August 31, 2007


from the Bad Eagle blog

Although the neo-con base of the Republican Party, which includes David Yeagley, often belittle and even advocate against gay folks now and again, it is widely acknowledged that a high percentage of those same “traditional family value” pontificators are themselves gay. We can only wonder about Yeagley, although it is certainly no crime or even especially noteworthy; “being gay” is “in your DNA” to borrow that song’s phrase.

There are many neo-con types that have been outed in the past Republican years in the white house, just look at these famous examples below. What is particularly disgusting is not their being gay (who really cares, honestly), but that they work against gay rights using zealous Christianity and hate politics. Contrary to the neo-con outcry — when permitted to do so despite the fearful politicians passing silly laws against them — the gay couples seem to have a rather successful percentage of outstanding marriages, when compared to their non-gay counterparts.

David Dreier

James Guckert AKA Jeff Gannon

Ken Mehlman

Armstrong Williams

Mark Foley

Larry Craig

I’m guessing this report is probably the result of a hoax, but one wonders about it, given the known tendency of some closeted gay men to pursue an outward agenda of overtly anti-gay rhetoric probably to shield their inner self from discovery. Does the profile fit Yeagley? We’ll let you be the judge, below is the recent report from We’re at least glad of the recent ruling declaring Iowa's former ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional, maybe it’s a sign of returning sanity in the judiciary?

Is Yeagley Finally Out of the Closet?—”Has Yeagley decided to finally admit to being what just about everyone who has heard of him already knows that he is, a self hating gay white man in denial? I was just sent this by someone who claims to be a gay male that Yeagley has emailed looking to get together for gay sex.
I'm fairly sure this ad below was a hoax or a joke played on Yeagley. But either way, this gay personal posted by Yeagley or at his expense certainly sounds very much like him, perhaps too much.

The most hilarious details, outside of mimicking his "super patriot" act and racist comments, is that Yeagley is admitting to being white and no longer posing as being Native.
Perhaps, now that he's possibly "outed," Yeagley will be less the cantankerous hateful racist bigoted crank and crackpot that he's always been before. Or not. But one can hope. And it's a funny thought to see Yeagley jumping in to support gay marriage” (8-31-07).


White American Super Patriot Seeks Same 55 year old Man in Lawton, Oklahoma Looking For: Men for a friend, casual dating, a serious relationship or marriage Profile for DavidYeagley I'm out to save the world from all the liberals, Commies, and perverts, and I need another hot white guy by my side, and I need to be down beneath him, if you know what I mean. No darkies! My Ideal Person: Absolutely no darkies! Just other white hot American Super Patriots like me.

DavidYeagley's Information:

Gender: Man

Birthdate: January 1, 1952
(55 years old)
Lives in: Lawton, Oklahoma

Height: 5 ft 0 in / 152-153 cm

Body Type: Slim/Petite
Smoking: I'm a non-smoker
Drinking: I don't drink at all

Race: Caucasian
Speaks: English
Education: PhD/Post doctorate

Occupation: American Super Patriot

Religion: Protestant