October 6, 2008

Obama Presidency will limit Yeagley’s influence

from the Bad Eagle blog

When the celebrated patriot and reformer Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America, a change in the racial perception of children will occur, according to new research. Apparently, children easily recognize the white male bias of the US Presidency and that perception will be directly challenged when Obama takes the Oval Office.

I am sure that David Yeagley will lament ad nauseam about how the country is becoming immoral and degenerate, or some other pile of negative attributes that have no basis in reality, like the so-called offense of blasphemy. Obviously, to any rationale thinker, “blasphemy” is truly a victimless crime (would-be “crime”). But setting aside Yeagley’s usual biblical hyperbole, his white supremacist rants can be easily seen.

YEAGLEY — “this matter pushes the envelope, really, about the whole idea of whether the Negro race is something other races enjoy looking at... In fact, it's so sensitive that the laws of America tend to require a non-Negro person to dutifully respect and value the Negro... The law thus makes a world of hypocrites, in a way, in the name of equality” (2005).
First, there are no laws that dictate one must “dutifully respect” nor “value” the “Negro” as Yeagley distorts. There are, of course, many civil rights laws designed to guarantee equal rights for all people regardless of color.

But see how Yeagley has twisted this measure of good-natured, altruistic citizenship of equal rights for all into a rather whiny lament about his having to obey civil rights law.

Really, folks are nice to others because of an evolutionary characteristic of altruism born into us through natural selection. In other words, most people don't like to "hate" anyone in America, though the ones that do shout more obnoxiously.

Secondly, Yeagley frets about his own hypocrisy regarding civil rights, and thereafter “projects” onto other citizens his own apprehension as if all citizens would somehow agree with Yeagley’s supremacist views.

Of course, mostly-white Yeagley (German by lineage) is part of the smaller and crassly vocal minority that still thirsts for the old plantation America.

Well, a new study brings happy news for the rest of us!

According to the research, the denigration of nonwhites will take a hit when Obama becomes America’s highest leader, and consequently we can expect Yeagley’s voice of white supremacy to become smaller too. Read the article:
Children aware of voter prejudice in US

AFP — “Children are aware white males have monopolized the US presidency, and most attribute the trend to racial prejudice, according to a study published Sunday.

Calling into question the idea children live in a color- and gender-blind world, researchers at the University of Texas, Austin, reveal ‘most elementary-school-aged children are aware there has been no female, African-American, or Hispanic President.’

In addition, ‘many of the children attribute the lack of representation to discrimination,’ said Rebecca Bigler, professor of psychology at the University of Kansas, and lead author of the study, published in the journal Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy.

The research team interviewed 205 children aged five to ten in 2006, a year before Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama began their historic bids for the White House. Clinton lost to Obama in the primary fight for the Democratic nomination.

The study asked the children, from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, about their knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about the US presidency, and specifically about similarities between presidents and the absence of female, African-American and Hispanic presidents.

A third of the children said the white male monopoly was due to ‘racial and gender bias,’ and another third believed members of the excluded groups ‘lacked the skills to hold the position,’ according to the study.

One in four participants told researchers they thought it was ‘illegal for women and minorities to hold the office of president.’

The study found children were generally optimistic about the possibility that they could be president.

Girls who attributed the lack of female presidents to discrimination, however, were more likely to believe they could not become president.

‘The US presidency is a high profile case of racial and gender exclusion,’ Bigler said in a statement.

‘And because this topic is not typically explained to children, they appear to create their own explanations for the exclusion,’ she said.

The 2008 presidential election between Republican candidate John Mcain and Obama, who is black, has the potential to significantly alter children's view, said Bigler.

‘If Obama loses his bid for the presidency, there may be little change in children's attitudes, but it could fuel their perception that American voters are racially prejudiced,’ she said.

‘In contrast, if Obama wins children may believe that exclusionary laws and racial prejudice no longer shape the outcomes of the presidential elections.’ (October 5, 2008)


Anonymous said...

My Grandsons grade were discussing the Presidency, and his teacher led him to believe that Obama was a foreigner, and that Hillarey quit. I had to explain to him that Obama was a U.S. citizen, and that you have to be in order to run for the Presidency, and that Hillary lost because more people voted for Obama. I mentioned this to the Superintendant and told him that if they were going to discuss, Politics they need to tell the truth. I'm not thru on that issue with the school yet, but I don't want to get my Grandson into any trouble. Of course we live in Oklahoma, and a redneck town, so no suprise there!

yeagly's hate against the black is eating him alive, I don't see anyone coming to his rescue, he is a lost ghost! I can hardley believe he posted a group of black students marching in and chanting praises to Obama, its all good, but he of course can't stand it, that why I'm suprised he even leaves it up. I see nothing wrong in what they say, its all good.

He spreads his propaganda hate against the blacks too thick, no one believes in him.

The_Editrix said...

"But see how Yeagley has twisted this measure of good-natured, altruistic citizenship of equal rights for all into a rather whiny lament about his having to obey civil rights law."

Well said. Does that unspeakable man not realize that all his spite, together with the photos he is fond of posting (remember Rudy?) and which one sees in such an agglomeration (for want of a better word) only at gay websites, shouts: "I wanna be laid by a black buck but none complied!"?

Gosh, who on earth requires to "value the 'Negro'"? Only somebody who thinks of nothing else BUT will maintain anything like that. Comanchemoon says it better than I ever could: "yeagly's hate against the black is eating him alive, I don't see anyone coming to his rescue, he is a lost ghost!"


Just because we are talking about it: I don't think Obama has anything to offer that would qualify him as president of a superpower. It is the fact that he is black (or rather that he has a black father, because he doesn't exactly look like Kunta Kinte) and which he avidly exploits, that makes the idea of him as a president, somewhat understandably, so exciting to many, as a sort of historic higher justice when it is nothing but (dare I say it?) racist.

Mind you, not that I think that the old coot McCain had even the shadow of a mite more to offer. I think you are pretty messed up with that choice, but I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...


Reminds me of our own Comanche Government, Real Indians, playing Politics and getting us in a big financial mess.

Somehow I don't see Obama playing the race game...he IS Black, he can't or doesn't even think of not being that. Its all of US thinking how different it might be if he wins, but to the Native American, it can't be any worse than whats happening now. I personally just can't look at McCain, especially if I am eating...he is not nice to look at(God help me...I sound like yeagley)but he does whine a lot it seems. We are between a rock and a hard place, but if I have to chose it will be Obama and Biden. Biden is quite a handsome man when he smiles, "WOW", and intillegent to boot...doggonit, shoot, hand me that six pack while I watch the kids play soccor(sp?)hey..now don't cha drop that little one..Trig, Track, Tag?????



I also agree that: I don't see Obama's blackness as being "played" by him as part of Obama's run for office; he is simply black and could not be anything else. I actually think he does have the qualifications for the Presidency, he's literate, for one.

I hope when he takes office, he will live up to his support for the middle class, and finally help end the mythology of the "free market" which has proven to be as much a failure as communism.

Anonymous said...

I believe Obama will live up to his campaign speeches. We do need a Change contrary to what yeagley believes.

On his latest Blog he is diggin deeper to find where to get forgiveness, he would rather use foreign words "YOM KIPPER, CELIYCHAH, NOCHAM to seek forgiveness rather than just plain asking God to forgive him his sins for his Rubuking of mankind, in English.

He is sitting among Iranian ragheads, with names like Hashemi and Ayatollah, yet he rebukes Barack Huesein Obama for his name, and his color of skin, and still claims Obama is a Black Foreigner.

He embraces their Islam teachings and claims that the perfect Holiday for our beloved America, would be Yom Kipper. Geeeesis, just like he wants to be Grand Marshall of the Columbus Day Parade. This man loves attention by posting his own pictures, no matter "WHAT" he sits with! I'd be so ashamed, and would keep those pictures to myself and mom!

Lets take up a collection and give him a perfect Holiday and send him to Iran...one way ticket.

Anonymous said...

What the Hell kind of Patriot can yeagley be if he says "I MAY NOT EVEN VOTE". His Blog intro encourages Native input. He says "all are invited to join their voices in Honor of Indians Warriors in the cause of American Patriotism." I guess only if your Conservative. Conservative, ha, His way of being Conservative is to keep the Native Americans under the thumbs of Whitey, means no change for the Native American, and he is for preserving the existing order of things! Conservative is the principal party of Great Britain, isn't that where his white Christian Puritan ideas derive?

Lord help all Native American Indians in Oklahoma if yeagley does get involved in Oklahoma Politics further. His disgust at Obama being ahead of Mcgunn and pitbull palin is driving him to chase his own tail. Betty ann can't help him here, she a certified schizophrenic you know. All his posters knew this ages ago, but he kept her on as his very own pitbull, saadie, praising her and her vulgar outbursts!

Until I read most of the posts of Indianz.com critizing him, I thought I was the only one that thought he might have a touch of schizophrenia there also, though not as far gone as betty ann given her past life of abuse and suing everyone around her, only changing her mind on the Mascot issue because her Savior(yeagley)wants the cartoon(big nose,big teeth, stoic and naked, mean scowl), mascots to remain to keep our image alive! imagine...dissing her own Nations' image for yeagleys' beliefs!

Now does he really respect that??? I guess he does.

We know who his friends are, "One Nation", is against anything the Indian Nations of Oklahoma work toward, and he is one of them.

All I can say is Oklahoma Indians need to keep their eyes and ears open for what he may have in store against us. This is no longer a Comanche Issue, since he is going to get involved with Oklahoma State issues, it is a Oklahoma Native American Issue. Remember the Red neck is always out to take away from us, no matter how educated they are, they are Greedy, more than that they are racist, not much change in that since the Oklahoma Centennial.



Anonymous said...

I forgot to print in his own words what the meaning of racism is, he says and this is verbatim}


Wow, that description is da man himself, yeagley, yep! did I say da man?