August 20, 2009

Exposing Yeagley's Intellectual Company

Perhaps a mark of a man, certainly a public figure of any stripe however obscure, deserves to have his intellectual associations opened to sunlight. It is with this specific interest in mind that Bad Eagle (dot org) includes this article below, in hopes that our many faithful readers will see marked similarities to the one-drop pontificator. Enjoy!


New Mexico's White Supremacists Keep the Hate Alive
Dave Maass 08/12/2009

It’s the worst of times for the white pride movement.

In January, the nation’s mixed-race president, Barack Obama, was sworn in. In July, that president publicly scolded a white police officer for arresting an African American Harvard professor. And in August, the US Senate confirmed that president’s pick for the Supreme Court: the first Latina judge to sit on the panel.

Yet, 2009 may also be the best of times—at least for recruiting. The national climate is spurring racist organizations to regroup and reinvent themselves by latching onto “birther” conspiracy theories, homophobia and immigration fears, while promoting new philosophies of semi-tolerance and non-violence.

Frontline Aryans is a homegrown New Mexico white pride organization that recently committed to expansion. The group grew out of a small clique of white supremacists in Albuquerque who organized regular get-togethers in 2007 and 2008. When founder Justin Argabright moved to North Dakota in April, he decided it was time to take the organization national.

“It’s becoming easier to reach out to those who don’t associate with the white pride or white power movements,” Argabright tells SFR. “A lot of people are unhappy with the way the country is going these days.”

Argabright is planning a recruitment mission in New Mexico in the coming weeks. Susan Seligman, New Mexico regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, which combats anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry, downplays the group’s reach.

“One member out of three who are active in New Mexico moved to North Dakota a few months ago,” Seligman tells SFR via email. “If that’s going national I have to laugh…He’s small time and his ‘group’ isn’t going anywhere.”

Frontline Aryans’ New Mexico director, Keith, who would not divulge his surname, tells SFR the ADL is simply trying to discredit the group.

“[ADL is] partially accurate because it is still small,” Keith says. “But I have many years of experience and so does Justin, and I expect it’s going to grow. The numbers here, the numbers there and the numbers everywhere else all add up.”

Argabright claims that in total Frontline Aryans has attracted members in the low-to-mid triple digits from New Mexico, Minnesota, North Dakota, California, Texas and Montana. In New Mexico, specifically, Keith says, Frontline Aryans is in the double digits.

Since late July, organizers have set up a toll-free number and a website, and have begun promoting themselves publicly on a popular white national message board,
Argabright emphasizes that Frontline Aryans’ approach represents a fundamental shift in white supremacist philosophy and strategy.

“I know the United States will never be an all-white country,” Argabright says. “It would never happen like that unless something extreme happened, which would probably have to include violence, which I don’t promote.”

In fact, Argabright, 25, is adamant about non-violence and says he’s completely intolerant of crimes and drugs—both got him in trouble when he was a more militant, teenage racist skinhead. He sees Frontline Aryans as a family group that organizes barbecues, musical events, retreats and pamphleteering. Frontline Aryans is also organizing a network for white-run businesses.

And while Argabright has Nazi SS bolts tattooed on his shaved head, Jews seem less on his mind these days. Asked what he sees as a central issue, Argabright—a self-described segregationist—goes right after Obama’s eligibility to be president.

“As of now, I still don’t believe that the president was even born in the country,” Argabright says. “It is a little nerve-racking that the president’s middle name is ‘Hussein’…I can’t speak for my whole organization, but I’m pretty sure that

they follow behind me: I don’t think the president should be black and, if he is, a foreigner. That’s not the precepts America was founded on.”

So far, few direct links have been made between “birthers” and organized white supremacy groups, according to Heidi Beirich, director of research for the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups. But the connection is starting to emerge. In fact, the first red flag jumped out last week, when the white nationalist group Council of Conservative Citizens’ website linked to a copy of a purported Kenyan birth certificate for Obama (later proved a hoax).

“White supremacists are, frankly, freaking out, so I’m not surprised to see them glomming on to the ‘birther’ theory,” Beirich tells SFR. “It provides two things: First, it helps nullify the worst thing that ever happened to them politically—the election of Obama. Secondly, it’s a movement they might be able to tap into.”

Beirich says white supremacist groups have attempted to recruit members from the anti-tax protest “tea parties” springing up across the county, which are often attended by “birther” activists.

“[White supremacists] see those people as their natural constituency: an angry, white backlash movement to the political changes we’ve had,” Beirich says.

Argabright takes what might be called a pragmatic attitude for a white supremacist toward race issues in America—“we all have to get along, but that doesn’t mean we have to sleep with each other and have each other’s babies”—and says Frontline Aryans may focus more on issues that have more yield: immigration and LGBT rights.

These are issues still lacking national resolution: The Obama White House and the Democratic Congress have not yet tackled immigration reform, and gay marriage remains a growing issue across the country. That’s good for Argabright’s group.

“I think immigration and homosexuality seem to have lit a real good fire [under white supremacists],” Argabright says. “It may not always be a raging fire, but the coals are always burning…I foresee us pursuing those as long as we possibly can and then our next goal is to get [Obama] out of office.”

Argabright realizes that being a white supremacist—an open one who wears Germanic tattoos and white pride T-shirts—tends to discredit his ideas.

“I could probably come up with a way to get us out of the deficit in a heartbeat,” Argabright says. “…But the minute someone catches wind of ‘white pride,’ it will get smashed down right away because no one wants to be associated as a hatemonger or a hate group.”


CM said...


He claims he knows nothing about how his work appeared on Stormfront.

I am curious as how baggy ann really views Obama in her own surrounding?

Yeagley is using her, just how far is she willing to be led astray from her peoples beliefs? They Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, he was the initial leader for Freedom regarding Human Rights, and most important, he was a BLACK man!

Is she willing to continue to bring yeagley into the Dakotas? Will he pound into the innocent Indians repeatedly his hate against Obama until they pick it up? I surely hope not, Indians have lived with racism far to long to allow someone like him to sway them. Then again its is the weak and hungry and most needy that the rich white ones use against the Government. God help the Reservation Indians against the White Supremists is all I can hope for! So many have kept to their Traditions and they live and base their lives on what they know of their heritage I Pray they are safe and I do see HOPE there.


beakerkin said...

How is this man linked to Yeagley?

His words are bad enough

CM said...

I saw the similarity in his words. Yeagley uses the same} Uncle Sambo, Bunch of Black baboons running arund raping, faggots-you are the bottom of the barrel(yeagley uses this to describe Indian men), zero tolerance for miscegenation-Aryan Dharma, and of course the hate for Obama. Love of White.

I saw another similarity in the emblem/symbol they use that is used by baggy and her civil rigts flag. The Aryan symbol/emblem and the civil rights flag of the dakotas flag have almost the same emblem, I forget the colors! I may be nit picking, but hell he's always in the Dakotas, using her again???


CM said...

Oh goody, goody,

The bag has me on again, and again. She's a mad hatter!

She's still reading here and taking me to his home! Filthy mouth as usual, never changes.

Q, and yeagley can believe her lies if they want to. Willie Nelson knows how I feel and I have spoken to the people at the College, because I support their efforts, in fact I spoke to Dr. Winkleman at the Crow Fair and told him my support of the College, he was happy to see me and gave me a big hug!ha. I have NEVER given any copies to Michael. I did to Chairman Coffey because baggy spoke so ugly about him and I wanted him to see it and who her friend was(yeagley) so there!!! Never spoke to Michael about Nick T. but I did tell Mike how I felt about yeagley.


I had a bad taste in my mouth when I heard we were going to the Dakotas, but it was beautiful in the Western part. Its your presence in the Eastern part makes it are a negative person who carries all that uglyness in your persona, its no wonder people don't like you, you have to make up lies about yourself and make like your approachable! ha.

The statement about your civil rights flag is my 'WASTEH ALOH', get over it, stop being so damn jealous! Like you keep saying "this is the internet, not real life". ha You are not the only one with an opinion, though you the only breed who is allowed on violent hummingbirds forums.


CM said...

Oh baggy ann,

If you are reading my every post, then you should know that my life is very full. Grandkids, traveling, keeping on top of tribal politics. Meetings, pow-wows and so on and so forth, jealous??? I actually don't have to do a damn thing if I didn't want to, but I do like people. I also like my Freedom to do nothing at all if I choose that! I can sleep all day in crispy white sheets if I want...jealous? huh? I may not live in a high rise with a germy heated spa but own my own home and land. jealous? jealous sioux.ha. You sound jealous of my every word you steal to take to your mans' forum to keep it going, huh? I wondered why he didn't stop you, now I know. Carry on with your jealousy!


The_Editrix said...

Off topic question: The Great Not-Quite-White Pontificator pontificates at his blog about Ingrid Newkirk's (of PETA-infame) "disregard for Indian culture" or something like that. As usually, this mighty political pundit has no clue about what he is talking. Newkirk refers to, well, INDIANS, as opposed to American Indians or Native Americans.

When he learns what Newkirk really means he will worm his way out by saying it's Newkirk's fault because she doesn't know that HE HE HE has stated ex cathedra that Indians are really Hindus because the word "Indian" is, in his book, for American Indians only. How could she!!! ... tml#000898

Of course, it was quite clear from the context that Newkirk was drivelling about India and, whether he likes it or not, if a Brit refers to "India" he or she will, in all probability, mean ... India.

But whatever. My question is, what do real American Indians think? I'd say India was known as a sub-continent long before America was discovered by Europeans and and the native Americans were wrongly labelled "Indians" because the discoverers though they had arrived at the Indian east coast. Also, not all Indian Indians are Hindus. So what names would YOU find appropriate?

CM said...

Good mornin,

Call me Comanche, Penetuka, Native American, or American Indian. I am generous, love my People, love the land, every place I visit the soil I step on, I feel it still belongs to the Native American Indian.

There is a vast difference in the Eastern Coastal Indian(Pequots, etc.) and the Plains Indians(Comanche), but the tragedy began there with yeagleys' ancestors the White Anglo Saxons Protestant, WASPS!
Who came, slaughtered, took the land the Natives owned in the name of Christianity!ha. They came westward.....

Skins can joke about each other the same way Blacks can call each other "Nigger", just doesn't feel right when another race calls us derogatory names....the same goes for the Breeds baggy ann and yeagley. They are Breeds always putting down the Indian, except they hold the mighty sioux up. There is a difference in the sioux also, baggy is east sioux indian, the Proud Mighty Warriors she speaks of are Western Sioux! All yeagley knows is what she whispers in his plugged up ears!

Do not call me Savage, Squaw, Drunken Indian, Hang around the Fort lazy Indian, Fat taker, beggers, Dirty and Filthy, Mascot. All these names are what yeagley uses to describe us, his so called people. Forget baggy ann, she belongs in Canton Insane Asylum with the ghost of her past...the white man put there! ha. she is nothing!


CM said...

Baggy annie get your guns,

No one has to answer to you, but since you insist on being noticed. Naiche doesn't have to do anything but read if thats what he wants. He is his own man, unlike yeagley who you are always defending, fighting his fights....gosh he must be stupid.

Besides your doing a great job putting them up, huh?

Why do you do what you do?????

Like Mac said, you are doing what he used to do an an administrator, until he finially realized how racists yeagley was. He hides behind your baggy pants that make you even look bigger. You said you don't eat meat, just veggies!!!Well do you realize how big cows get just eating grass????admit it, your eat steak!

I do not raise my Grandkids. But they can come stay with Grandma whenever they please. Do you still let yours, jada, read your filthy nasty, X-rated posts????You always say "WE" read, or is "WE" your white women friends who walk the Indian Red Road? When you post my words at babys' home...put them all up, don't edit, yeagley baby might want to read all of it.ha.


CM said...

Oh baggy,

I forgot to ask...just what terms of endearment are you rambling about????He has "NEVER" given me one iota of a wink(oops take that back)one term of endearment, you are really a jealous NUT, jealous of nothing at all...hanging on to yeagleys'(Henry the Vlllths' knees like queen liz at his beck and call)...I bet he wants to chop your head off, but he 'Kneeds' you...bad as you are...he 'kneeds' you.hah. notice I said 'kneeds'you not needs you?????but you don't care, like I said before you are a dependant! Dream on, and if you are determined to play with my words, play with "ALL" of them not just snipits.


beakerkin said...

The Dr is a real dope. He posts on items that he has not bothered to read. He is a real dunce.

Bad Eagle is a special ed class run amok.

CM said...

I think he is proud to labled White Supremists, and would take great offense at being labled "a real Indian", but he shouldn't ever have to worry about that one!

WE are trying to be rid of some lables like Savage, and he wants to be called "Savage". The Savage Hummingbird, he's just cute huh?????fluttering those fragile wings to stay aflight!

He did wiggle out of the "India Indian" skin thangy, and quickly posted a new blog! without a blink or look back.

He has several degrees(he has to have a light bulb someplace)but he has no damn common sense, using matches to light fires for a reaction, and making many, many enemies. How does he sleep? PILLS???? I wonder does he have round the clock protection????


CM said...

His obsession with looks and white skin and hatred of anything other, is what I first noticed about him being wierd! Then of course I did notice he knows nothing of the Native American Indian, and especially Comanche!

We all have our favorites looks, for me the cute fat smiley baby faces, any color, but I do prefer brown fat Indian babies!

I love the features of the Navaho and Apache faces, but I also love the aquiline features of the Plains Comanche Indians, and no one can carry a wrinkle like an Indian. I think Brown is Beautiful! So, actually I can't find too much fault in yeagleys preference of the transulent blond white women. Its his preference, just as I and others have theirs. It's his unprofessional, arrogant, pompous, better than thou, attitude that makes it repulsive!

Its a sad thing to read how baggy ann shreads evey comment made by others, badeagle can NEVER go forward with her as administrator. Funny, I peeped into GMS last evening and she is actually really cordial and civilized to him and his readers....of course they are White...she has no respect for the Indians and how she portrays her Indianess on badeagle. It actually was too syrupy/sweet and sickning to the stomach to read much....I quickly closed it out and will NEVER go back, she can deceive and act "white indian" there and he can praise her, thats all she wants...attention. I saw GMS more of an enemy than Beak, yeagley allows her to go back and forth on an enemy site.

I think she is trying to smooth things over between GMS and yeagley, after all....Motoy is back after leaving in a huff and cutting off all his hair,LOL, just because yeagley made him mad(Sounds like a woman thing to do,huh?). Yep...baggy ann is trying to drag back the people(she NEVER left, though she promised to time and time and time again) back to his site!

He 'Kneeds' them!


CM said...


I still read savage hummingbird, but I never click on any of your links, nor dakota country. I know those links would be nothing but derogatory against whomever is flaver of the day for you...sure is quite over there with just you and ray and now motoy. Don't worry about this site and how many times I post, its freedom, just like you have at savage hummingbird! Only difference is "I" don't get nasty and vulgar, thats not the Indian Way! The other difference is this site is for exposing yeagley for what he stands for NOT kissing his feet!ha.


CM said...


This time its jealousy against Beak again. Just because he and yeagley are attempting to be cordial to each other, she can't stand that! I'm even surprised that yeagley is trying! Blew me away, but I for one am glad, yeagley needs a good friend like Beak, not a kiss a**, like the bag. Beak dares to stress his beliefs even if contrare to yeaglys', but the whole world is contrare to yeagley.....bag doesn't count.


CM said...


Compulsary Rules will be adminisrated firmly and fairly!BULLS***! I see no such thing happening on B.E.

No one seems to even pm or e-mail the administrator/moderator(whomever that is) if indeed it is baggy ann, which I believe IT is, that explains all.

Ad hominen attacks, no personal attacks,critise ideas not people,(bag has no interaction with anyone without an attack sooner or later) NO racial atacks, NO Gender attacks(thats a goot' one, never adhered to by her), NO personal insults, NO personal slurrs, NO derisive comments, NO Trolling(never figured that one out), No sexual explicit comments(well hell she can't do without that one, nasty woman that she is).

When yeagley made these rules, he most likely never thought "entrapment" would even occur, but seems to baggy anns' main thing to do, she downright upfront about it also.

Lets just say the bag posts like it will be her last one, with all the rules above ignored. With any one of these, he could have banned her long ago forever, but he won't. Remember she got into his person PC when he left it at her apartment overnite! Why, with all the other threats to ALL, she's ignored that statement(made twice), why does she not elaborate to the readers the information since she is ignoring ALL THE RULES. I for one would like to know the personal information she is hanging over his head!!!!None of my business actually, but she is making it so OUT THERE, I am jus curious!

The Chief Warrior, big kahoona with all the degrees who issued all these rules, allows her the freedom to harrass constantly. In one breath she says she invites and will leave people alone and commends them on their posts, next minute(even when ignored) and with no provocation, she attacks again.......


CM said...

Gawwww Naiche,

Did you all notice she put every post on She must really envy me. She has to have a motive behind all this, no doubt about that. Those posts were for this site, which is dedicated to bringing out the truth about yeagley. Hey can I sue her???

Yeagley was crying about his words being on a white supremists site, maybe his "adopted sister" baggy ann placed them there.

She had to settle for being "sister" to him. hah, what a put down to his for real sister! What an insult to her after the time and money spent on yeagley, and all she ends up with is being his sis...hurt...hurt...hurt.

I wonder why you didn't put the them on yeagleys' site, he's the one needs the traffic. don't need the traffic. yeagley might want to read it too. I think I did pretty good considering I never got vulgar or lied in any way!

So Naiche, you were here at the ceremony? I would have loved to been at Medicine Bluff at night time during a ceremony or whatever you guys did, but I guess that was a "MAN" thing. Just listening to the Mescalero Apache song on the Video was something.

Tomorrow I am going to look for the Water Point, and the Monument with Teases picture on you were here?? how interesting....


The_Editrix said...

I went to Indianz and couldn't believe my eyes. She must have a lot of spare time.

Naiche posted there:
New leadership coming to Civil Rights Office of the Dakotas (taken from the Sota Iya Ya Pi paper)

Betty Ann Owen-Gross, SWO Tribal member, announced last week that she has stepped down from her post as President of the Civil Rights Office of the Dakotas.

The Civil Rights Office of the Dakotas, also known as the Minority Resource and Cultural Center, was established in 1992 by Watertown community members and has remained an independent entity. It has served over 1,000 individuals on a variety of matters, from homelessness to promoting American Indian issues.

The current office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota will remain open until March of 2010 and will serve as a gathering place for American Indians. After that time the Sioux Falls office will be closed.

Betty announced she has turned the position of President over to Ms. Claudia Boelmen of Sisseton.

“New Executive Officers and Board Members will be announced later this year,” she said.

“The reasons for the change are many,” said Betty. “But the primary one is to have my youngest family member fulfill her dream of becoming a star in Classic Orchestra Music. which will take us to Massachusetts for several years.”

“We thank all of you for your kindness and we look forward to watching the Office grow and expand in South Dakota under new leadership,” she said.

Highlighting by me.

She always has a "classy" reason as an excuse when she's hightailing it. When I gave her a trashing in the course of the "First Bad Eagle Revolt", she said she'd leave Violent Hummingbird because she is marrying "a rich lawyer". She is irredeemingly vulgar, yet seems to have a penchant for the genteel, respectively for what she CONSIDERS to be genteel. I sincerely wish the child well, but I am afraid it's a boldfaced lie, like everything she says.

CM said...


Not soon enouph for me!

bag you are in Heaven here on Earth, when you leave here you will go to HELL. ha,ha. You will not visit with yeagleys' Mother, she will be in a better place, and she would likely slap the the Holey crap otta you for lying about her son and claiming him as a brother after how you lie about him and her! She knows what you do from where she is...and so do I! You might fool some, but you told me things, yeagley believes you, but his Mother knows!

My sisters and I are not fat takers. We are givers, most meeting or pow-wow I am serving the people food, if you have ever done this....then you must know WE eat last, after all have been served, especially the Elders, I always forget I am an Elder when I am among my people, they come first.

You would not know anything about these things, I take it, since you haven't attended any of your Tribes' meetings for eleven years "WOW". That statement you made says it ALL. You have no business making fun of "Q"s' beautiful site. Just think, I was going to post some pics there, but I can wait til your demise! You would find fault with them, no doubt! You definately have no right discussing Comanche Business, but that's yeagleys' call not mine. You should attend your Tribes' meetings, how the Hell can you represent them(civil rights my azz) when you don't attend their meetings???HUH,HUH? Oh, I forget you are a medicine wo-man....your allowed to give Indian names to White People and put Bad medicine on well meaning Indians. Looks like your work is all AZZ ACKWARDS.

Azz for being jealous of you or yeagley, how many times must I say this, when I first heard him, I supported him and wanted the Comanche People to accept him, and was willing to help him. Many people told me, "you will find out". I did....and he doesn't seem to care HOW the NUMUNU PEOPLE view him, so what can I do?

By the by your Jew Indian looks very similiar to Illiniwik, remember the white indians you support! ha, and ha!


CM said...


Nuff said alright. Will you EVER outgrow the need to keep lying? When will you cease your lies?

I ask you again, what the heck do you know about your own Government....except from the net I suppose! You never attended a meeting in over eleven years!!!!

I said this before and will say this again, Beverly Isaac would NEVER waste money on a phone call to your people. Apparently someone was concerned enough to do so. I commend that person. Looks as though it did some good!hah...lululululululu. Udah person whomever you are. You got baggy ann all rilled up, enough to speak of a kill even.

All you posted to Winters was a lie, also. How you raise your Grandaughter is of no concern to me. You stated before how she(jada) reads your posts, now you say its your older daughter!hah. lie, after lie. never attended your peoples important' Tribal meetings in eleven years!!!!!blaming it on Elders of all the disrespectful things to blurt out!!!!!You do worse in your internet input than a thousand Sioux Elders could do in a lifetime! Eleven years Huh, amazing! and you speak for the mighty sioux nation, along with yeagley, what a pair, since he is in the same position when it comes to knowing not a thing about my Tribe, he knows what you tell him of the mighty sioux....amazing...eleven years!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you take things soooo personal. My life and yeagleys' lives are just that OURS. You may discuss him, he, like you, have given enough info for inquireing minds. YOU, yourself stated that YOU were a "FELON", why would I even say such a thing! I did wonder about it after you said it though, you handle money in a civil rights position. You attempted to explained yourself, but I don't buy that one either, most likely you tried to kill that lady. Please.....I don't want to die just yet....your jealousy holds no bounds when it comes to loving yeagley baby.

I feel that you would pull a gun on me if given a chance! Should I alert the Comanche Police Department when you come to visit yeagley? You are a dangerous wo-man, you are a danger to society.

Backtracking and making up lies gets you nowhere baggy ann!


CM said...


I decided to go back and see when Brent started his site, and the laughs I got today was worth the read!

I went back as far as 4/07 then had to stop to attend to business.

I almost choked on my cracker when I saw davey baby on top of Rosie ready to drop anchor! Poor thang, both of them!

Read where baggy ann was leaving his site....had her pic there too...that frustrated look as if telling davey "wish you were here", then she would be more frustrated ennit? Wishing she was in rosies position(oh I'm bad ok, I will quit).

Imus/yeagly picture, wannabee shock jock, checked out the hair!

Good to read Amerind again!

Yeaglely sitting on the throne reminded me of when he blurted out, he sits down to wee wee.(wee too much info). My caption would have been "time to learn how to wee wee standing up baby, unzipping and pulling down panties just to sit for a second is taking too much time away from my computor, and in the winter its too cold!" Gee yeagley sets himself up doesn't he?

Since she put up so much of my post, made me wonder when Brent started this forum and when I started posting. I went back to check. She should leave my hard work to this site or take it to babys'.

He is such a wimp, he lets her do his dirt. She threatens me once too many times now, I think though I will take a copy of her post about the gun and jail time and let our Comanche Police Department post her picture since she is always threatening to visit us. I wonder if she has a police mugg shot too, that I will have to look into. Barbra, if your reading did you find one?.

She insists on talking about my family my loving sisters and he glowingly allows it. I will put her in her place sooner or later no matter. However I can.

She admits to "Q"(after she couldn't sway him to her view of me)that she is jealous of me, I knew it, but I was NEVER jealous of her, no need to be. I have a life, this is entertainment yet still a serious thing for me to defend my Comanche People! After all she feels the need to defend yeagley and her mighty sioux nation, after 99.9 % of Native Americans feel the same. I sided with the 99.9% and she took out after me alone, then any one who dared to disagred with him, but mainly me because I am a Comanche Female! No other reason, she did this with all other Indians Female who dared to post then they just left quietly....she wasn't satisfied that she pushed him into banning me....she follows me and accuses me constantly of things I have no part in. I tell the truth on this site which is dedicated to the truth on yeagley.

CM said...


I too think he needs someone to fulful his life, he's never married, so he doesn't know what he is missing. I too think he needs a good companion!

I lost respect for him when he disrespected me as a Comanche woman and allowed you to attack and attack, not only me, but my family.

You bag, are not the only one with family. My sisters are just as precious as your little jada. You don't own the patent to Love of family!

NO, your vulgarity was allowed to damn long for anyone to casually forget, I know I never will, even if this is JUST the internet. Real Live Indians Nations you disrespected with your never ending vulgarity.

Move to Mass. with the White Anglo Saxons Puritans, you will fit right in. White Indian, just like yeagley. You might pretend so long, you might actually become civilized. I know you can do it, you prove it on GMS's site after all!

Get a room ready for baby, he might follow you, if you pay for it that is!

Full Blood Comanche remember? Always will be, I keep to my own.
Unlike those that go against what they Preach! So you can stop with the insinuations!


beakerkin said...


I am not so sure of Yeagley's actual relationship with Betty Ann.

Betty Ann is not bipolar. She suffers from BPD and men are very vulnerable to this. A BPD type offers men unquestioned deep love alternated by deep rage.

At times she idealizes Yeagley and at others she says he is gay or is running a Jewish site.

The_Editrix said...

I don't think Betty Ann is either, borderline or bipolar. She is simply manipulative, i.e. everything (EVERYTHING!) she says is not to state a point of view or to inform, but to evoke jealousy and envy, to bully, to hurt, to suck up, to obfuscate or to annoy. She simply is neither bright nor disciplined enough to carry it off.

On the other hand, she is easily manipulable, as proven by the fact that she reads all this and even ADMITS it.

She may have, though, precisely because of her lack of discipline, the odd moment of truth. As for Yeagley, what would YOU call a man who bears a putrid hatred towards women (the posts about the black stripper who had falsely accused those white guys at Durham university is one big psychogram) yet writes soppy eulogies about women of the transgendered type, all safely removed from his reach? Who is openly disgusted by female curves as proven by his countless posts about a nonentity with breasts like Pamela Anderson or his grotesquely over-the-top disgust of Janet Jackson's exposed breast? A man who had an overly symbiotic, but passive aggressive relationship with his mother? (No truly devoted son would piss and moan about the toil the care for her is to him.) A man who posts at his website countless pictures of muscular, sweaty, semi-nude masculinity under the pretense of "racial analysis"? Remember Rudy Whatshisname, Zin├ędine Zidane and other not-quite-white football players during the last World Cup? WHAT would you call such a man?

Besides, I have yet to come across a rabid homophobe who has NOT turned out to be homosexual himself.

The_Editrix said...

I just took nostalgic memorial tour through Violent Hummingbird, and lo and behold, Betty Ann made the first threat of leaving in -- tadaaah -- DRUMROLLS -- 2002 !!!

CM said...


Who know if they aren't married right now...... He's playing it like a celebrity and keeping it quiet so the women(the bag, anyway) can fight over him....he claims he lives as a bachelor and alone....cute story!!

The problem I have with him is how he tries to represent the Comanche in his travels, has been caught by Actual Professional Comanche People, yet stubbornly maintains and degrades those that approach this topic.

Just admit this was wrong! Are you not human????

Unless your Tribe embraces you, you should be known at least by your Nation before you go all out to represent them....and by all means do it in the best possible way. Yeagley may have had the best intentions, but did it azz ackwards! Especially claiming the Comanche had no Spirituality or Religion.......that was our beginning! In other words is he saying we don't exist, we don't count? To him maybe we don't.... except to use for his own agenda and as a put down to build his mighty sioux up, his adopted relations. hah.


CM said...


Oh my, yep that's the "bag" alright! Pulled up the site. Sad but the symptoms are all there, no doubt, she needs help!

But what about "Baby"? What do you call someone that puts the impaired BPD person out front to do his fighting? After all, he's known her for around ten years, and he's Studied Psychology and worked in Social Services. People it would seem are in danger of both of them.

The only conclusion I could come up with is, its really true that he HATES the Brown Indian People and resents the itty bit of Indian Blood his mother gave him. He wants all whites to view us as how demented she all my rants and views I still tried to give him the benefit of this doubt I had. What else is there to believe now????


beakerkin said...


The person with BPD is unable to see people as whole. Thus Betty Ann idolizes the Nazi GMS and Yeagley. When Yeagley doesn't give her 100%
of what she wants she goes into hate mode.

Her marital history and endless series of short intense relationships would argue that she does suffer from BPD.

Anonymous said...

Beak and CM, I am a former poster at what you now call violent hummingbird. I have looked at recent posts there. I won't be coming back to post there, or here either. But have you thought you could be yourselves entrapped by these personalities? If someone is racist, or has a mental disorder, and they don't want to mend their ways or get help, stop conversing with them, and just live your own life in front of the world. Let your own words and life speak. This is ensnaring you I think. Well, that's all I have to say about it. Thanks.

CM said...

Thank you Anonymous,

I think the same as you.

I know, I should just quit reading altogether. I already know how yeagley feels and why, but the thing is..."I AM FULL BLOOD COMANCHE", if he would do away with the mythical mascot "badeagle" and leave the Comanche Issues to Comanche People I would have not another thing to say. As it is now, I feel I have to keep on top of what he is saying, and what he is allowing his dirt bag to say in regards to Comanche, most times with vulgarity which in turn since she is the only Indian posting she is representing the Indian Nations with her uglyness. He allows this and therefore he lies about his intentions toward the Indian.

I wondered how Shedesigns could come to the conclusion she has(didn't understand it)....then can thank the bag for understanding? But SD is not Native American. She is not Black(though baggy ann harrassed her fore being Black). She HAD to compliment the bag just as "Q", (my friend)did just to keep peace. SD is a "Lady", "Q" is a Gentleman. They are the best kind of people.

No Indian understands his round about working for a better understanding of the Native American. No one needs "his" kind of understanding. We see it as he is working against everything the Native Indian holds close to Heart. One statement contradicts others in his quest to make people aware of the Indian, he can't do it, he thrives on devisiveness. He hasn't lived it nor knows any spiritual Elder Comanche nor takes any critism nor wants to learn from a REAL COMANCHE. He may have had good intentions in the beginning, but his ego got out of hand when he had just one person(bag) give him compliments day after day. He ignored all the contructive critism he could learn from. He took offense at these and took the easy trail and just banned ALL Comanches...and continued to denigrade Indians, because he could. The dirt bag had his back!

I say just do it...straight forward. Work for your Comanche People, not Against them. If you are against the Government, talk to the Comanche Government, not the white people to work against the Indians. Thats all I see in yeagley, against any Indian Economic Development but his idea is the "most outstanding" and wants support, hell he can't support Indian People, why should we support his endeavors. Its not personal, with me, I don't know him intimately/personally, yet in a way it is, because he is talking about the Comanche Indians and I happen to be Comanche! I can also see a lot of good in this venture. We've visited other Tribes with great recording/radio/audio/TV systems in order. Nothing other people haven't proposed or want for our Tribe. If they can get it off the ground, great, but they need to work with the people not degrade or demean anything that is already in progress. That is yeagleys' MO, to degrade others he views below him....without even knowing what others propose or already do....NO HIS IS THE BEST IDEA!!!!!



CM said...


I knew it would not last, she is fuming!!!!Took her how many hours to think of a come back to SD. She does not want the "Black" lady she attacks, I hope SD is a lady and ignores her....maybe baggy ann will shut the f*** up, huh...I doubt it though.

She attacks SD, but in reality she is using SDs' words to attack the Indians, NOTHING NEW THERE! Bag continues to call those that left(or Comanches who got banned)weak and self defeated. Too weak to fight her mind games????What the hell...she is protected. Yeagley protects her while she attacks with her so called "mind" games. Did she not used to call this her "Indian Medicine?" Now she calls them "MIND Games and White Psych" She went from "INDIAN MEDICINE" to white Psych. Maybe some sioux called her down about the Fake Indian Medicine she spoke of and giving white people Indian names was so disrespectful of the real Warriors of the sioux Nation.

She brags about being the only strong Indian woman left. HA...I'd be ashamed to admit the fact that she used mind games to entrap....hell people just got tired of defending themselves and just left. Yeagley putting on blinders, no matter how ugly and vulgar the bag got he sat behind the screen eating his apple, clutching his ragged teddy bear getting all excited, until the smoke partially cleared, then he comes out acting all innocent and saying he can't keep up with all the posts, hah, whats "ALL" the posts.

Its only the bag and yeagley.... she is getting what she worked on psychologically speaking.

BAG, no need to correct SD, yeagley complimented her. If she needs correcting, Yeagley can do it in a good way hopefully, without attacking her input like he does REAL INDIANS! Bag you say people need to talk to him.....if you butt out of things maybe people would like to discuss real Indian issues with baby, but until you drop dead...........


CM said...

Batty ann,

Sadly you had to suck up and choke on your own words. You backtrack and you DO to let others control you, I know you learn from my posts.

Udah.......your Welcome, in advance!

I know you will never admit it, but you and baby do learn from my reprmanding you and calling you out on your own negativism, you both are slow learners, yet with degrees hah and hah.

Just as a very wise man said "I will take experience any day over Academia when writing of a people's deepest beliefs and their culture." You(bag) nor Baby ever had lived in an Indian culture to go back to. Admit it you are learning about your being Indian and the Sioux ways right now. Thats good, but first you have to admit you never grew up in it. Your story of your life was a sad one, but not Indian, just a dependant, not all Indians are dependant! You baggy ann may have worked out of it, but you damn sure make everyone you come in contact with miserable because of IT. We owe your NOTHING, its no fault of ours, especially anyone you have met on the internet, you are still acting dependant and pitiful.

I wonder why you didn't give SD an Indian Name, is it because you still view her as Black. She deserves SOME of your Medicine and a sioux Indian name doesn't she, after all she spoke very intelligently and in a gentle way about the Indians and understands yeagley!

It goes to show that you worship the disrespectful White man and not the gentle Black Lady, though you love the Black man.


CM said...

Hey Naiche,

jackoff baby aka janklows baby aka betty ann owens, aka betty ann gross aka baggy ann, is going banannas on the past women posters, they aint even there anymore(except for SD's latest) but she can't stand that either. This started her attacks. She claims we are all scorned women he ignored. The handsome masculine, tall, dark and handsome Comanche man.

She claimed before that I tell people around here he is mine, now she claims he is my snag! Dang haven't heard that one in years. First of all...I am not that kind...second I don't know anyone I could brag to and feel safe claiming he is All Mine! I might get shot or worse....whats worse you ask? They might make me sit next to him in front row at a General Council meeting....I wonder if I could take the resentment he ignores from his people. No....that would be too hard for me, I don't know how he does it... really! It has to hurt....well maybe NOT HIM!

I do not live on a reservation, never have. I've been from Old Lareo, Mexico to Wyoming from California to East Kentucky and all parts in between.

I wouldn't know about the love rejection in your terms. I do know about being banned, is that the same? I don't think so. You, however, do know about that, its yourself whom you are talking about being scorned by his love, you have his attention all the time! Remember: you told me yeagley said to "get your ring finger ready" you were all excited, wanted to lose weight. I pretended excitement too, because I knew you by then, your deciet and lies and you always inquired about what yeagley was doing how he looked how tall he was and so on and so on. Its YOU who fell hard for the little man, he is not musculine nor tall nor dark!(he might be considered cute as a bugs ear by some and have a certain charisma, attracted mostly by the male, are you male?)

Eighteen to eighty! Were there a lot of women that posted at BE? That must have been before my time. All I remember are the Indian females that left because of your jealous attacks. YOU ARE THE SCOURGE OF BADEALGE, THE ONLY FEMALE LEFT, HE KEEPS YOU, NOT IN THE WAY YOU WANT, NOT BECAUSE HE RESPECTS YOU...BUT BECAUSE YOU GOT INTO HIS PRIVATES!(he left his computor on at your apartment overnite, remember)

I might agree on rejection is hard to take, but he has not rejected ME. He banned me because I REJECTED HIS LIES AND TRIED TO CORRECTED THEM, THEN YOU BUTTED IN AND TOLD HIM TO BANN ME OR I WOULD RUIN IT FOR HIM IN HIS RUN FOR TRIBAL POSITION. That is quite a bit different than a rejection of his love that you alone feels. I don't feel that kind of rejection, I was ready to leave his site when he banned me, never tried to go back as any other name, I am proud to be COMANCHEMOON, will use no other!

Anyone who reads BE can see for themselves how you manipulate. You should have been banned long ago, I don't believe he can't control his buttons, he is not stupid.

Wow She Designs is a beauty isn't she? Pretty Beige and Skinny too, like baby likes his women! NOT LOOKING LIKE WHITE LARD AS YOU DO! hah....ooops sorry, but I can't edit for some *#*#* won't let me...tee hee.

Hey Naiche, are you coming to the Comanche Fair? I can make you a Comanche Stew, or you can whip up your Tribes' favorite dish and we can invite yeagley to my camp, or We can just order kentucky or China Wok! Wouldn't it be hoot if he brought his Dracula Bride the bag! Gotta find my Cross and hang them all around camp, she is one bad omen! Gotta alert the Comanche Police, she totes a gun, remember! might be able to get her locked up, Comanche Style, rope around her neck tethered to a stake, hands behind her with wire all alone in a teepee, while handsome Comanche men stroll by and she can't do a damn thing about it(indian humor).


CM said...


The only TRUE indians on the internet, baggy ann and david yeagley are dancing on a person who voiced her opinion and would have loved a civil discussion on the Indians. Instead yeagley with his side kick bag just diss her with uncomplimentary dialogue. The know it all.

SheDesigns has been disrespected by the bag for a long time(sublimely by yeagley) though yeagley with a lump in his throat usually give this lady respect. His first responce to her own Forum and Blog was that of delight because no doubt he was acknowledged. Then he reread and came back with a vengence. You all will guess the outcome.

Thru it all, bag of course is building up her sioux nation and saying others are envious.hah She can make Jesus Christ look bad! I did not lie about what she said on the Hiawatha Project. Anyone can go to forums look up Dakota Country, scroll down to Hiawatha Insane Asylum and read in her own words. She lies, and lies and lies again!

I pride myself in telling the truth, if its Indian Humor, I will say it is. baggy ann owens grossly, lies about her lies! She will come back with an answer for the posts no doubt about that!

Look up BPD, thats the description that fits baggy ann lard legs the best!


CM said...


His main complaint is everyone is using the Indian....he acts like he owns the patent on using the Indian!

In fact its yeagley who is again using the Indian. He hates Obama, he can't think straight with his hate, therefore he would rather put the health of the Native American in jeopardy, by talking against this health plan plan for all Americans. He Hates OBAMA, its yeagley who HATES AMERICA, just because he Hates the Black President!

Yeagley best not say Indians Hate America around the Comanche. No matter the near genocide by his White Anglo Saxon Protestant Christians, the Native American love this land called American, it has our blood in its soil. "My" ancestors died so we could live here. America is not my stepson, WE INDIANS ARE AMERICA...forget the stepson bit!

He's claimed himself that Indians Hate America, we are crybabies because America owes us, We hold a guilt(?)never understood that one!

He's hell bent on using the Indian linking us with the Health Plan. Who does he think he is fooling with his Blog about the Health Plan, then using "INDIAN" 67 times. Why didn't he use the word "Savage" he has endorsed to describe himself! I thought he didn't like the lable "INDIAN", saying we are not from India! I swear he is going bonkers, poor baby!


CM said...

Hello Beak...I mean Naiche,

baggy ann sure luvs me huh? Always talking about my posts which are dedicated to her hearthrob.

Always talking about me. Yeagley could care less about me, she shouldn't worry so damn much, after all I am Big Brown and Round, not transulent nor skinny or Blond. Like he likes his women(if he even likes women!!!!) She could lose weight and she would fit in with those other white women. She is White with Red Hair, she's rich she could afford Green eye contacts. Oh I forgot she is stumpy...she would have to wear high heels...would look kinda funny with heels and baggy pants and lard thighs.. huh?

Wonder why she is soooo jealous of me? jus because I am Comanche and "Baby" wants to claim being Comanche...I don't know what else to think. She can persuade him to go White....she likes them white and Black men.

The owl for the Comanche does mean a sign of "death", and especially when it swoops down upon you....and hoots. I wish her grandauther no harm, but I could care less what happens to the dirt bag....she is the devil himself.

It must be the Mexican in me, but I happen to love the Owl, never have been afraid of them. Once I got lost on East Range at Ft. Sill detouring because of Flood washing a bridge out, an owl flew down on a fence post(middle of day), you know how they turn their heads around, he was doing that as if giving directions, and when I slowed down he flew off as to say "follow me", around the next mile he was sittin on
another posts as if to show me the way. I love owls, Gods creation, but I hope they scare the holy "quethop" outta baggy ann, the she devil!


CM said...

Oh bag, yep 67 times!!!!

I forgot to mention one thing, do you realize this site is dedicated to yeagley who claims to be Comanche! You are the fool! You keep reading here...NO?

I think the best song that fits baby is "A MAN THIS LONELY" by Brooks and Dunn, his worlds been torn in two(White/Indian) and he does need somebody...maybe he already has that person huh? I think he does, but he likes you fighting for him, making a fool of yourself. I don't even fight you over him, but you keep bringing me up.

Myself, I prefer the rugged handsome redhead cowboy with the beard he's so sweet, so fine, so sentimental and country.


beakerkin said...


I am amazed at Ray. How does one pretend to be a patriot and believe the government killed its own people
on 9-11. How does this lunatic question my mainstream political views.

The attacks on Kidst (she designs ) were predictable.

CM said...


I know huh(ray), and the fool(bag) can agree with purple f. and NOT with you???crazies anyway the both of them. Who knows purple might even be yeagley or bag, they really have to make up names over there.

I think Ray is trying to keep the forum alive for his friend of over 30 years whom he can't figure out! Never contradicts him much, maybe just a wee and calls bag down just a wee. He just had to include you when she antagonized you to respond to her. Ray and yeagley are such wusses, they deserved each other.

Then theres the bag, trying to make a joke, hah, not funny if its from her, hell no.

I never paid much attention to the Truthers until your posts. yeagley fits right into the beliefs of these anit-American clowns, trying to be a shock jock. I Googled Truthers this morning and watched/listened to Bill Meyers. The man is so funny while serious. I miss his shows, I don't get HBO but my sister said is still on there. His take on the Truthers is so on....and he put his audience hecklers in their place or out the wonder he got fired, but he's so funny and its all true.

Now I have to get to work, Shoshones are coming to visit the Comanche Nation! Of course baby(yeagley) does not believe in our Relationship with our Shoshone relatives while 99.9% of the Comanche support this! He is such a quas(A**) in Comanche, I best be nice! Comanches don't have dirty words, but words that describe!


CM said...


For someone who said she was working toward being a lawyer, she will be a good one, liar, deceitful and tricks up her sleeve, no scruples..

She deleted the whole thread from 5/30/09 to 7/5/09 about the Hiawatha Insane Asylum Historical Marker. She did this after I posted for anyone to go and check it out because she called me a liar! Saying she did not say those things about MBTs' wife Mia. Actually no skin off my nose, but juss saying she is devious and has no morals and scruples....but of course we all already know that....but it also goes to show me and anyone who has read it that she indeed has something hanging over yeagleys' head, something very ominous so embarrassing that he has allowed her total authority over his site to delete her incriminating words against good people who are working toward a good project, merely because she thinks she can do better after it was all started.

She was jealous, she was taking over the Hiawatha Project and Canton Cemetery funds. The white woman married to a sioux/cheyenne had no business there! Her and her kids and white female friends. Then she says she quit because of ME...hah, me way down here in Oklahoma. Then she calls me a liar and proceeds to take the whole thread off! What made me curious was she complemented Mia and was going to buy the book being published.

Baggy ann is so devious, such an embarrassment to yeagley, but he can't get rid of her....curious as to what it is she has over him. Spill it out Bag!!!!You know you want to, his Badeagle is just about to close anyway just like your friend GMS.


beakerkin said...

More interesting is the disappearance of her pal little Adolph. It seems he annoyed someone close to home and could not stand the scrutiny.

Batty Ann's Nazi friend folded his tent and is likely watching the Boys from Brazil.

CM said...


The nut case put the whole Hiawatha Insane Asylum thread back....thats right, she has the power to take away and replace. She is Powerful. She ownes Yeagley.

Awwww...she didn't have to do dat or wittle ole me........wonder why she did it. I know why she took it away. because she called me a liar, I speak the truth, she had to remove her ugly rants denying she said them.

She is powerful, she holds the key to yeagleys heart thru his computor.....While most normal women think, to get to his Heart you go thru the stomach, ya know feed them a good meal....cater to him, put a pillow behind his head, massage his temples.....treat him like a baby. NOT BAGGY ANN....SHE GOES FOR THE COMPUTOR, THE REAL LOVE OF HIS LIFE HIS COMPUTOR!


CM said...


Goodmornin Naiche,

Hey you should visit the Comanche Fair. Trying to make sure we have all the camping just seems to disappear...nobody admists using it.

Every year I say were taking in just essentials. HAH.

Ah but the Crow People know how to camp....I wish I had time to shop for one of those white canvas tents that reminded me of the old Army tents we used to use looooooong time ago. Teepees and white army canvas tents...awsome! I saw a small one, just cute as can be maybe 10'by 10', smaller than the rest though. The lady sitting near it told me where to get it, but we just did not have the time.

Comanche fair will have for sure our nine Teepees from Housing Dept., were so proud of, aye! There will be other teepees of course, one for the Peyote meeting and familys will have theirs up, but the Crow Campsite beat any I've ever seen!

Hey did you notice the bag is leaving again, but she's acting all sentimental and posting songs and such, yet she still took the time to disrespect Ponee and his wifes' singing. I listened to it on Indianz, and I thought it was very good, the video shots and she is a good looking young Indian Girl, keeping to her roots, not acting all showy, but serene and beautiful. I never knew that the Dine' had been treated like the Comanche, all Apaches, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Cherokee! I need to read up on them, I just thought they were the peaceful ones. I thought the Pima, Maricopa and all the Desert Indians were not affected in the way WE were and never had the troubles our ancestors endured, I was wrong, I learn something everyday. Her song said a lot, and it was sad but beautiful at the same time, told a story like needed to be told, and the scenery made up for the sadness.

Too long now...that our stories have been kept to ourselves....All Nations need to speak, doesn't mean we want to take over, just express ourselves.

Batty ann sees things different as you might guess. She isn't the spotlight so she has to be negative. Hey.....and she's leaving again! Goodbye baggy ann, and its only YOU who will go to HELL....don't worry about fighting ME there!

Baggy ann will be leaving phase one of Hell she made here on Earth and entering the real Deal!

Fly your Flags tomorrow 9/9/11!!!!


CM said...




CM said...

Hi Beak/Naiche,

Yeagley is a strange one! Never said a word about 9/11...but goes on and on and tries to council on Marriage! I was married over 30 years....he can't tell me NOTHING NEW!

I'm not one to try to figure out the Bible, but Adam and Eve do not represent the "People", as far as I'm concerned. He stood by her and ate the apple, are we all made from their sin? If they didn't do "IT", how would they reproduce and WE be here? I do believe in a Higher Being, but.........

In yeagleys words, it would not be a sin/dirty, because they supposidly were white! Purist of blood ever flowed, clean, perfection...WHITE....WHITE....and chosen.

Only when people of Color reproduce he calls it Sin and dirty and anilmalistic! He could not bring himself to say "Love" between two people of Color.

I remember a Mexican(have his card somewhere)security was giving me info on the Plaza in San Antone, he said they have a statute "Quadalupe{Mother of Jesus) and she was Brown with a Green Robe, it is over 500 years old and is still same as new...even scientist are wondering why it looks new, he also mentioned Red Roses! What stuck in my mind was Mother of Jesus was BROWN!

Yeagleys' ancesters are from Germany, foreigners. His fathers pure, white, cleanest of blood would dominate. His roots are not Comanche(as he claims) he is Northeast Coast learned and educated, that won't change. He makes sure anyone who read his bio knows that part of his life. What I can't figure out is....why didn't he go back after his Mother passed? Go back to the lifestley that suits him, the concrete jungles....not the Plains of Oklahoma...nor Comanche Land! It shows in his uppity, arrogant, White, holier than thou attitude that WE COMANCHE INDIANS, are below him....why does he stay in red neck Oklahoma even?

There is really nothing for him with that attitude, in Comanche Land.


CM said...

Hi Naiche,

Looks like baggy ann has at least one friend "United Native?" Dang I had to be eating when I pulled up that face! Must be a siamese twin of baggy anns...same personality eh?

She's up to her nasty ole self, threatening again to expose whatever is in that private computor yeagley left at her apartment overnite and calling me vile names again. She's still trying to wean herself away from her lover(in her dreams). Yep she loves him, yet still insinuates he is gay, she is so frustrated with her own lust she IS GOING CRAZY! What is it that yeagley has that he can do this to a that crazy women.

I am Comanche, I'm on him like white on rice because I am Comanche....I was a late comer as far as knowing about him, seems like most others just don't give a damn, he isn't important as far as the big picture. I don't like the demeaning racist remarks he makes on his own people....MY PEOPLE THE COMANCHE.

She's wishing me ill health....I'm just fine in that department. Its her who has a infected diseased brain, and digging her own grave, with all the hate she has for almost everyone she comes in contact with.

She can't convince yeagley to come and live with her and her high lifestyle, so she attacks everyone, including him time and time again. He just ignores the whole bit...chewing on his apple, and grinning, loving every minute of her attacks on whomever! Gee, she has gone thru everyone, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e!

Gotta go lots of sewing, so dang much to do before the Shosone Reunion. I will never be ready! Oh well......


CM said...

Oh I forgot,

Did you see how ballistic the bag went over Taylor Swift? The little girl is so dang cute, the cutest face and smile, she reminds me of the little Indian girl yeagley fell for at the Tribal Complex. This little Indian girl has the same cute smiley face, beautiful she is, can't keep a job, but she is a beauty.

I think Kanye West and Talyor Swift would make a great couple, they both have beautiful smiley faces.

Eat your ugly heart out baggy ann. Yeagley just happens to love beautiful young girls, it not his fault you are not white enough or beautiful and too old...sides...thought you said he was gay! Stop your drooling over him.