November 5, 2008

Blinking Away Bad Eagle

from the Bad Eagle blog

After the huge mandate that Obama has inherited, we will hopefully see a great move away from Yeagley's neocon agenda and a great distance put between America and the corrupt Bush Doctrine that Yeagley has blindly supported for the past 8 years.

America may stay with “the people” after all, after all the failed Reaganesque (Friedmanesque) tinkle-on-you economics, and with its incessant backward pontifications to legislate right-wing morality toward a theocracy instead of holding true our founding democracy (and the freedom from religion, and the separation of church and state). Yes We Can, with a colossal landslide victory!!

So, instead of seeing that the country has voted its will in this election, Yeagley instead sees ignorance and weakness. Again, instead of seeing strength in the democratic method, Yeagley whines away with ‘weakness’ mantras.

Like he did at the Indigenous protest against the Columbus Day parade (in CO), Yeagley is again calling everyone who disagrees with him a “commie.” Without anything to offer Americans, without anything to offer American Indians, Yeagley is left whining and criticizing, but has no democratic solutions to offer in his wake. Our advice: avoid his wake and be Awake.

YEAGLEY — “most people are weak, and they like feeling they've been wronged... ‘I've been wronged!’ the Communist message to each individual. ‘I deserve more! You've oppressed me!’ This appeals to the imagination, the ego, the spirit of rebellion, self-justification, and even aspiration. But, in ignorance, the people know not what Communism really is, how it really works, and what its results actually are” (Nov 2008).

YEAGLEY — “When the warrior was finally defeated, he became the reservation Indian” [leaning forehead toward camera for added emphasis]. “Th, the loser. The alcoholic. The depressed, keep-away-from-me, leave-me-alone” [swipes hand in air for added emphasis]. (2008)
America was founded on the attributes Yeagley is denigrating — imagination, ego, rebellion, self-justfication, aspiration — these are the stuff of American independence. We the people imagined ourselves independent. From our European roots, we were tired of being treated as underlings, peasants in a caste system; we had a healthy ego. From our American Indian and Black roots, we maintain our sense of rebellion; after all, America was founded on the American holocaust, but we have endured. The intersection of all our American roots has inspired us in our own self-determination.

We are patriots. We are Americans. We are not white thrones — We are patriotic and democratic Americans, and we care about the common good.

But in Yeagley’s eyes, we are all “commies.” And "stupid."

Yeah sure, as we say in Minnesota. The truth is revealed plainly for all: Yeagley is a nationalist, not a patriot. There is a difference. As a Nationalist, Yeagley cares not for the common good, but naively champions America “right or wrong” without thought of the common good, and without thought toward justice.

With his nationalist spectacles, Yeagley sees only the flag-draped, bible-thumping strains of American life, forgetting and dismissing the greater America that is Patriotic, Democratic and cosmopolitan. No, Yeagley’s ‘nationalism’ is not the same thing as being Patriotic.

So if you perhaps discern sour notes wafting from the piano doctor’s sanctuary in his mother’s old bedroom-turned-blogger-hideaway, be very clear in recognizing the difference between narrow nationalism and proper patriotism. Nationalism is narrow, unthinking discrimination, while Patriotism is inclusive and rational — of the people — all of the people. Yeagley’s divisiveness is an uncaring, mean-spirited, heartless push toward dogmatic theocracy by gravely mistaking paranoid nationalism for true patriotism.

Yeagley is so busy pontificating, it seems that he cannot hear properly. In a recent radio diatribe Yeagley had to admit to the radio host that he had not listened to the speeches of both Obama and McCain, unaware of either positions, garnering a chuckle from the host. So we can quickly see what the Yeagley anschauung is based on. Imaged reality, and reactive hyperbole.

America is a democracy, not a theocracy. Americans are not Yeagley jingoists, we are patriots with a more panoramic view of the concept. Patriotism includes everyone. All are welcome, from the middle east to Mexico and back again, everyone is welcome here.

America is pluralistic, cosmopolitan, multiracial, and imperfect. America is a work-in-process that started on American Indian genocide and is slowly moving toward justice and equality (we hope). Patriotism sees the process and the imperfection for what it is, a growth process, and shuns Yeagley’s selective reasoning of blind and rather dogmatic white nationalism.

American Patriotism: yes we can. Yeagley Nationalism: you ignorant commies. Better to blink away Yeagley’s irrationality and read this piece of intelligence instead:

The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism

(from Amazon): ... the modern American government is dominated by an "ideology of national security" that perverts the Constitution and common sense. It is based on presumptions about the universal appeal of democracy and America's role as democracy's great defender and promoter that just aren't true. And we ignore the ideology whenever it suits the government of the day, by supporting anti-democratic tyrants in important countries like Pakistan and Egypt, for example. The ideology "imposes no specific obligations" nor "mandates action in support of the ideals it celebrates," but can be used by an American president "to legitimate the exercise of American power."

Bacevich describes the military crisis with an insider's authority. He dissects an American military doctrine that wildly overstates the utility of armed force in politically delicate situations. He decries the mediocrity of America's four-star generals, with particular scorn for Gen. Tommy Franks, original commander of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He calls the all-volunteer Army, isolated from the society it is supposed to protect, "an imperial constabulary" that "has become an extension of the imperial presidency."

“Andrew Bacevich has written a razor sharp dissection of the national myths which befuddle U.S. approaches to the outside world and fuel the Washington establishment’s dangerous delusions of omnipotence. His book should be read by every concerned US citizen.” — Anatol Lieven, author of America Right or Wrong: An Anatomy of American Nationalism