April 24, 2007

The Chickenhawk Compassion of David Yeagley

from the Bad Eagle Journal

David Yeagley — “The students at Virginia Tech were afraid to respond... Thus, they are totally weak, and unprepared... Students are afraid to defend themselves. They don't have the spirit of self-defense... They are docile lambs... I say resist. Kill the killer, immediately. Don't stand around and watch... Throw a book at them, and they'll be terrified...

Such occasions as the VA Tech murders... are simply opportunities for the liberal rhetoric of lamentation... respond immediately--with violence! There were no heroic acts in the VA Tech incident, contrary to liberal media reports. Hiding behind a desk, or jumping out a window is not a heroic act! ... There is no honor in escaping. The honor is in taking the killer out, immediately. Respond to violence with violence--immediately, without hesitation, without thought, and without error.

You don't stand around and watch... You don't barricade yourself in a room, or behind a desk. You attack the attacker. Throw something at him... I'm sick of these killings. I'm sick of the weakness that allows them. I'm sick of the liberal philosophy of victimhood. That philosophy creates more and more victims! We don't need a pscyhoanalysis [sic!] of Cho Seung-Hui. We don't need an endless, professional explanation of why it happened, or a dramatized lamentation of the fact it did happen. This is not helpful” (April 17, 2007).

A True Comanche Star: Rudy Youngblood!

from the Bad Eagle blog

Comanche Rudy Youngblood and a very approving Chairman Wallace Coffey

Comanche Chairman Coffey, Mel Gibson, Miss Indian World, and Comanche Youngblood

BadEagle.org gives well deserved praise to Comanche Rudy Youngblood! We're so proud of our Comanche brother! Congratulations on your award! Chairman Coffey and Rudy Youngblood are the truest of Comanche stars, and proof that the Comanche legacy remains strong today! Rudy Youngblood is an authentic Comanche Warrior and a real man. Eat your heart out, Mr. Fakeriot Act! Check out more of the award photos HERE!