October 2, 2008

Fad Eagle Award for American Patriotism: David Yeagley

The first Fad Eagle Award for American Patriotism is presented to David Anthony Yeagley, for an irritable book, Pantings of a Comatose Preservative, a study in how to pickle your own white power simulacrum in a vanity publication when no one else really cares.

Speaking of white power and the continuance of racism in this country, it looks as though racial hatred against American Indians is still a culpable attribute of the patriotic and family values loving United States of America.

The Arizona Republic — A Native American man was shot in the leg and two others were injured Sunday after several White males and females wearing ‘white pride’ T-shirts attacked two of the men. A police bias crimes unit was investigating the case. The two men, Native Americans ages 48 and 24, were walking home from a store near 48th Avenue and Thunderbird Road when they were confronted and assaulted by several White men and women about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Phoenix police said.
Of course, our award winner has pontificated that he knows racism is no longer around in today’s white America. So, we can easily see he is way out-of-touch with the reality on the ground. But in his defense, we know it’s hard to get a true sense of the world from an internet connection in your mother’s old bedroom.
YEAGLEY — “I'm beginning to think there's no such thing as racism. If there is, it is very rare” (2005).

YEAGLEY — “Please, leave blacks out of the conversation... no reason to keep referring to them. See how they've infected our minds? How they dominate any view of any subject? This is disgusting… I'm actually serious about this business of blacks having to be the center of attention... I hate this. It is repulsive to me... it is wrong and immoral” (2007).
So while the white pontificator continues to deny his affection for all things Ann Coulter and white power, we easily see through his eager panting and rhetorical contortionist routines. It’s really because Yeagley lives in a never-ending world of relativism where he simply continues to have an intellectual go at things without any real progress.

Yeagley thrives in a world of He-Said/She-Said talking heads, and relies on the ancient Bible to provide his contemporary view of an unchanging life. For Yeagley, the world is only 10,000 years old, never changes nor evolves, and the only certainty is provided by a collection of conflicting myths compiled into a synergistic catalog (just flip though the bible to find the best buys at any particular moment).

Truthfully though, the relativistic world of polar opposites arguing to distraction, only hides the reality that the truth does not rest in-between. When one opposite declares evolution a hoax, and another states with credible certainty that evolution by natural selection is actually a fact — the truth is not somewhere in the middle of those ideas.

Evolution is truly a fact, while Intelligent Design (or whatever the latest flavor for “creationism” happens to be at the moment) is a failed attempt at fabricating a Christian theocracy in America. So the truth obviously does not rest in the center.

It is lame and sad but true that Yeagley survives only because he lives himself in a self-created world of relativism, where the truth often gets shoved off the radar in favor of polar arguments, rendering invisible what is really going on. Yeagley thrives on this distraction and propagates it to his own delight.

David Yeagley seems a deep-rooted propagandist whose own roots lie in not religion but in relativism.


Anonymous said...

I think Palen is a female Yeagley, or is Yeagley a male Palen? Ranting on and on and on and saying really nothing.

Yeagley goes in his own circle with his collegiate attitude thinking he is better than any person of color.

Yeagley adors Palens' style of snobbery, she is another annie colter with dark hair. Have you noticed that they all three have that snorty nasal sound? They all think they are better and insult any other opinion and every one!

They tend to get away with this just because they can (Colter and palen)as female...their defense is their sex.....I am female, I do not agree with this tactic in the media, it demeans the actual reason for a good opinion....if they should ever come up with one.

Oh...I forgot we were talking about Yeagley. Well he is no Vet thats for sure. He ranted against the Congressional Medal of Honor for the Native American Code Talkers....he made a goof...but kinda took his statements back...but he just can't bring himself to apologize(never could, he says its not the Comanche way) I say "Hah, what does he know about the Comanche way?".

He kinda honored them Saturday by Dancing with the True Warriors at the Comanche Nation Fair. I wondered what went thru yeagleys' brilliant mind when a real Comanche Warrior along with Chairman Coffey praised the Brave Valiant Warriors of World War I and II, The Comanche Code Talkers. They spoke of how these men risked their lives in the midst of combat by using the Comanche Language that the enemy could not decipher, yes yeagley our Comanche men were in combat..

I was never so proud..of our Comanche Code Talkers achievements. yeagley sat across the arena just a ghost of a man, not even a vet. Our Comanche people do not read his statement "that one's language is not an act if of particular heroism, which is what the CMH is awarded for" but I had, and I wondered about his thoughts, would he take his words back. Nah...he won't........even after he learned more of their brave deeds....they were in battle, they deserve to be recognized.


The_Editrix said...

"Pantings of a Comatose Preservative"

Sorry I missed that!


What about: "Chantings of a Comeoffit Derivative"?

Anonymous said...

His christian beliefs stems from his relations, the original Christian white Euro Puritans, who landed on the east coast in the 1500s. They started the Geneocide of the Native Americans and its in his genes(father's side) to carry the hatred to the Blacks and his own Native people today, its instilled in him. Maybe he is trying to cover it up with his fake Patriotism, and Adventist Christianism but somehow he can't suppress that hatred. If he is truly adventist he would not be so publicly hateful, but then look at betty ann, she is studying to be adventist, see how she spews ugyness. Don't they have rules that are to be followed? No..not those two.