May 1, 2007

Reality TV "Caption" Challenge: Bad Eagle on Rosie!

Once again we are putting forth another Bad Eagle "Create the Best Caption" challenge! What is the best caption for this photograph? You decide! Just put your caption in the comments, and enjoy everyone's captions as well. Perhaps you missed Bad Eagle on CSpan, or Bad Eagle on Insanity & Koans; so we're calling this create-a-caption challenge "Bad Eagle on Rosie!"

What's YOUR caption for this picture?

David Yeagley loses his main supporter

Just read this rather illogical blog comment; it's astounding how little there is of genuine self-evaluation going on with David Yeagley. Perhaps if he were better at it, his blog might be more reasoned and rational.

David Yeagley — “American Indian Mind Sets, and Indian Men: A Call to Arms, have apparently marked a change in Bad Eagle. These articles have brought about a turning point. Some truths about Indian Country are simply hard to deal with” (Apr. 2007)
What?! A “change”? You must be kidding David, there’s absolutely no change.

So let’s examine this hypothesis shall we? Let’s see, the “ Call to Arms” blog was about men becoming more aggressive because women are being raped; so you used rape (a fascination with you), to justify yet another in a long succession of anxious masculinity blogs. Okay, so no real change there.

Well, how about the “Mind Sets” blog? Any change there? That blog was about 3 so-called “psychological” categories of Indian: rez, urban and educated. As it turned out, these were easily disproved, and you were left with egg on your face, for trying to be a phony psychology scholar. No such categories exist and certainly do not constitute any sound theory. Remember that phony new harmonic theory you supposedly invented but quickly revealed as nothing but resume padding? Was this a real change? Obviously no change here either; you’ve put forth lots of unsubstantiated and haphazard theories before.

So basically, we see no change going on with your blog. You seem to have an amazing lack of self evaluation skills if you are now championing a big change. It's a good thing that not everyone is falling for it.

Main Supporter Lost: Maybe your forum members are finally wising up and leaving. At least it appears one of your main contributors, Betty Ann, just decided she’d had enough of your messy blog. There’s only so much Non sequitur thinking one can indulge before throwing your hands in the air. I think praise is due when one starts actually seeing the mess and finally walks away from it. Good going. And David, “Non sequitur” is latin meaning "It does not follow,” like your blog (NON = not, by no means, no; SEQUITUR = follow; aim at, strive for, support, observe).

You Go Betty!! (Our Bad Eagle Honoree for the day)