They also are all Breeds, Bear, Motoy, Bag, Yeagley, who knows what his friend of 30 years is. Beak is a good man,,takes a lot of shit off of all the rest there...he really doesn't have to.

I think he is being loyal out of friendship to yeagley by keeping up his posts, and enduring the uglyness of Motoy and bag and Ray, though Ray seems to have mellowed out a bit!


The_Editrix said...

"Almost forgot, baggy ann posted about your input on Beaks! The crazy wo-man just can't leave others alone..."

Well, she is supposed to and she always obliges. Does she REALLY not twig that she is playing by my rules or does she not care? I don't follow the forum anymore, just look from time to time whether yanking her chain still works. It has become a three- or four-man show anyway, with Betty Ann's inanities thrown in.

Beak is a good guy indeed and I am sorry that I got so angry. Well, not really. I am sorry because I may have left the impression that I got angry with him personally, when it was just about the fact that nobody seemed to mind that stunning, frightening hatred. It gets more and more revealing. Yeagley sounds like a woman scorned. I am sure that his mother while she was still alive looked after him and curbed his worst excesses for very good reasons. I remember quite well that he went downhill from a point in time shortly before she died. Obviously, nobody else cares what he does and, worse, what he does to himself. He seems to be adamant to reveal for all the world to see what he really is and that isn't a pretty sight.

CM said...


She's claimed you left because you were rebuffed by his love, now I know that is not true because she said the same about me and Barbra D. and who knows what other female. I do know that she did not want Respects Nothing posting. She posted her picture(trustingly with her beautiful young sons). She is a beautiful Apache Girl with beautiful long black hair, yeagley gave her a compliment, bag attacks!

I think it was true for "Buzzy", the young girl was a Virgin and thought she was in love with yeagley whom she thought was a young whipper snapper, turns out he was old enough to be her Father! He "LIES", from what the bag tells me they had phone sex, but she nipped that in the Bud, threw cold water on Buzzy! Pretending to get them together then attacked her!

If I were yeagley I would feel awful uncomfortable about her compulsive behavior of "HE'S MINE"....she is scarey, she is insane, and her jealousy hold no boundry. She's proved that over and over thru the years, I've
read there, all the female are gone except for Purple Flower.

Bag protects him like a mother Bear protecting her cub and yeagley says nothing, even had the nerve to say "Editrix can get vulgar!" Damnit the Hell, we all can get vulgar, but he "NEVER" CALLED HIS BITCH DOWN FOR ALL HER VULGARITY JUST ALL OTHERS, AND ITS STILL COMING. She is threatening that I am next, what more can she say that she has not already said about me? The most vile of names and she threatens(with that snarely face) yeagley, "aren't you going to protect your Comanche woman"? after attacking me....he says nothing, she continues!

This is the public NET, I am embarrased for her attitude as a female. If anyone even reads badeagle that knows me(which I doubt), they know I am outspoken when needed, but I am not vulgar and I do not attack at whim. I respect myself as a Native American Indian Female, and know that what I say could reflect on my Comanche Nation, my Comanche Female Elders. She does not give a damn about hers or being Native female....she does not think of anything but her frustrated lust for yeagley, therefore she attacks all....even Beak a Male! hah.


The_Editrix said...

"She's claimed you left because you were rebuffed by his love..."

Yeah, right. I'd gladly given up what I have for a runt with funny ancestry and doubtful sexuality.

Buzzy is a sweet girl and the man who marries her can count himself very lucky. I am sorry that she wasted all that time.

Yeagley's hatred and inadequately suppressed sexuality is much more vulgar than all four letter words in the world together. He simply lacks the discernment, education and class to know what vulgarity IS.

...she does not think of anything but her frustrated lust for yeagley, therefore she attacks all....even Beak a Male! hah.

Extremely well put and SO true!

CM said...


A psychiatrist described the reasons for the anxiety and angryness at the American Town Meetings.

As a practicing Preacher and Doctor of many degrees, shouldn't yeagley know this? Shouldn't he tone down his In-Your-Face Hatred for our Prestigeous Leader of our America. Yeagley need to take a break and work on his own fustrations of hatred for the Black Race.

On yesterdays Comanche Forum he made statements that were not true, and detrimental the the Comanche Nation and our Tribal Chairman. I tried to get him to correct his statements, he would not listen! I contacted Nick Tahchawwicka whom he wants to start a Media Project with. A project to represent the Comanche Nation putting information out there to the Comanche People. I told Nick, if he cannot be corrected and post erroneous information about our Comanche Meeting(which he did not attend) that is tatamount to a lie. He posted that Clyde Narcomey was a no-show, the meeting lasted 30 minutes. BOTH STATEMENTS FALSE, NOT CORRECTED, BECOMES A LIE!

The meeting lasted 5 hours with well over 150 people attending. We had a wonderful Lunch.

The meeting was for information only, No VOTE, that is what I've always understood it to be. We need more of these informative meeting, quarterly at least. The people will eventually get used to them and start to attend.

All of our Lawyers John Plata, Burson, William Norman and Kirke Kickingbird attended. NOW THAT SHOWES RESPECT FOR BUSY MEN! All the Comanche Committee except for Mr. Henson were in attendance and all stayed the whole time, except for Eddie Mahseet who left after about an hour(?). Many topics were discussed and rumors cleard!

People were encouraged to make comments, ask questions!

Minutes were taken by Kelly our stenographer. I stayed the whole time. We have a little old lady that I love to pieces. I call her Little Ruth, she is 97(yeagley knows her, soliciting her vote at one time!) if Little Ruth can attend and stay to the end, everyone should do the same.

Not attending & posting erroneous information like yeagley was wrong!

There will be deaths and emergencies do occurr as in any Community, but meetings such as these need to be commonplace and adhered to. I respected Willie Nelson our T.A. for showing up and making a good speech when his Aunt recently died. Even when you don't agree with all said, they were Elected Officials and need to be respected.

OUR CHAIRMAN NEEDS TO BE RESPECTED, especially, posting statement like "WE'RE HAVING A "SITUATION" TO DEAL WITH RIGHT NOW. DIDN'T START YESTERDAY. THE PROBLEMS OF FIFTEEN OR TWENTY YEARS ARE ALL PILED UP, AND IT'S LIKE A TOWER IS TEETERING".... and leaving it as such is short of making fun of our Chairman, as far as I am concerned. Chairman Burgess is working very hard and trying to keep all Comanche informed, including the Phoenix and Alburqueque Comanches with meetings with them.

Yeagley wants to be a part of a new Project with the Comanche Media and Nick Tachawwickah, but when he is falsefying statements and not correcting them, I told Nick he is bad publicity for the Comanche Nation for anyone who reads his comments. He is NOT WORKING FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE COMANCHE NATION. THE MAN WON'T BE CORRECTED. HIS ATTITUDE AND RACISM AGAINST HIS OWN WILL FOLLOW HIM TO THE COMANCHE NATION AND WE DO NOT NEED ADDED PROBLEMS THAT WILL FOLLOW HIM.



CM ... what is the "Comanche Media" about? I'm curious.

CM said...

Hello Brent,

I found my copy of the proposal.

Its billed as COMANCHE MEDIA, 2009 proposal by Dr. David A. Yeagley and Nick Tahchawwickah.

1. Develop Comanche College facilities into a Media Institute.

2. Create four major divisions:
a. recording
b. film
c. t.v.-radio
d. publishing

3. Begin by creating recording studio facilities.

4. Each division serves the needs of the Comanche Nation

5. Products sold for profit of producers, artists and the Comanche Nation.

6. Comanche Media Institute is an educational facility.

7. Comanche Media, the professional company, is owned by the Insitute, and contributes to the Insitute.

They were requesting $100.00.00 from the Comanche Nation, but have not been able to present it to the Council.

Former Chairman Coffey did not support this venture....he called yeagley a far right extremists! You know Juanita, and how she feels about yeagly!
She is an Administrator at the Comanche College, she hates the fact that yeagley thinks he can come in and take over. Yeagley does not support the Comanche Nation College and wants it to fail so they can move in.

Call Juanita and get all the Details, You know the Little Film Festival is coming up soon, she said she wished you could attend one

Yeagley is working on the new T.A., Willie Nelson, trying to bend his ear. Willie Nelson is such a weenie, and I can that to his face. Wallace Coffey is no longer Chairman and yeagley does not support the new Chairman Michael Burgess, and openly supported and posted Johnny Wauqua on his blog, but not Michael Burgess.

I told Nick, "you might have a change if you just leave yeaglys' name out of the deal". He claims yeagley knows people, has connections.....I DON'T THINK SO, he is bad publicity for the venture, he doesn't like Indians, he points out the fact that mixed makes him sick, the college has many young mixed students! He stated his hatred for music other than Classic! He gives erroneous information and changes History to suit himself, What kind of Media person is that? He has never volunteered in any capacity to make himself known to the People, he is just plain not accepted by the Comanche and suited for any position such as this, yeagley is definately working on the new T.A..

However if Nick Tahchawwickah would do this on his own, I told him I would support him all the way, yeagley messed up with me dearly and I will NEVER forget.

I am not a woman scorned, but a woman who is Proud of my Nation. I am tired of his using my Comanche People for financial notoriety and gain while at the same time degrading, disrespecting us every chance he can on his Forum and Blog. Threatening me with suits thru his demented friend bag!


CM said...

Hello again,

Seems as though I have been neglecting my Baby yeagley, but he is always on my mind....sounds like a song.

No, just really been busy with the Shoshone/Comanche Reunion which blended into the Comanche Nation Fair.....both were outstanding events....gotta go for now but will be back, I know my baby is eager to hear about the whole event. Plus his bag, her uglyness, is ready to jump as usual protecting baby.


CM said...


Why, I ask would any Indian Woman want to have such a name?

Baggy ann gross was Janklows Babe on, and she is proud, yet on badeagle, she is now denying its her.

The article on the "Jewish Racism and The Genocide of American Indians" posted by her on Badeagle was interesting to say the least, but it contradicts the beliefs of yeagley!

Look up Jancita Eagle Deer/Bill Janklow, you will see what kind of a person baggy ann whorships by saying she is his "BABE". In the article he says of AIM, "THE ONLY WAY TO DEAL WITH THE INDIAN PROBLEM IN SOUTH DAKOTA IS TO PUT A GUN TO THE A.I.M LEADERS' HEADS AND PULL THE TRIGGER".

This the kind of people baggy ann and david yeagley want to work with against the sioux nation. They hate Obama so much because he is Black, yet they can't see the evilness of this White Man right under their noses! Why are they not working against this evil man, which article after article says if not for him wounded knee would not have happened, murders would not have happened. These are her own people, yet she is working with yeagley against her own, for the white people and the foreigners. They speak of the Black President with so much hate, yet within her own state Janklow seeks higher and higher places because he works against the hated drunken savage Indians in his own state right in the open, even speaking their sioux language(like Jews to slaughter) the white people keep voting him in higher places because he does this. Baggy ann and yeagley go after the bigger fish which makes no dent in Obamas Victory, but gives them leeway to ignore the present conditions of an easier target which they are in reality a part of...they condone the mistreatment of Indians in S.D. and of Means and Banks and Peltier, they condone murders and victory of this man called Janklow.

This is how I view yeagley and baggy ann the wannabee Breeds, just using, just using.
It will NEVER stop when the White man can always entice a breed to become a SCOUT! To get a Blog and works a little at a time against the Indians.


CM said...

Hello Naiche,

Wow, just coming down from the rush whirlwind of the Comanche/shoshone Reunion from Tue., Wed., Thurs, then blended into the Comanche Nation Fair Friday, Sat. and Sunday, Indians all over the Place.

I had a great time, though it was busy, hectic at times. I just love to sit and watch People go buy. And visit old and make new friends, I almost lost my voice, if you know me, that would be Hell, because I just love to talk! People of all shapes and sizes and colors and ages. I volunteered driving the people to and fro....people had so many questions, white and blacks too wanted to know if they could camp and how much does it cost, how often do we have this Fair? Even Indians from Carnegie, Anadarko, and Mt. View said it was their first time visiting the Comanche Fair! People wanted to tip me, but I refused it, I said it was my pleasure...and it really was, except Friday nite it rained, I was still driving in the rain, not too cold, kinda nice! One young lady the last nite simply refused me to say NO! she put the money in my hand and insisted I keep it. I had my Grandson with me and he said "Wow Grandma, thats awesome, I can't wait until I can volunteer".

Lots of fun lots of work behind the scenes to make it look good for our visitors! It was good, it was Great!


CM said...


The bag denies she is JANKLOWS BABY on littleagle!

You started "Bring It On" on 2/28/09. The bag posted with an apology then imediately the attacks began! She attacked us on Badeagle....yeagley kept us out, yet allowed her to keep attacking. She even took many of my posts there, even though I was banned, I was there...strange!

She IS JANKLOWS BABY, the nutcase posted under this name, begging us to come over to her other bestest friends' now defunct site "Greetings My Son" with "NAICHE, YOU AND YUR HAG COME TO GREETINGS MY SONS OR THE BEAK SPEAKS, this was on 7/18/09.



She then proceeds to post under "JANKLOWS BABY", each and every post of mine. Thanks to you baggy ann, I now have copies of my own posts, UDAH!

Never thought to keep my own posts copiled, like I have Yours and Yeagleys. They are the ones that are detrimental to our President Obama and racists against the Black and your own people. Those are the ones I copied and kept like a brick of GOLD! My posts are all true responses, no make up, no lies, all facts backed up with your demented remarks, I only kept yours and Yeagleys' I thank you again, now I have my own compiled, just in case i need them, UDAH!

I ask this again, How can a True Indian Woman who has any Pride in Being A Native American Indian Woman use "JANKLOWS BABY"???HOW????

I tell you how....she not Native, she is a white woman taking a white Grandchild for a ride in a cab for her Birthday....dang, WHY NOT A LIMO, THE WAY YOU BRAG ALL THE TIME, ABOUT HOW RICH YOU ARE, ALWAYS SHOPPING AND SUCH! HAH!


CM said...

Bag holds the key to yeagleys computor. She knows who and when people contact him!

Her loose lips mentioned it twice.

She holds confidential information over his head, isn't that called extortion! He is such a weanie he is afraid of her.

I know she will eventually use this information, when it pleases her. She claims Beaks site is going down hill, in reality its yeagleys' site and its mostly because of her! miss baggy ann why, her magic touch helped Grettings My Son to bite the dust! She hasn't mentioned her own wonderful new site for Indians only, in which Greetings my Son was the only White person who was invited to post! She is such a Liar, she learned from the best....yeagley!

I care that she announces to the posters that I call him everday, that I e-mail him everyday! that I am in contact with him everyday. She holds the key to his computor, she knows the truth! Now the telephone is a different machine, he has to be telling her something, for her to keep at me.

I called him the day he posted the wrong information on the Comanche meeting, he would not listen to me....he did not correct the erroneous statements! That adds to the many things why I think Nick should do this Media Project alone, yeagley is a mean person, not a people person, he treats the Comanche People badly putting forth erroneous bad information which tantamounts to lies. He is just like most Preachers I have ever met, Acting all pious but treats people badly. They do their preaching behind the pulpit, then forget it when they step away from it, they carry their bible to try to prove something, but what they carry in their Heart is more important, and yeagley is Heartless!

Bag says she knows him, she does not, she sees what she wants to see, and makes up the rest. She is blinded by the love she has for him....poor stupid thang!


CM said...

I know you said your were going to a meeting, but I just had to post this after the meeting today!

Today at our CBC meeting, yeagley was on the agenda to promote the Media Project. He made a complete fool of himself. I actually felt sorry for him. Stuttering around and introducing himself as badeagles' whatever and emphasizing Quinna-eshop....throwing his head back flaring his arms with amphasis. We all kinda looked at each other.

When a member of the CBC questioned him, he feigned ignorance, didn't know what the CBC member meant! The member asked him why he was using his name on the internet? They sparred back and forth, with yeagley telling the room full of Comanche that the CBC member threathed to beat his **s outside before the meeting. I mean a complete fool...he didn't want to answer the CBC members' question. I raised my hand, and when Chairman Burgess acknowledged me, yeagley said "NO, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT, YOU HAVE IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY TO YOU". This may not be verbatim, but close enough as how he treated me. I told the CBC and room full of people(l00 or so) if this is how this man treats me, a Comanche, here in this meeting, how can he run a Media Project for the Comanche People? If this man can post erroneous information about the General council on his website and not allow for any input to correct it by a Comanche who was there, how can he run a Media Project for our Nation? Needles to say he won't get much support for this Media Project from any of the CBC Members after they saw how he reacted to the CBC member and me, a Comanche who is at every CBC meeting! They know me, they do not know him, and today he showed a very MEAN, ARROGANT side of himself. I spoke to the Nursing supervisor at the College also, she never knew of him until today. I told her that he has spoken about her on his badeagle site, and how he was against most things pertaining to the Nation but for some reason he supports her, but its not a good sign for her to have him around! He does tend to throw peoples' names around, that do not know him, nor want to know him!

Anyways, I need to get a copy of the exact disrespectful dissmissal yeagley gave to me. I'm glad he did this today, it shows how much discipline he can handle in front of the Comanche People that were present....he would not be a good teacher nor an example to the Comanche Students. I pushed his buttons, at the right place!


CM said...

Hello Thundersky, baggy ann, aka JANKLOWS BABY,

Just had to let you know that I do not own a flannel shirt! yeagly talks like a woman ennit! He might know silk and the most expensive dresses and show them on his site, but he knows nothing about the down to Earth Indian People! I do have comfortable flannel Pajama pants, but yeagley has never seen them.......

Saturday, I wore my trusty "old" Jean shirt opened in front with a grey chamasil(sp) and a Mescale Necklace (for luck) and my oldest Levi jeans with moccasins. I dress that way all the time, its comfortable, had to wear my Pendleton jacket for a while since the room was very cold!(is that what baby called my Pendleton Jacket.....flannel shirt?), Well I aughtta.....and one day I WILL. I want you to know it cost a pretty penny! I dress for comfort, not show, I am Indian thru and thru, not a show-off, I also take my hiking shoes with me in case I want to trek the Mountains any time. I don't walk the streets like you, I like wide open natural spaces, not concrete jungles. And I really like being alone, I didn't jump from one husband to the next before his body was cold, just for convenience like you have stated! I take pride in the marriage that I had, and my three children out of that marriage....anything else you want to know about me bagggggggy AKA JANKLOWS BABY!

CM said...


Wanna talk? Yeagley talks and gossips with you like a weany wo-man that he is.

I was sitting outside the building with Committee man Richard Hensons' wife and his sister and one of my own sisters. Yeagley tried to disrespect ME in front of them, thus making himself but a fool again, his wife is very cool and a lady, but his sister will tell all.........

Why do you spurt out "OLD COMANCHE WOMEN" is that what he told you? So you in turn DISRESPECT US" You know me only on the internet, you DO NOT KNOW these other stop with your uglyness about every.... as you say "Old Comanche woman." Whats with your fixation on the word "OLD" anyway? Growing old doesn't bother me, apparently it does you! Just learn to accept it and you may be a little happier...doubt it though.

I did not dissrupt the meeting in any way, the Chairman recognized me as I had my hand up for recognition, I did not point my finger any time at yeagley. Oh, I forgot you don't attend Council meetings, you sneak around outside like a cockroach, then scurry away to talk against your people. Apparently you cannot control your anger or you would go inside and be with the people. You like yeagly, do not belong do YOU, and YOU know it. He's goofy enough to think somehow they will accept him....maybe someday....when "HE" starts showing respect! Not as long as he has you pushing him into thinking he is really someone filling his head with false compliments. YOU see him thru lovestruck eyes, he is nothing to us Comanches. Give it up, Janklows baby, aka baggy ann.
Like I said yeagley made a complete fool out of himself, that won't change no matter how much you Disrespect my Comanche Nation. Just keep it up JANKLOWS BABY.


CM said...

Another thing JANKLOWS BABY,

I do not own a flannel shirt, I do have flannel night pj's, but yeagley has never seen them......

I did have my pendleton jacket on for a while since it was cold in the conference room. You tell your goofy friend that my Pendleton cost me a pretty penny, it is not flannel!

Saturday I had on my usual levi jeans, and moccasins, with a jean shirt opened up with a grey chamasil underneath, with a mescal bean necklace. All were clean, I am not a person who wears dirty clothes to a meeting. I may not be as fashionable nor high priced as you, but I am comfortable in my skin and clothes. Yeagley must be really eyeballin me....huh!

He needs to get things straight, afterall I sat 2-3 feet away from him, coulda choked him if I wanted to.

I always have my hiking shoes with me in case I want to go hiking or just walking after our CBC meetings. I hate the city and concrete jungles that YOU walk! I don't have to go from man to man like you have done, I like being alone, I don't need money from dead people....ewwwww! How can you keep doing that? We are so different baggy ann, JANKLOWS BABY, so just stop being jealous of me, you might just get an aneurysm with all that hate for me and frustration over thinking yeagley has a young one. You don't know which end is up do you batty ann? You don't have a clue, do you?

Plus all that said, I believe you have a drinkin problem....there has to be a reason why you post the way you do!


CM said...


Believe me, I wasn't even going there, but you pushed me over the edge with your funny smiley faces with all the teeth!LOL

On Dr. Ozs' show this morning, he said that men have to have a good heart, a good blood flow to be a man(know what I mean?) Of course Dr. Oz is talking about keeping healthy.

Then you reminded that yeagley has never had sex, I now know why....he has no Heart.

What does he know about animalistic behavior! Why does he relate this to the Black Male only?

Most men do have sex in their lifetime sooner or later....its usually associated with love, or just attraction or just plain release, he should not relate sex to Black animalitic behavior!

I wonder if his Black Adventist Church Goers know about all his Black Hang-ups, he would be hung up if they found out, huh?

Not interested to hear his lies on the radio show, so won't go there, he lies so damn much its just everyday language to him now, will he ever recover from it? He praised the College Saturday and also the Comanche New paper, but behind their backs he denigrades them, they know all this, more lies to the people saturday....but they are beginning to know it. Will he ever be able to recover from this image? Time will tell.


CM said...


On his Blog today 10/5/09 he says, " I think we should always behave as though we want the best for ourselves and for the country, come when the Lord may!"

He should say "I think we should always behave as though we want the best for THE PEOPLE and for OUR COUNTRY". He is so self centered he had to use "ourselves".

Even still, he does not Live what he Preaches. What kind of Christian behaves the way he did at our Comanche Business Committee meeting on Saturday?

Can he actually say he was working for God that Day, for the People for the Country? He let his partner Nick T. down by acting the fool in public. He should have just gone to Church.

What happened to Janklows baby, she worked so hard against me Posting my remarks about Saturday everywhere she could....talking about my ragged dirty clothes. Yeagley gave her a report and she added to it. He will never learn to keep his mouth shut when it comes to sharing the Comanche Business with her. Its none of her business, God Bless....she doesn't even care enough to go to her own Tribal Council meetings, why bother with ours?huh,? huh?

I told the truth, I will get the minutes of the meeting, not for her, but for myself, its actually none of baggy ann aka Janklows babys' business is it yeagley? I want to know the discourse that went on between you and the CBC member, I was stunned and it did not register at the time! You acted like the Savage you want to be known as...You Savage You! No Warrior, but a Savage!

Janklows Baby....look up Savage in the dictionary, that was yeagley Saturday! Honest Injun!


CM said...


I purchased a book during the Shoshone Reunion, "LaDonna Harris, A Comanche Life" edited by H. Henrietta Stockel. Not only is Ladonna a beautiful woman physically but more importantly in her Heart and she is totally Comanche! Every one is her Relation and she treats us so!

I 'm not completely thru with it but in a section she says the school systems gave her the impression "If you give up your Indianess and become educated like us--be like us--then you will be accepted in our society. And if you give up your Indian ways and not dance and not sing and do all those Comanche things, you'll become a Christian and be acceptable", but she said she noticed that that was not true, skin color was important to the acceptance too. She was lighter and more accepted, her aunt was darker and still carries the pain around with her of not being totally accepted because of her skin color. This affected her personality also.

Once yeagley asked me about what I thought of the Comanche Women his mothers' age group and how they grew up! I told him my sisters were the same dressed the same.... he did not like it, so I now recommend this book to him.

Ladonna speakes almost the same kind of lifestyle his mother and my older sisters' would have experienced I believe. At that time period in their lives, they were all the same, his mother was no less, it was just an experience and way of life and of survival.

He resented me for my answer, I know he loved his Mother, but she was no better than my Loving Mother! He also believed baggy ann when she told him I said his Mother was a whore! I would never say that about his mother nor Ladonna nor my sisters much less my own Mother!

WHAT I AM SAYING IS, yeagley needs to get a grip on his own person, who is he? Stop using his Education and his Religion to place himself above all others. He never was Comanche.. maybe in his blood, only his mother knows for sure, but not too much time left in his life to prove he wants to be accepted....if he does. He needs to realize that American is a Cultural mix of Society, he is not one up on any Human!

juss thinkin!


CM said...

Bison Butt!

Along with JANKLOWS BABY is another of baggy anns' aliases.

Must be hard stuttering around like that *snort* ennit? You don't fool me baggy ann, buffalo butt has the same nasty mouth as you. The way you disrespect the Blacks and Mexicans but especially the way you have no respect for an Indian Elder is a pure shame and a sure give away, Yep its you baggy ann aka Bison Buffalo Butt, aka Janklows Baby Why does Indianz put up with your nasty *snort*????

Whatsa matter...did you tire of fighting baby yeagleys battles but again? Can't believe you've been gone a whole day, damn! double damn!

See you ran to Indianz to trash that site....again!

CM said...


yeagley claims he is writing a book of "Poe". I won't buy it of course, but what more can he tell us of "Poe"? Will it offer the Ghostly morbid thoughts of Edgar Allen Poe, or just yeagleys' morbid stagnant views. Will it be scary, because its near Halloween?

Will he change Poes' thoughts to fit his own morbid ones just as he tries to change Comanche History?

He always reverts back to the dusty dank yellow pages of the 18th century, when he feels all ALONE. The modern day LIVE person will offer him assistance anymore. He has to revert back to the macabre and that small voice inside his head telling him he is better and more knowing than ordinary man!

He made his own bed, he tangled himself in his own web. With the legacy each parent bestowed upon him, he took and used them in the worst way against his own, thinking he is better! He could have used their legacy in such a better way! Maybe he did not want to dishonor them, it was their way after all that influenced him!


I understand his involvement with the Adventist Religion, he can't get along with the majority and belongs nowhere. They simply split and form new Church groups according to their individual beliefs.....are they better than any other Religion or Spiritual Beliefs...NO. All LIFE will end the same!

Why does yeagley try to emulate people of the past, Poe, Melville when he shouts out at the Native American, Live for today, forget about the past, it does you no good to live in the past!

If he wants anyone to remember him, after he is gone in a good Spiritual Way, he needs to change his way of thinking he is better than thou!


CM said...


She leaves after posting my remarks, which are true, of the monthly Comanche Business Committee. Nothing I post are lies, however yeagley respectfully responds to her sweetness..., ignoring all her remarks about our CBC meeting and talks about his own lying!

He says:

"you know, some people are liars, and they don't realize it.(THATS HIM) Or, they have lied so much, and so often, they don"t sense it anymore. Their spiritual perception is numb.(HE LIES, YET USES THE WORD "SPIRITUAL" :PERTAINING TO GOD;HOLY, SACRED OR RELIGIOUS, CHARACTERIZED BY THE HIGHEST MORAL OR INTELLECTUAL QUALITIES?) He lies and allowes baggy ann owens gross to bellow out lie after lie, for her own satifaction of just lying!!!!

lyng becomes second nature to some people It is remarkable, really.(NOT SO REMARKABLE FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS HIS OWN BLOG...THATS ALL HE DOES IS LIE)Such people exist.(HIMSELF AND BETTY ANN OWENS GROSS) It is a vice on which they feed incessantly.(I THINK THAT LYING IS FIRST NATURE TO YEAGLEY AND BAGGY ANN OWENS, NOT SECOND NATURE!)



After reading this in the badeagle Jewish section, I relate all the lying to David Yeagly himself. He is speaking of himself and baggy ann whom he is replying to!

Gross sould never be allowed in either the Jewish section nor the Comanche Section. Keep her in the Dakota boring Section, no one will read her then, instead she has to sneak her remarks in between other so they will be read! She makes up cutesy stories about her people lying about their traditions and degrades the street people by showing sioux Indian women on the street drunk and fighting!

CM said...


Its 10/16/09 this blog has been up a couple of days now and no one is responding....this is the norm when it comes to him talking about Indians! No one believes him anymore!!!!Time to call in the clowns again....all those made up goofy Indian names.

I think yeagley is the only breed Indian against any other Real Indian, therefore his statement, "Indians Against Indians" is a LIE! Most of us Indains speak for the betterment of Indian issues and a better future for all Nations.
yeagley can only say "Comanche people have never seen a good Government, they don't know what it is, they've never had it". He allows baggy ann to degrade our Comanche Business and therefore condoning her words. Never admonishing her. What the Hell does she know about us, except what he tells her knowing full well she will add her nasty input against our Comanche Nation! She Lies!

Yeagley is a liar too, just as his hero Columbus, Vina de nada, and adopted his Badeagle name just like his hero adopted his!


He never intended for a live Indian to apply! He says he wants Indian women to post.... "I don't mean to denegrate me persoanlly 24/7. I found a way to be rid of that!

Well of course you did, you find it useful to do BE RID....SO YOU CAN DENIGRADE INDIANS NATIONS ANYTIME YOU PLEASE....AND NO ONE CAN SAY A THING!!!!

Do you yeagley....really find comfort and peace doing these things, you are all alone don't you know?

I would advise you to be rid of all the Indian Forums}Comanche especially! Badeagle has no Comanche Woman nor Indian women on his forum, he has to rely on a religious white hillbilly and a Beautiful Italian Rose! Even the foul mouth Breed baggy ann, has has to wonder why....the quiet before the STORM! Why,,, Buffalo Butt and Janklows Baby don't even post anymore on Indianz, but there is still an occasional Rosedove, trying to be cordial, it won't last!

I hate to kick a "UHM" man when he's down, but damn he don't care what he says and does....Does he?

Yeagleys' own words "You know you can be proud and lofty, to the point that you destroy yourself!"

Of course he had lots of help from his bestest friend Baggy Ann Gross!


CM said...


Exactly what does he mean by bringing up the past? He wants Indians to forget, stop living in the past, stop whining. Why does he keep bringing the past up?

He is talking about Government jobs! He is angry because he can't get a foot in the door of the Comanche Nation. He is trying to denigrade the people that are working.

Of course Indians put family first! Why would yeagley speak against that? Is it because none of his imediate family don't seem to support his Blog, he has no offspring, no wife....who does HE PUT FIRST.....HIMSELF, THATS WHO!

He has the nerve behind his computor to speak against the Mascot issue of Susan Hargo and the vote unanimously to pay the N.C.A.I. dues, this is because we accept the issues for what they are, they are being and supporting being Indian!

I want to ask yeagley "why didn't he stand up at the Comanche meeting and voice his opinion on these two issues? Why didn't he act like a Comanche Warrior at a Comanche meeting and not wait until he got behind his computor on his blog and voice his Comanche Opinion? Yealgy don't you share in the profits of the Casinos, you accept the per cap, right?

Yeagley why don't you go back to work for O.U., with all your education, that wouldn't be so hard? You cry around about that still.

I would compare that job to the Tribal
Goverment jobs that you are speaking against. Politics, but in the White World, your world. You can't blame that on being Indian, that was your own white arrogance that got you fired. Thinking of only your self and your own views, not the wide view, just "yourself, not your students, just yourself, not the college, just yourself", your views.

Yes yeagley has another Blog dedicated to the Native American, but not supporting them....ennit! He says "being Indian, how sweet it is.

Yeagly, when I die, I will not cease to be....I have offspring to carry my blood, what will you have, your written books no one buys nor believes, your detrimental statements against the Indian, your Blog names after a fabricated mythical Comanche Warrior....anther lie.

Yeagley you are not working toward the betterment of the Indian so stop pretending to be Indian.....I AM MORE INDIAN THAN YOU, EVERYONE IS!


CM said...


Had to make a trip to OKC today 10/18/09, and saw a big giant billboard it said "BRING IT ON", of course who did I think of? I didn't even read the rest, I just laughed and thought of you.

Have you noticed how yeagley is trying to keep his head above water, without his bag? Baggy ann has been missing now since Sunday Oct. 4, after taking up for yeagly when she read what happened at out Comanche Business Committee meeting at which he made a complete fool of himself.

I posted about the meeting, baggy ann posted about me, my clothes and of course stupidly took up for yeagley. She would not know any of what she posted and added to...if not for his big mouth! She and he are embarrased and now she left him for 12 days now. That has to set a record, maybe she kicked the bucket like she was hinting at, going to meet with yeagleys' mother! His mother loved him, its my belief she would turn baggy ann right around and tell her to go to "HELL!"

All the evil things she wished on people turned on her at last.....well at least I could only hope, and cross my fingers she is gone forever.....then I could concentrate on him and keep track of his posts on Indians and our Comanche People!


The_Editrix said...

"He is talking about Government jobs! He is angry because he can't get a foot in the door of the Comanche Nation. He is trying to denigrade the people that are working."

Gosh, what's he up to NOW? He can't get or hold down ANY job. Do YOU believe in the "I was fired because I am a conservative Comanche" crap? I bet he was fired because he has, in spite of all his degrees, no deep knowledge about anything, just patchy information which he uses to give himself a semblance of erudition.(He may have of music, I wouldn't know that.) Hell, he can't even read a book from front to back. He spouts "Prophetesse" Ellen White's lunatic garbage under a thin veil of slick, pseudo-erudite palaver and that's not quite enough, even for American academia.

"Yeagly, when I die, I will not cease to be....I have offspring to carry my blood, what will you have, your written books no one buys nor believes, your detrimental statements against the Indian..."

Well said! Why do you think is he so vile about Larry EchoHawk? That one can obviously afford a good suit and tie and a decent haircut. No need for Nehru shirts, lanky strands of hair and ethnic baubles there. He obviously feels comfortable enough as an Indian not to feel the need to PROVE anything by such a masquerade, oozes success and is an attractive male specimen. Go to the webite of his law practice and look at his handsome lawyer sons and at that information: Larry EchoHawk, a former U.S. Marine, earned a bachelor’s degree at BYU, where he also played football, and a law degree at the University of Utah. He and his wife, Terry, have six children and 22 grandchildren.

Being the old woman he is, he is just jealous.

CM said...


Jealous and envious....thats all it is on yeagleys part.

What a handsome and prosperous family. Paul EchoHawk could be an actor, he favors "Lightfoot" of Indian in the Cupboard and The Song of Hiawatha movies. Very Handsome...I'm sure his Attorney Career is far more secure and financialy superior than being an Actor!

Why they even worked for the shoshone-Bannock Tibe for many years and have their support. This of course must have ticked off yeagley since the Comanche and shoshone Nations are related! He does NOT support this relationship though 98% of our Nation does!

Why can't this wimp yeagley just give it all up and try to be in support of the Indian Nations? The Pawnees, Choctaws and Chickasaws have always been Real Indian and strong in their Traditions. We(all Indians) know about the diluted they are, its been that way for ever. They hid out in the hills/mountains of the Carolinas to escape being killed and relocated. They claimed white because they would be killed if they claimed Indian. Now everyone wants to be Indian! If a Black or White claimed Indian, they always claim to be descendant of the was just that way for a long time. If Larry EchoHawk is working toward making this a stronger Nation with better enrollment rules, I give him credit, if they have to let loose of some, thats just the way it has to be!

With all those degrees, why is little yeagley so unhappy about himself? He just needs to jump on board....of what I don't know. Seems as thought he'd rather be a loner and just cause trouble and turmoil...unhappy man.....


CM said...


Today while scouting Badeagle, I came across this on the Forums under "Indian News", "One Interesting Cat". This was posted by Phidioux, a poster I have always found interesting and Fair!

This is a great article, articles like this one is what needs to be on an Indian Forum, but yeagley NEVER takes the time for good articles just controversial and one sided....because he is NOT Indian Inclined. I will be anxious to see his reaction to this great Article, since the Author is Shoshone-Bannock.

I remember while visiting the Shoshone at Reno-Sparks at our Annual Shoshone Reunion three years ago, visiting a sacred site with a lake near it....our guide said the Chinese use to work for the minors there, washing their clothes in the lake, taking them back across the lake which was not very wide to the workers. There were visible signs that people actually lived in the mountains walls made into cave-like homes! Is this why we think of Chinese as working this way? The Government at that time took away their abilities at mining and used them to clean the white minors clothes!

Anyway this is a very interesting article, I will get it to our Tribal Chairman. Make our Leaders open their eyes WIDER!



CM said...


I forgot to include the article on "Dissent" is the subject I was speaking of, though his blog is all interesting, I found this one relates to everything I hold dear, it is for every Indian man or woman!


CM said...

Just thinking, Cleasing:


Truth has no special time of its own.

Its hour is now-ALWAYS.
Albert Schwietzer

A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.
Alexander Pope

The greatest friend of Truth is Time...her greatest enemy is Prejudice, and her constant companion is Humility.
Charles Caleb Colton

It is better to light one small Candle than to curse the Darkness.

These are very, very old verses and quotations....but fit today, they fit any Nationality, any Race!

Though they seem to be the exact opposite of how yeagley lives and views others....with his prejudices, arrogance and preferences for his own white blood being the purist and the beauty of his own white skin self- centeredness!


How can yeagley a man with Degree after Degree be so smart and so goofy at the same time?


CM said...


Reading on Beak today,
I was thinking about the Duck! He and Beakerkin sparr often, but they like each other, thats a good thing.

If thats the Ducky' picture he posts,(cause you know how yeagley loves his own pics!) he looks an awful lot like our X-Friend yeagley as a young man! Could he be pulling a Baggy Ann, posting on Beakerkin as a young cutey? Some one else mentioned the Alfalfa look....funny!

I see it in the eyes and the hair, and of course his unusual style of clothing......could be, huh. Doesn't matter really, juss thinking!


CM said...

ON TODAYS' BLOG (10/22/09)


Mock headling, and he had the nerve to talk previously on another Blog about usurption of others!!!!ha, ha.

How low can is he willing to go?
Pretty low-down I presume, or I know.

The only Indian that President Obama completely destroyed is Dr. David A. Yeagley. Crybaby yeagley, always crying around about our first ever Black President.

Like an imature child crying and calling names and showing obstenance constantly about everything concerning our President Obama. Why....if someone told yeagley Obama was Black, yeagley would argue that "NO, he is WHITE", just to argue!

Only yeagley and his drunken bestest friend baggy ann, are allowed to protest, He for the Iranians of Oklahoma, and she and he together against the Mascots and street indigent poor Indians of the Streets. Its all for show. For him a vacation to be paid by for her and for her to get to see her love!

Anyways... Humetewa is needed in this new position to protect the rights of the Indian! A change of Administration is common for any new Leadership, it was not a personal thing for Obama nor a move against Indians as yeagley states because of his humongus jealousy and envy and hatred for the first ever Black President!

Humetewa will do just fine wherever she works. What about you yeagley? With all your Diplomas on your Walls, you just sat behind the computor screen eating an apple and making fun of our Presidente' and the Native Americans, you do nothing but Cry and Lie!

I've got a good mind to get in touch with the Chairman of the Pima Nation, a personal friend. I'm sure she knows Humetewa, she is a Lawyer also and the REAL Deal of working for the Pima Nation....economics Galore! I should find out how Humetewas feels about YOU! yeagley if she does not know of you, I can give her lots of information HUH?


CM said...


Now goofy yeagley wants to go to washington to Protest Obama on November 5th. Oh My God!!!!

Can you just imagine yeagley carrying a home made sign in support of the American Indian????I can't, No way NO how.....Why I've got a mind to pay for his trip so he can get his a** stomped right in front of the man he hates, our first ever Black Presidente'. I Love IT!!!

I read quite a few sites and there are no Indian sites that that are against President Obama. Even baggy ann works behind yeagleys' back supporting taking away the Indian names and images in schools and roadways and creeks etc. I bet she even supports President Obama, just like she celebrated Martin Luther King days behind yeagleys back.

Oh, hell he's just blowin in the Wind.....I wonder if he will wear his headband, and the necklaces baggy ann made for him, those voodoo looking necklaces she tells him they are authentic sioux....if she made them they are fake.....Ha, ha.


CM said...


In The Tradition of the Warrior: A History of Modern Day Comanche Veterans-Mike Tosee and Bill Curtis led off the event, I NEVER tire of seeing this and it makes me Proud time and time again.

Despite the contravery surrounding the College at this time, the film Festival went very well. All the short Documentarys were great. I views most of them on the "We Shall Remain" Series last April, I believe it was shown on PBS.

All the names are very familiar, Guy Narcomey-Messenger Runner is very inspirational and a role model for the younger set.

Wakening of the Spirit-Steffany Suttle, was new to me, but it was a Beauty. Artistic portrayal of the "Trail of Tears", only thing wrong was it was too short!

Then theres Richard Whitman and other familiar faces in the "Bad Indian" poem, another one I never get tired of seeing, its funny too. A lot of these people are going on and on into this area of acting and filming.

CHIEF GEORGE, such a wonderful, wonderful documentary. Kiowa employee of the Cheyenne Lucky Starr Casino George Ahkean(SP) is also a Native American Spiritual Leader. Great which shows that the Native American can help to win the wars again with their Spiritualism. Arafat wanted Chief George to pray for his people, they exchanged special gifts that mean very much to each one. Native American Pray for Peace. Another Great, Great Doc by Annette Arkeketa.

Then there was our own "Comanche Boy" by a great supporter of the Comanche College Film Festival Thomas Yeahpah. I never had any ambitions to see a real fight, I would think of my own son getting hit in the face. But this was Great. George is a Comanche man with great potental and has proven himself. He is fighting for the Comanche people, but just as important he wants people to know he represents ALL NATIVE AMERICANS. He says most people don't know what Native Americans are...what we portray is what they will see or view.

Bringing in the Native American Drum and Songs and dancers to introduce him is his inspiration, the Numunu beat is his Heartbeat! His background is Southwest Oklahoma, this is where his roots are, his ancestors, his own Beautiful little family.

What you Portray is what they will see...Native American Athlete, Native American Drum and Dancers, Native American Rappers, Native American sponsors, these get his Native Soul going, these are ties to his ancestrial Warrior influence. This is not a FAKE Indian nor made up Ancestry, he is the REAL DEAL in his Comanche Land too, working for His Comanche People, giving back to his Community!

As you can tell, It was a good day to be Comanche. I enjoyed my day at the College, I support any Cultural Event they put on.

I can hardly wait for the Palo Duro Canyon talk in November, so much to learn and I am not even a student, just an Elder!

4/4 Comanche

CM said...


When he isn't making light of the Native American Indians which seems to bore everyone to tears, he has to bore the Jew, Iranian and kiss up to the ole redneck white boys like Bear, that guy is just as bad as baggy ann and yeagley on, not a very happy camper, bad bad bad gumpy bear!

Even Motoy is being ignored with is wonderful story of the Cherokee boycott. I knew yeagley would not respond to that one, after all he works for the good ole white racists, white supreme rednecks of OKC. He would not dare to support such a Boycott. I would, I would stand strong and support the Real Cherokee and hold a hand made sign, I would do that for any Native American Nation, I am not prejudice against our People! Good luck Motoy, you didn't actually think putting your important news about the real People would get yeagleys' attention did you. Hell no, and its not like he has a whole crowd of posters to respond to. All I see today is Amil(and I like Amil) and Mark Winters, but when anyone posts on Coulters Corner, I NEVER even bother!

Actually I hardly ever bother with any of it anymore, knowing the only ones posting are A** kissers, not much there just repetitive kisssers.

Got a new Grandbaby coming today, so I am running and for the next month while the Mother will be off work after that I will be the sitter, I love babies especially little Indian ones......well....this one is a Breed too, but how I love his big sisters, and now a baby boy to spoil......


CM said...

Good Mornin,

While checking for errors at Badeagle, I find out that he has yet another freeby to give away if there are any takers!

I certainly would not take it even if given to me, but its interesting to note that he will give one away free if you find 20 mistakes....just cute!

I already found one just reading his title. The second one is publishing it. If he has his Indian Bio, that would cover the rest of the mistakes....please give my free copy to baggy ann, and autograph it please, you know what to say!

Can you believe he said two accurate indeces, I had to read that over, I thought he said feces! Indeces is just another way of him talking in circles and of course he would end up making himself accurate, what else, like a spider making a web, or connect the dots!

Free books....He can't even give his books away. Why bother with $10.75? Just place them at the entrance to your Adventist Church, I'm sure they would pick one up, and use it for scratch paper, taking notes in church!

Yeagley has to rely on the Ancient ones, POE and such, he daren't write a serious book on his own Ancient Ones of the Indian Nations. His made up bio of Badeagle and himself, on Wikipedia along side REAL people is a sham. Real members of the family, of whom he won't acknowledge nor speak too, are already up in arms about his lies he uses to TRY to gain fame from a man called "BADEAGLE". Its funny, I have a lot of books on the Natives, all Nations, and I cannot find "Badeagle" in any of them...Nothing! No one around here in Comanche Land has heard of him. Maybe his name is an usurption, an indeces....its whatever the Hell yeagley wants it to be huh?

I say its "Quenni-E'shop".....yeagley it's all E'shop, in other words a "LIE"!

I personally know a member of the REAL family and she says its such a LIE he's spreading!

nuff said!


CM said...


Has anyone noticed that the poster "SMILE" on yeagleys' Blog sounds uncanningly like the Bag? Of course right now she is pretending to be nice(that is v-e-r-y hard for bag). She has his back, always praising him. Did you ever notice too.....he always has a person to back him when one leaves that got tired of doing the dirt. This "SMILE" person seems to be Indian...but he never asks this person to prove that fact like he does when those "Real" Indians that oppose him post!

Such a weanie he is with the opposition. His ass kissers who defend him are sickening. Sooner or later they tire of it, that is all but baggy ann, she just changes her name, and tries to be nice OR right away people will know who she is! It won't last, she can't control herself, but she is somewhat exhibiting her education and a little bit of support for the Indian, I say somewhat...not much for she doesn't want to dissapoint her love to much with support for the lowly Native American, all this for a false love! He is losing what is left of his posters, and doesn't seem to want new ones!


CM said...


Yeagly fools no Indian, he has been working with the White Republican against the Native Americans Economics, therefore our progress, for a long time. He is a self proclaimed indian scout.

yeagley is tickled pink/white you can tell by the way he goes on and on and on and on about what the Oklahoman is publishing. Did he tell the lawyers he has claimed to be in touch with about his involvement with the opposition toward the Indian. Of course not, but our Comanche Lawyers know of his ways. He most likely is helping the whiteman lawyers against the Indian lawyers.

He is running around like the chicken he is crying "the sky is falling" or maybe he is the fox in the hen house, or the snake in the grass. He could have his own Halloween Party and be all of these.

In his own fable about his kin "badeagle" he admits the fabled fake indian badeagle is a mexican turncoat, a scout for the U.S.Army that took them to Palo Duro, the Comanche Camp. Sounds like he is trying to emulate his fake kin, but in his case he is actually a modern day turncoat against the Indians of Oklahoma. He is working for his favorite people, the white People who have no roots, just squatted and claimed the land. He knows this, but like an addiction, he can't stop supporting them and quethoning on the Indians, thats his claim to fame for the Redneck White Boys! He is white and always will be white!


CM said...


Whatever he want to be he can be. But I see him as a fool and always jumping to the wrong conclusion and NEVER apologizing to any of his anti-Indian claims when he is wrong. His claims against Lee Ann Ragains about wanting to see all American Indian Tribal Government Abolished is just plain wishful thinking on his part, not hers. He miscontrued her words to fit what he wants.

She has some disagreements with her Nation, therefore tried to find a resolution. She finds the Indian Child Welfare Act outdated. Yeagley didn't even know anything about this when he was questioned while running for Tribal Vice Chair. He didn't know anything about our system which handles this act. Lee Ann Ragain came across some difficulties and questioned it. The act may be outdated, but it has served its purpose.

Yeagley was not interested enough in his campaign to learn any Comanche Business. In his own mind he was Superior, all knowing Breed, therefore above the lowly Brown Indian and could win because he had a BLOG called BADEALGLE. Of course he didn't know anyone would be interested enough to ask HIM about this Indian Child Welfare Act.

He knew and continues to know NOTHING about the Indian Nations, just jumps up to attention when something news worthy comes up for him to oppose, to show his Anti-Indian stance.

This law came about when Indian women were having babies could not take proper care of them and gave them up for adoption or boarding schools allowed adoptions to non-Indians. Issues arose, these adoptees never had roots and didn't belong. A person has an empty feeling always until they know where they come from.

Even if an Indian person was adopted out to non-Natives and they later learned of their heritage, most would still want to know of their family, their interest may not to be enrolled, but just to know of their Heritage.

This isn't Lee Ann Ragains issue. She had other issue with the adoption, and she had Land issues. She doesn't want to abolish Individual Tribes, yeagley is so WRONG.....AGAIN!


CM said...


The demented one IS BACK, but she is pretending she is Awen and Smile at the same time! Can you imagine the terror in Doc at this woman always chasing him. All I can say is he used her and she paid for him, now he is owned.

It brought to mind once when she pretended to be a person from Texas that knew of a Comanche Cemetary for sale, I fell for it and spoke to our T.A. for he is really a History buff and Chairman at the time and then found out she was faking, she said "didn't you know it was me"???? She is nuts.

This article on his Blog was about Lee Ann Ragains and his claiming she wanted All American Indian Tribal Governments abolished in the U.S. and yeagleys' mistaken story about the Oklahoman Commits Hate Crime Against Indians, but Awen/Bag/Smile took it to another level. Awen claims she is from wherever and is whatever.....she professes her love for yeagley and says he is the object of her effections(twice)and finds him completely irresistable, in spite of all his baseless wrath!She says he is worth his weight in gold and intelligent, brave, articulate and extremely good-looking and God has joing us together whether we like it or not. She asks him, "Do you accept this, or not?" She also claims he is irresistable and wants to build a future with him and they have an unquenchable attraction for one another. She loves him but can't forgive him.

I ask for What....its just his way that hasn't changed in all the time I've read him, nothing has changed, what ticked this woman off so badly? Strange!

Yeagley chastises Awen and tells her she has no idea of "my background, please don't asume anything". This is after she cried her eyes out and speaks in tongues(my opinion.....LOL....)

Of course all thru this "Smile," bags other alter ego is trying to be nice.

Then Awen goes for yeagleys jugular vein, attacking and insinuating and calling "Mother"
Threatening to call Senator, Lawyers and Sheriffs, now doesn't that sound just like Baggy ann, going off the deep end time and time again!

Her last post today she is more calm, but yeagley never responds to her outburst. She claims she has known yeagley for a long time, they have a past.(bag again?, I think so).

Now what I find strange is SMILE and AWEN just all of a sudden come upon the scene and take over, they love each other, kisses and huggy wuggie supporting each other, not even knowing who each other are yet fall head over heels in love and supporting each other over the net while yeagley never blinks an eyelash, as bag would say.
She gets angry and lashes out but with a love whip.

The "Oklahoman Commits Hate Crime Against Indians" and Lee Ann Ragains is totally forgotten, lost in all this Love Fest between two supposidly grown women scorned by yeagley.

How lovely and so funny but so embarrasing to air all this dirty laundry by making up such a ludicrous tale, all because she is scorned, like she says others were.

Baggy ann ran all the women off of Badeagle with her demeanted jealousy now all she can do to get this little bit of attention is write a script with her in all the main character parts.....scarry. yeagley is Michael Douglas.

I was slightly amused and entertained, but hoping it is true about her turning yeagley in to all these people. I sent what I could to President OBama(on both of them), knowing he is too busy, but it just might work. Who knows, it made me feel better knowing I suport the President, and I wanted to let him know that yeagley claims to be Comanche but he does NOT represent the Comanche People in any way shape or form, just in case he came across that!

This is my opinion and how I read this whole goofy Blog, baggy ann is back in the only way she knows how to be, this time without the vulgarity but just as ugly.


CM said...


Why it wasn't too very long ago that yeagley and Barb Lindsay were rallying against the Indian Economic Ventures and fighting for the poor white neighborhoods being overrun by the Lowly Indian Casinos and any ecomonic venture of any Tribal Nation, claiming they were destroying tax paying non- Tribal businesses.

The elite white people who took over the Native Lands are crying around about the poor lowly Indians and their few businesses, they even fight the local Wal-mart stores in the neighborhood.

Yeagley is a member of these Elite White Groups lunching along side Charlie Meadows President of OPAC, and has worked for Horwitz. He and Barbra Lindsy wrote at length against the very things he has listed on todays' Blog 11/03/09, any Indian owned business such as gas stations, smoke shops, casinos, etc. They both spoke of the destructive enviromental effects of the supreme elite white folks and their neighborhoods. Now why is he suddenly dogging his white buddies??? He has an ulterior motive, thats for sure.

Is he at this late stage in his White Anglo Saxon Puritan Life trying to make amends with the Beastly Boring Brown Native American Indian????

NAWW, it can't be that! Yet there is something going on here.

He says in "their" strangley liberal jargon against Indians. All the while its his own strange jargon against the Native American, and especially Strong outspoken Indian women(never mind his vulgar betty ann) calling the Indians who speak out and want attention....Anti-American, beggars asking for handouts.

We REAL INDIANS for the most part support our Elected President Obama, its Yeagley who has made a fool of himself trying to get attention by challenging the President to a dual and calling him vile names comparing him to a chimp and totaly disrespecting the American Constitution and Government by saying he has no country for the next four years. It is yeagley who is anti-American. Why, he evens wants the Indians to Boycott the meeting with Obama...I am so proud of Michael Burgess our Handsome Comanche Chairman, he will represent us in Washington. He does NOT DRINK as yeagley insinuates of all the Indian Leaders!

Yeagley is always praising Iran and Persia and other enemy countries. At one time even comparing the Muslims to the Native American People, he is the only Anti-Indian, if he is Indian.

He is up to something by these Blogs praising and contradiction his own archives, he is after something, and no doubt his friend will place these lying false Blogs on his site so that a few Comanches might read them....but it won't gain him any support the Comanche People have seen how disrespectful, mean and arrogant he can be. He is not a people person, not media person, not a speaker. He is definately does not represent the Comanche!

One can only wonder how he got to where he is today....which to me is nowhere, yet he thinks he is really someone. The couple of posters at Badeagle think so too. I sometimes think how many people he lost because of his arrogance, and his vulgar dirt bag!!!! NO INDIANS AT ALL...JUST LIKE HIM, NO INDIAN AT ALL!!!!!!


CM said...

I had to call the Tribe today, and while I spoke to a committeeman I mentioned the fact how glad I was that the Chairman Michael Burgess is representing us in Washington. Its so exciting to me to read what is happening...dedication of the New Indian Embassy, prayers, Indians all gathering! Michael will fit right in, he is very Traditional and Spiritual, he is a Good Indian!

I asked him if he knew David Yeagley? I told him of his blog telling Indians to Boycott Obamas' meeting, and how he was always against anything Indian, yet wants to head a "MEDIA PROJECT". This man did not know him but asked "is he that little skinny guy who everyone wants to beat up?" Well, after I stopped laughing I told him "yes..very good description, and I want to slapp him around myself". I mentioned the fact that yeagley is up to something...he wants something from the Tribe because of his sudden turn about! He never liked Indians, but says he honors the Old Ways, hah...if that were so, he would have "always" shown respect toward the Indian People, fight for what "THEY" believe in, this he has not, its not in his blood. With every breath he fights against what the Indians want, need, Honor and most of all deserve, its our inherited right. He may fool some with his new revelation, but too many know of his searing written words against the People!

Yeagley wants something and is kissing up to the T.A.

I Remember yeagley campained for Johnny Wauqua on his Badeagle site and also Eleanor MC Daniel who is also against Michael.

Michael is working for the Comanche People. These are all disgruntled people who lost in the bid for office, or in the T.A.s' case, he was the lessor of two evils. Slim pickens.... yet he is letting this position go to his head, and yeagley is kissing up to him!


CM said...


Now I know yeagley once made a statement about the Native American Indians being the closest to the Muslim beliefs, its in his persian magazine article. So is he sublimely placing the Indians in the same position as this attack at Ft. Hood by mentioning Muslims and Indians? I think So!

yeagley speaks with a forked tongue constantly. Giving a voice to the white women(ann coulter, laura ingraham) who speak against the Native American, just because they ARE WHITE and THEY DO SPEAK AGAINST THE INDIAN, JUST LIKE CHARLIE MEADOWS! Yet he admonishes any Indian Woman who might want to express themselves, we are just too Brown and a Beastly Bore, not the right color. Thats all it boils down to!

Charlie Meadows is a republican who carries his bible and gun, most likely lives on original Indian allotment....STOLEN! This man speaks against any person of color to have the same privileges and equality, you have to be pink and wear overall jeans to a public meeting at a WHITE restaurant in order to be given a "Bad Eagle Award for American Patriotism". Oh and in my opinion, you do have to be White and against the American Indian to be eligible for this Award given by the notorious White Anglo Saxon Protestant supremist david yeagley. So of course no Indian would be eligible for this Notorious Distinguished Award(NOT).

I ask you....would an Indian be allowed into the room of an OPAC matter how smooth and braided his hair was no matter how clean shaven and squeaky clean an Indian is, if he walked into a OPAC meeting with brand new shiny overalls would he be allowed to sit at the microphone??????No
way....and most of our Leaders wear suits to a any descent respectful meeting anyways....even then yeagley would make fun of them for wearing a suit....I would rather see our Comanche Leaders in jeans and Indian attire than a suit, but times are changing and they are respectful of the changing White Times.

Now on this latest Blog, seems as thought yealgey has found another Devils Advocate in Sandusky, to do his dirty deeds since baggy ann has is still trying to figuire out how to convince the readers she is not Awen and Smile. Awen, after crying around about her love gone wild for yeagley is now saying her English is a little shakey....she needs to call MOMMA and have her speak for her....This is all so entertaining, I can't wait to see how baggy ann comes back and acts all innocent, maybe she will jump on Awen for all the love she expressed....but then she will be talking to herself again publicly......Funny!LOL

I'am off to a CBC meeting, I hope our Chairman has a good report from his Historic Trip to visit with Obama. Its so exciting and I actually do not hope for too much, but I do Hope for the Best....unlike yeagley who called for a Boycott to all the Indian Nations...what a goof!


CM said...


Is it that no Indian will apply, or is it that he monitors and makes sure no Indian gets thru?

Yeagley is calling on EGW words for consultation but again, he is a bad student!

Why doesn't yeagley just quit his Badeagle Blog? He discusses Indian issues with non-Indians who diss us. These non-Indians are taking the place of his Devils' Advocate baggy ann, his sidekick who loves to kick the Indians because she is but a Breed, admitting she never even enrolled her kids. She wants them to grow up White, what other reason for an Indian to not enroll their white looking children?

We readily enroll our 1/2 Breed children soon after birth
as possible for the Pride of being COMANCHE and for them to carry it on this heritage. Not HER! Not Him,he is enrolled Comanche for the "USE" of being Comanche Indian.

All he has now is the cling on Awen who speaks in tongue, Smile who kisses his behind with every word,(I think these are one and the same person)Ray his friend for over 30 years, who seems to HATE Indians as much as yeagley, and sweet, funny Mark.

He is Nothing...he could have been something. It's almost as if his Father is still berating him. He told him he is a failure because he was Indian, so yeagley berates Indians because of his inherited HATE his Father instilled in him. His mother pretended to be White, she was no help for instilling Indian Pride in him.

But you know they are gone and he is an Elder. He has to start living on his own merits and start all over again. Learn from the beginning of their end.

I know of no other Indian that shows the "Hate" that he has for his being Indian. Some who have been adopted out to whites from babies grew up in White ways(yes there are differences in our ways), but just looking at them you know they ARE Indian! They eventually are drawn to the Indianess and they want to know where they came from. They learn all they can to play catch up.

Indians live in the best of two Worlds. Every Indian knows we have adapted we don't talk about adapting, it just evolved.
The ones that do talk this way are doing this to degrade us.

yeagley is trying in his last few blogs, to explain after making degrading remarks of the Native American to his white posters for years, reasons
why the Native American has the right son to feel the way they do. He is trying to back track on his denegrading remarks of his prior posts.

We have had to live with the white folks degrading us all too often. Indians rarely do this to their own.

If and when the Indian speaks negatively about their own,
they do it in an educational enviroment for the Indian only, not for the white people the way yeagley is famous for.

This is what I,as a full blood Comanche resent the most about the man called badeagle aka david yeagley, and his site supposidly dedicated to the Native American where NO INDIAN IS ALLOWED TO POST NOR DO THEY WANT TO ANYMORE!


CM said...

Yeagley is badmouthing Obama yet again.....such a jealouse nowhere little man. When will those Big Black men in White jackets find his house?

Yeagley warns you to beware of the WASP'S deadly sting. Is he talking about his people the White supremists, cone heads, white boy society, Red Necks, skin heads, KKKs? Or just the Repubs, all the Same!

I think he is talking about the YELLOW JACKET ASSES.....YEA THATS IT YELLOW JACKET ASSES of which he is one.


CM said...


baggy ann can't talk right now!!!!! thats strange, though she has said so much in the past to last her three lifetimes.

They probably allowed her a few hours visit to the newborn(not alone though), but she had to most likely have an officer of the law beside her so she won't escape!....LOL.

yeagley really gives her too much credit...thinking she can have council with Palin, of all things. God all mighty, after she lies and lies and lies some more he still believes in the vulgar racist breed big mouth baggy ann, ah well she is the ONLY one that has stood by him thru thick and thin...poor thang! both of them.

baggy ann aka janklows baby, aka Awen, aka Smile, aka rosedove, and who knows how many more is a compulsive liar and a habitual bad person.

Its my opinion that she has to be in jail, or rehabilitation, and if its rehab, I will give her a little bit of credit.....but not a lot. That is....until she apologizes to good people in the past.....but she won't, she'll just claim insanity or she was under the influence! She's bad.

What do they say it takes, about three months, yet still depends on the person, I say with baggy ann it will take three years constant rehab.


CM said...

Thursday and Friday I attended the first ever in Oklahoma AMERICN INDIAN ELDERS CONFERENCE ON ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES. This was a first put on by the B.I.A. Hopefully it won't be the last!

Oklahoma Indians are so behind in this kind of gathering. It was a good event for the first!

The white APS workers need to get a handle on how our Older Indian people should be approached....stiff questioning(if the Elder even opens the door) should be the ancient past approach. Cultural awareness, even Tribal differences beliefs

It was so interesting, we have so few Elders and to exploit them or make light of the aged is so wrong.(you know who is famous for that!).

When it comes to yeagley, there is no debating him...he is the expert on ethnicity.(NOT) No one can debate him, he doesn't allow it. He is a JACK(ASS) of all trades, yet an expert on nothing. Especially not on Native American Culture, indian food(indian tacos..LOL),fashion, music.

He is a champion LIAR about Indian History and of course the White Anglo Saxon Protestant(WASP). By lying, I mean in the information he conveniently leaves out, about their so called christian beginnings.

The spirit is more important than the Blood quantum, the one drop means one thing, but the Spirit means your Cultural ties will always out-weigh the quantum. Personal earned respect is special, its eaarned but it has to kept. It can be dissolved in an Indian minute! Indians know how to respect and give it fully to those who give it Honestly.

Yeagley has earned not one drop of respect from any Tribe, just the wannabe on the internet. His one drop is not only against the Black people, but against the Native Indians.

yeagley calls newborns of different ethnicity something worse than a mongrel! All those,
but betty ann gross. She has white children and Black Grandchildren yet she says nothing to yeagley when he calls these little children born of love,
strange looking children and misanthropes and lusus naturate. No one debated him, but Beakerkin, no one, no Indian, not his stooge baggy ann.

Lusus Naturate- a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed, a freak, mutant or monster!

Misanthrop-on who hates or mistrust his fellow man!

Yeagley has no Spirit and wants none around him, he says he won't allow them in.What kind of Indian is that?

He is void of Culture, he has only baggy ann praising him, and his fake interest in being Indian.....I have to admit, I dreamt of him last nite,,,he was at a meeting, his head was completely bent back, like he didn't have a head, and he was dead. I don't know how to interpret that dream, but really..I don't wish him dead. Just for him to stop talking about subjects he knows nothing about, such as the Comanches.

He and baggy ann bring things up to start contraversy, thats known, I don't care about what she says......I look for the Comanche in what he says nothing else matters....


CM said...


I forgot to say, that yeagley was not really dead, he was just asleep and bored with the Comanche meeting and Pasty white is his natural color....I only mentioned the dream since I NEVER EVER dream, though it was scarey to think he was dead.... until you know how dreams come back to you.

Maybe it was baggy ann, didn't she say she was going to visit his mother soon???? Not soon enough for me. Maybe I got the bobsy twins two mixed up, it might have been baggy ann at our Comanche meeting!LOL

This blog is dedicated to yeagley and his disrespect toward the Native Peoples of America and his lies. His claim to fame is being Indian, namely Comanche, yet is contrare to anything Indians Love and believe in and long for.

Indians are not welcome on "his" Blog. Indians can't debate him on anything important to us. Indians are called demeaning names on his blog, of course this is a show for his white posters on how easy it is to put the lowly Indian in his place....A punch of a button!!!!Divide and conquer, an immoral absolute intent by an narcissistic shadow of a man!

God gave Native People a gift, the gift to overcome and embrace the future, yeagley is not of our Native People!


CM said...


No one takes note of anything baggy ann says anymore....she is a nut case, yes and we all knew she would be back with a vengence when all the AKAs' didn't quite catch on, even yeagley ignored the cling-on Awen, and what happed to Smile? Not a word about those two....strange....

Naiche, look this up when you have a moment: Argus Leaderpublished: 8/26/01.

This tells a lot about that crazy woman who fought against the Mascot, with a vengence, then turned on a dime after meeting and falling in love with david a. yeagley, she turned on a dime against her Native People, its no wonder they DO NOT LIKE HER. All this happened while she was supposidly happily married for the umpteenth time....then sadly...they conviently died!

Was she a strong Indian woman in 2001, or was this a stepping stone to NOTHING. Once she said her father was a white man, was this drunken man her step father? She has made up so many lies. Yes, granted she has come thru a rugged life(left for dead in a ditch, knifed, shot at, beat up, jailed, raped by black men, alcoholic, smoker and educated herself...uhem... at least her dead white husbands money educated her. You know what....whatever happens in her life, happens for a reason, she brought all the bad things on herself. Her attitude, her better than thou approach to anyone or subject has made her keep her enemies and has made more on the Net just by that same nasty vulgar attitude she most likely shows in person! How pititful can one get????And stupid yeagley laps it up....all becasue she is his mouthpiece and bouncer, she spews all the hate for him so he could remain in his calm Adventist religious mode.

They might fool the White folks who read his site, but what matters is the Indians, we laugh at them, it is entertaimnent, she is his opening act then the main attraction(yeagley) comes on stage. I boo them both to Hell!


CM said...


I knew there had to be something to make me think of death and dream about the dark and dreary yeagley!

It was a death of yeagleys' relative that he told me not to ever talk about him to! His cousin, my friend, lost her Dear mother. Tonite I attended the services and they spoke of Jack Portillo their Uncle and family history.

She introduced me to her handsome son and told him..."This is David Yeagleys' enemy"....He said "oh yea, e-mail me and I could tell you some things."

Now...I was not the one who brought this up, it was the young man and his mother, my friend. I mean no disrespect, I won't pursue it....not now anyway....maybe later. Not at their time of sorrow, but my friend likes to speak of her family and she will again, she hates yeagleys' lying!

I knew there was a reason for my Dream.....yeagley claims George Portillo as family, yet he does not claim this cousin, she KNEW her uncle George/Jack!

yeagleys' family ties are to those who can't speak back, but this family is REAL!

Yep Naiche, I will dream on. baggy anns' stupid jealous, drunken psychology doesn't bother me one bit, but I'm glad I bother her, she just can't leave me alone, huh!


CM said...


What can I say, mine are tow and brown headed, as well as Black headed but I do love little Red heads, can't say too much for the little bald white ones, they always look like newborn pink mice!.

But...what about what yeagley calls them: "misanthrope, mongrel, lusus Naturate. As a loving Grandmother of these beautiful babies, I will speak against yeagleys' words because he claims to be Comanche, I am ashamed of what he matter how its interpreted...and all baggy ann can say is that I am "obsessed". No I am a Proud Comanche who wants him to quit claiming he is 1/2 Comanche, he shames me!!He is less than 1/2 and his words against the Indian Nations proves to all who read he has no Pride in being Indian!

Baggy ann, I get compliments on the way I look...I do not take compliments easy, I am not that way. For yeagley to allow you to lie about my dress is contemptuous. Evidently he gossips to you about me, or why elso would you speak out like you do. I wear comfortable clothes, NOT TIGHT fitting. But certianly not the Burka he claims to love! Who knows what they wear under those things, could be a man, guns, bombs could be a naked person, its no wonder they all get raped and beaten on the streets! Anyway who the hell cares about these people but yeagley!

Baggy ann did you read: Argus Leaderpublished:8/26/01. I DO NOT LIE, I may publish what I find, thats all! I interpret it as you became a turncoat, a scout against your own people when you met and fell in love with the yeagster the king of deceit and he has been using you all this are not a strong woman, you just got a big mouth with money to spend on him. I can't figure out who is the prostitue is here! Him or YOU!

As far as "hot Tamali" I don't fall for those kind of stupid remarks, especially when he aligned himself with you, a habitual vulgar liar, a trickster for the are not of the Rez., they don't want you there!! You lie, add to what is said and use people. yeagley allows you to use his gossip making him as much a liar as you. I always knew he was a liar and user of people, so nothing shocks me....he hates me...I know that, so stop being jealous of me once and for all, this is about yeagley, not baggy ann...who is stupid, NOT me, I won't be used by him. He found that out, I am a strong Comanche woman who won't be used.

Speaking of Strong Comanche women. Isn't Jane a Beautiful Comanche woman, and her daughter beside her could be her twin! She is a very strong woman. Her and yeagley would make a great couple, yes... if only for publicity.

Close your evil eyes bag.... just imagine him dancing beside her, if you will allow yourself....OKAAAYY, now calm yourself down bag. A great "stimulus", indeed and he needs it. He could use her expertise on the Comanche Ways(just between you and me..he is stupid in our ways) she grew up with her people, she IS COMANCHE ALL THE WAY!.

Keep on reading baggy ann and being used by yeagley, you make his DAY! You amuse me!


CM said...

Hau Kolas baggy ann,

I forgot to tell you I do own several pair of mocassins. One pair fully beaded I bought about 15 years ago from a sioux lady that needed money. I think she was a prostitute, I do know that she drank a lot, she was going around begging for money...I paid her $20 for what must be worth a couple hundred dollars, they are after all fully beaded. She weighed about 300 lbs, and still does. I won't mention her name out of respect.....I don't wear them, they are displayed along with the Comanche pair Mother had made for me and my leggins my sister made for me. What I had on that day yeagley was eyeballin me was a pair of what the white man calls mocassins from a western store, they cost a pretty penny along with my pendleton jacket, I always get compliments on my jacket.

I would not wear my Indian mocassins to a CBC meeting, I will wear my Comanche leggins with my jeans to Indians doings, but not the CBC meetings. Baggy should have seen yeagley the first time I met I vaguely recal, he was wearing
a buckskin jacket with fringes as long as he is tall.....slight exaggeration but he has no room to talk about anyones' dress. Since you two are bent on making fun of me....he was wearing a white suit jacket/jeans that day at the CBC meeting(stood right in front of me so how could I not miss), I suppose he wanted to impress the people and CBC but the winter time! Didn't his sister take him shopping!!

Oh he says he is the EXPERT ON ALL THINGS...HA,HA.


CM said...


Don't feel bad about bag ignoring you, she has many problems....

yeagley don't even know how to bring up sex and talk about it. He tells Hulagirl(what a name, and he has the nerve to questions Indians about being Indian) "I am not married, have never been. Never lived with a woman, if you know what I mean. and no children.

Poor yeagley has to keep repeating this again and again. What is he fishing for? Like I said he tried to bring up sex, but no one took the bait.....baggy ann was biting her nails, but didn't jump in.

Well..when baggy ann use to call me she told me that yeagley has a son! Of course with his Religious preaching, he will deny having a child out of wed lock. This would place him in the exact place as all those Indian men he detests! Then of course since now I know how much she lies about ME....this could also be a lie about yeagley....somehow I tend to belive it.

My womans' intuition on these things and how yeagley lies and and lies about everything, I believe he could have a son, he is keeping it a secret, after all he denies this family which is closely related to him.

I swear, the Mother of my friend had a profile exactly like yeagley as she lay in her casket! I was stunned at first! From where I sat it was quite errie, no wonder I dreamdt he died. It's strange, my dream! strange....I swear on the Bible. I only speak of this because he denies this family he looked so much like this woman, his Aunt!


CM said...

hau kolas baggy ann,

Notice me eh, Naiche is feeling a little left out, thought ya loved him?

I have never said yeagley was NOT a Portillo relation or Mexican. He is the one that doesn't claim them.... the live ones! All except for Badeagle....who is long gone from this earth, the live ones he is related to he will not have anything to do with....they actually knew their Uncle George, yeagley just claims to have known him. Can't you just GET THAT in your thick skull?

This is a small world baggy ann, I never sought out yeagleys' relations, they just appeared! Just as he "MY" Comanche World, He is the one that made himself known! He can stay away and never appear again, but first he needs to take away the "Badeagle Site", until then I will always be watching. I will disappear after he takes off Badeagle from the net!

Another thing.....I have "NEVER" not claimed my Mexican heritage...however, they were long gone before I was born as my Granparents on both sides. Unlike you bag, I was raised by both my parents....never been mistreated by either, never orphaned as a child, ate oatmeal, bacon and biscuits every mornin that my father made for us with his loving hands.

Its too bad you had such a sad pitiful rough life, you are a rotten, nasty, bitter, vulgar human from the roots. You need to try to remember it was not "I" that did that to you.

My beef is with the fact that yeagley lies and this is my recourse to correct the Comanche portion of that lie, you interfere, you made it your business to protect him. Why???, A true friend and Indian would correct him, not add to his lies with more lies.

Comanche issues are none of your should not comment on them nor the Jews. Just like yeagley, you don't belong to any nation nor do they claim you! No ones' fault but your own!!!!Your attitudes(talk about STINK)....I never met nor knew anyone as hateful and vengeful, vulgar as you....NO ONE baggy ann....oh I forgot.. yeagley is the same....he just uses you for his mouth, and he is mighty strong enough to punch a little button...yeagley is just as nasty as you.

You both got this syndrome about Brown People, just because we are a Beautiful Brown, doesn't mean we are dirty and smelly......You both are white, your new grandbaby is white, my new Grandbaby is a beautiful beige with lots of black hair, and he smells like a beautiful Indian baby.....

Try to make a difference in this new life.....mine will love his culture automatically, thats the difference in being and living Indian, you don't even enroll yours, we are just waiting for his social security #, he is already Comanche to us.

You are White, you grew up in an orphanage and on the streets, its not MY fault....remember that! Stop with the HATE, I don't hate YOU, just what YOU stand for, deceitfulness, vulgarity, pure trash talk, complete lies...uglyness....and it continues....on second thought, I guess I do HATE YOU!!

CM said...

Oh, Bag,

If you are going to refer readers to, be sure to tell them to scroll to "BRING IT ON", that will get them to the ever so popular Naiche, seems he is more popular than your "DAVID"! LOL and hey while your at refering them to Badeagle.Org tell them to click on comments!

Thats all bag! Thank you! LOL....


CM said...


Bag goes right to the Comanche section to diss the mixed people,Talking about her and yeagley at a meeting with a crying Indian lady...aren't these two supposed to be counceling not poking fun of a crying pitiful Indian woman?

Yeagley should ask bag"what about the Indian/black children you don't claim betty ann gross, why do you claim the fair skin brown and red haired Grandchildren, that you will NOT ENROLL because you want them to remain WHITE and not associate them with what you and yeagley created as the lowly downtrodden, drunken, hang around the fort Indian begging for handouts and rotten meat!!!Mascots in fact to the supreme White peoples you prefer to the the Brown Indian and mixed Blacks" Why doesn't yeagley ask betty ann gross these questions? Where are these children, abandoned and left to fiend for themselves,just as she herself was treated.

The cycle continues with her and she has the nerve to try to tell people in their older years to grow up. I believe baggy ann is 58, close to 59 just as yeagley is.

I think its time for these two bobsy twins to grow up and own up to their responsibilities and stop tryng to be Indian.

Own up to their own lies and racist hateful outbursts against the Indians.

I myself, have NEVER denied my Blood nor my Grandchildren and NEVER will. Betty ann Gross says David Yeagley has a son, he has denied this also, or she lied to me and I say that is a serious lie! I only repeat it because it relates to this issue!

Barack Obama can relate to the Indians situation in many ways, beginning with the Color and racism that people like betty ann gross and davide yeagley show toward anyone not White like them!

It's whites like these two who have no history, no place in America, they are just misanthrope, creatures with no compassion toward their fellow human beings, freaks of Nature that have no roots and have to make up their ancestral ties. yeagley knows he is a freak, he's mentioned it several times, wanting people to feel sorry for his ass. They are piggy backing parasites.

He claimes Indian men are weak losers, the reason his mother and her sisters all married white men. I say they were looking for the easiest way to deny their Indian roots and a good meal ticket. They in fact are the weak ones, not wanting to lift a finger and be proud of being Indian. Sometimes a hard life and was not the most popular thing to be.. Indian, so they chose to be white. They were in fact White, and yeagley is even Whiter than them, thats the reason he is so comfortable in degrading the Indian! This makes him the ulitmate Racist!

Betty ann Owens did the same as yeagley Mother and his Aunts.

Although, she stated she married for convenience, not love. She took the easy way and married white man after white man to further feather her nest for her mixed breed. Her real Indian children most likely cried out in confusion, lonelyness and abandonment, just as this woman and her children did to betty ann and yeagley at their meeting...she got no sympathy from either, especially yeagley who detests more than her the lovely color of what he call a beastly boring Brown! Nor from betty ann owens who's family abandoned her as a child, this she hold a grudge against the Human Race.

They both race to prove theirselves better than the Indian...getting degree after degree. Who would ever have guess that they hold degrees
in any subject as bad as they treat people? No respect either of these degreed, greedy misanthropes.

Barack Obama can relate to our Issues, these two bobsy twins betty ann owens and david a. yeagley cannot get close to knowing how the real Indians feel, nor do they care!!!Its not in their Genes!


CM said...

I forgot...
I would also like to add, it may be a situation in parts of Indian Country of Indians in third world situations, and we would all like to help, but being condenscending like betty ann owens and david yeagley(with degreess) is not helping those in need. Poking fun of mixed Black Indians and Mexican Indians does not help! Showing Drunken, falling down, fighting Sioux Indian women all beaten up on his site only shows his White readers how low Indians can get, but that is a % of the American Indian, yet yeagley and betty ann owens continue to do this to their own people! Why is it these kinds step forward and want to be noticed? For MONEY! For ATTENTION!

Protesting carrying a flag with real Indians means nothing to the white people. Yeagley has made that clear plenty of times. Betty ann owens why don't you say something to your David in defense of the Indians? Give him hell for once in defense of the Indians, not just when your jealous of other women. Calling him gay, then loving him, then calling him gay then praising him, telling him he is the object of your effections in the next breath calling him gay again!

He can march with the Foreign Iranians in Oklahoma city, but ignores and demeans the only Natural Born American Citizens, the American Indians when they do the same! I mean, how rude and stupid can a blogger get, especially one who claims to be an American Indian Patriot?

CM said...


Looks like we got the bag going in circles. She lies so damn much, falsifying everything I put down and stupid yeagley believes her. I forgot he lies also, and is famous for throwing out names to impress or to prove a point. The Elder Comanche gentleman he met at Palo Duyo is not named "KARL". That is very disrespectful for him to name someone and lie about what that person knew, when he is no longer here on Earth. You know everyone, you might even know who he is talking about the respected Elder is "Carney Saupitty," close kin.

Yeagleys' cousin(my friend) is still alive, kin to him on his mothers side tells a different story about Badeagle, Uncle George and I happen to believe what she tells me.

betty ann loves and honors his truth about his family..ha, ha. She is professing her love for him as a Brother, how utterly sad, because he simply can't respond to her affections the way she wants, she has to settle for love as a sister! SAD! But she is too, used, nasty, vulgar and just plain soiled. The truth is she IS an Elder almost 60 years old and she can't accept that fact, neither will he....another sad situation!


CM said...

I enjoyed the video, at the Ft Sill Apache dance ground, I recognize Lupe Gooday and the Ware boy! Lupes wife was dancing.

Friday the Apache School celebrated Native American day. Lupe and these same boys sang for their Fire Dancers, another young group of White Mt. Apaches from Riverside Indian school performed, they were all exciting to watch.

Then here you are, with Lupe and his boys singing again.

Hey..the Ft. Sill Apaches are building a new Casino in the town of Apache. You will have to come to the Grand Opening, I will meet you eventually!

I am glad they are doing good, and kudos to them for making these white redneck hillbillies from Apache accept their Business, yeah.

I was telling my Mithlo cousins about what William Chebahta told in his book about how Apache got its name: "Geronimo's band stayed at Ft.Sill, and then later on, they were moved about twenty miles north of Ft. Sill. They had their little establishment there; a park was given to them so that it was like a small reservation. In this area, they had a market so that they could buy supplies. They sent traders up ther from Ft. Sill to sell them the necessities of life. This little market turned into a town, which still stands today. It is called Apache, Oklahom, and that is how the town got its name.

Many years after Chevato had been introduced to Geronimo at the parley, he met him again at Ft. Sill. He asked Geronimo "Do you remember me? I met you aat the parley". and Geronimo replied, "yes, I do remember you." After all, they were kin; they were apaches.

When I relayed this to the girls, they said "we need to change the Plains War Bonnet to the Apache Headress."(thats the school mascot Warrior) I agreed with them, especially that we know some more about the origin.

Thanks Naiche, great videos!

CM said...

Hello Naiche,

While the cornbred is cooking for my dressing, I will address the faux Indian. This is fun! The more he mentions me the more fun he makes it!

I caught what weiner said he sure knows how to sooth betty ann owens Janklos baby gross.

"don't confuse me with said Mexican woman on the internet", he says.. ha, he knows damn well I am Comanche thru and thru. When he first met me he said it was always a thrill to see me...I guess the "thrill is gone" LOL.. Naiche, I tell it like it is without vulgarity, and only the truth. He found that out, I know Comanches and our Lands and our ways, and that I am a strong Comanche woman and care very deeply for my people, no matter the Politics.

He has a short memory, he HAS TOO denigraded the Mexican time after time. He said let them die where they fall in the desert, let the buzzards clean their bones! While near death in the OKC hospital, he could not even praise the Lord for the joyful noise the Mexican family and their children made, who were across the hall. A beautiful people, but near death he still was hateful....Lord took notice of that, I'm sure!

I could not be molded like the sick porky pig drunken sioux female betty ann owens janklos' baby gross. She tells yeagley she likes to mess with me...he gets his thrill, and she knows it. Its all amusement for him really, they look pretty juvenile to their grown up posters.

Have you ever viewed his birth certificate? His mothers race is checked White, his father was white german, therefore he is White! He made a statement} "no twisting and turning for me, I am Indian born in I am Native race is checked as this! So...somehow he did get enrolled, but it was by deceitful twisting and turning, he is white as his Mother and Father. Aparently his mother did know enough about Politics to be crooked enough get her brood on our rolls....They all receive the Comanche per cap..they should hang their heads in shame, that money should go to the needy, real Indians.

CM said...


Columbus and rush limbaugh are yeagleys' Heros. He is simply posting rush limbaughs beliefs which are basicaly the same as what he preaches.

The original white puritans were cannibals, eating their own. That is the kind of religion yeagley says this country was founded on! yeagleys' view of the first Thanksgiving is distorted, just ask Cornell Pewewardy!


CM said...


Instead of talking about the security or this Hillbilly looking white skinny Blond with the clothes on that yeagley (would love to wear himself) and her equally white robust Porky man who crashed the white house party, he is still attacking the Greatest President there will ever be. Obama did not cause the mess America is in, but he is President NOW and the wannebee somebody,, yeagley can't stand that a Beautiful Black man with a just as Beautiful Black wife is leader of our Great Nation.

Its killing yeagley, he is almost forgetting to attack the Native American lately...but when he does its the same repetitive sayings only throwing in a celebrity bigot like Rush Limbaugh. At least Rush has made a name for himself. Everything that yeagley complains about in our President is something he/himself failed to accomplish with ALL his degrees, yeagley is Nothing except to betty ann owens janklow Gross. He is her HERO, hey that doesn't say much for the mighty sioux men of her nation does it? I can't help but notice his sight is attracting no one but betty ann owens janklow gross. All she does is attack ME!
She attacks me with his blessings, "don't confuse me with said mexican woman on the internet".

Its no news to me that he supports what dirt she dishes out, he eggs this on thats clear. What is also clear and true that I am 4/4 enrolled Comanche. Neither of them can say the same.

WHAT IS THEIR ULTIMATE GOAL IN LIFE? It seems no other sibling in his family claims the Comanche blood, do they accept the Comanche Blood Money?

She betty ann owens janklows baby gross, is a porky looking white woman, but not white or skinny enough for yeagley....toooo porky looking. betty ann owens janklows baby gross has a different meaning for "Porky", mine measn fat! Still not clear as to her meaning for porky! She has to settle for being yeagleys' bestest friend(that calls him gay) or his sister, I guess sisters can tease their brothers and call them gay! He says nothing to counter her outburst, nothing, so what is it? Gay or NO?


CM said...


If baggy ann owens janklos's baby gross is thinking of her dream yeagley! You might as well forget that. He hates Children and especially Brown Indian or Mexican. They would have to be white like your Grandaughter..Jada, is that the name? The one you would not enroll to be sioux indian!

You forget.. you said yeagley is gay(several times in fact), yet you allow him around your Grandaughter, jada! She can sniff out the gay ones, you said this yourself.


CM said...


White man pretending to care about Indians, pretending to be Indian!

White man using the Indian, pretending to be Patriotic with the Eagle and Red Man!

White man trapping poor unsuspecting drunken Indians from the Rez, a White man thinking he is above the lowly Indian.

A white man using a poor pitiful crying weak Indian woman(bag) as a decoy.

White man yeagley places his(hearthrob), Great White woman(coulter) who speaks with forked tongue, over the Indian women...and I mean constantly!

All the while preaching White is Supreme, Keep the country White, White is right, your ancestors depend upon us to keep to ourselves, stay away from anything other than white!

yeagleys' token Anglo-Saxon Protestant sandusky makes light(no pun intended) of the Indians. yeagly praises him for doing so.


This was most likely the hardest thing for yeagley to have on his blog. The article is TRUE!

Sandusky the bigot will fight it..keep it white, white is right, white power. yeagley will agree with him and they will ride off into the White Sunset.

"CHANGES IN THE LAND" Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England is a book by William Cronon that refutes Sanduskys' protests.

Yeagley must have eaten too much humble pie over holiday, to offer such an article on his bigot racists White only Site.


CM said...


Even frigon is riding the fence, all it took was for yeagley to lead them. Pretending is all it is, the stupid "thanks taking" article. yeagley is going in circles trying to ride the fence in the autumn of his life!

yeagley has known for years is ancestors took over the land of the very first Americans. How the Indians fell to the Euros' arms and diseases but most of all to their trickery! The original Boston tea party was a trickery, the white man dressed as Indians. white man many times donned Indian feathers and robbed other white people blaming the Indians. Today yeagley carries on that heritage by putting up a website again using the Indian image and "Badeagle" name. All the while, simply using it as a means to demean and denigrate the First Americans' image supporting the Indian mascots.

He's managed to lure the white supremists, White anglo saxon, white european descentants, white nationalist, celtics, confederate southern type of whites, keep it white type of people with their "AS LONG AS WHITE BABIES STILL BREATH, THERE IS A REASON WE MUST SERVE THE EXISTANCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHTIE CHILDREN". He allows these types while telling Indian and Mexican women to stop having babies! These BEAUTIFUL INDIAN AND MEXICAN babies born of love are called by yeagley, LUSUS NATURATE, STRANGE LOOKING CHILDREN, EVEN MIANTHROPES!

All the while when real Native Americans strove to have input about the real issues about themselves, their life, he dismissed the Indian with denigrading remarks and banned them. He kept only "one less than 1/2 breed, Betty Ann Owens, Janklos' baby, Gross".The only breed that supports his views without question. baggy anns' degridation of her own sioux people and her comment of their alcohol problems, "make drinking legal"! Not, "lets ban drinking on the Rez or council the Alcholic", but "make it legal!"


CM said...


yeagley should know about that huh? baggy ann says all the women that rag on him now are the ones he threw to the curb. Awen says she and he have a history, he says they DO NOT, she calls him a "LIAR". baggy ann is the only woman left with a history with the big man! She calls him Gay... many times and he keeps her....must be true.
I don't remember ever reading that he denies it! He admits being celibate, no girls in the closet, but he did leave his computor at baggy anns overnite!!!
Shes' spoke of this twice!

yeagley should know about the GI statement he made "typical GI user(of women)". Not a very Patriotic statement nor supportive of our Military men who are at this very moment in harms ways to keeps him free to say these things, stabbing them in the back acutally. However, its true in the case of his Father. He was a white german GI who married an Indian woman whom he met at a Military town! yeagley should know....the Indian woman was not the only one that was abused......yeagley shows it in his demeaner each times he talks of his wonderful Ozzy and Harriet life, more like Ozzy Ozborn life.

No matter how he tries to tell how wonderful and loving his mother was, she had to live with a racist white german man who used the word "nigger" in front of her Breed children and tells them that they would never amount to anything because they were Indian. Makes me wonder, was his father an alcoholic, and the reason why yeagleys' lips never touched the stuff?

Maybe yeagley is trying like hell to make up for his past, he's going about it in a strange way. Its a little too little and a little too late.

I think he has a vendetta against the Indian, not his WASP Father, but his Indian Mother! Strange!


CM said...

Good Mornin Naiche,

Baggy ann the only "SKIN"(NOT) allowed to use Indian Humor?

Bag is deflated, demented, diseased, and most of all DEMONIC!

yeagly has allowed his demon to use what he calls "INDIAN HUMOR AND TEASING". THAT IN ITSELF IS A SLAP IN THE FACE OF THE "REAL INDIAN!" Betty Ann Owens Gross/Thundersky" aka-bag alone is allowed to attack with vulgarity, explicit sexual content yet she blames others. It was she and her Italian friend GMS, who started the anal sexual subject, and he posted pictures of naked men yet she blames others. Yeagley allowed all of it, enjoying the rucus, and pictures and inuendos!

Real respectful Indians don't usually do these things comfortably and on the internet and especially in mixed company.

I know I don't, I have more respect for myself, family and Comanche Nation.

It may be true that betty ann owens gross masks her own earthly pain of her past with her explicit sexual vulgar humor against me and others. Attention is whats she seeks, its HER TRAGEDY not mine! She can't lower herself any lower.

This is the Internet...she represents the sioux indian people, her own family!!I found it amazing that she takes this unbecoming course when she has little ones, and family members that she has allowed to read her comments and they all sit around read and laugh about it(WOW) adult sherifff son(SHAME).

Oh well, the only logical comment she said, "TO EACH HIS OWN".


CM said...


Yeaglys famous words, "Pitiful Indians" he just loves to place these DEMEANING adjectives to his white audience. Time and time again he uses this kind of discription toward the Native Americans.

Of course he is speaking of President Obamas' meeting with the Indians in Washington, calling it community organizing....I ask him "what the hell is wrong with community organization?" and " WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OUR NEW INDIAN EMBASSY BUILDING?" Why can't yeagley ever be proud to be Indian....cause he is not one and he is JEALOUS OF US REAL ONES!

When has yeagley ever organized or called a meeting to get the Indians together? NEVER! Sure he attends a meeting called by betty ann owens gross wayyyyyy up in s.dakota speaking to the poor pitiful sioux street people, but thats only because she places him as out of State non-sioux president of her sioux civil rights office and pays him plus accomodations.

Around Comanche Land, he doesn't have the balls to call a meeting, nothing....doesn't even attend a Comanche meeting unless he is asking for money and he sure eats our food!

Pitiful Indians, the pitiful Indians be as pitiful as possible,
shameful and embarrassing. Democrats love to have Indians miserable and poor.

These words he spits out with no shame! then he has the nerve to say:

"I'm sorry, I can't go on with this article right now. Makes me too angry and sick."

He is right about two things, he is "SORRY", He is "SICK!"

Indian health care "IS" about delivery, when has yeagley ever attende our Indian Hospital meetings?

betty ann owens gross advocates letting the sioux street people drink alchohol and make it legal. "WHAT THE HELL KIND OF LIFE STYLE IS THAT? WHAT KIND OF COUNCIL OF A SOCIAL SERVICE WORKER IS THAT? BAD HABITS NEED TO BE COUNCELED NOT CONDONED!



OH....I feel faint...I can't go on with this right now!


CM said...


Another thing I find amazing is how much baggy ann can continue to lie! She literally thrives on it and so that means yeagley lies for allowing it. I remember him saying he detests liars...I don't really think he respects her in any way shape or form, she got into personal inormation that she is holding over him...thats my belief. He is afraid of her.

I myself, take pride in always, always speaking the truth. If I hurt yeagley in anyway, its because I caught him in a lie and corrected him, HE WILL NOT BE CORRECTED, many honest Indians found that out.

No one should tease, to hurt. Teasing, joking and Humor should be just that. She started out really lashing out at almost everyone in the most vile and vulgar way that should NEVER be allowed in and women it made no difference.

yeagley allows it to this day, he is the blame for his own demise. Like she said, "David doesn't blink an eyelash". Why should he, she takes care of it all! I am still on his site everday it seems, I can always tell when I get to her, she lashes out with more lies, and he sits eating his apple and smiles.

Well, gotta go.. my partner wants to walk so we will keep healthy and walk, this will be four miles today, remember yeagley says its NOT your lifestyle, that keeps your Healthy but I beg to differ, he is a mess!


CM said...


Whatever that means. You love my name don'tcha, wished you thought of it, instead of the mean sounding ''THUNDER---'' dontcha???

Who the HELL would want to be betty ann owens gross(fitting name, really!?! NO ONE THATS WHO. Thats the reason she is on the internet, pretending to be someone other than herself. Four or five akas, I have only one, "COMANCHEMOON", I happen to LOVE that name! Proud to be full blood COMANCHE TOO!

Why would yeagley even encourage her with "identity theft" and his just as goofy other comments? Does he know how many names she uses, and some on his very own blog! She owns him.

These two are using their psycological(therapeutic) stickyness on each other.

I ask again who the Hell would want to be blatently Vulgar, lie and steal, and want your big thunderthighs and white shiny cheeks?

I merely comment on her lies, She turns it around, as always. They cover it all up with his psychology babble.

She envies me, my easy life thats all there is to it(hers has been so wild) Who cares if she owns minnie mouse mocassins anyway. NOT ME!

I walk for my health, she walks to rid herself of her big thunderthighs. I merely mentioned her personal tragedy because she relates to yeagleys' white readers the uglyness of her life. Her tragedy is hers alone, it does not represent other Indians, thats what yeagley wants his White readers to believe, all Indians are pitiful like her, she doesn't care what they believe as long as yeagley pays attention to her pitiful self.

Betty ann owens gross, just bring the whole blog over, like you did before, this way yeagleys' white readers will see both sides, as it is now they just wonder why you rant with so much hate for the absent COMANCHEMOON!

I love and enjoy my life, you should try to do the same!


CM said...


she and yeagley say Indian women are not outspoken. hah...lies again, she is outspoken as a magpie, vulgar and nasty.

he loves the way she talks, actually gets off on it I presume, sittin eatin his apple and grinning, and snorting!

your whole sordid life is on the net thunderthighs, you put it there for attention. You got it....but friend I don't think so.

yeagley claims friends who are all dead people, they can't defend themselves. There are no live Comanche friends! sorry baggy ann. you are his only friend, only sioux friend, I would bet my per cap on. you don't have any friends either, you actually admitted said that yourself, you "trust no one." You both cling to a false friendship. You know how it is and so you defend and protect him like another lost soul, he is just..."GOOFY' all I can say.

I speak up because I am Comanche. I am an outspoken Comanche woman, not vulgar, not disrespectful of our Elders. I think its disrespectful to sit next to my 89 year old Aunt and act friendly when he allowed you to talk disrespectful about her. I love that lady and I will never forget how you and he disrested her on badeagle. I respect her enough not to mention it to her. He's a pretentious, a liar, a fake!

What the hell does not speaking about yeagley on another site have to do with respect? I think telling someone that they are wrong is better than kissing their behind when YOU know they are WRONG! I think he knows this too.


CM said...


Did you read now that she was claiming to be dying and having cancer. Thats a common white trick....SYMPATHY! Contary to what the bag and yeagley preaches, Indians are not whiners. Indians know their days are numbered, they don't seek sympathy, they do what they can for all others til the end!

On her dying bed, my mother wanted to make sure her utility bills were paid, and "be sure and don't forget to buy a box of Valentines candy", that was for my brothers birthday!

Baggy ann Owens Gross shows no sign of being Indian. She has been hardened with the life she's lived even toward the supposed fake end, she stood fist held high, hateful! She's a fruit cake, thats the kindest comment I can give since this is near Christmas.


CM said...


I do not see yeagley defending me. Being overly sensitive and mistaken, bag thinks he defends me!!, No way shape or form!

Take your meds bag, you're seeing things that are not there! If yeagly was to approach me at a meeting trying to hug me, I would literally and physically slap him. Don't believe me.....tell him to try it! At one time it was accepted because I thought he was a Gentleman, a Comanche man. Too damn much has been said by you and allowed by him....he is a shell of a man with no Spirit, manipulated by your deceitful nastyness.

You keep him nuture him in the only way you know how, with deceit! He is owned and paid for by you....Remember you have some personal information....

Must be HELL to know thats the only way you can have a so- called bestest friend, reminds me of that cartoon character, "ALMIRA", who has to cage her animals and tortures them with her so called LOVE!


CM said...


I beg to differ. betty ann owens gross chose your friends..

All the well meaning people that chose to try to be your friend were immediately attacked by your one and only friend, betty ann ownes gross, now she is still attacking absent posters. yeagley encourages it with statements like:


I wonder how in the hell could the man use "STABLE" in the same breath in advising the very unstable betty ann owens gross as what to do and say? He calls his enemies WEAK! I call those two, betty ann owens gross and david anthony yeagley weak and living in a fantasy!


I find that very sad, she is also a victim of Historical Trauma and abuse trying to fit in with what she thought was the
"THE GOOD RED ROAD". Can't really blame her too much, she fell in love!

Yeagley has no friends, she made sure of that. She literally ran them all off, with his approval, therefore creating his enemies.


Yeagley needs to find his real roots and stop trying to be "ONE UP" on the Comanche! Something he will never be! However I will encourage him to keep trying to fit in.

He is what I call a"REAL LOSS OF IDENTITY".

He was white until a few years ago, but being white is hard to shake. His loyalties lie with the Genocide-type policies against the Native American. He denies any atrocities and says the word "Genocide" belongs to only the Jew. His statements condone the sterotyping of Indians, HANG AROUND THE FORT INDIANS, DRUNKEN INDIANS, WAITING FOR ROTTEN MEAT AND HANDOUTS, INDIAN MEN ARE THE BOTTEM OF THE BARREL, INDIAN WOMEN ARE MEEK(when they do speak out, he has a few choice labels for that!). So much more this man has blurted out that is in black and white. He made his own enemies by his conduct, vocabulary and the way he, himself chose to display these things on the Internet!


CM said...


Loved the Apache videos, love the Apache faces. When I see pictures such as these, I imagine all the hardships our Peeps endured. We Indians are a tuff lot, we all got lottsa loving for living!

Now for the hangers on of the Breeds.
When betty ann owens Gross opens her mouth, you know its a lie, always. Made up just to raise the dust. I know her style, and would never ever copy her in anyway! She did admit she lied about me, but it was a weak admission, I don't believe she was sincere about anything. Talk about WEAK!

After her and yeagleys' discussion back and forth about me the only real 4/4 Indian they know, she claims I copy her every move and look...ugh! Liar.

He smooths her wrinkles with, "ITS CALLED IDENTITY THEFT, AN OLD INDIAN TRICK". I don't think soooo...wasn't it after all the white man who dressed up like Indians at the very first Boston Tea Party? What about those white men who dressed as Indians and raided and raped and murdered and stole blaming it on the Indians. I call it "AN OLD WRINKLED WHITE MAN TRICK".

They continue to discuss me, as I read with eyes wide open, then she stomps off thinking he is defending me. The demented crazy must be off her meds again.

Bloomers!!!sounds really boarding school...I didn't attend boarding school.

He ever so gently scolds her telling her to stop mentioning me, saying "no one has any interest in C.M"..... more discussion.... she then comes back with "OH GROW UP"

They should start a comedy act.

If she weren't so pitiful they could be really funny! I give the a name "LUMPY AND HARDLY" they are definately not "Laurel and Hardy", though I can see her slap him around and he takes it.


CM said...

"Amalgamation of animals and Human"

This is Ellen G. Whites' Adventists teaching, this is why yeagly hates the Black people comparing them with chimpanzees and such.

Now he is trying to bring the Native American subject back on his blog, talking about "Dilution of the Indian!", but its hard for him to stay on the Subject of Native Americans. He sways to sexuality..of which he knows as much about as he does the Comanche...which is Zero!

He's sitting at his PC white as can be telling Indian who to fall in love with!

His Indian Mother didn't think of blood quantum when the handsome german soldier caught her eye! Her first thought was to get away from the Indians, move into the White World with food on ther table. She produced what yeagley call "lusus Naturate", several diluted misanthropes to carry on the name yeagley, nothing Indian about that!

Indians don't produce "lusus naturate" offspring. Our offspring are beautiful brown sweet smelling and much loved and welcomed into this crazy world, whether they were planned or we can afford them financially or not they are loved and cherished.

I resent greatly yeagleys' connection of Comanche to Communism. Comanche fear no man as he insinutates. We are naturally caring toward others and have always been, since the late 1800s when we were forced to assimilate. When others don't accept us, we care little about that, we still have our Pride and allotted lands we can retire to after spending our money in the White world. Most however, live just like the white man(just like yeagley) in their world and can retreat to our Indian life out on the week-end. You could compare us to the rich whites who have a country get-away. We don't like to brag about these things, but we live OK!

Yeagley is jealous because he is poor white *****! He has no get-away, he is angry with his less than 1/2 Comanche white mother and agry with his white father for producing him into his no-where world, where he messed up royally with both blood lines because he thinks he is above them. He is NOT!, He takes his anger against his parents out on the "INDIANS", or any one not WHITE.

Thats build himself up while trying to take down the Native American. His readers are microscopic, his readers are insignificant, he can't sway those who already feel the same as he. He just feeds their racism.


CM said...


Baggy ann has been ignoring you and I of late. Do you really think yeagley told her to shut up about us? Do you think she would listen if he did? She keeps attacking Beakerkin and yeagley say nothing despite the rules he has set down for his forum, they apply to all but her heiness, ewwww.

That is what baggy ann owens gross wants you to know and to feel sorry for her, she is dying, if not physically, she has died inside!. She proudly admits giving up her life and reputation to protect and honor for love of yeagley. she is on his forum for one thing she says. WHAT MIGHT THAT BE, I ASK? I think she is a dangerous person, a dying person really has nothing to lose!

Pitiful woman talking of the suicide in sioux country. She and yeagley are part of the reason for this. They speak against the Indians with racism that only a true Breeds can do with no remorse. Betty ann owens Gross posts pictures on Badeagle of drunken sioux indian women drunk and fighting in public. An embarassing bit of footage that makes ALL Indian Nations look very bad. She made a comment that alcohol should be legal for the Indians. "let them have it, she says". Yeagley speaks negatively on the Comanche men calling them bottom of the barrel, Our Comanche Indian women being mindless and reproducing. He's made the statement that these offspring are "lusus Naturate, strange looking children, misanthropes.

Yes batty ann, yeagley may be a well educated Indian man, but can you tell anyone exactly what the educated man has done for Indian Country! List his accomplishments. He loves to lists his degrees and his foreign support to the enemies of the U.S. Walking the streets with you does not count. Trying to dissolve the U.S. Civil Rights Office doesn't count(the only reason for that.... he hates Blacks).

The man has done absolutely nothing in Comanche Country, Nothing but criticize our Indian men and Indian Women. These people have no ambition to be as worldly as he, they are no competition to him, yet he has done nothing but demean our People. I ask you betty ann owens Gross, since you laid down your own life and reputation to protect him til death do you part. What do you know about the man called david anthony yeagley that hasn't been said on the internet for all to read. You think you can change anyones mind?


CM said...


This one is too funny!
What does yeagley really expect, I mean when an old Indian woman(bag) can't shame him with all her sexual attacks of every poster, then he picks on two cartoons taking pleasue where they can get it!

Yeagley ran out of real people to attack, now he's bringing cartoon characters to attack! Mrs. Clause has every right to be in bed with Frosty, if Santa is leaving her all alone, especially at Christmas time every year, and taking off with Rudolph, who knows what those two are doing?

Why doesn't he ever attack betty ann owens gross for her sexual enuendos toward others? He instead attacks poor Frosty and Mrs. Clause.

Yes, adultry is offensive, but think of it this way least Frosty and Mrs. Clause are both white! WHAT A RELIEF!

At least yeagley is leaving the promiscuous, baby producing mindless Indian women alone for a bit.

"Lighten up" he says, but I'm sure he means "whiten up" before he turns and attacks the Black Tiger Woods again.


CM said...


If in fact, yeagly gave the pititful crying dying betty ann owens gross hell and a directive and told her to lay off you and I, that does not take away the utterly unkind things she's said in the past. Not only about you and I, but Indians as a whole. She might think people will forget, but it aint so. She will always be a dirty, lying, nasty, vulgar anti-Indian breed to me as long as I live. Her utterly insane, vulgar attacks were because yeagley was too weak a coward to do his dirty work himsef of ridding his so called "for Indians" site of the Real Indians.

Naiche, just look at the number of viewers on "Bring it On"! 10,073. I made a promise to myself long ago, that when it got to an even 10,000 that I would leave it all alone, they will NEVER become better people, its not in their genes as breeds, their nasty white blood overrides the good Red Blood.

I know yeagley reads and learns from all the discussion, but he can't bring himself to ever change....he an Elder, in the white world, now he's almost an elder in the Indian world. He represent the white Elders NOT a Comanche Elder. I can not see him ever accomplish anything as an Comanche Indian Elder.

10,073 came awful fast...nothing but truths, no lies in any of the discussions back and forth with us! They, on the other hand, give a lot to work with didn't they? They, especially baggy ann does nothing but Lie, and attack, and its all for HIM, he condones it, therefore its his lies also.


CM said...


Betty ann owens gross says she will leave Beakerkin alone. No doubt she is on the phone with Purple Flowers egging her on(like she tried to get me to do). Purple is one nasty women talking gerbels and fisting, I never could figure any of these two quotes from her. What IS she talking about. I think its her who is trying to educate the people on what she is speaking against to Beak. Nasty, nasty attacking and dirt talk by the one and only White woman who betty ann respects(isn't that against blogs rules) hopefully bag will leave Beak alone and allow the viewers more of the purple ones outlook on religion and sex with animals and a fist I presume???? These white women confuse the HELL outta me. I like the old fashion kinda Religion and "other subject."

These are private subjects and yeagley allows two dirty minded women, one Breed and the other is of questionable heritage to keep the dirt talk on his Indian site! SHAME!!!!


CM said...


Because they really care... the good people on are discussing how to solve the gang problem among the Indian youth or what to do to prevent it, betty ann owens is forming a GANG on badeagle to run off the Jews....Get this....on the Jewish Forum. She is a very imature adult nearing 60yrs old and wantS to gang bang the Jews.


Her bosum hillbilly buddy Purple flowers chimes in with her filthy mouth blurting out words such as "humping, fu....lives, asses, whores, fisting themselves-whatever that means, ass hole, shove it up your ass, bastard, children fisting", in her attempt at supporting betty ann owens gross.

This and more from the Civil Rights advocate mistress betty ann owens gross.

A few days ago She was bragging about a trip to offer blankets to the cold and hungry at Crow Creek, now she is home making fun of the same Indians she claims they are fighting over commod cheese, cigarettes, beer and beating their own relatives. Not good.

It does NOT WORK THAT WAY BAGGY ANN! Someone up in S. Dakota needs to get ahold of betty ann owens gross and reminds her demented one what it feels like to be gang banged. Oh, EXCUSE ME, she already told us, she already has been there ganged banged, shot, left for dead, druggie, drunk and married several times to white men, not for love, but for money! Isn't that close to being a prostitute???


CM said...


yeagley and baggy ann have nowhere to go now! They are starting to backtrack. Its all there in black and white, all the negative things said about the Indian People. betty ann owens gross fighting against the Mascot in schools, always suing someone about something always wanting a handout from the suit. That's a very white thing to do. She met yeagley and did a 100% turn on the fighing against the mascot logos, image, nickname, etc. in schools suit, now she is FIGHTING SIOUX AGAIN for keeping the image! Not for love of the sioux, but for love of the Comanche, how crazy is that?

Betty ann ownes is studying the Indians religions and three white mans' religions too! In the past she claims to not believe in the white mans' God and the church and Religion and especially the Jews Religion and Culture. She also said she was not eating animal flesh and studying to be Adventist at one time! A few post later she speaks of eating dog, buffalo and turkey and going hunting Elk! See what I said about how she lies, its all in black and white.

I think yeagley should go live in the s. dakota reservations and have hands on with the youngsters. Be one with God and the Land. Grow a beard(so as not to be recognized and change the name of course!) wear a koon skin cap, please leave the kool-aid at home.

Betty ann owens can teach them how to leave the gang tradition and learn to be Indian, after all she is reading up on Indian Religion and Tradition. Who better knows the gangs and whats its like to be left for dead in a ditch by her own Indian people? Thats what these young people need, someone who has been thru it all. I mean it baggy ann owens gross, what good are you actually doing for these young Indians of the reservation by spurting all your uglyness on the net trying to get attention for david yeagley! Your young are starving for attention by killing themselves and all you want is yeagleys' attention for your own personal self only? yeagley doesn't really care, if he can't speak well of his own Comanche People, why do you think he cares for your People? Answer is, yeagley does NOT care, he likes the little bit of attention it gives him, thats all.


CM said...


On a more pleasant side of the Season, the Comanche Nation held their Annual Christmas Dinner and distribution of Christmas money to the Elders. So many people, I would bet almost 1000 people I was very happy to see some really Great Elders there. Big hug to Wallace Coffey, past Chairman. Of course present Chairman, Michael Burgess was present and in good form as always! Good food, entertainment, gifts(hey..I never win anything, but I won as door prize a $ gift card, my sister did also..weeeecha!)my two daughters attended with me. Lots of crafters set up, bought more gifts after cashing my check right there on the spot! Hey....thats what its for share! I'm real Indian...I share $$ that comes across my palm! Especially with the Indian crafters.

Been eating Christmas dinners almost every day since last Monday. Saturday it was a restful day at home. Surprise Birthday dinner/Party for Michael Burgess this coming Tuesday, Christmas, then rest up for the the Re-novation Comanche Nation Night at the newly remodeled Comanche Nation Casino on the 29th. RSVP. Hors d'oeuvres and beverages(?),Commenmorative Gifts and a Blessing Ceremoney...sounds very fun, I read somewhere music will be 50's, my kinda music! Oh yea. Thats what I call CLASSIC!

I don't ask for much, being among my Comanche people and immediate family at this time of the year is good enough! However I would like a wee bit of soft nice snow for the Grandkids....please Santa!


CM said...


I would like to remind the degreed one baggy ann owens gross. Badeagle is being watched because of things said. You are endangering the program that feeds the people you pretend to "love". Right here on the net you tell the world that your people are selling commod cheese and the meat! Are you trying to kill off more sioux? What are they going to eat if the program that feeds them and their babies gets cut off. Its against the rules to even share you portion with anyone else much less sell the damn food you degreed fool.

You make me sick to the stomach.

By the way....your friendship with Dr. yeagley is not what is harming his and your reputations, its your big vulgar mouth and lies and jealousy that is ruining both your reputations. Its unbecoming of you to sniffle and act pitiful......don't worry doc will pity you and put others down in doing so, as usual!


CM said...


Prophetic, Spiritual....bag is talking about herself again it seems. She's thinking that merely reading a book or two will actually save her....idiot degreed fool!

She was casting witchcraft and using sioux Indian medicine and giving out sioux Indian names to white guys on Badeagle not too very long ago. Now she is calling others down who would never use their traditions to get attention. Her evilness dwells very deeply in her breed heart, only wannnabee Indians show that much bad spirit! Real Native American Indians have pride in their heritage, she shows none!

She is guilty of bringing shame upon the Badeagle site and yeagleys' name, she wants sympathy from him, she is begging for it now. She's made pitiful wail of fake attempts at trying to be nice, but it NEVER lasts more than a few sentences. To me that fake attempt done over and over is a true sign of evilness lurking in the heart of a messed up historic traumatic victim who needs help before she ruins other lives besides dr anthonly david yeagley

Betty ann owens gross' own words uttered by herself brings shame and disrespect upon herself only. No one should allow her uglyness to reflect negatively upon the the sioux nation as a whole. The negative image is her alone to own.


CM said...


I said this before and I'll say it again, yeagley should change the name of his fake Indian site! Its not Indians for Indians.

You see....Indians believe in a Higher being....The Great Spirit behind the Sun, Moon, Stars. A Spiritual being who gave us Mother Earth, and kept us here on her soil after many attempts at annihilation of our People.

Yeaglys' crew: ray, purple flower, new one-zeyphr,the old one betty ann owens gross all do nothing but preach the gospel, lie, degrade and proceed to attack anyone who dares to have a different opinion. Be it politics, religion(they don't discuss Indian of America). They go into the attack mode. They judge.....they don't have input of various ideas, they don't allow it, they attack one of a different opinion all together, with yeagley blessing.

Someone needs to tell these people that they are judgeing when they have no power to do that. They are misplaced Christians on badeagle, and Indian site with no Indians. The gavel and black robe worn by the head judge, yeagley needs to be taken away and quick!

Its a "HATE" site against our Government and yeagley proudly uses the "badeagle" and claim of being Comanche to do this.


CM said...

Naiche My Friend,

This is for the Indians. Who are of varied Nations, who disagree yet are as one when one falls ill or has a hard time!

Christmas time, Tis the Season to be giving Good Tidings to you and your relations/friends. May this Sacred Season be of Joy and Good Fellowship, and especialy of Good Health in Body and Mind, for without this it is hard to maintain.

To All....Love, Joy, Warmth and Peace throughout the Indian Nations as One Prayer. Peace and many Spiritual Bessings to anyone who may read this.


CM said...


Poor betty ann owens gross, can't get yeagley to give her the attention she craves, she is venturing over to the Real Indianz' site. BADEAGLE is so boring she is starting to use her aliases on Indianz! OF COURSE IT HAD TO BE ON THE POPLULAR "BRING IT ON". Janklows' babe is the obvious alias, though she is on Indianz.come with two others I have been made aware of. Of she is trying to maintain a sort of rosy decorum, or niceness, the other she is real buffalo azz, but she don't care as long as she can sneak in and fool yeagley, telling him she is on his buh..."INDIAN" site only!!!ha, ha, ha..the fool believes her!

With all her degrees, she can't even bring herself to have a simple decent, honest conversation with REAL Indian to Indian, she has to put up U-tube music. Hey betty ann owens gross, yeagley likes classic only, non other will do, to him its "trash"!

I have been informed he was contacted by someone of importance(his enemy in fact) as to his Classical interest because someone High up in our Nation is also a Lover of Classics....hmmmm, in fact three beautiful Classics were played for this person at his Birthday party by a beautiful person you know Naiche! "P.C.", She sings and plays beautifully. This person tells me, yeagley is acting all hard to get....hey he needs to realize the call was made in duress. Play hard to get all you want yeagley it could work beautifully for those that really do not want you, LOL! However, on the other hand, it could be your foot in the door to being a classical Comanche, now thas a "Classic", eh?

betty ann owens gross has the nerve to say yealgey is a gift to all of us! Lord have mercy.

I agree with his friend of over 30 years, Ray....when he said "Dave blah,blah,blah...and your blah, blah....eccentricity". That was my first impression of yeagley, he is very odd and erratic individual. Not necessarily bad, but he made himself so, with baggy anns' nasty vulgar help, in order to get attention from the White population. With no thought about the end results of how they would view the "Real" Native American Indian. He just wanted to be center stage.

Naiche, she is a hoot.... buttin in, real nervy ditzy white woman, and I bet she drinks constantly too!


CM said...

Just to let you know, I don't pull any of janklows/batty anns/betty ann owens gross' u-tubs up, NEVER...not on B.E nor here. Just not interested in what she has to show.

yeagley can't satisfy her, never will she comes lookin for a real Naiche! Sock it to her.......I should feel sorry for her, she needs attention, but she needs to go back to Hell! I mean badeagle! She knows you are popular, yeagley has nothing, no posters, no friends but ray and baggy ann.


CM said...

Hello Naiche,

Now the baggy one is a Adjunct Professor!

Wonder what University would even consider allowing her nastyness thru their door? She must be using deceit and her White side to get a foot in the door! Notice she is bragging about this but didn't tell us what proud university hired her, she won't last, not with her mouth and temperament and deceit!

I do wish the little grandaughter(jd) the best in her music career, though letting her read her grandmother' vulgar, nasty posts on badeagle all these years and her and yeagley laughing about it makes me wonder why would a caring loving grandmother expose her to the worst kind of vocabulary? yeagley NEVER called her down, therefore condoned the abuse of a child, actually borderline porn!

Imagine what the other professors and her boss at her new job would think if they read all the nasty posts betty ann owens gross has made in the past few years and the stupid silly attacks on other Indian females, all Indians in fact! and especially the Indians! No she won't last for long.....You know, those two betty ann gross and yeagley never considered their future when they posted, just the desire to be noticed for the moment.


CM said...

You crack me up with those goofy funny faces with the teeth.

Yep, poor betty ann and her dreams! That's all she can do is dream....when it comes to D.A.Y.

What is with her speaking against the Indians on Its a place for expression, just like her dream boats' pad. She and yeagley poke fun of expressions of genuine Indians. Calling those in invalid Old people. They(she/he) believe they alone have the right to expressions and conversations. It's true.....they alone have that right on his site. Its a Communistic type Blog. That is, if your views are his....he shares his site with likewise only...Gestapo types, making sure to delete, put down or merely bann those of differing opinions, especially the lowly Indian, whom he could never bring himself to respect(try as he may) along with with Black posters(he outright hates) whom he allowed baggy ann to run off.

betty ann owens gross is his only hanger on...forgot his friend of over 30 years, Ray. All newbys are merely fictitious, amourous, adoration figments of his imagination!!!!

So betty ann owens gross dreams of yeagley!!!!!.....I wonder if he dreams of her....surely he does! Wakes up all sweaty screaming with FEAR!

I'm bad, I will quit.........


CM said...


She made a complete drunken fool out of herself again making fun of a poster I always thought was very respectful...Phidoux.

She was groveling for words to backtrack her disrespect of his outpouring of his faith and self. She does that!!!asking for information just to entrap then proceeds to attack. She was actually beside herself, begging Phi to post more, telling him more lies that she herself has changed her ways, she saw the light, angels(yeagley) came to her in a dream. She cannot change! She is talking about God and Jews and Isreal and Jesus.......Oh my God, how this woman can lie. I am embarrased for her. Its all a show and yeagley is allowing it again, this time using the old time religion. They both simultaneously denounce others beliefs just to endulge their own lies. yeagley preaches passionately and she comes behind him to belittle everything he and his religion believes in.

Naiche, I truly believe she is nearing the end of her rope!

Naiche you and I know she is lying thru her teeth. She is posting right there on Indianz. as Janklows baby, yet claims she has turned her life around and found a new man, yet again, one of another race! hah, hah.....poor yeagley trying to figure out how to salvedge this latest episode of the deranged one he keeps leading on! I feel for Phi, he was so sincere, caring and sharing. Betty ann owens gross is such a complete fool and so is yeagley, degreed fools.....


CM said...


A quote from this site:

"Its eddies are deep and treacherous. They are stirred and troubled by Satan himself and are intended to trap and ensnare those who would walk Godly in Christ Jeasus. Satan employes every device at His command to harass, tempt, thwart, and hurt the people of God. His attack is relentless."

Now tell me.....does this not fit betty ann owens gross to a perfect capital "T"????? Not to long ago she blasted the White mans Religion, had no need for its. She won't attend any General Councils of her Nation. So where does this betty ann owens gross person get the right to tell others how and where and when to believe in anything?

yeagley will cover her back and say its all "Indian Humor", oh what blasphemy she gets away with, as usual he condones it therefore it he ownes it also.

Aside from betty ann owens gross' basphemy the is an interesting place, especially when connected with Phidoux.


CM said...


Betty ann owens gross says: "It seems that for one to be deemed an Indian they have to wear that silly Headress and cheap clothing".

Sounds as she is talking about the the fighing sioux mascot or chief Illinek or washington redskins, any of the Indian cartoon mascots or whatever her and yeagley want to call their heros leading the college teams. They have a right to support these images, I suppose, but what is behind their right is not what I question!

I am glad I pulled up Phidouxs' family site. However, I do not need it to validate my beliefs. My beliefs are felt everyday as I open my eyes pull back the curtains to see the rising sun or beautiful overcast skies. I sometimes think of the people who don't have this view, obstructed only by a few trees in the horizen which makes it all the more beautiful.

I attended a funeral for a homeless person, this person had family but chose to remain as he died..a street person. A church gave his family pages of poems he had written. They were awsome beautiful words of his belief in God and the beauty of the Natural world as he saw it. No one should question another persons' faith. Whatever they believe in...sustains "that" person.

We need to remember, today we sit in the whites mans' Church, play music, sing hymns, listen to sermons from the Bible. Ride to church in a car, wear the best clothes to impress, take a white person to impress your Indian friends, when all that white person is doing is studying the Indians ways and persona....STILL!

Thats what is called assimulation, progress. Some have a Natural Inherited(dormant) aversion to it, yet are still seeking validation to be accepted. Others don't worry so much about it, knowing they are loved because they also believe...what they believe shows in how they accept all people and how they live their lives, not the Church they attend.


CM said...


Motoy said something very interesting about Cedar Trees. He said "I would not cut a one down, negative energy-bad Spirits cannot come no where a cedar trees nor shape shifters near any cedar berries, the Cherokees will not cut them down".

I feel the same way, I have transplanted wee ones in the creeks growing under other trees becasue I know they would not get too big, but I would NEVER cut one down. I once told Wallace Coffey our former Chairman, that when I see cedar trees growing out on the prairie I believe that is where a Warrior/Indian once fell. I have always felt a Spiritual connection to the cedar, everywhere I go, I pick cedar especially in Palo Duro Canyon. Its always a comfort to smell its fragrance and to be Blessed with its smoke!

Now I have to get ready for tonites' "Mo-Town" extravaganza, aye.....under a big tent that keeps falling down, I hope it stays up tonight. Chairman Burgess has VIP section and hey....I got a seat....I love Motown and 50's music supposed to be two or three bands playing! Later...........


CM said...


oming home about 8pm. tonight I was so awstsruck by the beauty of the Moon. I saw a smiliar sight during the summmer, A "MIDNIGHT BLUE MOON". It was about 12:30 when my Grandson looked outside again and exclaimed how bright it was out there, the MOON was straight on top of us and what a sight! Almost daylight, stars twinkling, a beautiful awsome "MIDNIGHT BLUE BACKGROUND FOR THE BRIGHTEST MOON". I had to go outside for a few minutes to take in its beauty. What a beautiful breathtaking beginning for a NEW YEAR! Its now 1:09 am and we are all still up!

Naiche, my cyper friend, I wish you and yours a very Happy and prosperous New Year. This goes for all the people on, A very Happy and Prospersous New Year!

Though I didn't know Tso(except what I read),I know he was a very respected Elder....a tear fell for him in reading of his his passing.


CM said...


The story goes that the Comanche hunted by the light of the full moon, they took horses at Ft. Sill and other places by the light of the full Moon. Wallace Coffey(former Chairman) said "When the Moon is bright and full, thats the time Comanches raided and it was horsestealing time. Look at the shadow in the full moon, its a Warriors sitting his head bent down in prayer, thats what the Comanche call "COMANCHEMOON"!

betty ann gross will forever be blinded with hate and jealousy. She will NEVER, EVER be cleansed and earn the right to view the beauty of the Full Moon and just accept it for its awsome natural wonder and beauty, because she is blinded by jealousy of even the MOON!

Indianz. com is not a horrible site. She is allowed the freedom to critize on badeagle(a supposed Indian sit with no Indians). She speakes against Indians sites. All that she posted is actually her own works} dishonoring Elders, posting horible videos of her own people, dishonoring her Ho Chunck Nation, wishing death on others, saying "sorry" and never meaning it, pretending to use sioux medicine on others, giving white men sioux names, calling other Indian women horrible nasty vulgar names, and making fun of other Nations traditions....and so much more...."Real" Indians know the way, they know when its Indian Humor or merely attention seeking trash talk! betty ann owens gross is trash talk.


CM said...


Nothing is so damn pitiful as a person who has made such as ass out of herself grovel and extends her filthy hand out in false friendship...who can ever believer her again?(except for yeagley) She will attack again and again, with all her white mans' learnin, she knows no other way for she is but a Breed who hates being in-between, just as yeagley does. She cannot not accept the way of the Native American, which is actually docile and conforming, she as well as yeagley has to try to keep up the Savage image and sqaws and drunken indian and begger image. Her by showing the drunken indian women from her nation on Badeagle, and Indian site and him by fighting for the mascot and and both by calling the Native American many derogaroty names, names do Not hurt me, but by these two Breeds doing it and him claiming Comanche makes by Pure Comanche Blood boil.

Gotta go buy a Birthday present for my sweet Grandaughter.........later

CM said...


From a Full Heart~"Never let the seeming worthlessness of sympathy make you keep back that sympathy
of which, when men are suffering around you, your heart is full. Go and give it without asking yourself whether it is worth while to give it. It is too sacred a thing for you to tell what it is worth. God, from whom it comes, sends it through you to His needy child~"Phillips Brooks.

Two people on have died since I have been posting on the net, each
one touched me as if I knew them personally. Pinetree on B.E was the first one. Pinetree encouraged me privately to keep posting when betty ann kept attacking me. I actually thought it was a cruel joke of hers....but his son assured me that he had passed. A tear dropped for my friend Pinetree!

Even thought I never knew Tso, I could tell by the posters how much he was respected as an Elder.

I am an Elder, I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would utter negativity about an Elder after his passing. What good does it do for your image? I include betty ann gross and her akas', ying yanging between fake sympathy and repulsive comments.

She feigned a fake illness a while back for sympathy on the net of all places. Where are her real friends, why do they not post in support of her? They all seem to stay away don't they! Why have none of her white buddies never come to her aid? What about her Black buddies? or the mighty sioux who she claimes loves yeagley??? Why, Why, Why????

Don't worry betty ann owens gross, you will have a few husbands to greet and meet you when you ever do go! I always wondered about that one.....which husband do you respond to???Which husband will you choose to lay by in death? Not that I wish you death, I don't really care what happens to you, just wondering out loud.

Now go in Peace, no need to apologize to me, don't even give it a thought, I would not accept it anyway, so save your drunken fingers. Go and leave yeagley alone to his new friends, whomever that might be! Go now and be gone with you forever into the world of the mighty sioux nation.ha, ha, her come back with a renewed vengeance, never ever serious about getting lost.


CM said...


Betty ann owens gross AKA Janklows'Baby, Bison Buffalo, Rose Dove. These aliases Thundersky uses because Thundersky was banned for her nastyness in attacking others because of the way the love of her life yeagley was treated on Indianz. These are all one and the same person, betty ann owens gross, there are a couple of more but these are the most obvious ones. You get rid of one for a while and another pops up. Same on B.E., she will never leave yeagley, she appears as another azz kisser with a goofy name!

Don't feel sorry for me bag, I'm here for a watch yeagley(I'm Comanche) you know nothing about where else I post. Two places you say....OKaaaay, that's a good number. You obviously read my every post(here at least), I'm interesting huh?

I'm not a weakling like you, I did not return to his site when he asked me melt and run back to him like a stupid school girl to be abused again, like you were in your younger days. Just barely 15yrs. when you you got pregnant huh? Signs of that boarding school syndrome and traumatic abuse is very hard to let go of, just like when you admit you cannot let go of david a. yeagley....huh...poor pitiful thang admitting for the world to read.

~~PLEEEEEEAZE RE~~LEASE MEEE LET ME GOOOO, I I I I DON'T LOVE YOOOOU ANY MOOOOOORE~~~~~~she says to her....not "Dave".....but "David!"


CM said...

OOOOh weee, betty ann owens gross AKA Buffalo butt, Janklos baby, AKA Rosedove is very ANGRY AT MOI!!yippii.....

You misunderstand me in your anger B.Butt. I care not the way you do for yeagley, never have, thats a figment of your imagination, and I might add HIS, since you keep harping on that, he must have planted something in your demented mind, you should know him by now, aye?.

I could never ever drop being Comanche like you do when you go White for your Grandchild....for attention riding in a cab, hah! Bid deal...riding in a cab, for Christs sakes, pretending to be white, what would the cabbie think if he knew you were a dirty vulgar mouthed Indian?

I'm not the one who chases yeagley, who professes love for him, calls him gay, then next breath loves him again, or hangs information over his head against him in order to stay on his forum.....A real man would have gotten rid of you long ago. I'm not the one who says goodby and never leaves...I'm not the one who has to pitifully accept him as a brother instead of a lover! You are a complete embarrassmenmt to the female race in your vulgar posts. Stinky underwear......I don't think so. I live very fine thank you.....yes I pay my bills most normal people do. Never had to rely on two or three dead white husbands for that! Which one will you choose to lay beside when you die, which one will meet you in hell?

Too late....I already hurt yeagley, the truth hurts, he can't take the truth, I will continue to hurt him, when I see he lies and tries to represent the Comanche People as a Leader(this I read recently and yes....I had to correct the lovely lady, she e-mailed me with a Thanks and will correct her posts.) As you see, I have a job to do! I think he has learned a hard lesson though, lately he has been a good boy! In the meantime, I will keep baggy ann owens grossed out B.Butt, Janklos' Baby, Rosedove can't tell me what to do! so sush up, aye?

As ever,
4/4 Proud Comanche

CM said...


Who does yeagley consider important people? This is a racist organization. They represent every and all things he himself has uttered against anyone not White!

From what I could gather, this is nothing but another all Whites Activists Club, just like the White Boys Society, no one welcome but Whites. They give you no information, yet they want yours so an Whites Activist can contact YOU! scarry! Their telephone # is even disconnected!

Its an organization to help spread the cause of Whites and spread the message for Whites!

Its all about Race evolution and behavior and racial differences in I.Q, genetics, eugenics, they speak against Mexicans, Blacks they speak against anyone but The White Euros whom they consider just as yeagley states over and over again that White is the purest, cleanest of Blood.

Its a Racist Convention, so yeagley will fit right in. What did I tell you baggy ann, he lies.

What I do not understand is how did he get in? Trickery... "IS" he claiming to be a Comanche Leader, just as he claims to be the "Sole" voice of conservatism among Indian Intellectuals?" The others seem to be all White supremist. I see a possible law suit, if he is claiming to represent the Comanche Nation again when he has been told to stop!

Until I read this, I thought he was trying to be a good little Indian boy....this man is too addicted to deceit he will always use and drag down the the Indians image in any way he can to look good in the white eyes......yeah he will Trash us. I'm sure he will be safe, there will be no other Indians there, why should they bother registering for a White Activist organization promoting White Only......No suprise to me why is yeagley speaking at a White only Organization.....he is not Indian, only when being paid by betty ann owens gross to represent the Comanche Nation.


CM said...


He says "Folks that think they have control over what is Holy end up flying planes into buildings". Can you believe yeagley wants to learn to fly a plane!

David Anthony Yeagley needs to be on the "NO FLY LIST". I mean it, after all the racists hate filled remarks about our President and his wife and saying he has no Country for the next four years! That's a White racists Anti-America remark, just because he Hates Black people, he HATES President Obama and his beautiful Black wife.

He never named dropped about who invited him to the All Whites American Renaissance. My guess he just registered and asked to be a speaker. He is such a braggard so why does he not just post his speech? Come to think of it, he never posted his speech he made in California at some Adventist church, with Comanche thoughts again, I think on Immigrations(maybe wrong) in fact he changed it soon after realizing a Mexican woman there knew him! He never mentioned it again in fact.

This American Renaissance has as its main theme to "Promote White America"....its similar to what the White Boy Society promotes: "WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF THE WHITE PEOPLE AND FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN". Yeagley is a team supporter of Stormfront also, their theme is "WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE".

Yeagley rarely makes a positive statement about the American Indian....just supports the savage mascot and call Indian women "Squaws" and our offspring Lusus Natrae.

It might be interesting to hear what he says. I MEAN THIS IS AN ALL WHITE SOCIETY GATHERING FOR CHRISTS SAKES, he claiming to be Comanche Indian!!!!

He needs to be scared....very scared. I would not push the fake sioux trinkets and goofy looking choker!(can you imagine yourself with red yarn in your braids, what hair?)you know how the bag lies, I would not trust her sioux medicine! Hasn't a Comanche friend ever Honor you with a Bless'd Peyote button? We carry these inconspiciously, our medicine is not for show, its what the Comanche do, but of course, you would not know this!

yeagley..remember how sick you got on top of that Mountain, didn't bag say she was praying for you then,,looking off into the sunset or were you praying for her? something....didn't work did it?


CM said...


The answer is "NO", not when its true, better be safe than sorry like the recent news stories.

However it is a crime to keep attacking the President of the United States with racist remarks and challenging him to a dual(like yeagley can see a yard without his bifocals). No matter if he is Indian or Not, whys should an Indian have exceptions

I do see it as a crime to call our Attorney General a "cocky ingrate and aggressivley greedy grandstander. Our Black Attorney General, Holder reached out to ALL with this speech to ALL Americans, not just Whitey!


Yeagley goes on to call the Negro Cowards, Paranoid, No Shame, No Objectivity, No Sense, Foul Mouth, malicious and results of Almagamation. He also stated, "America is sick of having them stuffed in their eyes, in every picture, magazine, every movie, every advertisement. Sick of seeing racial mixtures in their face!"

Diversity is what yeagley is promoting going to this American Renaissance. This is the opposite of what Eric Holder is endorsing. This is what yeagley preaches, separation , keep to yourself, your own race, your own colors. He is confused, he claims to be Indian, baggy ann says he is tall dark and Handsome. He is a little white man, no one will confuse him with being Indian, in fact he will confuse them. They might even throw him out...Like I said, I would be very afraid! Remember that white girl from Oklahoma who went to Arkansas to joing the Klan, she changed her mind at their camp, tried to leave,they killed her......not saying this would happen at an
All White Renaissance well advertised, but I would still be very afraid, of course since yeagley is All White, nothing to fear, aye?


CM said...


I want to correct myself on this....yeagley is promoting divisiveness between races with these white supremists. He cares nothing at all for diversity, he just want to keep the white people separated. He fools no one with his "I was unaware of the Holocaust denier element" He is a scholar of the White ways. He does so talk about Purity....he calls the white blood the purist the cleanest that ever flowed.

His priorities do not include "ALL" the people of the United States..just the white ones. His priorities is to make sure the white people get across their message to all the lowley non-whites, not include them but kep them apart! Oh yes, he and his cohorts preach this, he has no interest in what the Government says!

Forget baggy ann owens gross. Apparently he is the only one who understands her and her filthy disrespectful mouth, he has an interest, money wise in keeping her friendship. Anyone who reads the internet can see what she is about...being in his shadow and supporting him no matter all she lives for..ennit!

Proud 4/4 Comanche

CM said...



Apparently he is the only one that will own up to knowing baggy ann owens gross personally. Where are her Jew friends, her White women friends, her Sioux people that profess love for yeagley, all these she's mentioned but they never appear to defend her.....strange...yet She claims they are on four computors at once watching taking about paranoid!

He is so critical of Indian women in all areas, she backs him. He hates the ones that speak out against lies. All accept for Bag. Yes he admires baggy ann because she will kiss and wash his adventist feet, no one understand him but her. She really doesn't either, but pretends to just so she can cling and be near him. She will wash his feet, clean his toenails paint them a pretty pink and dress him in silk!

Remember...the request for their All White gathering is that they wear a suit and tie, they want to make sure to leave their white cones and robes in their rooms, at least during the daylite hours.

I hope he has the time of his little white life.

Isn't it strange how everyone misunderstands the nasty, lying, vulgar mouth of bags but the lay preacher yeagley...well, I guess that is his job plus she pays well! She claims in one breath they are best of friends telling each other everything, next they don't really know each other and are not close at all! He comes on to defend her actions. How can two people be so deceitful and loving it? No conscience... I do know one thing....they both have terrible tempers and are liars, this is how they want the Indians portrayed to their white viewers. This is NOT the Indian Blood, thats their white Pride, and neither one gives a rat behind how Native Americans who may look in perceive them! White blood overpoweres the Indian Blood on Badeagle only!


CM said...


She wants to keep her eye on yeagley huh? What is it with him that she can't just leave, she keeps saying she is leaving, yet she keeps attacking posters for him, he says nothing, she keps getting nastier. He is egging her on when he does not call her down. She won't attact any of hiss new alter egos. Zeypher....wonder why when he picks Alters they end up as women? Psychology should play a part in this!

When he orders his dog to attack, she attacks.

Four computors to keep up with people...I would call that stalking! Isn't that against the law? I wonder if her Sheriff son knows all the things she says and does, or is he helping her? I bet my Indian money she has yeagleys' phone tapped too! Her son did get get fired for sexual harrassment I do believe thats what I read.
She teaches her kids well, good example she is, as she does also allow her 12-13 yr old Grandaughter to read her nasty x-rated posts! She said all this herself, and they sit back and laugh at her making fun of Indians, thats all her and yeagley do for their Indians People.

They have the nerve, just two of them to do this to the Indian people, I know a lot of Indians, none disrespect Indians like these two Breeds, NONE. Indian Humor is just...but his dog takes it beyond Indian Humor.Its disrespectful Breed Humor!

She kindly throws the men who comes to visit a bone to entrap, when they don't respond as she wants, she proceeds in the only way she knows how...attack.

She keeps throwing me the dog bone she already knawed on, I'm not interested. She plops herself down on Indinz. with her alias, hell everyone knows who she is. I NEVER pull up her new thang....videos...she is just a jealous dirty thang!

She might as well go on her way, cause yeagley will or can NEVER give her what she wants, she says hates the Blacks because yeagley does, but then she also said "once you go Black you never go back", though she might like vienna sausages! I am being kind. Bring out all your ammunition bag, you trying to be nice or what? TOO LATE TO BACK TRACK ISN'T IT. You tell Sandusky to own up to being GMS and want the guys to leave him alone, what about yeagley and all his ardorous figments of his imagination! He is adoring himself as usual! Well he does own the site and makes the rules!


CM said...


This attack is funny! "OF COURSE", yeagley and Zephers' favorite words "OF COURSE". Zepher compliments on this being his best blog ever! Of course its yeagley himself talking to himself!

I do think yeagley protests this a little too much, just as he does the Gay issue. I have no problem going thru this security measure for the peace of mind of travel. Why would yeagley? Something underlying might be more of an issue, does it show the man parts, likes he puts displays the woman image? What is he ashamed of?LOL.

This might be a new trend, now they can determing how many women are what size and sell this information to clothing manufacturers, I thought yeagly was interested in the design of womens clothing, now he can have their sizes whats so wrong with this? What is yeagley ashamed of? Funny man, this is what you been crying about all along, now you are not happy again! Poor man, go to the Sioux Reservation and let them have you, don't worry so damn much about the best President we have ever had, you can't do a damn thing except attend your white supremist Renassaunce gathering, don't forget your conehead! happy!


CM said...

Betty Ann Owens Gross

Yeagley says Barrys' Dreams comes true, when is yeagley going to make your very stupid Dreams come True....NEVER, keep dreaming on, maybe you will get see his image at the airport! Might look like JACK on Nightmare before Christmas! funny...

He is so jealous of our Black President he can't think straight, and you are so jealous of everyone who posts on B.E. and me "of course", you can't see straight!

Toodle doo bag.


CM said...


Hello Naiche,

Attented our monthly CBC meeting today. Our Chairman has a lot on his plate just like Obama. Lots of jealous men trying to backstabb him. He has lots of support though, Good meeting.

Looked in to see the Bag is accusing everyone of the very things she has done and is still doing. From her a. to her e., its all her attacks, yet she is trying to push them on others. She had no business bringing my olders sister into any issue, but she did. Both she and yeagley show no respect for Indians Elders. She put videos of her own drunken sioux women on B.E. video, for the white viewers. She is the main Indian who fights ALL INDIANS, NO MATTER MALE OR FEMALE when they try to converse with yeagley, she interrupts with jealous input. Lineal descendency.... she's attacked the Kiowas and any Indian of Mexican descendency or one drop Black Blood. Sexual content and degradation is her expertise. She calls on yeagley to come to her aid, when he dosen't respond, she attacks him for being Gay! She accuses everyone of calling her fake Civil rights office and Government officials. Far as I know only Barbra Duggin has, and she did a damn good job of hellluva job, since it seems to have riled the bag to the extreme she fired her board and is starting least thats her "story". No one believes anything she says, talk about paranoid....blaming moi, of all PEOPLE. I have one job....that is to look after the Comanche Interests...bag don't count.

Bag has NEVER taken ownership of any dirt she spews, she denies, lies, is a racist, says she dosn't own a cross, but posts that she has one in her four bedrooms of her new house to chase away the ghosts that follow her around, a cross won't help the Devil, cries to yeagley, she tells ray that she is studying three religions including adventist..then says she is "Not" adventists, they are too strict. She goes on to say Indians are never to be trusted because of their jealousy, anger and rage and false lifestyles.

I say Indians are the most loyal and giving people, no matter what Nation. You can trick and fool them several times before they will have to admit that something is wrong. We are not dumb, as yeagley and betty ann want the white people to believe, we are accepting and giving and forgiving to a fault.

I love vienna sausages....

yeagley and his sexual oppressed state has to put up pictues of tall skinny white women at the Airport....whats the matter with posting a short fat Indian lady, you partial or something to the white form????sorry bag they might have to get a wider machine for you and them thighs!LOL

4/4 Proud Comanche

CM said...

Looks like bag found her a new boytoy....Moytow, or is it Mowtoy? I'm sure yeagley won't give a quethop! She's between a rock and a hard place, yeagley loves the jew and Motoy hates them but they all hate the Blacks, or niggers(their word).

Hefty bag is right in one thing, if you are a devout Adventists you should follow all their beliefs, not just some. yeagley eats meat like a real Indian at our "Saturday" meetings, goes for seconds, must have a pet tapeworm! Of course I don't begrudge him.... Comanches are very generous with food, actually with anything they have. Soon as you enter my home, you're are asked if I could get you anything to eat or drink(non alchol) Of course. yeagley hasn't been back to a meeting since CBC member, E.M. said he wanted to beat his arse! Of course though I am his enemy, I would never allow that to happen in front of me, of course, I could turn my back, but I wouldn't, of course! Don't know how we could stop E.M.though. He is built like a big buffalo. I would suggest yeagley feign an illness and carry a cane, eat tiney bites and slowly in case anyone might think he is healthy, of course that is if he dares to attend any more of the Comanche "Saturday" meetings, of course.. and yeagley might need to remember he is not as endearing to the Comanche people as baggy ann says he is to the sioux...of course that goes without saying...of course!

Baggy ann enjoy your new Man-Toy, while you can.


CM said...


The nerve of yeagley. He is the quiet docile leader of the pack of wolves, all fighting each other over the CROSS, Religious beliefs, Politics, who's Indian and questioning ID's over and over again. That is a ZOO! bag the lone female heyena, screeching at everyone, leaving when she don't get her way and calmly comes back in having had a Black out, maybe dementia and proceeds to screech again. Her favorite thang is to threaten to sue, them siouxs sure like to sue, especially bag and her family, they like that $$$$!

After attacking yeagley and his friends who came to visit, she stomps off,(another Black out) I thought surely they finially ran her off, but nooooo she is baaaaack. She screeched at yeagly saying she did not have his back....she can't leave him, she's in LOVE.

I started reading Indianz for the news then found the forums archives and enjoyed all the posters giving yeagly and bag hell, that was fun...I knew damn well I was not the only one that felt that way about both of them.

My favorites reads are always Johnny, Russell and of course Naiche and Rustywire!

Can you imagine yeagley a Teacher? Mean old man slapping hands with a ruler, huh? As to a question to him about teaching Native Studies, he responds with:


Where the Hell is this man going to get Fifty Indians to work with him? I can think of maybe two who might try.

I think Johnny is a very handsome distinquished looking Indian man. I wish all Indian Youth had a role model and Teacher like him.

No...yeagley can teach the little white offspring of his White Nationalist Hate group he insists on enlightening with his mysterious speech! Teach them about Modern Indian Life, LOL..what the heck would that consist of? Strange man!


CM said...


I seriously doubt it! Whats up with yeagley having three Comanche wives? Where did that suddenly come from, oh-oh, bag must have gotten her white wrists slapped by the wannabe Indian teacher! Whats going on behind the scenes of badeagle and betty ann??? She was threatening the men, even the love of her life, doc! Now she is saying her Good byes...LOL. Her Lies:

I won't post again....LIE

I never lie...LIE

I am honest with the posters....LIE

I am the Real the past you claim you are different in real life!....LIE

Blatently changing words in peoples posts....LIE

3 Comanche wives....LIE

I never post on Indianz....LIE

Never was a friend or close to yealgey....LIE

I never asked anyone or david to
defend me...LIE

And think of it...this was just todays lies!
Hell it might be easier to post the very few truths:

I love david, he is my bestest friend. TRUTH

He told me to get my ring finger ready. TRUTH

I have no use for the Blacks and Jews...and Religion! TRUTH

I would like to say, real Indians don't mistreat dogs when they are down...but his mongrel has deserved it for a very long time..can we all relax now? I doubt it.


CM said...


She's crying "let it go".

She is calling "moi" a gossiper. I mean after she has been on badeagle for eight years with badmouthing vulgarly attacking any one that disagreed with yeagley. Comanche, Kiowas, Apaches, cherokees Arikaras her own Tribal people all for sensationalism for yeagley.

Going back and forth from other sites to his using aliases.

She attacks any and everyone. No one was safe even when they ignored her, she baited them into another altercation. The Bogs are supposed to be interaction between interesting people, interest subjects....alas I can't blame baggy ann owens, she only did what yeagly wanted her to do...she fell hard for a man who cares for no human, even himself! If a human can't love babies he is nothing. He is even a fake Christian. Hiding behind his abnormal beliefs, hiding behind long lost friendships, hiding behind the computor using fake or dead friendships, hiding behind baggy anns' skirt. LOL


yeagley claims he invites discussions and learns from them, hah!

If no one cares about yeagly and betty ann owens gross, why does janklos baby get involved, why does janklos baby have to defend them? Why does it bother you so???? I keep telling you betty ann owens gross, janklos baby, rosedove, buffalso arse etc, etc. that I am Comanche, he uses and abuses my Nation, I will care as long as he uses the fake Badeagle story, because I know the real story and the real Comanche people...he is a user and but a one drop Indian, he hates the one drop Blood Blacks, yet he is but one drop Indian!

When he gives up, stop using the Indians I will give up!


CM said...


`Yeagly tries to put sandusky in his place by telling him:

"its unbecoming to a warrior to envy the accomplishment of others."

yeagly is not a warrior certainly, but he has shown his jealously toward any and all accomplished Native Americans, of course he will say there are none!

"and the other thing is blaming others is unseemly to a man of spirit".

Of course...yeagley has no Spirit, he made the comment "I will not allow any Spirits around me", so therefore he can and does blame others.

Then he goes on to say "conversations end here"... This is another way of making it clear he is the BOSS of his domain, yet he goes on and on to make his point, after dismissing Sandusky. yeagley says "perhaps this is some illness connected with his blasphemy, anti-christ, manipilator, incincerety, pretense, arrogance, ignorance, erroneous remarks, insulting, presumtious and ever the odios element to be associated with complete pretense. I despise lying, pretense and manipulations are very close to lying."

DUH..WOW..BUH...all this rolled into one statement against an outspoken man...but actually all this pertains closer to Betty Ann Owens Gross aka thundersky, aka janklos baby, aka rosedove, aka buffalo butt aka etc. and can't forget master yeagley himself..doncha think?

Another thing I've noticed is that this yeagley has no female friends that he speaks of, its always men friends of the past he speaks of with an ever endearing, sweetly compassionate tone. Phil is his latest friend of the past. yesgley compares Phils' looks to Jesus, I call that Blasphemy.

Proving once again how shallow yeagly actually is despite all his white man lerrrnin!

Sorry fellas, yeagley seems to be taken!!!!!baggy ann even lost out..ha, ha, ha...weecha!


CM said...


I was reading BE when betty ann ownes gross returned and attacked all the men again, calling them gay and BE a Gay site. She asked yeagley to "please bann me"(duh, why does she not just leave??) anyway she goes on and on with Beak and the other guys saying yeagley chose them over her, calling badeagle a gay site...again! "carry on with your bad gay selves" she says. She also once again threatened to bring forth proof about the guys....yeagley grew balls and deleted all her outbursts!!!! Wew, he is in for it now.

Well maybe not, I think she likes being treated like trash by all the guys. Yeagley was claiming all along he doesn't have the power to bann, yet he all of a sudden banns GMS and deletes baggy anns' outbursts.

He lied! yet he detests liars! He had the power all along, just needed the old 60 year old bag, now he's found another so she thinks!!!she's gong MADD!

Just goes to prove that he is thru using her, she is too vulgar for his tastes all of a sudden!

He claims he is busy and can't look in all the time and things get out of hand, but hey...baggy has been trashing his site about eight years now!!! Another lie! Cleanin up his site is he?

I looked in a few minutes ago and yeagley is explaining why he deleted all the discourse between Beak, baggy ann and the other guys. He asks "why do they trash my site? Why, Why?"

yeagley himself condoned baggy anns' attacks for eight years, its he that fostered the animosity between posters because of her jealousy of women and did not matter to her, she bi-angry. "Why, oh why" he cries like a little wet noodle....this is too funny, what will he do next???

Just think all the love sweet syrupy love songs that she just put up for him(Iwas bored this weekend and peeked) said she ruined her net reputation for him and that she would die for him. I feeling sorry for her...naw...poor thang. Shes probably getting boozed up right about now!LOL

Hey some of those songs were to die for..."Sweet Music Man", Help Me Make It Thru the Night, Every Little Thing, We got married in a Fever, oh yeah and Beautiful Sunday, I forgot about some of these classics, but yeagley hates this type of music...whatsa matter with baggy...dream on Bag! Thanks for the memories! Had me up and dancing even! hah, now I'm laughing at you....


Anonymous said...

Hello. Comanche Moon.

Raging Mad

CM said...


I'm not Raging Mad, Not even Raving Mad. I am 4/4 Comanche!

When I discovered yeagleys' site, as a Comanche I could not keep quiet. Other Comanches before me were banned because they stood up to him. Thats it! They tried to give him constructive critism, he would not allow such a thing! He went into attack mode and banned them, its his site, he has control to delete bann or just plain put them down. All the time he and his cohorts denegrate the Native American. Introducing yourself as Native American was not enough for him....he demanded proof, just because he put his ignorant make believe fable out for the White people to read, he never thought an actual real live Comanche would confront him in his lies. He won't have it. Another thing he can't understand is that there are Real Blood Indians out there that are not on the Rolls, but they ARE Native American. He made himself Police Blood Chief of the Indians, he wants proof....even then he demeans you and lets you know you are not welcome on his site when you don't kiss his skinny behind. What Native American in their right mind would believe and condone his views???? We have Black Blood in our Tribes, he hates the one drop Black Indians.

He keeps the Badeagle insigna and allows only himself to talk about the Indians with his white posters adoring his erroneous made up tales and claims its truth.

He uses his Indianess when its financially convenient for yeagley, nothing more. But we all know this don't we Anonymous?

Yeagley is totally against the Indian Child Welfare act, something he knows zero about, spreading rumors about it with the Daily Oklahoman, "the sky is falling, the sky is falling," and is even trying to influence the Breeds just like him at our Comanche Complex, they care nothing about the Welfare of our Indian Children. Yeagley thinks "Welfare know free money...have more kids, get more money from Welfare" He is so damn ignorant of our programs its not funny anymore, acutally never was, but he perisists in throwing his 2 cents worth, thats all he will contribute.

I could go on and on, but I will stop here Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Do any other Comanches feel the same way as you? And if they hate this man so much, why is it you are the only one doing all this.

Who is this woman you keep posting on?

Do you have any valid proof of all that you post?

Raging Mad

CM said...

Like I said,

When I discovered his site and saw how he posted on the Indians and how he dissed our Indian men and women, I spoke out. He had banned the Comanche men a few years before I discoverd him.

Most Comanche People do not know of his site, nor has he invited any Comanches to post, You would think he would be proud of his badeagle site and invite the REAL DEAL COMANCHE to post, get the REAL History by the Real Numunu!

The former Comanche Chairman knew of his white supremist racist views and called him down on trying to represent the Comanche Nation. I gave him copies of some of their derogatory remarks against the Comanche People and the Chairman himself! Needless to say he was perturbed.

On another white site he is introduced as a Comanche Leader, I had to correct that statement and the lady apologized and said she should have checked. This is how he uses and abuses his one drop Comanche blood. yeagley is Not a leader, in any way, never even volunteers his educated self for social services, or kids or alcoholic program...nothing.

On betty ann owens gross, I have copies of all her derogatory vulgar lying posts againts me and other Nations and her own people, everything! She has one nasty mouth for the education she claims and to be a woman!


Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, this is overwhelming! First you wrote the Comanchkes never heard of this man and then you wrote he was with the breeds of?....a tribe?

If what you wrote is the truth, then many, many Comanchkes must know of this man.

You handed out papers? Very brave woman! What papers.

Told of what syte?!

Raging Mad

CM said...


Another thing is I take pride in telling the Truth, always. I am old engough to know Honesty is the best policy.

betty ann owens follows me around anywhere I posts and she takes over to badeagle and distorts it all. Attention is all she wants.

She disrupts any conversation among posters and breaks all rules posted contantly.
Badeagle rules:
1. DO NOT MAKE POST THAT ARE INFLAMMATORY JUST TO GET PEOPLE RILED UP.( is nothing but about inflammatory remarks, especially when its about Indian)
2. AD HOMINEN ATTACKS ARE NOT WELCOME.(attack is her middle name)
3. CRITIZE IDEAS, NOT PEOPLE.(forget that!)
4. FLAMMING WILL NOT BE TOLORATED(she doesn't knowl the meaning).
5. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, INSULTS, SLURRS,(this one is her all time favoirte)
8. DO NOT USE FOUL LANGUAGE, SWEARING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED...PERIOD.(she can't help but be nasty and vulgar)
9. NO JUVENILE TOILET HUMOR(only she is allowed Indian Humor).
10.IF YOU ARE DISRUPTING THE COMMUNITY, WE WILL TAKE ACTION.(no action taken on her uglyness)
11. YOU WILL BE WARNED.(no warning her, he is very afraid of her)
12. IF IT CONTINUES YOU WILL BE SUSPENDED.(everyone holds their breath.....nothing)
13. IT CONTINUES, YOU WILL BE BANNED.(still holding breath....nothing)

Many former posters are all gone, becasue of betty ann gross. They simply don't want to deal with her. She's broken all these rules time and time again. Yeagley needs her attitude and her protection and no one praises him like she does. He knows its all false, fake lies, but he needs her.

She's so use to abuse, she don't even know he is using and abusing her. She's loving his attention any way she can get it...poor thang.

Anonymous said...

What I read through all this is Betty Ann and this man have a bond that is unbreakable. Based on love, trust and honesty.

Raging Mad

CM said...

u hum,

Yes there is quite an unbreakable bond!

He left his computor at her apartment overnite. She has stated this twice, she threatened him with posting confidential information. She did this out LOUD several times. She is holding something over him that he has to allow her freedom to be what she is. Must be a dooozzy. He's ignored her statements about this in fear, she carries on.

No doubt she loves HIM, but the rest is questionable. Its like the little Almira cartoon, she loves all her little animal pets to death, caging them, torturing them with her love, they try to escape but can't.

This Forum is supposed to be about yeagley only. I respond to her continued attacks because she reads my every word, though she distorts it for her own agenda. Huh betty ann owens gross???


CM said...


When a friend posted on the Churches praying for the Haitians, yeagleys response was:


Even the people that try to stay his friend are astounded by his cold unfeeling Non-Christian heart. He saving all his compassion and energy for his White very hardup and needy for Leadership if they can invite him to their Reniassance convention as a speaker! I wish him no physical harm, but I truly hope he gets from these racist people what he dishes out to others....I hope they make his White face turn "RED". I wonder can this little man afford security, I think he will need it?


Anonymous said...

The computer issues is a lie along with your other posts on this site about Betty Ann. Yes this site is about the man, but you made it Betty Ann also.

Prove please:

Betty Ann is selling her young daughter
Betty Ann is embezzling Federal Funds
Betty Ann is a prostitute
Betty Ann makes money off Indians.

I know Betty Ann very, very well and what you and others post on her is wrong.

You literally posted that she is an evil person and yet you have no proof of anything you post except what you want others to read.

These are all lies and since you made this a Betty Ann site also, I am here to correct you.

Raging Mad

CM said...

Let me guess,


All those things you claim above that I said are untruths also.

You sounded exactly like her the first time you posted, I just played along, now you can get lost! Post on yeagleys site, go there and protect her if you are NOT her(which you are.....goofy) Betty ann owens gross will never change, and yeagley knows it, why do you think he keeps posting Bible verses that fit her attitude, he is too chicken to confront her himself. Go away goofy...betty ann owens gross has no friends....


CM said...

Bags' Friend,


So you claim to know her very well....have you read all of her posts on badeagle, AND INDNZ.COM? Start from the beginning. If you are not betty ann owens gross and just her friend, why don't you advise "CORRECT HER" the "uhem" woman to try a little tenderness? Virtually everyone on the internet knows her by her vulgar mouth, abrasive rages, jealous attacks, lie after lie, accusing yeagley of being Gay....I know he is NOT! bringing her young ones into conversations, now today, she is attacking(against badeagle rules) once again a posters wife, calling her ugly and challenging her to a fight, she did the same to me! If you are truly a friend( she's claimed also that she has no friends, they end up stabbing her in the back), YOU should try to tame her down, she's also said her family wanted her to stop posting, but she won't. JUST STOP POSTING....thats all there is to save you own sanity, your reputations is ruined, you said so yourself, you ruined it by protecting your david. My job is to look into what yeagley saying about the "COMANCHE" thats it...I take it to whoever....none of your business, I am 4/4 Comanche, you stay out of Comanche Issues. I won't and never got into sioux issues, except to quote what she's said, nothing more. Yes I get tired of her attacks, I don't think like her, talk like her and won't be dragged down by her. Fact is, I kinda like her making a complete idiotic fool out of herself, she can use me all she wants. Its hilarious, she makes me laugh out loud. Laughter is good!!!eh?

but alas, this forum is for yeagley..not me, not baggy ann, not shadows, unless you got some scoop on yeagley you can take a hike! I said all I have to say to you.


Anonymous said...

In another post you stated you were going to call social services on Betty Ann. You did.

These are your words and nobody elses. Prove to the readers that what you posted on her is the truth. If not stop with the lies and attacks! Okay.

You posted on another site bad things about Brent Micheal Davids and now you post here? Tell him what really went down with that music deal. Where was your involvement in him not getting selected.

We are not stalking you, you old fool, your posts are all over the internet. Did you not think that her relatives would soon confront you?

You have copies but no foundation or truth to what you posted on her! Show proof! Not your posts or hers, but the damn truth!

Who witnessed these activities?!!!!!

Raging Mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CM said...

baggy ann,

Make yourself clear, you and your riddles are ridicules. Never, ever have I wanted anything you have or had claim to have, etc, etc.

You are a pink pig, I don't want to be like that.

You are vulgar and nasty and lie constantly, I would never do those things.

You claim all those friends, yet no one comes to your aid, not even the ittle bitty man you say you ruined your net reputation for. You called him gay again when he did not come to your aid, instead he conversed with the men. I never would invite my "FRIENDS" to yeagleys site, I am ashamed to know he claims to be Comanche!

There is nothing you have that I would want be it. I have all I need in friendships, family, home, car, Nation, money, I don't ask for much. My cup runneth over, I want for nothing! A few people I haven't met yet, but will, I always get what I want!

So tell me betty ann owens gross, what is it you have that I want? You ignorant goofy thang!