March 4, 2008


from the Bad Eagle blog

Fresh from his ego-induced rant against America Indian sovereignty and history, in Historiens Fångar ("prisoners of the past" or "history's prisoners"), Yeagley continues to make silly, illogical claims, one after another. Yeagley in one instance claims that a natural process, death, is a “chosen” state which, in turn, provides for its meaning; a totally idiotic notion since death is absolute and inevitable:

Yeagley — “Religion has always valued death. Choosing death for religious reasons has been thought, anciently, to validate the religion. It is a symbiotic relation. The religion gives meaning to death, and death gives meaning to the religion” (2008).
First of all, death is not the meaning of any religion that I know of, except maybe satanism. Religion results from the desire to discover purpose and relationships in the world, though Religion is, in fact, not a necessary requisite for pursuing that same agenda. Anyone can search for meaning — even atheists. So Yeagley’s above claim is pure nonsense.

Secondly, living in a tribe does not “represent” any sort of death wish, as Yeagley tries to claim (below):
Yeagley — “Nationhood, and any form of extended family, clan, or tribe, also represents reason to die... America was born and bred for such a cause. American Indians still exist to day by reason of the same cause... Life is what we die for” (2008).
Living in a tribal community is about ‘being related’ and has everything to do with living in cooperation and continuance together. Death, of course, is another process of existence, but it is NOT the reason tribes exist. Tribes exist to be related, so that — as communities of extended kinship — we can help and nurture each other. Again, Yeagley is pretending a video camera is pointed at him, and he’s ranting “poetic” about his fictitious warrior prowess. It’s still amazing anyone actually swallows his patriotica rejectamenta.
Yeagley — “foreigners (Africans) who have enlisted in the United States military, fought in Iraq, etc., but who have having great difficulty becoming American citizens. Personally, I say military service is not particularly qualifying... We've had murderous Muslims in the US military. The uniform does not sanctify, nor guarentee patriotism or loyalty. Even the risk of death does not necessarily express ideological values” (2008).
Flip-flop Alert: didn’t Yeagley just present a grand ideological claim for death, the reason life exists and the main reason tribes exist? But no, when it comes to black folks, death has little meaning at all, not even enough meaning to be considered a citizen. Holy Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls Batman! You mean, the death of white folks has meaning but the death of black folks does not? No surprise here, Yeagley is showing his white supremacist colors again.
Yeagley — “There was no dignity in wasting in the woods of Maine... I think of our soldiers. No wonder they keep going back. They love what they're doing! They have stark, raving purpose! ...Ah, those old romantic days. Our soldiers over in Iraq, and Afghanistan--they are the last of the romantics!” (2008).
Ah, those ole glamorous and romantic death-loving soldiers, the soldiers reveling in great ecstasy over their own deaths, how enticing and romantic is death, how very “stark” and how “raving” is this alluring and romantic death! All praise nostalgic and romantic death!

Give me a break, little david. Soldiers go back into these war zones to look after buddies, not to die a romantic death.

It is painfully clear that David Yeagley is still touting the same tired stupidity that makes him almost-universally despised by the Comanche people, puffing up a fake warrior image, getting all misty-eyed over the killing of others, and only assigning value to the lives and deaths of white people.

Instead of following Yeagley’s mentally-challenged larghissimo, Bad Eagle suggests reading this article (below) about the rise of hate in the country, and we respectfully request that you consider taking a much firmer stand in opposing the lowly hate-mongering behavior of Yeagley, and of anyone else you encounter. This means you, spiritually passive musicians and Christian Indians; looking the other way while this hateful rhetoric continues is no longer an acceptable response. Enough is enough. Sharing is the key to living — NOT segregation, hate and complacency. Again, Yeagley is behaving like he's sick-in-the-head.
Hate won't vanish until we all help

Many people want to blame classism for impairing some Americans, but two recent studies show that racism remains the biggest U.S. monster.

Instead of joining together to fight this common foe, people feed the beast so that it continues to let some advance while forcing others into the dark corners of despair. It is an uncomfortable part of black history, but the problems won’t end unless they are exposed so they can be eliminated.

A fall FBI report on hate crimes lets people know that the problem is trending in the wrong direction. Bias-related criminal incidents jumped 7.8 percent from 2005 to 2006.

Race remains the biggest problem. The report said 51.8 percent of the 7,720 single incident cases were racial bias; 18.9 percent, religion; 15.5 percent, sexual orientation bias; 12.7 percent, ethnicity/national origin; and 1 percent was against people with disabilities.

The report found that being black in America continues to be a lightning rod for hate. Of the 4,737 single-bias hate crimes, 66.2 percent were anti-black. But hate crimes don’t all go in one direction. The report said 21.3 percent were anti-white; 6.1 percent were against people in a multiple-race group; 4.9 percent were anti-Asian/Pacific Islander; and 1.5 percent were anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native.

Of the 1,233 cases that were ethnic/national origin bias, 62.4 percent were anti-Hispanic.

The study found that the greatest number of hate crimes, 31 percent, occurred in or near where the victims lived.

People point to the noose incident and fight at a high school in Jena, La., but such cases were also reported in Kansas and Missouri in 2000.

According to the FBI data, Kansas had more hate crimes reported than Missouri did with 109 compared with 78. However, Kansas had more agencies supplying data with 49 compared with 26.

But it is easy to hate when people of different races in the U.S. continue to live in mostly segregated communities. A Pew Research Center report found that “blacks remained the nation’s most segregated racial or ethnic group.”

“Roughly three-in-ten Hispanic and black students attended schools in 2005-06 that were nearly all minority, with fewer than 5 percent white students,” the Pew Research report said. The numbers have gone up since 1993-94 when they were 25 percent for Hispanic students and 28 percent for black students.

A re-segregation of America is taking place. The courts and U.S. communities have withdrawn from the civil-rights driven initiative like President Rutherford B. Hayes withdrew U.S. troops from the South, ending Reconstruction and beginning a long period of separate and unequal conditions.

The Pew Research report said 62 percent of African Americans vs. 40 percent of whites favor residential integration. The study also found that only 23 percent of whites think it is more important to have racially mixed schools vs. 56 percent of blacks.

Equal education is unlikely to happen in the U.S. if whites — with the historical privilege of getting the best — won’t share with others. Stereotypes, prejudices and bigotry will continue to boil over scarring more people with hate crimes.

The problem won’t go away unless everyone helps to end the hate. The good news is that despite the differences and disparities, there is still hope that hate crimes can end and true integration with shared privileges can occur.

The Pew Research report found that eight-in-ten whites and blacks have maintained a favorable impression of each other. That can be the foundation for better relations.