August 16, 2008

The flushing of Yeagley’s “great white throne”

from the Bad Eagle blog

Boy this one’s gotta sting. Nothing Yeagley can do about it, absolutely nothing.

YEAGLEY — “the seat of power in the world
is white. The Great White Throne, I've called
it. White people have charge of the world”
(Dec 2007).
The so-called “great white throne,” as David Yeagley likens the supremacist concept of imaginary ‘pure blood,’ is soon to be a concept long forgotten. While Yeagley is surely going to torment himself into a tizzy over this news, play the victim, try to diminish the reality of this fact, or otherwise ignore it. But in the secret chamber of his mother’s bedroom-turned-blogger-hideout, Yeagley will probably be fuming about this. A new concept of race is emerging. And, it’s about time, don’t you agree?
YEAGLEY — “The dark races are to become a unified force against
the white races... The darkies are just a tool, a weapon... It's all a
quest for the Great White Throne. And no darkie will ever set on
that throne. There is no intention of allowing the darkies to rise to
any significant power as a people... There is no threat to white
power, and there is no guilt about it" (Jan 2007).
The fact that we are mixing racially is no big deal in reality, it’s always been happening of course. The Harry Potterish whigmaleerie of “pure blood,” to which Yeagley so desperately cleaves, is Lucius’ly ludicrous. A dawn is coming and ushering in new definitions and ideas of race, much less stigmatizing and way way less important. That is the kernel of hope in this happy news. Read on.

US white population a minority by 2042: census bureau

“Whites in the United States will no longer be a majority of the population by 2042, nearly a decade earlier than previous projections, according to US Census Bureau figures released Thursday. While 65 percent of the US population is projected to be white in 2010, those numbers will start to decline around the 2030s as white deaths outpace births, according to the figures.

The figures show that in 2042, whites will be outnumbered by Americans who call themselves Hispanic, black, Asian, American Indian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. Previous projections said this would happen by 2050. By the mid-century mark, when the United States is projected to have a population of 439 million people, 54 percent of the population will consist of racial minorities...

Researchers pointed out that some sections of the United States already have reached the point where whites are minorities, such as the states of California and Texas... And along with the overall growth, the number of mixed-race Americans was expected to triple, reaching 16 million, or close to four percent of the population.

‘Within the conventional definition of race, white, black, Asian, minority versus non-minority, this is a big change,’ David Waddington, chief of the Census Bureau's population projections branch, told the Times.”
Our True Ancestors

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There are those that slip back and forth into both worlds using them both, such as our boy davey.

Is that bad?

For my nephews an nieces to be able to take advantage of being 1/2 white is a good thing, but they NEVER use it against their Indian People.

Its still here the subliminal race card. However the white world tries to diminish it, they still hold the race card.

Look at yeagley at his site, he uses the Indian Image and says its for Patriotic Native American Indians, but it is not. He has used his whiteness to get his education, his site. He uses the Comanche Nation for funds, he uses the popularity of the Native Americans Image to promote himself and his music and books for his white audience, yet he wants no real input from the poor pitiful uneducated red Indians, and we can't do anything about it because he controls the buttons.

Coming across some of his early writings(2001), he really was pro-Indian. What happened?

I believe he found that being Indian was not easy, not always popular in todays world, not always pleasant so for anyone who can change to Whitey at will, that is what he does when he gets tired of "Playing Indian".

Just a change of clothes and taking off his "Sioux choker". (He doesn't even know how to be Comanche), dancing with a gourd and a turkey fan is not being "Comanche". Being Comanche, contrary to the image yeagley portrays, is to be Proud and embrace all Nations. When help is needed in Indian Country anywhere, we are all related, its our duty to give assistance, not make fun of and degrade each other.

Yeagley used his Whiteness to portray the Native American Image in the lowest of low ways in his involvement of the Danish film "Historian Fangar". That was his whiteness. He saw how the Comanche and other Native Americans turned on him upon viewing this documentary, that did not stop him. He goes on to use his Indian CDIB card (certicate Degree of Indian Blood) to get a contract with the Oklahoma Historical Museum. Scoring music for the "Daughter of Dawn" black and white historical movie of Comanche life. How can anyone even trust how this will come out, did the Museum know about the Danish film and the Peoples response to it.

He is a true two faced person, using both worlds for his own notoriety. The wrong comes in when he does it to rebuke the Indian Nations.