May 31, 2008

Bad Eagle Debunked!

from the Bad Eagle blog

After publishing the article Bad Eagle: Go Speed Racer Go! debunking Yeagley’s ‘bad eagle’ claims, Bad Eagle (dot ORG) received an interesting comment (immediately below). We’d encourage those of you who are interested in Comanches and Comanche history to skip past anything Yeagley offers, and go straight to the scholarly material from Thomas Kavanagh.

It’s telling that Yeagley was “unavailable” when given the chance to meet and talk with Dr. Thomas W. Kavanagh — especially since Yeagley is big on claiming that Comanches had no social or political groups, a false claim that Dr. Kavanagh's research contradicts. And yes, that’s right, Thomas Kavanagh is a Dr. with actual academic degrees (Liberal Arts), not a DMA in piano performance (fine arts) like Yeagley. No wonder Yeagley was “unavailable” when Dr. Thomas W. Kavanagh visited Comanche country.


B.I. — “I'm glad I came across this story. I met a lady last Christmas who's maiden name was Portillo. When I asked her if she knew Yeagley, she said ‘yes and he is such a liar.’ She can't stand the stories he's made up of the family. She and her husband recently moved here from California. She was helping us decorate for the Elders Christmas Dinner and was going to Volunteer at the Hospital, but got sick and then she was moving into a new house. So we lost contact, I recently called her to ask if she was ok and settled in. She was happy to hear from me, she said she didn't have anyone around she knew.

I am pretty sure there will be no Picnic with her and Yeagley together. She said her family knew her Uncle George Portillo very well yet she can't stand Yeagley and his lies about the family.

She is very knowledgeable about her Uncle George. As soon as I know she has her computer set up, I will have to make sure she gets this information.

When I told Yeagley about his cousin Lee Mowry he immediately told me not to discuss him with her, he said "I know my family". Soon thereafter I think is when he and Betty Ann started giving me a hard time on his site. I was eventually denied access to commenting and banned. Yes I think Yeagley has a lot to hide. I can't wait until I get in contact with Lee Mowry again. Her mothers' name is Mary Etta, she was at the time I met them 90 years old.

I also find it strange, that when Thomas Kavanagh visited the Comanche Nation, not too long ago that Yeagley did not show up, since he mentioned him here. He was there for a question and answer session and had a meal with us, approximately 100 people or more were there to honor him, I got my book signed by Kavanagh THE COMANCHES A HISTORY, 1706-1875. Yeagley must be ashamed of answers he would have given” (May 2008).

The Comanches: A History, 1706-1875 (link)
by Thomas W. Kavanagh
This is the first in-depth historical study of Comanche social and political groups. Using the ethnohistorical method, Thomas W. Kavanagh traces the changes and continuities in Comanche politics from their earliest interactions with Europeans to their settlement on a reservation in present-day Oklahoma.
Southwestern Historical Quarterly “A historical encyclopedia of Comanche diplomacy... No student of Southwest Native American history should overlook this book”

Choice“Soundly researched and solidly documented, this book includes painstaking analysis and comparisons of the sources... Of interest to students of southwestern as well as Comanche history"

Southwestern American Literature — “A stunning scholarly achievement... This is a book that belongs on any Western historian’s or writer’s shelf”

Journal of the West — “This is a persuasive and comprehensive work, impressive in its detail and scope.. [It is] not likely to be superseded any time soon”

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