July 10, 2009

Yeagley’s thickheaded view of race and evolution

from the Bad Eagle journal

Today, Bad Eagle dot org thought we’d take a look at David Yeagley’s peculiar brand of “reasoning” that seems to lead him to rather “interesting” conclusions albeit faulty ones. Much of the piano doctor’s blogger efforts revolve around race preservation for a mythical subset of beings called “whites” which of course do not really exist. Looking at the question from an evolutionary standpoint however, all humans are mixed, and any assertion of a pure “white race” is unsupported and unfounded speculation.

"No wonder nobody will play with you
if you insist on being white all the time."
YEAGLEY — “Is there a reason for race? We humans come in several varieties. Why? Is one better than another? What is the real function of race? I developed a course called “Psychology of Race” in 1997 for Oklahoma State University-OKC. It was a 2000-level course, designed to account for the existence of race and thereby to understand its purpose” (2003).
After reading this statement above, it’s no wonder Yeagley was fired from teaching anyplace. The ignorance of science shown above is astounding. Race, if there is such a thing (which is open to serious debate) would necessarily be the resultant product of a long evolutionary process of breeding by selection. In our case, nature was doing the breeding, not humanity, thereby defining this long hereditary process as “natural selection” as opposed to some other form of purposeful breeding. In other words, nature did it, and it seriously has no real purpose other than the hereditary continuation of life. To posit a “purpose” for race, ignores the basic understandings of science and evolution.
YEAGLEY — “I surveyed creation myths of the different cultures in the world, and also considered the basic scientific version of natural origins. I presented evolution as just the latest theory of origins. I thought logic suggested those humans who lived much earlier than we, obviously lived closer to whatever the origins were. They should have had a better idea of how things came about, or at least an idea to be considered equally valid as any that we now concoct” (2003).

This next statement above is completely laughable, and in fact I did laugh out loud when I read it. Again, Yeagley exhibits a fundamental lack of understanding in both logical thinking and evolutionary science. The so-called “theory” of evolution is actually an undisputed fact in normal conversation, it is only a theory in the scientific sense. In science, all posits of fact are theories because they are all subject to verification and peer review even if the evidence overwhelmingly supports the hypothesis.

For example, from a scientific view, it would be a “theory” that water boils at a consistent temperature, under a consistent barometric pressure and altitude. The exact tempertaure of boiling water is a fact, of course, but in scientific terms it’s labeled a “theory” even though it’s provable maybe 99.99% of the time. In other words, the evidence is so overwhelming that the temperature of boiling water is treated as a certainty — a fact.

Similarly, evolution is an overwhelmingly proven fact. Yeagley has mixed up a commonplace understanding of the word “theory” with the more rigorous scientific use of that term, without even realizing it. No wonder he was “let go.”
YEAGLEY — “St. Paul quotes Moses ... The reason for different nations (races and cultures) is to keep man separated, so ‘that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him and find him.’ ... But race does have a divine purpose. We should seek to fulfill that. To toy with race like we do, seems ominous to me ... so why make such desperate efforts to bring together that which God has declared separate, like race?” (2003).

Above, we finally see the crux of Yeagley’s imagination regarding race, that it is a theological and biblical “religious” category, not a biological or evolutionary consideration as in scientific inquiry. What Yeagley asserts is almost entirely bad science and unsupported religious proselytizing. No wonder his blog is suffering from inactivity, infighting and political marginalization. Yeagley has simply made his already mythical identity into something even more irrelevant. So long Bad Eagle.


Anonymous said...

I found this on a site yeagley and I believe Poe has, but when I responded to it, it disappeared! Of course I asked him about how he denied the word "HOLOCAUST" being linked to anyone but the Jew and especially the Native Americans!

It doesn't say where it came from or the author just this:

The Native American Holocaust Museum's purpose is the documentation, study and interpretation of Native American Holocaust history. It serves as a memorial to Native American Men, Women and Children that died or suffered or are suffering as a result of the Native American Holocaust. We define the Native American Holocaust as the systematic persecution and annihilation of Native American peoples through the colonization and assimilation process and concomitant invasion of our personal and tribal boundaries even after our death. The Museum's primary mission is to advance and share the experience and knowledge of what this horror has meant for Native peoples today; to preserve the memory of those who died or suffered; to offer comfort, support, encouragement and understanding; and to encourage its visitors to reflect upon the need for dignity of and respect among all peoples.

Millions of people indigenous to the borders of the United States of American and Canada died in the formation of these two countries. There were approximately 250,000 Native Americans alive in the year 1900. Today, in the United States alone, there are 7,876,568(per US Census) Native Americans people of 562 federally recognized Nations(per BIA).

The remaining indigenous Nations are reestablishing themselves through education, economic development and the exploration of what it means to be sovereign Nations. One fundamental campaign is reclaiming our identity. The constant objectification and dehumanization Native Americans suffer daily through through the ridicule and caricaturing of our culture and our people is part of the continuing Holocaust. This Museum site is dedicated to ending the oppressive regime of silence - silence due to fear - fear for our continued individual and group survival. Our desire to work, live, and raise our families can no longer be a impediment to our call for fundamental human decency. survival without dignity is not life.

I found this amazing to be on his site after he denies that that we as Native American were the first to suffer. He fights for the rights of mascots caricuture images of the Indians, he fights against the Indians' Economic development when it might infringe on the poor white peoples enviroment. They took and took our lands, but heaven forbid that we put an unsightly Casino next to them!

I don't understand the reason for this to be on...of all people...david anthony yeagleys' site....

Surely he has not changed his mind.

I copied it, but when I looked for it again, it was gone.


Anonymous said...

yeagleys' excuse for American not committing Genocide against the First Native Peoples is "the Euros dit it, not America" another laughable statement just as he says "Indians are not a Race, they are a Nation!" He is known to twist and turn his words until maybe one person might believe him.
That is how that kind works...if just one person believes me, they will spread the word..the white people lap it up, the Indians read and shake their heads in amazement!

A Nation is a Race and a Race is a Nation, thats all there is to that, no twisting and turning for me! I am Indian...born in American...so I am Native American Indian...my race is checked as this!

Its hard to believe he was a teacher of Humanity and Psycology!
Yes no wonder he was "let go", hey maybe Religion did have a say in that. When I get so frustrated with something and I don't know what to do....I always say to myself "LET GO, LET GOD".

You know if he had any experience, human experience, especially with the people who he claims(uses) the Native American Indian, he might have made something of his self in the Indian World by now. Almost sixty years old and he still has his nose so high in the air he is always, alwys tripping over his goofy educated self!

We were right here under his stuck up nose. All the education he could use(after his whiteman education)right here in his backyard, but "NO" he started off wrong, with his hate site, always supporting "Whitey" and poking fun of other Educated Professional Indians, denying that the Government ever had a Policy to anniliate the Indians! He isn't playing Devils Advocate, he was the Devil himself using his religion when things get to hot for him. He slinks back into his Religion Forum, or calls on the She Devil(bag) to get as dirty and vulgar as she can to divert the attention away from his ignorance.

The Native Indian People of this Land called America were in fact closer to the origin(lol), the white euros came, used, took our way of life but could never exterminate us, I believe it was the Great Spirits will. Leave it at that yeagley, accept us as we are....or Don't. You don't have to have our blessing, someone more powerful than a mere human is watching YOU!

If it were up to yeagley and not the Great Spirit, we would all be blond and blue eyed with transluscent skin....Ghosts and we would bow down to his communistic views.


Anonymous said...


A new Corporation: Recording, Film, T.V. Radio, Publishing!

Supposidly an educational facility.

yeagley can't even make the monthly meetings because of finances, he gave up a Comanche Home in lawton...just because(who knows why), when he did not qualify in the first place, when other truly homeless and needy people are on the waiting list, he got fired from O.U. because he would not listen to his superiors why should the Comanche Nation support this UNSTABLE UNPROVEN PERSON? In this expensive venture, Oh I could list much more it has all been said before.

yeagley stated on his site today, that he didn't have the gas money for another trip...shame, he thought this was the week-end of the Walters Homecoming, how utterly goofy with all his degrees, he took a trip with no air conditioning in over a 100% temp over a hundred miles for nothing. Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Just think....with all those degrees and he has no funds!


The words on his site will forever come back to haunt him! Talk about Ghost Dance! The white people he posts for do not know these things, but the Indians who read these things are appalled!

Ya know Nick T. has a great Webb site, except for his continued praise of yeagley, but I would back Nick, because I think he has a lot to offer to "his" Comanche people, but I believe yeagleys' name is detrimental to this venture, just as yeagley believes I am a liar....yeagley is a user, and a liar, how else would he qualify for a Comanche home when he already had a roof over his head? Just think....he could have taken that away from my son who has two babies and is on the list! My son will survive because he lives in my Comanche Home, and he has a good job, but just think of the other more needy Comanche Elders and children....yeagley didn't think of them when he lied on his application did he!


Anonymous said...


One of the yeaglys' members said he received e-mail from others and they think baggy ann is yeagleys alter ego....well hell I said this long time ago. Its my belief that she can post anytime she wants using his stamp or and password. Remember she got into his private computor when he left it at her apartment, I bet she stayed up all night copying everything personal into her notes for the book she will write and she can bring these notes out anytime he hints at disagreeing with her. Did you notice that he reprimands GMS profusely but never says a thing about baggy anns' vulgarity! Just think of "ALL" the nasty posts she has made, and the posts that Motoy continues with is worse than anything I have ever said....Motoys accuses and insinuates, projects and insists on something that should be a personal descision to NOT post a picture of themselves. No one should be allowed to posts a private address of a poster.

Tallsoldier did these things to me, my full name, married and maiden name, my address and he was NEVER reprimanded. Batty ann saw a picture of me on a Comanche site and has been making fun of my hair, my age my everything, saying I was holloring at a meeting, I was NOT....and even if I was, it is none of her business, it would be Comanche Business! yeagley Never reprimanded those two siouxs. yeagley banned me, because he could not get me to kiss his behind, and because I corrected him, he knows I am a full Blood Comanche Indian woman, he doesn't really know this about any of his other BE members(except for "Q") really being who they say they are. Motoy, unless he has met him personally, can say anything on e-mail and phone, even then its conjecture. The ones he's relied on and made allowances to(the two siouxs), ended up stabbing him in the back.(batty ann and Tall)

Yes Enditrix, it all falls under the catagory of intertainment, but with a dash of truth....lately they are chasing their tails after baggy ann did her usual thang....stirred the post and left for the hundreth time. She will come back after her stay at the Asylum, and act all innocent!

With all yeagleys' education, why this forum????why let it get to where it is????Nine years, now????time to let go, I would advise!

And he wants the Comanche Nation to foot the bill of a million dollars for his Media Project! When he can't run his own Forum, with four to five posters, which have to kiss his behind and pay to post!

Ya know I read to keep on top of Comanche Interests.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



At least he wants to sue, but no one will touch it because all the detractors are truthfull maybe with a tinge of "Indian Humor".

Baggy ann(put this on his site, ya hear now)He needs up front money....do you have enough to sue the Comanche Nation? Maybe his two friends Beak and Mark will help him.

yeagley is not a Patriot, if he was he would know that Truth is the American Way!

So yeagley wants up front money. Is that why he is asking for $l00.000.00 for his Media Project? He wants us to pay for his suit against his own, for he included me as a close friend of his detractors, he and baggy ann insinuated many times they are suing me also.

I need to visit with the I.T. Department and the College, the Newspaper and anyone else at the Tribe who might be interested to know that he is threatening to sue! For what....yes and I have many, many copies of his disrespect as well as his sioux friends posts, Chairman Coffey already knows him, he is still around. Oh, can't forget about Comanche Camp Crier, Dan Bigbee!

Later! Gotta go....lots of people to visit! I might have to start having fund raisers for my own lawyers....shame.... I am just as broke as yealgy.


Anonymous said...


Taivos' post on "whoa hold on a second" tells all! He puts the sanctimonious yeagley and the demented baggy ann in their place, with just his posts of today (7-20-09). Telling all about the founding fathers of this mighty country.

Baggy ann is squeeming in her skin, and yeagley is sitting on the edge of his piano bench praying for words for a comeback...Ha, ha.


Anonymous said...


I vote this name for replacing "Badeagle", THE MIGHTY FIGHTING SIOUX, WITH A LITTLE COMANCHE WARRIOR AS MASCOT, I can just imagine yeagley running around the gym with faux leather regalia, an owl headress and owl fan and no shoes.

Meaneagle, After all its nothing but the Bags' talking to herself and promoting the mighty sioux, and yeagley the noodle Comanche warrior fighting for the mighty sioux, where are all their Sioux men, she has to enlist non sioux to do her fighting for their mascot. Get this, they claim mascot and nickname are two different issues!!!!!They sure can bring up goofy statements to defend their views, ah well, like she said, "its a sioux issue" SO, WHAT THE HELL IS YEAGLEY DOING THE FIGHTING FOR???? WHERE'S MEANS? WHERE ARE ALL THE MIGHTY SIOUX MEN?

I read yesterday that the bag is taking a break, only to look in today and she is blasting away at Beakerkin, telling him to "Shut Up, Go Away, leave go to your own site". Such disrespectful outburst when she is caught in her own lies. Every statement she utters begins with An**s Sex. Every accusation she makes toward others is a mirror of herself, something she has done herself, yet she accuses others, no one is a nasty as her, no one dares(they would be told to "go away") no is nor wants to be that nasty!

Poor Sheila posts tries to stay in contact with her old buddies but is used by yeagley. He states for the hundreth time about careing for his mother for nearly a decade. He doesn't realize that this is nothing out of the ordinary for the Native American Indian Family of today! We all did it and still do it. Yet he wants special recognition common to most Indian families for his attention to her and brings it up every chance he gets. Well, I suppose it is the ONLY honorable feat he can claim as an Indian....He wants a cookie!

Interpretating baggy anns post: yeagleys' father hated Indians and Jews, so he sought out to differ with his views! I say, How brave of him to wait until his Fathers' demise to claim his Comancheness. Then I remember baggy ann telling me that yeagley once had a Jewish Love that broke his heart, is that truly why he loves them so much, and baggy ann Hates them and along with the Blacks, she claims are Jews? She is even jealous of his past love for a jewish girl she's never met and takes the hate out on Beakerkin, a Jew!

Naiche, baggy ann wants us to post on GMS' blog....so she can attack. She isn't satisfied with her attack on meaneagle. She is attacking and bringing names up trying to agitate people to post and fight her. She brings other posts over to yeagleys' site, but when others say they can transfer her ugly posts on too, she attacks with claws and her horns show, threats of doing them in....Ha. So there you go, she can and says anything she wants. She brings my posts over to try to demean me, but it makes her look more and more insane because yeagly banned me. He must miss Comanchemoon the 4/4ths Comanche. He banned me, yet I am still haunting his site... I have my hands tied behind me with wire! Just like the White People did to us Comanches long ago,,,,this little white man is still doing it with his site and this breed white woman keeps me in his face. He allows her to attack non posters with vulgar statement and lies yet won't allow them to respond. Not that any of us want to on respond, lest ways on his site. She is queen bee, and Guere best watch her back, she is getting a little too much attention. baggy ann will take her down soon... and she and yeagley will laugh and say she wasn't strong enough to fight back....you deserve anything you get.

Out of site out of Mind, she is the only one wants to post on GMS' blog.


Anonymous said...


I just now saw this pitiful post on his father. Indeed the apple does not fall far from the tree!

His father was a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP), from important ancestry! No surprise that yeagley is as prejudiced against his own Indian people and the Blacks when his father used the word "Nigger" in the home all his young life. He told yeagley his failures was becasue he was Indian! Allowing her children to be exposed by the use of Nigger constantly is not a good and loving Comanche mother. We just don't do that! Looks like his father was a Gestapo German type. His mother had to live that life.

Despite yeagleys' beliefs, Comanche people ARE the next door neighbor type. We ARE the same as a good Black neighbor or a good Jew or even heaven forbid a white Anglo Saxon Protestant neighbor. We are ordinary next door neighbors, but he would not know that. He never lived around the Indians, and all he knows of Indians is what baggy ann shows him and that is the indigent street druggies and alcoholics and prostitutes, so he believes we are all like that. He doesn't know any better. He would rather we be what he considers low-life.

It makes me no difference whether he and baggy ann win their fight for the "fighting sioux". It belongs to the Sioux, it means nothing to the Comanche Indians. He is a fool fighting another Nations battles. He is not fighting for the American Indian, just his own selfish agenda.

One wonders why he even brings up this pitiful story, except that he wants something from the Indians! He gets no pity from this 4/4 Comanche female!


Anonymous said...


The looney characters, baggy ann and.........who's left????

She attacked Guere like I predicted and poor stupid Paulus(to think I once called him "sweet") are scratching each others eyes out. All Yeagley can say is, "I have no control over Ikonboard", which in turn, gives baggy ann a chance to load up more ammunition. He knows what he is saying, and allows her nastyness and uglyness. He knows she represents the Indians to his white readers. He wants his white readers to see how low down dirty and vulger the Indian can get. He NEVER explains to his white readers that she represents only the SIOUX NATION,
THE MIGHTY FIGHTING SISSETON SIOUX NATION. His claim to being jealous of the Indians and wanting them to maintain their own, his pride of claiming to be Comanche is a complete lie. No one who is proud of being Indian would allow such a vulgar beast to speak the way she does. She is but a Breed. Real Indians, even the Sioux are too proud a people to speak the way she is allowed, unless they are hungry, drunk, drugged or just plain unhappy with who they are. Yet that is no excuse for yeagley to allow her nastiness to prevail while all others are called down. What is it with that demon she devil that yeagley can't understand, when all others try to tell him? She makes his site really BAD, just drop the Eagle.



Anonymous said...


Today was busy. Nick Plata a Comanche man who works at the Wichita wildlife refuge took several of us on a dry run to see what might be interesting to show our Shoshonie visitors during our Shoshonie/Comanche Reunion coming up in September. I enjoyed the ride since most of the time I am doing the driving. The Wildlife Refuge is beautiful and I love the big gigantic boulders and the canyons. We saw so many buffalo and baby calves, long horns, a couple of baby deer and of course lots of ground hogs, one lady is part Shoshone, she said "we best not show them those groundhogs because they like to eat them". We took a ride up Mountain Scott so we could time it. The time allotted is supposed to be a two hour tour, we were enjoying it so much I think it turned out to be four hours at least!

I left the group and went to Ft.Sill. I wanted to see a Museum dedicated to the Indians in the area. Its shown by appointment only, but Mr. Spivey was in his office and he took me for a tour(I wish the group had come too). Quanna Parkers clothes was on a replica of him, his actual clothes! There was a section dedicated to Geronimo. His gun and holster and other items, it was awesome, I loved it! Another section dedicated to Naiche! I told Mr. Spivey "I know Naiche" he kinda looked at me goofy, but I do know of you, right.. at least thru the internet. I wished I had my camera, to show the others, but he told me to bring them for a visit. It is still a work in progress, and maybe you will be able to see it when you visit! Thats what I wanted to tell you, I don't know if you would approve of seeing Geronimos' and Naiches' possessions' behind a glass display, but I thought it was utterly awesome, and they did live in this location below Medicine Bluff. I hope you can one day see it.


Anonymous said...


"It has been a living hell and nightmare for me over nine years at badeagle.com. I do not want anyone to side with me that is not me. I am still not trusting anyone yet, except G.M.S., I am slowly letting go of badeagle.com and Dr. Yeagley and it feels good. It feels good to finially relax and realize that I harmed my own self and reputation for a man that had no honor in defending me and yet I battled for him. What a great dishonor to me and my family. I guess there comes a time when the Creator finially opens ones eyes and says to move on and live our own lives. And it feels good to see that yellow rose, it inspires one to belive in themselves and to know they are free to go anywhere to be who they are and finially live! It will take a few more days to let go of the past but I am moving on. And it will be a blessed day when I can finially get away from B. I. and never have to feed her anymore food for her to hate on me. She wants doc, there he is, he has always been there, I do not want him and hope to be just free now.(baggy ann said this on 7/23/09 and today 7/24, she is still on badeagle! blasting lies on me!)

She says she will start a site just for MOI', she is giving yeagley to me but again!!!!!(how many times has she done this). She clearly states that she want to be FREE, yet is still yapping at me! I truly am driving her MAD, INSANE! Those bread crumbs are closing in on you baggy ann.

Baggy ann has loved yeagley for nine years thru all her many husbands she still clings to "her David!". Get this clear baggy ann, NO ONE WANTS HIM BUT YOU! You live in a fantasy world with just you and your David! You will NEVER stop defending him. I will NEVER stop telling truths on him as long as I see him using the Comanche Nation for his own agenda, NOT for the good of the Comanche Nation, final, is that CLEAR enough!

Now you are clinging to a Yellow Rose Of Texas,LOL. Honoring a Yellow Rose of all things which helped you to see the light,LOL, when no Human could do that! Thats Gueres' Yellow Rose. Hey...did you know that the Comanche were the first family to set foot on Texas soil? Did you know that the Comanche had the first flag of Texas? It was a Red Flag, so actually Texas should say "Seven flags over Texas" not "Six Flags over Texas!" Texas has made Peace with the Comanche Nation, we will NEVER have our land back, but it will ALWAYS belong to us in our Hearts! I love every inch of Texas, especially the Hill Country, San Marcos, Fredricksburg where the Comanche roamed!

Rest in Peace thundersky, firefly, dragon fly or whatever!

You really should use the OWL, or SKUNK, the mighty Buffalo is too good a creature for the likes of you! !LOL...yes you keep feeding me!LOL


Anonymous said...


I thought when surrounded by quotes, that means the person said it. I don't think Obama said "YOU DON'T EXIST", to the American Indian! Quite the opposite, I believe!

Yeagley lies and uses the Native American, now he is using pictures of Geronimo and his Warriors. I know damn well if any Apache saw this on his site they would not appreciate it for being used! I know how this feels, because he does the same thing by using the Great Comanche Nation. This is his way of Dramatizing his own feelings and blaming Obama! Yeagley Hates Black people, he and baggy ann says so many times all over his site.

I could care less how he uses the Sioux Nation, if they won't speak up for themselves, they deserve him. Its my belief that he is paving a way for the Foreigners to come to the Rez and take it over, he is using baggy ann and the indigent street people and those illiterate for his Foreign friends, he could not pull this over the Comanche people. We are not on reservations and we are not indigent nor drunkards. Oh, he tried with his Swiss Fangar production, but he got kicked in the behind. Now he is trying another approach....we just have to see where his Media Project ends up!!!!!!Trashed....I hope.

yeagley takes every opportunity to use the Mexican, Native American Indian and the Blacks
in his hatred agains our Black President.

I truly resent being used like this. He thinks Indians are low-down and below him, but he takes every chance to use the Native American to his advantage, doesn't he? He uses baggy ann to let his white readers see how low-down and dirty Indians can get, shame, shame, but she is a Sioux Breed, not really Indian at All!

yeagley is so consumed with jealousy against our President Obam whom the World loves and who yeagley claims is a Foreigner! What about his foreign Friends who did that stupid Fangar Swiss Production???
Against the Comanche Nation and other Native Indians of America?

He is probably in his Church letting the women wash his big feet ....curious custom!!! Do they kiss his feet like baggy ann does and paint his toenails pretty pink? How does baggy ann stand another woman touching her mans' feet, when she is so jealous and possesive of him on this site, just curious?

Curious custom, and yet has the nerve to make fun of the Comanche Religion and tear apart our beliefs. Why....I oughtta...........and one day I will!


Anonymous said...


George T. a very handsome young Comanche Boy indeed. The whole Comanche Nation is Proud of this young man. People used to talk of the late "Doc Pewewardy" in the same way, he was also a boxer in his younger years, I bet he was an inspiration to young George T!

I remember the pride in Wallace Coffeys' voice last Saturday at Walters Pow-wow when he told the audience he was going to the "Falls" to watch George box. Pow Wows going on all over the place but Wallace said "I'm going to the Falls".

Georges' looks are very similiar to another handsome young Indian man Rudy Youngblood. Georges' exhibition dance gives me chills every time I see him. His dance moves are similiar to his Uncle George T.s', and hey....Rudy is a great dancer too.

yeagley mentions George T. today 7/26 on his Comanche Forum, but as always he ends up demeaning the Indian, he always does that, it seems his jealousy holds no bounds, how old is yeagley now 58/59...thats almost 60 years old, yet he still can't give the Comanche Indian a compliment without ending with snarly slurrrrrr.

If anyone was going to protest our handsome young Comanche boxer, it would be YEAGLEYS' friend the proffessional activists author of vulgarity and proud fighting sioux baggy ann, she is a professional fighter and don't forget author of unplublished writings....more like unpublished vulgar threats against all her enemies!

How DARE Yeagley compare George T. to Illiniwek, an ignorant white man dressed up in faux fringes painted face and war bonnet running and high stepping aroung the arena. George T. is pure Blood Comanche, not a fake wannabee like YOU YEAGLEY! HOW DARE YOU MAKE FUN OF HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS! YOU JEALOUS OLD WHITE MAN WANNABEE COMANCHE. Grrrrr, you making me very angry white man, good thing you cut your long grey locks, else I would come after that scalp, might have to anyway.


Anonymous said...


Geronimo is a fitting name for your cat. We have a litter here someplace! The mother keeps moving them. Same as Geronimo when he moved his Peeps for safety! His family and his Nation he loved and their best interest was first in all his decisions. It was the White man who tricked him. He was compassionate, and loving family man when allowed to be! Just think after all he had gone thru.....hard to imagine! Indians are just special, thats all there is to it. Forgiving to a fault!

Yeagley needs to keep his comments to the Comanche People, unless given permission by other Nations to be used. Apparently the mighty fighting sioux has given him permission to do their fighting for them, not enough mighty sioux men, yeagley has to take the lead...shame...

He reminds me of a cross between little Napolean and King Henry Vlllth.

Napolean: Trying to be mighty this and that but failing mightily in the end.

King Henry the Vlllth: chopping of womens heads when they disagreed or he had no further use for them, and keeping only one that kneeled at his feet, cleansing them, saying to him, something to the effect that men are the image of God therefore ALL women should be obedient. Women, since creation, are subject to the men! Learn only from the MALE, bow down and kiss his feet. I wonder was that the beginning of Adventism? Do what I say not as I DO! Yeagly(AKA) king henry and the one and only female queen baggy ann are like watching an old, old opera, her lamenting vile evilness. Always on her knees begging to be recognized or forgiven by him. I think the bugs in her wig and the fact that they never bathed is getting to her. She wants to be a yellow rose, but she stinks bad!

Yeaglys' main theme is to keep the viscious savage image in the white face. His fight for using the Squaw, Savage, Redskin, Illiniwek, Mascots and saying drunken Indian, brown is a beastly bore, Indian men are the bottom of the barrel hang around the Fort Indian waiting for rotten meat and handouts is his claim to fame....at least to his white readers, Indians either know nothing about him, or hate what he stands for.

HOW IS IT OK FOR THIS WHITE BREED TO SPEAK OF INDIANS IN THIS MANNER? YET HE SAYS WE ARE CRYBABIES LIVING IN THE PAST. I would think using the Mascot image is living in the Past. Its just sports right? However if I was sitting next to a white person screaming "Kill the Savage"
"Scalp the Redman", I would feel pretty damn angry. I AM the real deal(Indian) and they know it, yet they intimidate in that way, because like yeagley, HE KNOWS HE CAN! He is untouchable on his all White site of White People, and one stupid breed sioux. Indians follow the white man laws, THEY..WHITE PEOPLE are protected!


Anonymous said...

Good Mornin Naiche,

Yep, baggy ann makes comments but never give any details, ennit. I think she is all talk and big shot behind the computor, but is chicken shyyt in person.

Hey I kinda feel left out, she mentions us in her fight to Beak but she is concentrating on him. Beak has done nothing wrong and betty anns'latest outburst on him says it all from her point of view, yet yeagley ignores her uglyness and rebukes Beak yet again. I don't know how Beak can remain yeagleys friend, I really don't know yeagley treats him with disdain and the uggly bag he treats like a "LADY". All I know is God is watching, maybe yeagley is not CHRISTIAN at all. If he is treating Beak with disdain because of me commenting on his site(Beaks') that is totally wrong, he does not allow freedom of speech on his site except to baggy ann and Ray.

His Blog of 7/2/09 about himself(of course)is nothing more than crying around like a baby. He is defending himself because of all the uglyness baggy ann has spread about him. His being gay, people attacking his family, him having a live in lover, no child, is celibate, no eroticism or porno. ALL THIS HE HAS TO PUT OUT THERE BECAUSE OF THE LIES BAGGY ANN HAS BROUGHT FORWARD ABOUT HIM. THESE ARE ALL HER LIES!

HE says "The intensity of their aversion(his enemies you and me and I guess everyone) has found expression in professional libel, slander, calumny(?), and unending stream of false accusataions and a juvenile delinquent style of hatred, not without of sexual perversion(FOR THESE THINGS, I INTEND TO SUE)

Well...all I have to say to that is he damn well best include betty ann owens gross, she stated ALL of these eliqations in print and over the phone to me!

Like I said, he is crying over spilled ice cold beer bud light. He wants pity. Always wants pity, always bringing up his illness, we heard it all before!

He mentions the love of the Lord, Holy Spirit....why does he not call the bag down with all this love he has, it might stop her uncalled for attacks and save his site. People can not respect him for his feigned ignorance of her, and his disrespect of the only person on his site that is actually making sense, Beak!

He says "many people consider Indians the lowest of the low(I know that most other non-white ethnic groups here consider the Indian benieth them in every way blah, blah, blah, they must disdain the Indian blah, blah,the sexual nature of American Indians)particularly the women) has been a object of fancy since the days of Columbus(buh). People just expect easy sex from the Indians blah, blah, blah for nothing more but for the personal pleasure of the perpetrator."

Well all of that leads back to his bestest friend baggy ann, nothing to do with the rest of the Respected Native Americans of other Nations, just the Sioux women led by baggy ann thats it!

I have to cut it short, American Indian Expo Parade this morning! I want to see the best "indian car", gaaaah, I think it has to be running on its own, but I bet its going to be pushed by big Indians. It will be fun. Then I have to run back to Lawton to pay my deposit on the trip to Crow Fair, now that will be awesome.....more of that later....Comanche bus loaed with the best!


Anonymous said...

ASS:essment Blog!


Its Hardly believeable that he has left the statements posted by rjules, CDIB and Geno on his Blog. They tell it like it is. yeagley just doesn't get it though....I wonder how can a person be so dense when so many people tell him to his face and on the public airways(radio and net) that he is wrong, wrong, so wrong!

He makes statements that show "his" feelings like...."white people will always prefer to be around white people, this is an Indian site"...duh, where are the Indians???? Soon it will be just him and baggy batty ann. Two 1/2 Breeds if that!

I think yeagley is losing his marbles. batty ann is moving in, lock stock and barrel to take care of him in his last days, getting rid of all his friends that tried to maintain, its just not worth it anymore! They did not like her at GMS, she found that out, it was all pretence with her and them! She comes crawling back to badeagle on her belly for the thousanth time, hanging her red head in shame, at least "I" was shamed for her. I wonder if she drinks constantly? Saying goodby,(the last time was last evening) she must BE drunk and never remembers...buh!SHAME!

Beak is a decent and honorable man, but even a decent man can take only so much. I for one hopes he leaves, if even for a while, let batty ann keep yeagleys' head above water, let her bring her sioux and street people friends to his home, after all she dirted it for them. Maybe thats what yeagley needs, new Breeds, No Comanche for sure, just sioux. No oldies but goodies, just baggy ann and her special friends!

He definately has to take away the Comanche Forums. We are too Honorable and clean for the likes of her. As soon as I see this is done, I will NEVER read his site again!

Let baggy ann run the show out in the open, proudly, why pretend it belongs to yeagley, when it clearly does not!

He needs to caution the readers though, "THIS IS FOR ADULTS ONLY". baggy ann gets too discriptive in sexual perversion or just plain vulgar language for young readers, though her kids are allowed to read and laugh at it all. Isn't that contributing to minors, I would think so.


Anonymous said...


I forgot to mention the Comanche Media. baggy ann seems to know more about Comanche business than she needs to. yeagly must be crying on her broad shoulders. He is so damn stupid even discussing this with her. Again he is giving her food for fighting his fight, since he is too chicken shyt to confront me at the meetings, he knows me, I am always be cordial and amiable, he is to proud to speak to me in person, but can have her bad mouth me, while he sits back, I am really getting a little tired of them bringing me up all the time. In fact, I will talk to our lawyers, whom I am friendly with for a little free advise. I want them to leave my name off their site. Vulgar, nasty attack after attack is getting old. He claims I lie, I have never told an untruth about him and his family. She has though, he has to know this...she says its me, when in fact it is her, she lies and he believes her. I truly am getting tired of it, today he even ventures to say "CM" lies and states untruths.

The bag has to do his talking on the net where he is safe! I have no problem with confronting him, I just thought he doesn't want to be bothered, but I can bother him if thats what he wants. She making me out like I am afraid of him. I know everyone at the Tribe, I am not a stranger. We don't all have to have a love fest and like each other to speak and be cordial. The T.A. and I can talk about anything as well as the Chairman, and any of the CBC. I am an involved Comanche, I love my people.

Yeagley I am telling you to leave my name off your site, and stop your damn dog from using it also.... I'm not asking you I am TELLING YOU!!!!!

He must telling her I ruined his chances at the Media Project, for her to project this. Of course I do have my opinions. Like I said before, I will make calls, that is my right as a Comanche Tribal member. I spoke to people at the College, I spoke to the T.A. and the Chairman. I gave them my opinion. I have my reasons for not supporting this venture, at the CBC meeting, I mentioned to all in the room 75 to a 100 people maybe more! If David yeagley wants to be involved why does he not support the Comanche College, where was he the last four years in their Film festival or any of their events? You need to support events and make yourself known and be involved, start out small, not just come and think you can take over!

Yeagley makes fun of all Economics ventures of the Tribe, like he can do better, yet he hasn't proven himself in any way shape or form to the Comanche People in his own life. He concentrates on the sioux nation, who I seriously doubt take him seriously. As much as baggy ann lies who can belive her when she says "the sioux are his friends and each and every one love him?HAH, I say....lies, lies and more lies.


The_Editrix said...

Interesting discussion going on here.

Anonymous said...

Oh Editrix,

I could say so, so much more.
Can you believe yeagley feigning innocence, he did the same thing when Barbra Duggan found him being mentioned on a Gay site, they said "he was cute as a bugs ear".LOL Then her stupidness bag, thinks I place him on all kinds of anit-yeagley sites...I NEVER did, but he believes HER.

I just got thru watching the return of the two young reporters and before that reading Beak. So naturally I am all teary....Beak is a breath of fresh air after yeagley. I hate it that her heiness of treachery tries brings uglyness to him and his love.

I know he knows she(bag) lies with every breath she takes, she is an unhappy person. I have to keep on top of yeagleys' posts in order to relay the message to our Comanches, they know of him, but most have nothing to do with him, those that do know him, have absolutely nothing good to say! I do not relay lies, I resent him saying this....I have repeated what baggy has said to me....if they are lies she started them not I. I was raised by a loving Comanche Mother and Father, I am a Mother, I love my three children more than life. Her life has been nothing but strife and she blames all normal people for it.


Anonymous said...


Beak said it best when he said "when there is a wedding baggy ann has to be the bride, when there is a funeral she has to be the corpse!"

She is center of attention now, no one dares to blink an eye on yeagleys site. All have to agree with them(bag and her little man) praise him worhip him never have an opinion of your own or simply worship the air waves of the white supremists. What happened to his disrespect of the Native American???? Suddenly those two are really trying to back track on their past. They blame all the hate on his detractors when in fact if you read all the dirt, it leads back to baggy ann, no one else but baggy ann owens.

She is making statements as if she honors the Indian, giving those white people hell...isn't that who she hangs with now, the white women?

She is praising Ecology and Ray F. Soon she will attack. Talk about the Exorcist, that is her in a nutshell, Linda Blair. Everyone who has ever read her attacking, then apologizeing then attacking movements later. Attacking even yeagley disrespecting him then returning the next sentence...competely ignoring what she just blurrted out? He ignores it all....her antics, yet jumps when she tell him how high! Hard to believe she is encourageing him to do Comanche issues, very strange indeed. I see he is taking her up on that! He is attacking the Comanche Nation College but again using others. He does not realize that the lady has a personal vendetta against the College just as he does. The Comanche College can't fund her Crafting lessons so she gets angry, and he has personal vendettas against nearly any Comanche in a high position, because they know of him and his ideas, ideals most are unwilling to work with him, yes they may listen, but thats it. He claims they are stealing his ideas. ha, ha. If they are(which they aren't), I say good for them too. He knows nothing about the Comanche Business or issues except when he comes for a couple of times a year to a meeting! No one approaches him except "Q". He then leaves and makes fun of the Comanche on his forums for all to see, airing dirty laundry, airing issues that should be kept at a Comanche meeting. Never compliments, just crying around about himself, his treatment, his this and his that! I would be ashamed to let his white world know that the Comanche People just don't want anything to do with David Anthony Yeagley, the white supremist, anti- American, Anti-Indian.

Gotta go,


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm back, junk baby aks baggy ann owens gross


All Comanche are cordial to you, you take advantage of that kindness don't you? That's ok, were used to doing for and catering to the White People when they want to partake of our Traditions, no one is ever mean to them(YOU). Many whites are adopted members of the Indian Dance Organizations. Indians are known to use them(whitefolks) for their finances too, don't cha know.... of course you do, you just want to jump at CDIB for anything at all. Every word CDIB types is factual as far as I can tell...and I should know, I know everyone in Comanche Land. I'm not saying they are all my bosom buddies, but I know them, or their families.

yeagley keeps mentioning CM, who is CM? Can't he just forget about CM? No he can't forget CM! Baggy ann won't let him forget CM! He has to disrespect CM constantly in order to keep feeding his dog, baggy ann. HE OWES BAG, BIG TIME. He has to keep her satified in his trash talk on CM. baggy ann loves to hate on CM for him too, although he's starting to show some balls in that area, getting brave enough his own damn self and mentions CM constantly, almost every post. best watch out davey boy....baggy ann is reading and she won't like her man typing CM so constantly....You want to forget me??? It's me who won't allow that. It has nothing to do with baggy ann, she is just a prop. She is just the messenger! KILL THE MESSENGER.

yeagley knows who I am, who I know and what I stand for! My heart is with the Comanche Nation. I am looking out for the Comanche Nation, while baggy ann only looks out for yeagley(her hearthrob). Always watching your backside, pitting you against all your former friends. Now you are left alone with only baggy ann, but hey....surprise....that is how she wants it....she is in her own heaven.

You don't even know nor would you care, that she super impose the articles she brings to you(now on Indz.com the same)with her own remarks and headings, leaving out pertinant information, allowing only what she wants you to see. That is deceitful and treacherous and lying in your face, making you even more a fool to believe anything she puts in front of you King Henry Vlll.!!!

And you THANK HER!LOL, amazing!


Anonymous said...


Has anyone but moi noticed the uncanny resemblance between these two men?

Now this is my own opinion and amature research and own musing, I am serious in my opinion. I have heard this on CNN all week and immediately thought of yeagley, but until yeagley conveniently put this on his own site, I didn't get the complete details. To my untrained eye, these two men are mirror images.

1. yeagley Hates Blacks.
2. yeagley is celibate, he made this public this week, on his blog.
3. yeagley hates women and dislikes children and their noise!
4. yeagley is a loner, and a frustrated old man!
5. yeagley is a Social failure.
6. yeagley painted himself into a corner w/baggy ann beside him.
7. yeagley NEVER had sex!
8. Never masturbates??? but Sodini does after watching a hottie from a distance!
9. Not able to work toward what he wants in life..always "chasing the Wind" his own poem.
10. Had "DAD" problems too!
11. Mother was very , very dominating.
12. A need for male companionship seems greater than his need for a woman(baggy ann acts talks and acts like a man chief, he accepts her)poor thang!
13. slept alone all his life, he stated that also recently!
14. He wants someone to give him real constuctive critism. baggy ann compliments him profusely, and he knows she is lying.(I would be very afraid if I were her)
15. Found the wrong match on the Internet(bag!)
16. Likes much, much younger women(bag is too old, and used)
17. Yeagley is a true Rockerfeller Syndrome:oppressed, unloved and unemployed.
18. Stay away from that bad wo-man(baggy ann)or you will go berserk! toooooo late!


yeagley must have wanted his readers to see this, after all he pointed them in the right direction, does anyone but I see the resemblance?????I know his loyal kissers won't say a peep, strange, I think I am the only Honest reader.

Here it is, read for yourself:

Shame....yeagleys' friends most likely see the resemblance, yet not one say a thing!

Some one needs to take that daisy BB gun and lock it up and SOON!


beakerkin said...

Yeagley is a tale of great potential wasted by poor judgment. Had he ditched the racist hatred of Blacks and kept better company he could have been somebody.

Great idea, great packaging but lousy substance.

Of course I do not consider myself to be an enemy. He must take a serious look at the antics of the BAG in fostering the efforts of his foes.

I would love to see him renounce the racist foolishness and embrace
American values.

You and Naiche and any other Bad Eagle friend are welcome at my site. I really do not care about the BAG as she is a nobody.

She is Eva Braun and will be staring in her own movie "Dances with KKK clowns" or Baboons in the midst.

Try and look up recent pictures of the BAG. She is clearly not as attractive as she thinks and is quite ugly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beak, Naiche,

You of course read what he said about the Crow Indians giving Black sounding names to their kids. A slap, just another uncalled for racist remark! He never said a damn thing to baggy ann when she was bestowing Indian names to his stupid white posters!

Hey, is "Ned" a Black sounding name, I think sooo!

I know I say "white" a lot myself, please don't take it wrong, its just a description, I really don't mean it to be racists. I'm Indian, you're white, thats what I mean, it not meant to be negative.

I found the clip of the Black Eagle Crow couple adopting Obama and visiting Washington to see their son Sworn In. Its cute, and when they took a moment to see the sights. "That's where your son lives," Mary, 74 told her husband as they glimpsed the White House on their first trip to Washington. Her husband Hartford Black Eagle 75, replied, "There are a lot of ghosts in there." Its a very sweet story.

Hartford is a Spiritual healer and had been given the crucial, sacred responsibility of christening Obama with a Crow name. The story goes: As it happened, "Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish" was the name Harford chose. It reflected Hartford's own travels as a healer, and translates as: "ONE WHO HELPS PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THIS LAND". I know your not too pleased with Obama thus far, but your not hateful like yeagley is on our new President. Yeagley was not very respectful to the Crow Nation in his remarks, he could at least show respect for this couples' age if nothing else. He shames me, maybe if I meet them I shouldn't tell them I am Comanche, naw I am too Proud, I will blurt it out and I'm from Oklahoma yeah! They know nothing about yeagley, I'm positive.



I am getting my rags ready for my trip to Big Sky Country, I am going to the Crow Fair! Billings Montana, Pow-Wow, Parade, tour battlefield sites, museums, Devils Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Spearfish, S.D.(? Oh NO baggy ann?) canyon ride, Yellowston park(maybe). I hope to maybe meet this Crow family Mary and Hartford and get their autographs. Surely they will be at Crow Fair! Never been there before and I am so excited! I have heard about the hundreds of Teepees all over, and now I will actually see them! Its an Indian thing, I know, but in this beautiful country, there is something for everyone, and being Indian is all I ever want to be.

Too bad yeagley can't figure out what he want to be when he grows up! Hey..... he is grown....almost 60, but he has a "bag" around his neck, dragging him down, poor fellow!


CM said...


Baggy ann wrote a book and published it on yeagley forum today! She carries on about all the Indian women who married soldiers. I remember discussing this with her because Lawton is a Military Town and lots of Indian women did marry the soldiers. She turns it around and told yeagley I called his mother a Whore! That as the most dispicable unforgiven lie, that made me Hate her. He believes her to this day, now she uses this information in her memoirs!

But more than that she is beggin his past Indian posters to come back to him. Who in the hell would do that when he allows her to attack with her nastiness, NEVER calling her down. He does the same by deleting those who disagree with him who are REAL Indians. NO, she might lure unsuspecting newbies with her oh so delightful tale of woeful lies and of course she and teddy Bear are there, but if teddy gets a little too cuddly with yeagley she will shred his innards and hang them up to dry then eat later, she don't give a rats ass about the old posters coming back, she is in her glory right now. She has done all the damage she can ever do, but he is not innocent. He is as evil as she. In reading Beaks Blog, It makes me happy to know that I was not the only former poster that saw yeagley for what he was. I was delighted though sickened to read what Alligator had to say, especially about the "Lusus naturae" comment that yeagley mouthed. He really does hate children, I thought he was just being contrae to Indians because we Love our little ones more than Life itself. No matter if they are half white, black or yellow or blue. We are too lenient with them, because we want them to enjoy being children. Speaking of, I had two Grandones spent the nite, now two more are coming over to play. I still have to pack my rags for my Crow Trip, but what the heck!!!!!

I woke up this morning and thought that I missed the bus, we are supposed to meet at 6 a.m. Monday morning, I'm having three people call me at 4:30 to wake me up. I am so excited, it will be a pleasure to let someone else do the driving. Gotta go!


CM said...

Hi Naiche,

Here at CROW COUNTRY The trip up was Great! Our Comanche Nation Bus has a beautiful picture of Warriors and Horses and buffalo and the Moon and other pics. We traveld in style, on the side it says "COMANCHES ON THE GO" and each stop people were taking pic of our bus!

We toured the Battlefields sites today, it was awesome and took many pictures, and of course had to visit gift shops, and our Indian guied(forgot his name) but he is Crow, took us all over and thru the Crow Nation grounds. Many, many Teepees, the most I have ever seen all at once! The Fair doesn't even start til Friday. Of course were eating all the time. Even met an old friend from years ago, he owns a Gift shop, Kiowa, good to see a friend from long ago. He said this was much easier than working the tractor and fields from long time ago, so good to see him! What a surprise. Tomorrow we will go on a boat ride up the canyon, forgot the name of the canyon, and another historical site, Sharpin Knifes!

Friday someone has invited us to eat breakfast at the campsite, then parade and pow-wow. Saturday, I (and I hope others) will register for what they call Tee-Pee Creepers Run, but I will walk! I want a free t-shirt! So far its been a blast, good people traveling together, one Pawnee and a couple of Kiowas and the rest Comanche.

These Crow People are Awsome! My eyes are bulging out! Best of all I don't have to worry about what to wear, just jeans and of course my cowboy hat and fit right in, just stylin, better than carring an umbrella!

Oh, I see baggy ann is still ranting and raving. Now Motoy wants me to answer him and dispute what baggy ann is saying on GMS blog, hell I don't even read it anymore, so I don't know what she is saying and care not a bit, she claims someone from oklahoma is giving her information on me. She is such a liar, she is having a hissy fit all by herself on badealge. No one to fuss with anymore, poor bytch!

Gotto Go,


beakerkin said...

I want to point out some of the comedy at Bad Eagle

1) Yeagley has accused me of trying to steal readers.

I do not write about Indian matters so many of the readers would have marginal interest in my site. The traffic from my site to his is probably higher.

None of the active participants in my site have been on his site for years. They left for the same reasons

2) Yeagley is no friend of mine.
He needs to ponder if much of the anti Yeagley animus is indeed fostered by the behavior of the BAG.

Most of us have better things to write about than the baboon BAG and the incoherent Dr.

3) A person who consorts with Batty Ann should not lecture anyone about Character.

4) The Yeagley is gay material was started by Betty Ann.

The_Editrix said...

Yeagley has accused me of trying to steal readers.

I do not write about Indian matters so many of the readers would have marginal interest in my site. The traffic from my site to his is probably higher.

You know, following that logic from the nuthouse nobody who has ever posted at ViolentHummingbird (That's for you, Beak!) can legitimately start his own webpage. I bet my "Waffling Warrior" travesties boosted his stats no end. That was one important reason to stop them.

What he is doing now is following the classic leftist line of "Something bad has happened to me, it must be somebody else's fault." Truth is, he is so effing boring and such an intellectually dishonest clown that he chocked out any contributor of substance over time. He thought he was unimpeachable (or is it intangible?) and that he could deal with people as it pleased him, like any good megalomaniac who has lost touch with reality does. Had he left me alone, I'd never given him a thought again. But he didn't. That some -- then -- totally insignificant blogger from Germany chose not to contribute any longer to his efforts was such a violation of his sickly inflated ego that he went after me, and while the trainwreck we are currently watching is certainly not solely my doing, I think I have made the world a little bit better by contributing to it. Hardly ever has such good a deed cost me so little time.

His choice!

Beaky, did you ever give it a thought who put Betty Ann on the "Beak is gay" track? I know a certain friend of hers who obsessively sees homosexuals everywhere. That poor woman hasn't two braincells to rub together, so think of it.

The_Editrix said...

Dear Beverly,

You say: "I know he knows she(bag) lies with every breath she takes, she is an unhappy person...I have repeated what baggy has said to me....if they are lies she started them not I. I was raised by a loving Comanche Mother and Father, I am a Mother, I love my three children more than life. Her life has been nothing but strife and she blames all normal people for it."

They both do. They are hate-filled people who are projecting their own unhappiness (most of it, but not all, deserved) onto others. I think they own EACH OTHER. It is a perverted (not neccessarily sexually perverted) relationship. It makes them happy to manipulate people and make them as miserable as they are.

Bad Eagle has become Lead Eagle. He will soon hit his own ground zero.


beakerkin said...


I am not bothered by the Beak is gay
material. This says more about Batty Ann and Yeagley than it does about me.

In Batty Ann's case it becomes more proof that she is an imbecile. In some comments she calls me gay and in others she calls me a male slut that will sleep with anything. As for Batty Ann the pictures she shows are old and she seriously does look like Al Sharpton in drag.

Interestingly, she is solely responsible for the Yeagley is gay material on the web. She also makes certain that Yeagley's foes are numerous and motivated.

His career as a mainstream pundit is over.


"His career as a mainstream pundit is over"

I agree with this. Just given that I no longer have to even maintain this site (I'm basically just letting it run itself now), is proof of the fact.

beakerkin said...


I want to point out some of the attacks on Yeagley are beneath contempt. The attacks on his mother
and claims he was adopted are very wrong. He could send a copy of his birth certificate and has legitimate
grounds for legal action.

Yeagley like any other American has the right to define himself as he chooses. It would be a wonderful thing if he delivered on his vision.

Sadly, along the way he catered to White Supremacists. Even worse he allowed a deranged bigot to constantly draw attention to his weak spots. The BAG has done far more damage to Yeagley than all of his foes put together. His foes would have moved on but the BAG needs to keep them stirred up and increasing their ranks.

His career was not ended by his foes. Yeagley ended his career by not distancing himself from a dangerous psychotic bigot.


"His career was not ended by his foes"

Never claimed it did, simply that the traffic on this site with minimal maintenance on my part illustrates the mediocrity. Glad you're speaking up. Good going.

The_Editrix said...

"As for Batty Ann the pictures she shows are old and she seriously does look like Al Sharpton in drag."

Beak, be fair. She is well preserved and surely doesn't look like the hate-filled psychotic she is. Who knows! Maybe she sends her sane younger sister to pose at photo ops. ;-)

beakerkin said...


It takes a far greater man to lift a man up when he is down than to kick him into the dirt. In my heart I would like to see Yeagley declare that he is against racial supremacy.

I want to point out my critique is a very different sort than most. I believe in my heart that Americanism and Christianity are inclusive concepts. That both welcome people who believe in a common set of values and respect others. There is nothing American, Christian or Conservative about racial supremacy.

In my heart I would like Yeagley to grasp the error of his way and become a better person.

His cohort Betty Ann is beneath contempt. Paraphrasing Dean Farber in Animal House "Being ignorant, idiotic, classless, bigoted and devoid of all social graces is no way to go through life." She is d likely seriously disturbed and needs professional help and likely medication.

beakerkin said...


If you search under Betty Ann's real name you will find more recent pictures. She no longer posses the beauty of the pictures she posts. She really does look like Al Sharpton in drag.

The truth is that beauty is a subjective thing. Also from a normal male perspective there is an emotional component to our responses. My reaction to Sunbeam perplexes some, but to me she is more beautiful than ever. It is the bonding of a man to a woman he loves deeply and has over 30 years.

Of course this makes no sense to my more rational coworkers who will
point to many other options I walked away from. Beauty is a fleeting concept and even the most beautiful gets boring once the novelty wears off. When an a basic attraction is met with a deep bond
it multiplies and enhances over time.

In short true beauty flows from within and is timeless. What Betty Ann has was fleeting and has vanished a long time ago. A series of ex husbands that is as long as a small town July 4 parade could not have all gotten this wrong.

She is likely looking for the next victim er husband at a funeral parlor, truck stop or at death's door at a nursing home as we speak.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, no doubt men and women look differently at women and notabene that I didn't say she has "sex appeal". I wouldn't know. I said she is well-preserved for a woman in her mid-to-late fifties.

I was referring to the picture in this blog entry:

Alright, it is a bit blurry, but if one knows her Internet persona one expects something like the swamp monster and not an ordinary, not unpleasant looking woman past middleage.

beakerkin said...


I am just amazed at how Yeagley and his followers have broken down. I do not even mention Jews or you and they are stuck in prior threads.

More curious than the Dr is Ray. He just has not fathomed I am an Obama critic. I merely base my dissent on logic and reason.

Alligator said...

I really found Yeagley's objections to the Comanche and Shoshone people socializing, reconnecting or whatever you want to call it, really strange and surprising even for him. From some of his objections, I got the impression that he thought this "mixing" was violating some kind of standard of tribal or racial purity.

In the late 17th century, they were one people living on the upper Platte River. They speak virtually the same language Uto-Aztecan (the differences are dialectical)It was the advent of the horse that allowed the Comanche to strike out on their own and move further south.

As far as mixing and alliances, Indian peoples have been doing that for centuries. Comanches had a close alliance with the Kiowa, Kiowa Apache and Wichita. For an extended period of time in the early 19th century, they were trading partners with the Osage. Around 1850 they smoked the pipe with the the Cheyenne, Arapaho and Lakota to resist the flood of wagon caravans crossing the buffalo plains. Sometimes these people even intermarried (shudder)across tribes.

Even today, many tribes reach out to each other and attend each others events. One tribe provides singers and criers to another tribes event. They share with each other in giveaways. I have never met people from any Indian tribe that was not cordial, friendly and welcoming. Certainly, they are proud of their nation and their heritage but that does not prevent them from sharing with distant relatives and neighboring tribes. Furthermore, this mixing and bonding of the tribes increased in the late 19th and early 20th century because of the government's efforts to stamp out native cultures.

In fact we see the same thing going on with white Americans who rediscover and reconnect with their Scottish or Irish heritage. It doesn't mean that we are suddenly going to stop being Americans or somehow corrupt our "bloodline" (rolling eyes) by doing this.

Yeagley's complaints about a Comanche - Shoshone reunion are mystifying to me. There is no historical, anthropological, political or just plain social reason why no such thing should not occur.

CM said...

Hello Naiche, Beakerkin and Editrix,

Getting caught on reading up and being entertained and I have to say I feel sorry for Al Sharpton in drag and the hummingbird! Cute names compared to what she hands out.

Naiche, I learned a Crow Greeting "sho-da-jah", meaning hello. the Crow Fair was great. "I DANCED AT THE CROW FAIR". I made sure it was ok, and took pictures of the site up on the hill where they have the Sun Dances, I was in awe...I took from every angle, and I thought I heard an Eagle, but it was only a cute Ground Hog chirping at me...I got his cute mugg. I asked about the Black Eagle Family, and they were in fact camped. Some thought Obama might be there also, but for sure he was having town meetings in Montana then on up to Yellowstone. I was wishing if he saw our Comanche Bus in Yellowstone we might see him....but not so...to big a place...and ah so beautiful, it even snowed, just a tiny bit, we saw a Bear, everyone was scrambing to take a picture, I was so excited I kept punching the wrong button! I got a goot one of where he stood, but moved!
Got a goot one of rams on the side of a mountain. I picked sage on Big Horn Mt., Devils Tower, Yellowstone, and at Crazy Horse. Of course with respect and giving thanks and the Indian guieds at Big Horn and Crazy Horse gave us permission.

All these places were so Special to us. I especially loved Devils Tower, pleased to see the prayer bundles, loved it. I took some just in case....but had left them on the bus, which means I have to go back one day!

Of course rocks are special, you know they tell a story! Got those too!

Have you been to Plenty Coups House? and the Healing Spring near the house? It had prayer bundles also on the bushes...ah so wonderful..I and a Comanche boy sang the Comanche Rally Song there and took a drink of the healing water and splashed it on myself and hair....of course my prayer bundles were on the bus....which means I have to return there also! I was disappointed in forgetting my bundles, but I just believe it was not meant to be at this time.

We had such a great time, Oh I forgot..we saw those supposidly founding fathers, white men frozen in time in the rock, Mt. Rushmore....

I see baggy ann is still giving everyone the devils lip...she is the "she devil", I thought sioux did not believe in the devil! She is one poor lost breed sioux soul, wondering around the internet spreading untruths. I learned a sioux word also, wah-steay-ah-loh meaning my opinion or something like that! Its' wah-steay-ah-loh that the bag is the "SHE DEVIL" of the internet! Hah.


CM said...


I forgot to mention,
We stayed at Crazy Horse Monument til dark when they displayed on Crazy Horse Monuments' side a Lazer show, it was awesome, giant Eagles flying, giant Horses and Buffalo running, and much more. The Monument is dedicated to ALL Native American Indians, not just the sioux. They showed Quannah Parker, the Comanches clapped and lullued, horrayed and when Geronimo showed we clapped and lullued horrayed again! We sang to lee Greenwoods' Proud to be an American, God Bless the U.S.A.


The_Editrix said...

Hi there, CM and Beak!

Beak, you say: "I am just amazed at how Yeagley and his followers have broken down. I do not even mention Jews or you and they are stuck in prior threads."

Well yes, those were the days... And of course he never gave it a thought why he antagonized so different people like Mac, the 'gator, me and you, who have culturally and politically not much in common. (I am leaving the Indians out here because they have different and additional reasons.) Of course, it's all not his fault.

"More curious than the Dr is Ray. He just has not fathomed I am an Obama critic. I merely base my dissent on logic and reason."

Ray F. is, like Yeagley, an SDA. He is just a sidekick of the host at BE. Yeagley's Greek Chorus, so to say. I, being European, had no idea that SDAs even existed. The 'gator made me aware of them and of the implications, specifically of the influence of Ellen White. I think he ('gator) posted the gist somewhere at your blog as well. It helps so much to understand Yeagley, his racism, his rabid anti-Catholicism, his eliminatory homophobia, his unprincipled wishy-washy stance on abortion. It explains EVERYTHING.

CM, you say: "Getting caught on reading up and being entertained and I have to say I feel sorry for Al Sharpton in drag and the hummingbird! Cute names compared to what she hands out."

Glad to supply some comic relief, CM! I can't even begin to fathom how offensive Violent Hummingbird's antics are to his fellow Indians. We have a saying in German: "Lächerlichkeit tötet" -- something like "ridicule kills". At least ridicule has gone a long way towards those two already.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, somehow I've managed to skip right by the opening paragraph of Yeagley's latest inanity:

"Dr. Jack Wheeler predicts that Obama (Barry “The Alien” Soetoro) will stage his own ‘failed’ assassination attempt, and thus open the door to the Nazi state–the tyranny planned by Barry’s boys. This will be the ultimate move. They will use such an attempt to justify total take-over, total coercion. America will become a martial state, and the American version of der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei will be established."

Why do I have the eerie feeling that this statement is directly derived from the End Times philosophy of some of the fundamentalist Christian sects I could mention now? The SDA are all about End Times study, aren't they? Are we talking here of a deadly head wound that will be miraculously healed in front of the world? I wouldn't be amazed if any moment now the good doctor is going to call Obama the Anti-Christ.

What do you think?

beakerkin said...


The Dr suffers from Obama derangement
syndrome. There is some irony of someone with mixed lineage obsessively attacking another on racial grounds. Mathematically Obama is just as White as Yeagley.

I think it is jealousy of the another biracial persons success. The tone is way over the top. Of course he could be pandering to Stormfronters.

CM said...


Its nothing but jealousy and racist. Today on the scalp pole, he has a picture of Obama in Indian regalia(I THINK ITS THE MIGHTY SIOUX DRESS), making fun of the Indian Health Service. Just because he is so damn arrogant and too good to use our facilities. Why...my sister who can use both the Army Hospital and the Indians Hospital, says she has to wait there also. Yes the I.H.S. it needs improvement, but we have it to use. Yeagley is so childish, hateful, and racists. Lets see what baggy has to say about him using the sioux regalia!!!!ha

Naiche: My sister brought over a disk of the ceremony dedicating a marker monument on Ft. Sill to Eugene Mithlo, A Comanche/Chiricahua who died last Jan. Eugene was a Veteran of the Army and had worked at Ft. Sill for 40 years. I knew I was going to miss it when I took my trip to Montana. I wished I could have attended.

Speaking on behalf of the Miltho Family was, Cluny C. Starr of Mescalero. Mr. Starr named all of Eugenes relatives on his Apache side among the many names was Perico, Geronimo, Victorio, Juh, Nana, Houser, Mangus, Cochise, Loco, Chato and your relative Naiche!!!!Such beautiful, powerful names, real Gorilla Fighters who handed down their legacy to Eugene. His Granparents were P.O.W. held here at Ft. Sill, and if I remember right his Father Bill Watson Mithlo, was born as prisoner at Ft. Marion in Florida! Wow, history right in our back or Front yards!

Family and Friends sung an Apache song in front of the marker, I haven't visited it yet but I will soon. He was my cousin on his Mothers' Comanche Penetuka side. I could see Medicine Bluff in the background. I think I could scout it out.

I guess the Army is trying to amend their past by allowing this. It was a Good/Great thing!