August 8, 2008

David A. Yeagley proven again as White Supremacist

from the Bad Eagle blog

It’s no difficult feat to stumble across Yeagley’s blog and discern it’s racial stereotyping, and negative denunciation of minorities and women. It’s no longer necessary for Bad Eagle dot Org, or the ever vigilant David Yeagley dot Org, to even speculate on that theme any more — it’s been proven true an abundance of times. So articles like this one are now simply adding to the already competent file of Yeagley white supremacist ranting.

YEAGLEY — “It’s about lower class... using sex as a savior for dark men... they bring over boat loads of Africans, Middle Easterners, and sometimes Asians... The dark men... start making babies right a way... What’s the solution? Mass sterilization? ...Are they hopelessly craven for the dark man? Are they completely morally abandoned? The white race in imperiled, for sure... That means the whole country” (July 2008).

His latest piece of hatred though is particularly vile, attacking a victim in Pennsylvania for no other reason than being a Mexican by birth and salivating at the brutality of the attack. Obviously no, “compassion” is not a word you would ever find emanating from Yeagley’s gums, except for his confused romanticism of war, or his white corporate sense of patriotism with a smack of giddy smugness.

What is equally recognizable about Yeagley’s latest rant is the clear example of internalized racism. Yeagley is himself mostly German and Mexican in lineage, which has already been established in verifiable fact. Yet, Yeagley froths at the mouth over Mexicans in the most foul ways. It is a product of some denial and the bloggers criticizing Yeagley at his blog are now discussing NPD. I truly think they are onto something here; I’ll let them explain. Bravo Tom and Ray!

Tom (click to enlarge):

Ray (Click to enlarge):


Evil Style Queen said...

Good post, congrats!

Didn't we discuss that NPD thingy somewhere here already some time ago? (Not that this would make the contributions of those two guys any less valid.)

Btw. it's me, Nora!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nora,

I usually don't read anything
on Yeagleys' unless it involves the Indian, but curiosity got ahold of me after reading here.

I just finished reading the comments to this blog on the Poor man who was murdered "Accidently" as yeagley says....its sickening. No compassion shown at all here for this poor man.

Yeagley admonishing Ray and Tom for their views, and always seems to be on Tom for "being Indian..Big Time", this is not the first time he's made that insinuating statement...exactly what does he mean? He never lets a chance to put the Indian down when he can....never.

His white woman coming to his rescue again, BAG. He says "many people seem utterly preoccupied with sex", he has to be speaking of her. Poor thing though...she and he both knows shes been with black men before, and she is utterly ruined in his eyes....but that doesn't keep her from being his bouncer.

They play on each other, he starts the hate....stands back...while she has full rein to be nasty and hateful and embarrasing just to keeps it going, thats their M.O., always has been. They work in tandem...she just can't see that she is a cheap slave for him. She'll take him anyway she can get him.

Motoy did an about face, saying he doesn't kiss behind, then proceeds to kiss up.

Q, a another supposidly religious person lies when he says Doc has many friends in the Dallas area, that is, if he is speaking of the Indians.

I am "utterly" embarrassed that yeagley chooses to be Comanche, he shames me. Why can't betty ann adopt him and take him away to the Rez, they both want to be Indian so bad. I bet he wouldn't last a week up there with the Real Indians....I'm not talking about betty ann(she's a breed). She might kill him with to much affection...though He just doesn't seem the touchy feely type. Cold, Cold, heart the man has.


Evil Style Queen said...

CM, I am on Brent's email list (Thanks Brent!), so I come here when I an notified of a new post. I very rarely go to Yeagley's site at all anymore and I never read there much. I am not interested in the Indian topics and everybody who has to say something about other topics has left long ago anyway.

I don't know Tom and I seem to remember that there used to be a poster called Ray while I was still posting there. I remember him as an avid follower of Y, but then, some people learn. It may be a different Ray, though. But whatever, both guys have Y's number to a "T".

As a man who claims to have a training in or some knowledge of psychology, Y should be able to avoid being quite so transparent. I don't think it's just Betty Ann who is obsessed with sex. The entire discourse there is oozing (repressed) sex (and self-hatred). Pretty disgusting.

If he had a remotely normal relationship to the opposite sex, he and Betty Ann ought to book a hotel room somewhere and sweat it out while watching "Mandingo". It would save the few remaining posters at BE a lot of smutty stuff, but we all know that this is the one thing that is impossible.

The bit about the "accidentally" killed man is one for my collection Yeagley-quotes. Maybe I will find the time and the stomach to update it.

Anonymous said...

It seems as though our mighty wannabe Comanche warrior friend is ill.

He has led such a pristeen ozzy and harriet Christian lifesyle, what happened?

I think he needed some sex, drugs and rock & roll someplace, or is that what got him????

No, I think the poor soul is working himself to death by being so hateful to his own race. He really should lighten up.

God works in mysterious ways, I think he would forgive him his sins.

yeagley talks of his enemies as if he is free of lies. If he would admit to the many ways he has attacked the Indian People, supporting Columbus, Mascots, deameaning them when they try to speak out for their own rights, trying just like a redneck teacher tries to destroy the self-esteem of an Indian Student, this is what yeagley tries to do and much more to the Native American Indian, these are Gods' Chosen People.

It may not be too late for him to turn his life around, but it needs to begin with a sincere apology, starting with his Comanche People, after all his recent notoriety is because he introduces himelf as a Comanche Indian and Patriot.

I wish him no ill health though, as intelligent as he is, you can't make me believe he didn't know so much hate could make you ill, it just caught up with him.

I'm not talking about the hate he spews forth, but the hate that people have shown him lately, that has to affect a person with any conscience at all.

His own posters aren't allowed to show any intelligence at all. Betty ann is still as foul mouth as ever, puttin down the Indian, just like a white woman would whose been married to an Indian, then white, then black (she wished). I think she's been married 4-5 times.

Betty ann your not helping him in his illness..........

Thru all our disagreements, I wish him a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

So he is down and out for a while...will he find a revelation? lets all brown people hope so, he has done enough damage to last a lifetime, wasn't that his goal?

will he finially see that when one opposes him, its not because one hates him, its an opinion which may contradict his, yet he claims those who don't believe as he his enemies, he rebukes them. He draws conflicts because of his views against any brown race of people.

keeping silent is a dishonor to your race when he dishonors your people. The whites can have forums, the blacks can have protest, the Italians can have their parades the chinese and japanese can have their towns in our cities, the jewish can celebrate their holidays and mourn their holocaust yet he continues to speak against the original inhabitants of this mighty country he claims a Patriot of.

He refuses to accept and understand why the Native American Indian needs their many stories told. our history our story should be told with the gory truth just as the gory Jewish truth is shown.

Instead he calls the Native American Indians crybabies, living in the past, bottom of the barrel, naye sayers and worse. never grasping the need they have just wanting to be understood. always making fun of and telling them to stand up like warriors yet in the next sentence belittling them like a government official telling them they have lost the right to fight, since they lost their country long ago.... in the next breath giving honor to the white conquerer, his people.

Looks like his people are losing now.

Anonymous said...

sorta of kinda apologizes, but not really.

His comment about what he lables as an "indigent-style Mexican family across the hall with wholly unruly, loud, screaming children, running up and down the hall like it was a playground". Indigent in my book means, "lacking means of subsistence; poor", I doubt if he even gave them any respect or spoke to them to make this conclusion, even so, it was an uncalled for statement in his condition.

Seems as though he can forgive all the foreign professionals working on him, all but the Mexican and Indian People don't agree with him.

When hospice brought my husband home for his last days, the nurse told he needed quietness. Who can hold a two year old down and keep them from running. When my husband heard my Grandson running up and down our his morphine enduced peace, he still smiled and said "Justin...Justin" he loved the noice of his beloved Grandson.

I wondered.......Doc did not appreciate the "Greatfulness" of even noice, no matter what color of skin.

Greatfulnuss means to me, intense Spiritual happeness, to draw a breath everyday, and to live today like you will die tomorrow.

He apparently went to the Mountain top to seek guiedence...Many Indian people do that. A high point to be closer to their Creator, but he had to begin at the base of the mountain. Many, Many people of all Nationalities and colors do that with different religious ideals and beliefs, but they end up the same place, at the top seeking a Spiritual forgiveness, for a lack of another word.

Yeagley needs to remember..."togetherness". Forgiveness, mystisism whatever....its togetherness that he needs come to, and shatter that illusion that he alone is special...he is NOT!

I felt compassion and relief for him when I first started reading his blog "Of one blood" testimony. Then he shattered my illusion with his comment on the Mexican family and "mine enimies, if intellectually capable".

With his physical weakness, you would think his Spiritual, faith, or religion base would kick in with compassion for all people, especially the little children.

I wish him no ill health, but.......compassion for all people.