May 22, 2007

David Yeagley: "Rantings of a Conservative Comanche"

A book preview from the Bad Eagle blog

David Yeagley — “The book is out now. It's not in the stores yet, but it's available” (5-20-07).
How do you spell y-a-w-n in Comanche?
David Yeagley — “My original title for the book was: American Patriotism, Indian style. Of course, when the book company makes the investment, they also assume the authority to make it what they want. So, I had to defer” (5-20-07).
What we have here is a protective publisher, protecting their own reputation that is. We prefer “Pantings of a Cromwellian Comanche” actually, an even more accurate title.
David Yeagley — “In any case, the book is a collection of my published articles, from 2001 to the present” (5-20-07).
How do you spell h-i-g-h-f-a-l-u-t-i-n in Comanche?
David Yeagley — “Hopefully, this is the beginning of a serious fundraising effort for the Foundation ... Shortly, this book will be promoted by a number of serious agencies” (5-20-07).
I see, it’s all so very “serious” then. Well in that case, let’s do an official preview, shall we?

David Yeagley: Rantings of a Conservative Comanche
A preview by Bad Eagle blog

Cromwell would be proud of David Yeagley’s self-proclaimed “new” book, although ‘new’ is a stretch; the book is actually a compiled collection of his blogging efforts in 195 pages. What can we expect from this read? Well if it’s any indication, Yeagley’s publisher disavows the content while promoting it for largely commercial purposes; the publisher remains unwilling to adopt Yeagley’s own book title “American Patriotism, Indian style” preferring the change to the current “Rantings...” title, thereby removing accountability on the publisher’s part to condone anything formulated therein by David Yeagley, D.M.A. (a music degree in piano performance).

A rather smart move on the publisher’s part, considering some of Yeagley’s most characteristic and disgraceful writings are not suitable for children or adults. So, if I were to name the compilation definitively, it’d be re-titled “David Yeagley: Pantings of a Cromwellian Comanche,” a more apropos designation. In his own words:

David Yeagley — “The darkness of the Negro has always repulsed other races” (3-1-02).

David Yeagley — “The same people who want to remove the word ‘n_gg_r’ want to remove ‘Christmas,’ and ‘God’” (12-8-06).

David Yeagley — “Superior beauty is in the white race... In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black—?a beastly bore” (2-26-02).

David Yeagley — “Hitler may have wanted to dominate the dark races, but, he didn't want to destory [sic!] them” (1-16-07).

David Yeagley — “I'm beginning to think there's no such thing as racism. If there is, it is very rare” (4-22-05).
What’s rather puzzling is the patronizing of the compilation by a seeming pastor turned get-rich-quick enthusiast, and a minister turned divorce counselor, who both have children. Would you or I subject our own children to the rather obscene quotes pontificated by a hate blog or the resultant compilation? I suspect not. However, both so-called family men, Randy Allsbury of Edmund, OK (5 children), and Jim A. Talley of Oklahoma City, OK (3 children), have come out in favor of Yeagley’s brand of rhetorical megalomania by financing its publication.

How someone can advocate the return of the word “n_gg_r” as Yeagley has decreed, and in the same breath counsel couples on the best ways to raise their children is beyond me. But here we see it, nonetheless.

More to-the-point of the compilation’s content, its purpose seems to be the championing of an unheard-of voice, the non-university educated Indian, although it must be quickly pointed out, ironically, that David Yeagley, D.M.A, and his forthcoming compilation are of the ‘university educated’ variety.

David Yeagley — “The Indian voice has not been develeped [sic!] into a serious political force... only a relatively small ‘university educated’ cadre of Indians...form national organizations with a few Indians on the boards; this is not the real Indian voice. That voice remains to be heard. That voice the Bad Eagle Foundation hopes to lift, in due time” (5-20-07).
To truly understand Yeagley’s compilation however, one must comprehend his blog writings and their seeming purpose. A quick look at his blog confirms what most American Indians have known for awhile now, David Yeagley is more a white supremacist than a Comanche, with a particularly denigrating attitude toward nonwhites — he functions more as a magically white sheep in a borrowed Comanche robe.

Setting himself up as an ‘Indian’ savior, Yeagley proclaims of himself, “People have actually told me, privately, they're waiting for an American Indian leader” (David Yeagley, 5-22-07). Although one blogger quickly saw through the ruse by posting this followup response, Heil mein Fuehrer!” (Yaaawning Injun, 5-22-07), just before Yeagley DELETED this response from his blog. Gotta control the blog with an iron hand I suppose, no such dissent will be tolerated.

From this author’s perspective, Yeagley’s blog predominantly relies upon Yeagley's misperceived impression that he labels American Indian "failure," which probably accounts for his general unpopularity within Indian Country. Yeagley cannot write authentically about people he does not really understand, namely American Indians.

If I were to give my overall assessment of his position, it would be similar to the sinking ship analogy.
In Yeagley’s world, Indians are sunken already or at least sinking with the ship (just look at his denigration of Indian men to confirm this observation).
So, in response to a misperceived Indian ‘failure,’ Yeagley has decided to jump ship and head for the frothy shores of white supremacy, where he abandons the dying concerns of old Indian Country in favor of squatting in the white wing of the shiny city upon a hill.

So while blogging endlessly about all things white rice, white bread and white sugar, Yeagley is fundamentally abandoning the important struggles of American Indians for natural wild rice, indigenous fishing rights, and Indian self-determination. Rather than supporting the struggles of American Indians to write their own histories and correct degrading stereotypes, Yeagley attempts to champion those negative stereotypes from the bleached sands of his own perceived white superiority — all in an effort to bolster his own self-imagined position as a ‘leader.'

The primary purpose of Yeagley's blog is to secure a small reward for himself within the commercial power structures that promote Indian wannabe books and that romanticize Indian degradation for greater earnings in the marketplace. False information about Indians, plus mysoginist and racist attitudes run unchecked and unsensored within Yeagley's blog — and form the loathsome foundation of his book compilation as well.

I give “Rantings” 4.5 lemons for unoriginality and the general lack of understanding key American Indian issues. But hey, remember the old "time-honored" [sarcastic use of one of Yeagley's meaningless expressions: time-honored] adage about lemonade, perhaps a bitter cup to swallow but better Yeagley than Indian Country.