October 31, 2008

A New Direction

from the Bad Eagle blog

Do I hear the sounds of kicking and whining over at Yeagley’s blog? I think I do! As a devout white supremacist, the piano doctor has his proverbial hands full with both a highly-probable black presidential win and the crumbling of the crony capitalist system he has been supporting with his neocon agenda. But while Yeagley whines on about “socialism” and “blackness” ruining America, the real American patriots are starting to move the country in a new direction — a better direction — toward the Common Good. And, although Yeagley continues his “poor me” mentality, commentators over at his blog have had enough of his whining too:

OCTOBER 30 — “No responses no one cares your opinion Yeagley. Most importantly Indian people do not care. I may be one of 3 who view this site and it's only to monitor you. Also you should stop attempting to align yourself with Indian thought. It's embarrassing to read, even for me. Everyone who's Indian knows you are not even near the mainstream of Indian thought, much less your questionable Indian credentials... You are clearly out of your league and over your head every time you comment on Native issues.”

YEAGLEY — "Now, as one who recently supported the Comanche Nation's preservation of Medicine Bluff, I am certainly sensitive to the plight of Indians who are trying to preserve what little we have left. However, there has to be some common sense here. We simply cannot claim back every inch of American soil--even though we undoubtedly have the bones of our ancestors in every inch."

OCTOBER 31 — “Your attempt to now present yourself as some kind of staunch advocate regarding Indians and sacred sites is pretty damn disengenous. Oh, those Comanche Bluffs were worthy of protection but Mt. Graham is suspect? Do you see how absurd your statement is here? You're a johnny-come lately to most things that directly involve Indian peoples. Because you attended the a few days court hearings regarding the Comanches, that makes you some sort of unbiased, purely objective commentator on the many other, just as important sites under attack? Note that I am not diminishing the Comanche Nation's victory here either, just your own chauvanism.”
So, if you decide to peek into the oven to see Yeagley’s yeasty remonstrations get cooked, be sure to GO HERE AND READ THIS at your convenience:

The ABCs of Native American Heritage Month

This month, as the nation observes Native American Heritage Month, Teaching Tolerance offers a wealth of activity ideas tied to Thanksgiving, Native mascots and indigenous people's proud heritage of resistance.

by Jennifer Holladay

In 1990, President George H.W. Bush designated November as "National American Indian Heritage Month," designed as a celebration of the history, art and traditions of the American Indian and Alaska Native peoples.

In many ways, November is an odd time to observe Native American Heritage Month. It's the month that the nation also observes the federal Thanksgiving holiday, which to some Native Americans is no cause for celebration, but rather a Day of Mourning.

November also marks the countdown to football bowl season, when people gather around televisions to root for the "Seminoles," the "Redmen," the "Savages" and the "Fighting Sioux."

In this edition of the ABCs, Teaching Tolerance provides resources and activities to help debunk the mythology of Thanksgiving and expose the racism inherent in Native mascots.

At the same, we encourage educators to go beyond these issues during and after Native American Heritage Month to examine Native people's struggles to hold onto heritage and secure justice. Tafeni English, Camille Jackson, Carrie Kilman and Rhonda Thomason contributed to this edition of the ABCs.

Thanksgiving Activities
Incorporate Native perspectives

Native Mascot Activities
Expose the racism behind Native mascots.

Heritage and Justice Activities
Showcase the Native tradition of resistance.

Additional Resources
Extra ideas for teaching about Native America


Anonymous said...

I thought that was pretty funny, when he could not contain himself and proceeded to get a thrill at bashing the Indians input again, while praising Ecologys', even when ecology called the Indians "bloated and drunk".WOW!

What happened to his Sioux dog(betty ann) now he has Ecology! Ecology should watch out...betty ann is very jealous of man or woman who gives yeagley any attention, did I read someplace that betty ann may be part black, did yeagley throw her away when he found out? She always comes back to help him when he gets backed into the corner, his own doing!

Naiche is giving it to yoogles on Indianz.com. Go Naiche!!

The best History lesson Yeagley ever received was when he sat in court for the 3-4 days secretly taking notes to report on his blog of the Medicine Bluff Sacred Site. He never learned so much about the Comanche Nation as he did then, of course he will claim he knew it all.

He claims to be indulging the Indians input when in fact it is entrapment...thats his M.O.

He starts the arguements by berating a respected strong Indian woman, Susan Harjo, then stands aside and lets the shit hit the fan, then calls the Indians low down, angry, mad and ugley and gives whitey a free pass calling it "HUMOR".

He states ugly rants, then after his say, "thats not important".

He states "can't we get along? Ha,ha,h!)"

He can't get along with anyone unless they are drunk or homeless, not in their right state of mind....you know the schizophrenic type! In need of psychiatric counseling....BAG!

Oh yes...right now he is writhing in his wittle seat, so excited and thrilled to be receiving attention once again.

Trouble is he relentlessly disrespects the Native American man or Woman with his ugly remarks....seems to keep him alive! Something is very Wrong in that!


kiwi-steve said...

We here in New Zealand have just had the unfortunate experience of having Mr Bad Eagle commenting on the recent election result.

(the result has made most of us very happy, by the way)

Someone at radio NZ must have been a little lax to give this misogynist, racist time on the air.

What a nut bar.

Isn't hate speech illegal in most places? Anyway, good work with the "countering". Hopefully Obama's success will drop Mr Bad Eagle into a deep depression and he will stay in his room with the door shut for a long time...


Someone should have a good word with Radio NZ's Bryan Crump about the ill-use of Yeagley's racist pontifications. He's been on Radio NZ before:


Anonymous said...

How can a person be so hateful?

I listened to his rants and every thing he said is repetitive of the very things he says about the Indians! You could hear the young kids gasping at the hate he sputtered out and calling Obama a Marxists, socialist, communist and anti-American to the core and what about the Cultural Rape?

Why....if anyone was Raping anyone, yeagley is raping our American Indian Nations. Why oh why does he have to say he was an American Indian from Oklahoma, Badeagle.

Why could he just say he is David Yeagley from Oklahoma, a member of all the anti groups in Oklahoma that are anti-Indian, and with an all white membership.

Just think what they must think of us Indians now! He was speaking as an American Indian, disrespecting our Elected President, and disrespecting the Education system, and calling these very intelligent versed and aware young speakers naive.

These young people respected the newly elected President and said Obama spoke to them, and their concerns of the Education and Health Care system, and enviromentaly aware! They were very well versed, well mannered and mature.

yeagley sounded so backward and the one talking like a damn redneck old white man set in his ways, centered in hate!

He will go to any lengths even find unsuspecting Radio stations in foreign countries to introduce himself as American Indian and rape our Culture....I hope these seemingly intelligent people saw him for what he is..I think they did, but he seems to be proud of himself still.