January 20, 2009

David Yeagley's New President!!!!

Jan. 20, 2009

Dear Friend,

From my office here in Montgomery, I can see the church where Dr. King helped launch the civil rights movement more than half a century ago. As my colleagues and I at the Southern Poverty Law Center gather to watch the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, I can only imagine the sense of accomplishment that Dr. King would feel were he alive today.

But I know that sense of accomplishment would be tempered by an acknowledgement of the work that remains to be done. When Dr. King was killed in Memphis, he was on a campaign to divert our country's resources away from war and toward programs to expand opportunity for all. That agenda — ending war and using our strength to create a more just society — is one that still occupies us today.

The inauguration of Barack Obama is a true milestone — an important measure of how far we've come as a nation. But what is more important is where we go from here. Let us celebrate this day. But let us remember the work that remains to be done.


Morris Dees

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


You've worked with many people, can you tell me what makes some Whites organize and hate so?

I always considered Culture to be something you would be proud of, its your inheritance and your link to the future, its for you to refine and development, not to belittle and Hate other human beings.

I see the anger in many Blacks, but they have a right to that anger. I've learned of the near genocide of my Native People, beginning on the East Coast crossing the country to the Plains. We have a right to our anger also.

But what makes the White Supremist, KKK, Aryan Nation and White Boys Society Hate so? Very Openly I might add. There more mature groups or Organizations that give themselves repectable sounding names and eat lunches at the best places yet they share the same ideas and ideals of these outspoken obvious groups.

No people in America beat THEM down and displaced them nor enslaved them yet they Hate anyone of Color so vehemently!

People of color are not Victims, they are strong in their own right. We want the same things the Whites want: Freedom to live and let live with all the privileges under the same Constitution. The only difference is the Native Americans do live under Two Governments, their own Tribal Nations', and Our Mother Countrys'. We LOVE AMERICA.
Our Governments do not pose a threat to any Whites!

Any answer will help me to try to understand, we have KKK just fifteen minutes away from where I live! When I found out it made me unseasy!

Beverly Isaac