December 24, 2007


from the Bad Eagle blog

Today, David Yeagley saw himself in the mirror. The great porcelain pontificator, as if ascending upwards in a puffy nimbus of shiny white grandeur, is crying foul on Rush Limbaugh’s discrimination against Indians based on inaccurate stereotypes?

Now, wait a moment ... like, WHAT?!

Yeagley — “Rush has no concern for Indians, in other words. If he did, he would not be so quick to make sport of Indians who are being used in this way. He would not be so willing to write Indians off... He would make a little effort to find out what Indians really think, and what most really believe.” (12-24-07).
Yeagley is mistaken about his conclusion that some grand “liberal” scheme is out to denigrate Indians, as that is Yeagley’s own slant and rant. Not liberals. But Yeagley is looking in the mirror, of course, so what ought we to expect from him, after all, a one-percent Comanche who sees things always as black-and white. Simpleton.

With his own simplistic dualism he sees evil against goodMuslims against Christiansand all the world is in a devious plot against America. He is the paranoid patriot, who is so confused that he cannot even see past his own image when confronted with it. Confronted with his own fakery, he doesn’t know how to even think it through correctly.
Yeagley — "the message of Christmas isn't political... but, that is the hope of many, certainly through legislating the moral values of the Judeo-Christian morality... Everyone, except Mohammadans, wants peace in the world" (12-25-07).
Warring to bring peace, what an concept. Legislating morality, another idiotic pursuit. Our constitution is, thankfully, godless. Whether founded by agnostics or not, it is intentionally godless and avoids religion — on purpose. Largely because Christianity has been one of the supreme destructive forces in the world, it was wise of the founders to exclude it from our Constitution.

It is amazing how many loyalist believers, like Yeagley, are willing to advocate killing to somehow foster peace. Yeagley's reasoning is ass-backwards. Killing to bring peacefulness? Yeagley's "faith" is nonsensical. Yeagley's morality is to wage war in the destructive pursuit of mono-culture, everyone believing in the same foolishness.

No thanks, simpleton. I place my trust in the Constitution and in evolution. If war-mongering adds up to Christian kindness, I'd rather see Christianity fail. Imagine the world with no religion, imagine peace.

Time after time, blog after blog, Yeagley has ranted against those of us who have been disgusted by the American Indian stereotypes, stereotypes that are negatively influencing our educational system as well as our common-day lives as Native people.

When we legitimately speak out on this abuse caused by these phony pseudo-Indian images masquerading as the real thing, Yeagley rails against us to support these degrading mascots. “Make more” of them, Yeagley pontificates, as if he had no skin in the game, which he really doesn’t to be honest about it.

So little david ends the year with sour-grapes, complaining that Rush has failed to see the real Indian, that Rush did not take a moment to look past the stereotypes of American Indians. Little david has confronted himself in Rush, one neocon pundit squarely looking at a clone of himself, and still failing to see the truth of the encounter.

What goes around, comes around. If the porcelain pontificator wants to spread disinformation and create more false stereotyped images, he is first in line to billow forth a misleading fog.

But when it works against him, Yeagley laments about a failure to see real Indians through the blanched-over whitewash.

It is truly astonishing that Yeagley cannot see the direct connection here, the causal parallel is exact. Yeagley cannot even see the stereotyped discrimination that he has created for himself — let alone for others — even when it appears to him in the magic mirror on a silver platter. If it causes war and hatred, Yeagley is all for it, no matter what it is, even defining patriotism and religion to justify his phony warrior face makeup.

Hands down, Yeagley wins the Bad Eagle Pixilated Hypocrite Award for 2007.