June 19, 2008

David Yeagley succumbs to Baracknophobia!

Yes, David Yeagley (not surprisingly) succumbs to Baracknophobia in yet another of his white supremacist pontifications. Yeagley is feigning the victim yet again, "oh, it's too horrible to repeat — SO HORRIBLE — the homosexual libel against Obama, so horrible that I cannot repeat it here on my blog, I morally cannot post it at all, I simply cannot," but then Yeagley posts it all anyway. This two-faced behavior is exactly why no one cares about Yeagley's views whatsoever. It's all too easy to see Yeagley's own hypocrisy.

In his earlier silly rant, Yeagley attributes a black president to changing the color of the entire ‘white’ house for the worse — the lowest of the low in racial outlook. Yeagley is fearful of genuine American equity in this country, American equity, the fair market, the Patriotic commonwealth, the common good of all American Patriots — all seen “bad” in Yeagley’s ranting. Not only shortsighted on Yeagley’s part, but downright discriminatory and anti-American. Yeagley’s no patriot. He’s no warrior. He’s behaves like a disgruntled white supremacist who’s afraid of sharing the commonwealth with all other Americans, including his many Mexican relatives. It’s a sad shame when internalized racism grabs hold of anyone and leads them to this lowly behavior. Sad and a pitiful shame.

YEAGLEY — “As the slavish media continues to blather on about Michelle and Barack Hussein Obama, we note that the ghetto level behavior of black ‘culture’ has already accompanied them... absolutely vomitable... Michelle Obama is quintessentially hypocritical. She feigns (and fawns) over her supposedly lowly background near the street--the very kind of place were faddish behavior is breeded... You'd think the Obamas were white... They say Joseph Goebbels believed that propaganda made the Third Reich... In the case of the Obamas, one thing is clear: the blacking of America. The constant visual, in your face ‘change’ of color... their way of ousting the hated white conservative power” (June 2008).

Above, we see Yeagley throwing the ‘third reich’ at Obama, the “blackening” of America when America was never white to begin with, Yeagley’s own upchucking bodily functions, and the deep mischaracterizing of nonwhite culture as the ‘ghetto.’ However, one of his blog followers, made this astute comment:
JASON — “ ‘It is clear of her now, as it has been of Barack Hussein for some time, that we simply don't know Michelle, or her husband. We don't know who they really are [Yeagley].’ So, if ‘we’ don't know Barack or Michelle, if ‘we don't know who they really are,’ as you claim, could you explain your frothing at the mouth diatribe against them every other post for the past several months? You act as though you do know them, continually assigning to them motivations you've cobbled from other blacks and simply projected to them... You need to start asking yourself why you are so angry. And ponder this, as I mean it with upmost sincerity... your views are almost exactly the same as David Duke's. Aside from your self-professed love of Jews and Judaism, what difference is there between you and the Dukster?” (June 2008).

Well said!! What Jason points out is absolutely true. And if David Yeagley’s idiotic rants were not enough, he just keeps digging the idiocy hole deeper for himself in the comments. Just look at his response to the one comment that actually made sense, and again tainted with misogynist doltishness.
YEAGLEY — “you [Jason] have not yet displayed the ability to think objectively, and to comment on the blog... You react emotionally, like an angry woman” (June 2008).

Like we said, Yeagley’s idea of American Patriotism extends only to white males. The true heroic patriotic Americans of the entire American commonwealth, well, in Yeagley’s world you are out of luck, out on the street, out on your ass. He does not care one iota about you. The true commons, the vast majority of America and American patriots who populate our wonderful country have no place in Yeagley’s limited vision. Truthfully, we're the genuine American partriots who care about our entire citizenry, not Yeagley.

We love what John Stewart had to say about this issue. Much better outlook than Yeagley’s backwards and apparently twisted pathology. Take a look.

Behind the mild-mannered facade, Barack Obama is intent on enslaving the white race.

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La Reyna said...

David just cannot control his obsession with all things Barack Obama and "Blackness."

He needs psychological help period. Anyone who obsess and constantly criticize people of color, esp. Blacks and Mixed Race peoples, is mentally ill.