May 30, 2007

White Comanche (1967)

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With Yeagley and Captain Kirk?!!!, May 30, 2007
By Comanche Elder
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“White Comanche” ... Two brothers who are twins, half white and half Comanche (an evil twin, Notah, played by William Shatner, and I forgive him for this), cannot reconcile their Indian selves. I watched for laughs until David Yeagley (the supposedly good Comanche, named Johnny) appeared in regalia with pink feathers. I lost it then ... my stomach still hurts from laughing!

Apparently, the common view of Yeagley is that he is “touched.” They tolerate his presence because Yeagley is viewed as crazy. So, the Comanche view him as relatively harmless. The overall view though is that he is not welcome at tribal gatherings. But, since he is crazy, no one wants to really talk to him. Well, given that Yeagley grew up as a runt with a childhood disease and couldn't play rough and tumble sports, played the piano, was half-not white and grew up in a white neighborhood, I'm willing to bet he got picked on and bullied quite a bit and now that he's bordering on being an old man with his own playground he can act out those fantasies of tormenting and getting even with the types of people who he thinks picked on him when he was a young runt.

Yeagley’s Comanche mother did not raise little David within Indian culture, because she disagreed with Indian ways and customs. Therefore, David “was raised with the values of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants” according to his blog. Yeagley was not taught Indian ways and cannot be considered Comanche. Much of what he thought was “Indian” came to him through his experience with whites. So, I suppose the film's one saving grace is the title, WHITE Comanche, truth be told.