May 14, 2009

Stand Strong Against Bad Eagle Hate

Don't accept the mean-spirited talk of the unsupported and fictitious Bad Eagles of the world. David Yeagley and his ever-fewer cohorts are heading for bygone days, with less influence and even less integrity it would seem. If you are as disgusted with the great white pontificator's diatribes as we are, then do us all a favor and stand strong against hate. Aho.

Stand Strong Against Hate
from the Southern Poverty Law Center

Join people across the nation who are standing strong against hate. Add yourself to our map as a voice for tolerance.

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Active U.S. Hate Groups
The Southern Poverty Law Center counted 926 active hate groups in the United States in 2008. Only organizations and their chapters known to be active during 2008 are included.

All hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.

This list was compiled using hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports.

Hate group activities can include criminal acts, marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing. Websites appearing to be merely the work of a single individual, rather than the publication of a group, are not included in this list. Listing here does not imply a group advocates or engages in violence or other criminal activity. Download a PDF of the entire map.


Anonymous said...


This seems to be the theme at yeagleys new site! Not too many participants just the biggest Hater, baggy ann.

Jews Hateing on Catholics and Adventists. Bag egging everyone on, its the same ole same ole boring....yet I still read just in case yeagley says anthing about our Comanche Nation.

Did you notice he NEVER even mentioned the "We Shall Remain" series? That was one of the best series on Native American Indians in a long time. I especially enjoyed Geronimo and Wounded Knee. I think I views Wounded Knee before someplace. Yeagley NEVER gave this Historic Saga! I think he is eatin alive with jealousy, that the real Native American are finially able to bring forth some of their stories. Jealousy and envy...of the young and beautiful Indian Men and Women and Elders who just want to speak...not fight...just tell their story as only they can, the ones who lived wounded knee. His HATRED of the REAL INDIANS is apparent in his ignoring the obvious Historic Series and talking about nothing but HATE WITH HIS SHE DEVIL BAG!

You know he had to change his speech in California after the Mexican Lady mentioned Mr. Morris Dees.....I was laughing soon as I read it. No matter if she supported his ideas or NOT, just mentioning him goes to show you that she is more aware of the wannabee Comanche than she let on....and do you notice he didn't have much to say.....yes I think he made a complete fool trying to represent the Comanche Nation but having to change his speech in mid stream, all of our paper work must be getting to the right people...his racists rants will forever haunt him.

I love it they are all hating on each other at meaneagle. Its all bag fault tooooooooo.


Anonymous said...

yeagley is proudly claiming to be published on the NPI now.

Well just in case my comments are not published there here is what I wrote to them when he proudly posted his civil rights commission office in S.D.

David A. Yeagley, in my opinion, is a white supremists. His claim to fame is using his Native American lineage to promote his finances. He and betty ann gross admit they hate the Black people. She and he have stated this many times on his Badealge site.

Why a Great Nation such as the Sioux would allow such an office to be opened by these two White Supremists who actually wrok against their own people is a mystery. She has stated the sioux women,(over 60 yrs. old) sell themselves on the streets at this day and age for alcohol. She claims they are a 501 certified, then he claims they received no funding or Grants. Why does a profess Comanche work against the Native American Indian People in every possible way supporting the efforts of the White Republicans in Oklahoma against the Native American Economics Developments? He knows nothing about our Comanche Nation, yet travels the country promoting himself as a Cp,amcje Tribal member. He knows people are enthrolled with the "COMANCHE", this is his own promotional propaganda. Our Comanche Tribal Chairman Wallace Coffey has told him "he does not" represent the Comanche Nation.

The history tells even last week on the History Chanel that the "founding fathers" were cannibals, they ate their own, they even dug up graves to feed themselves the first winter. I hae had the White Euopean Education shoved down my throat, and the Native American Story kept in the closet all my school years, and yeagley promotes even that, keeping it under the table, no sense in bringing up the past, why cry over spillled blood?

David Yeagley promotes his White Puritan ancestors yet he want the Native American Story t be hushed, he calls the Native American Indian cry babies, and malcontent and the Indian men "bottom of the barrell" and says "brown is a beastly bore" while he promotes the White Supreme, saying the white blood is the purest that ever flowed!

Yes, I am pretty angry with yeagleys' history of using the Native American Indian, and having a site he says is dedicated tothe Native American Indian, yet he disallows any Native from speaking or having input unless they bow down to his level of phsycology. Indians in this day and age DO NOT BOW DOWN TO ANYONE.


Anonymous said...

Yeagley is consumed with HATE!

The National Policy Institute (N.P.I)

Seems as though yeagley is feigning ignorance as to how his article got on this site.

He is crying because his hands were slapped by Mallee Craft at their opening of their S.D. Civil Rights office. Seems as though they still fall under certain rules, but don't want to follow the Black ladies orders!

He runs crying to this site. A pro-white, Pro-Colmbus, Pro-Washington, Pro-European American site.

Not surprising when their former Chairperson Mary Frances Berry says "CIVIL RIGHTS LAW WAS NOT PASSED TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF THE WHTE MAN AND O NOT APPLY TO THEM". This is NOT suprising at all! Yeagley is using his newly formed Civil Rights of the Dakotas to try to DO AWAY WITH THE US.CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION.

batty ann owens of course endorses his every more, he is using her and she uses his whiteness because they HATE the Blacks so.

And of course he HATES Morris Dees being mentioned in his California trip and what he stands for SPLC is the exact opposite of the National Poliicy Institute. Black and White, anyone can see his using of baggy ann but her!


Anonymous said...


Can you believe she, IT, baggy ann has left AGAIN!

The Repulsive, Pugnacious, Vulgar, net rapist, net whore, wannabe Indian(baggy ann)on the Net is opening her own site! Only selective posters such as GMS will be allowed....thing is, the poor indigent street Sioux Indians will not have input. She will be talking of them, making fun of them, using their plight, and they will be ignorant of all this! She will be using them against the Civil Rights Office of the U.S. and Homeland Security. She will be using the numbers yeagley claims they have (800 signed in) to work against her own, as she has done with the support she gave to yeagley working to keep the Mascots defamation of the Indian Nations, and his character assination of Russell Means and others who fight for the rights of the Dakota Indians.

The psychologist doc, will most likely be her administrator! It will be no different than his white religious racist site.

She ran off all his posters, why oh why would he keep helping her, he has an ulterior motive for all this craziness, no doubt about that!

Did you also notice a couple of people are starting to post again on Indz?, There are about four idendities bag uses, two are the obviously vulgar ones, she is trying to maintain her presence after all by keeping a couple clean...though on mean- eagle she defames indz.