January 8, 2008


from the Bad Eagle blog

It must be irritating to no end, for D. Anthony Y. to feel the onslaught of (gulp) a black US president. So irritating, in fact, that the Stormfront author, little david, buys into the tired old word game of using Obama’s middle name, and tries in vain to characterize him as something other than black, to somehow pit him against other blacks in America.

Truth is, there’s really no distinct black race at all, there are simply too many variations to genuinely categorize, though little david may try with all his might. There are Cherokee blacks, Comanche blacks, light blacks, black lights and black light hair spray for white Comanches. Race only exists as a cultural postulate, not as an actual entity.

The one-percent Comanche desperately wants to pontificate that Obama is “different” to create a boogeyman of him, all the while being laughed at from all quarters for his easy-to-see bigotry.

But there’s a much simpler way to account for the porcelain pontificator’s recent blogger behavior, D. Anthony Y. simply hates blacks, that’s all. We know this. We’ve read his rants for years now. He’s a white supremacist.

If you are turning a blind eye to this fact, you are the foolish one, dear reader. This means YOU, the musicians who play his works in public without so much as blinking, the organizations that cater to little david by ignoring his bigotry in the public sphere without a conscience, and the cultural institutions that think the “darkie” pontificator is a worthy role model for our youth. Pull your damn heads out of sand. Wake up.

Yeagley — “Yep. THat's it. Lets us all be black. Get all them white women pregnant with black chillin's. Good grief. What a prospect. Is that all the black race is about” (Dec 2007).

Yeagley — “I'm tired of talking about blacks. I'm going to start shutting down some threads and banning people... This is an American Indian site” (May 2007).

Yeagley — “Slavery, properly understood, is not an evil at all. True, the 13th Amendment is known as the Amendment which abolished slavery, but that was only as a commercial institution... Clearly, the baby was thrown out with the bathwater” (May 2006).

Yeagley — “There is a tremendous drive in many white women to experiment with the darkies... The sexual aggression of the Negro, particularly when surrounded by those not of his race, is well known” (Oct 2004).

— “The darkness of the Negro has always repulsed other races” (Mar 2002).
Fortunately, some of the northern states are, at least in a minimal way, acknowledging the past bigotry and perhaps opening the door for further justice, perhaps future justice.

BAD EAGLE commends America’s 3rd State, the Garden State, for taking a positive stand on past abuses, which may pave the way in some measure for reconciliation. We can only hope. Bravo New Jersey!

New Jersey Becomes the 1st Northern State to Apologize for Its Role in Slavery
New Jersey became the first Northern state to apologize for slavery, as legislators approved a resolution Monday expressing "profound regret" for the state's role in the practice. The Assembly and the Senate 29-2 both voted overwhelmingly to approve the resolution, which expresses the Legislature's opinion without requiring action by the governor. "This resolution does nothing more than say New Jersey is sorry about its shameful past," said Assemblyman William Payne, a Democrat who sponsored the measure. The resolution offers an apology "for the wrongs inflicted by slavery and its aftereffects in the United States of America."

It states that in New Jersey, "the vestiges of slavery are ever before African-American citizens, from the overt racism of hate groups to the subtle racism encountered when requesting health care, transacting business, buying a home, seeking quality public education and college admission, and enduring pretextual traffic stops and other indignities."

Legislators in Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia have issued formal apologies for slavery.
According to the resolution, New Jersey had one of the largest slave populations in the Northern colonies and was the last state in the Northeast to formally abolish slavery, not doing so until 1846. The state didn't ratify the constitutional amendment prohibiting slavery until January 1866, a month after it had already become federal law... (Tom Hester Jr., 01-07-08).

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Stephanie said...

David "The Hater" Yeagley doesn't want to talk about Blacks, why rant about Obama? Could it because he's successful man making it on his own? David has issues about himself. So do a lot of insecure men like him who hates Blacks and women and obsesses about us day and night. It's envy, pure and simple.

Stephanie B.