September 4, 2007

David Barrel-of-Monkeys Yeagley on Iran

from the Bad Eagle journal

Joining the extremist rhetoric is a Yeagley habit, especially with his documented hatred of anything Islam. Unable to see the minute variances of anything important, Yeagley continually throws simplistic and ill-conceived blankets over what are more complex issues.

Preferring his own “us-versus-them” rhetoric — and endlessly quoting bible passages to rationalize his positions — Yeagley continues to follow the empty-headed sabre-rattling of his flying-monkey neocon idols.

Yeagley—“The long term solution is to deport all Muslims back to their own countries. Else they will in fact dominate. They already are, through their terrorism... the mosques of America ought to be bulldozed to the ground... Islam stands for the antithesis of American values... Why try to make America muslim? Same for the Mexicans” (3-18-04).
Okay, so abusing people makes for better relations and diplomacy does it?
Yeagley—“If there is a current of value running through BadEagle besides American patriotism, it is Judeo-Christian demeanor... no, the thought of deporting Arab Muslims does not constitute malice” (7-18-04).
Actually it does, deportation of Muslims is absolutely malicious and ill-conceived. In addition, American “patriotism” is not Judeo-Christian, no.
Yeagley—“Perhaps I'm borderline mystic... the battle of the Lord should be our supreme concern...and American patriotism--of which the Judeo-Christian religion is the cornerstone” (7-19-04).
Yeagley is a “mystic”?! That’s a hoot. The so-called “battle” of the Lord is a proselytizing myth, a legendary struggle of supreme good over supreme evil; but it is all so much malarkey. It is nothing more than a bunch of control freaks fighting to maintain their imagined view of the world as a mythical battleground, in order to keep a quite useless “us-versus-them” attitude alive. Funny how the myth keeps the rich rich, must be a happy coincidence.

However, most American patriots see America’s Iraq Occupation as a huge waste and see the neocon agenda as, well, stupid. To have Yeagley following along in rather blind support of a proven failed policy is not surprising, of course, but sad nonetheless.

Yeagley—“The Koran is not comparable to the Bible at all, being a collections of writings by a group of Mohammad's followers, claiming to the record of Mohammad's sermons” (9-3-07).
Hmmm. Sounds a lot like the bible to me, collected scraps of writings all assembled later by followers. How very familiar. Very similar.
Yeagley—“Does Iran have sentiments of benevolence for all people of world? ... I don't think so... Islam encourages the blood bath... Islam has robbed the world of a beautiful gem. Iran has been taken from the world of peace and good will, and covered in an iron cowl of darkness and cruelty. Islam is an evil thief. That's how I see it” (9-3-07).
So Iran is the next “them” target is it? And, Muslims are all evil are they? When will David Yeagley grow a brain? Half a brain? Never mind he is a white-bred Comanche in name only, not raised with it and largely illiterate when it comes to finer points of Comanche thought, when is he going to write something halfway intelligent that does not aggrandize that phony “warrior” fantasy and endlessly respond to “others” with simplistic hate politics?

Clearly, as most American patriots know, occupying Iraq was not an answer. And despite all the anti-Muslim rhetoric being pontificated by Yeagley and his neocon buddies, attacking Iran is equally unjust and ill-conceived. If you read Yeagley’s blog and cringe at the hate rhetoric, you have hit upon a nugget of truth: Yeagley is a white supremacist. Understand it. Accept it. Deal with it. Get educated.

American Indians and our youth cannot afford Yeagley's poison. He is not a good role model for Indian people, nor our youth, no matter what you think of his piano abilities. Composing a fugue and then promoting hate rhetoric with it is not the Indian way. It's not Comanche either. It's not even patriotic really, it's just Yeagley's own hate politics and Yeagley's intolerance of non-whites. Read on and think about this.

Americans say Bush too eager for war in Iraq

AFP—“Nearly two-thirds of Americans feel President George W. Bush was too eager to wage war in Iraq and is handling the conflict there badly, a poll released Tuesday suggested. The result marked a turn-around from a survey that asked the same question four years ago, immediately after the US-led war began. Sixty-one percent of nearly 2,700 US adults...said they felt Bush was "too eager" when he sent US troops into Iraq in March 2003, while only 26 percent perceived the president as "not too eager" to go to war... The poll released Tuesday, as General David Petraeus and US ambassador to Baghdad Ryan Crocker prepared to present a report to Congress on Iraq, also showed that two-thirds of Americans gave Bush bad marks for his handling of the conflict over the past few months” (9-4-07).
How Islam-Bashing Got Cool
Deborah Caldwell—“President Bush no longer seems able to restrain anti-Islamic rhetoric. In the last six weeks, a major Protestant leader has described the Prophet Muhammad as ‘demon-possessed pedophile;’ a well-known conservative columnist suggested that Muslims get ‘some sort of hobby other than slaughtering infidels;’ the head of a conservative activist group suggested American Muslims should leave the country; and evangelist Franklin Graham described Islam as inherently violent.

Meanwhile, the University of North Carolina is being sued by the Family Policy Network, a conservative group, for asking incoming freshmen to read a book called ‘Approaching the Qur'an: The Early Revelations,’ an assignment Fox News Network's Bill O'Reilly compared to teaching Hitler's ‘Mein Kampf’ in 1941. On Wednesday, a North Carolina state legislator told a local radio station his view: ‘I don't want the students in the university system required to study this evil.’

Islam-bashing, it appears, is suddenly not just acceptable, but almost fashionable among conservatives. This isn’t a matter of commentators criticizing Muslim extremists. These are remarks that attack Islam, Muslims, the Qur’an, and the Prophet Muhammad as pervasively and inherently bad. President Bush's repeated attempts since Sept. 11 to describe Islam as a ‘religion of peace’ initially helped quell anti-Muslim rhetoric.

But now, conservatives seem to be increasingly ignoring Bush's approach. ‘The White House has lost control of the issue,’ says John Green, an expert on religion and politics at University of Akron. ‘Islam bashing has become more public, and it seems to be more accepted.’
And there is a limit, Green notes, to how vehemently Bush is likely to disagree with these conservatives and Christians, since they make up his political base...

Evangelical Christians have always believed that Islam is a wrong religion, and refuse to accept Allah as the same as the Christian God. Conservative Christians actively proselytize among Muslims in this country and abroad. But lately, many Christian commentators are pushing these views in broader, secular formats...
At the Christian Booksellers' Association meeting in Anaheim last month, retailers sold an array of books and tapes describing Islam as a violent religion—and many of these books will be marketed not just in Christian bookstores, but also in malls nationwide...

But it's not just Christians...a new cascade of public anti-Muslim comments poured forth...
Ann Coulter said of Muslims: ‘I think it might be a good idea to get them on some sort of hobby other than slaughtering infidels.’ That comment followed Coulter’s comments about Muslims last September: ‘We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.’ Also in July, a Secret Service agent admitted scrawling ‘Islam is Evil’ and ‘Christ is King’ on a Muslim prayer calendar while searching the Michigan home of a man... Says Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council... ‘It is the fad now to bash Islam and Muslims.’

...After Sept. 11, most Americans swallowed hard and—with President Bush leading the way—decided that anti-Muslim bigotry was wrong. During the fall, he repeatedly called Islam a ‘peaceful religion,’ hosted a Ramadan dinner at the White House, and described the Muslim scripture as the ‘holy’ Qur'an... Until recently, CAIR members handled the backlash with letter-writing campaigns or by asking media outlets or commentators to retract comments Muslims perceived as unfair. Now, Hassan says, the anti-Islam fervor is too widespread to deal with... ‘There's really no convincing any of these people,’ says Hasan, who appears frequently on cable and radio talk shows. ‘It's pretty nasty email. There's definitely a movement happening.’

...Sure, there are legitimate religious differences between various faiths, but the genius of the United States is that we tolerate each other... if we're going to deal with terrorism and threats to our freedom, people who hate each other's beliefs in this country are simply going to have to make an effort to understand each other... that means they're going to have to put up with Islam, and with American Muslims.”