August 8, 2008

David A. Yeagley proven again as White Supremacist

from the Bad Eagle blog

It’s no difficult feat to stumble across Yeagley’s blog and discern it’s racial stereotyping, and negative denunciation of minorities and women. It’s no longer necessary for Bad Eagle dot Org, or the ever vigilant David Yeagley dot Org, to even speculate on that theme any more — it’s been proven true an abundance of times. So articles like this one are now simply adding to the already competent file of Yeagley white supremacist ranting.

YEAGLEY — “It’s about lower class... using sex as a savior for dark men... they bring over boat loads of Africans, Middle Easterners, and sometimes Asians... The dark men... start making babies right a way... What’s the solution? Mass sterilization? ...Are they hopelessly craven for the dark man? Are they completely morally abandoned? The white race in imperiled, for sure... That means the whole country” (July 2008).

His latest piece of hatred though is particularly vile, attacking a victim in Pennsylvania for no other reason than being a Mexican by birth and salivating at the brutality of the attack. Obviously no, “compassion” is not a word you would ever find emanating from Yeagley’s gums, except for his confused romanticism of war, or his white corporate sense of patriotism with a smack of giddy smugness.

What is equally recognizable about Yeagley’s latest rant is the clear example of internalized racism. Yeagley is himself mostly German and Mexican in lineage, which has already been established in verifiable fact. Yet, Yeagley froths at the mouth over Mexicans in the most foul ways. It is a product of some denial and the bloggers criticizing Yeagley at his blog are now discussing NPD. I truly think they are onto something here; I’ll let them explain. Bravo Tom and Ray!

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