May 6, 2007

Renown Composer Coming to Comanche Film Festival

from the Bad Eagle News

Bad Eagle would like to report that, once again, internationally-respected composer Brent Michael Davids is being invited to the Comanche Nation College (CNC) Invitational Film Festival in Lawton OK. If you recall, Davids’ highly-successful silent film classic The Last of the Mohicans (1920) was screened to appreciative audiences at last year's 2006 Festival:

The Last of the Mohicans remake was one of the most popular of the 3rd Annual Comanche Nation Film Festival films. According to the CNC surveys; people traveled from outside the community to see this particular film. It was not only well received because of the beautiful scoring by talented Brent Michael Davids, a living Mohican; it was a beautiful remake of an historic film. The movie was a rich contrast of black and white with subtitles. The quality of the film was excellent. What a surprise that a film from the 1920s could have such a wide variety and range of color — from subtle to heavy contrast! It could be compared to having a double serving of art — rich vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate syrup — delicious! Brent Michael Davids' orchestration provided a powerful translation for The Last of the Mohicans movie. Thank you Brent Michael Davids for sharing your gifts and talents with Comanche Nation College. It was appreciated by the Comanche Nation, the audience, and certainly, the viewers” (Juanita Pahdopony, Director of the CNC Invitational Film Festival, 2006)
However, as reported by Bad Eagle last year, Mr. Davids could not attend the 2006 Festival given the quickness of the invitation and his busy schedule, but do expect him at the 2007 CNC Festival, bringing with him new films on which he served as film composer. Davids is expected to appear in person at the CNC Film Festival, and join in the celebration of the indigenous films being created by cutting-edge American Indian filmmakers. And look for some of Brent’s cutting-edge music as well.

If you missed the Ghost Dance production in Lawton, you can go here and read about it, but GRAMMY-Nominated composer Mr. Davids was among the celebrated contributors to the production’s music along with his GRAMMY Award-winning musical cousin, Bill Miller. When Lawton City Arts Council went looking for great music with a strong Native voice, they came to Brent Michael Davids, and Mr. Davids was honored to provide music for Ghost Dance. According to Davids himself:
“I feel it’s very important to put a good effort into getting quality music for all productions, concerts, films and theater, and to bring an authentic American Indian voice to those venues and audiences. Too often, we are confronted ad-nauseum with the same old stereotypes of Indian maidens and macho warriors, and we need to focus holistically on the entire culture, and to move away from the stereotyped tunnel-vision mentalities that, for example, make up the distorted mascots and avoid the multicultural and authentic indigenous realities. I’m proud to contribute whatever I can to the growth of American Indian education and toward better understandings of indigenous cultures" (2006).