April 21, 2007

David IMUS Yeagley

from the Bad Eagle Journal

Forget the Wacko Jacko plastic surgery makeover, and take a look at the weathered-by-hatred look of David IMUS Yeagley. The comparison is rather startling, yes?! Can it be true? Can the inner person — one seasoned by unfailing hatred toward others — be visible in a person’s face? Does the poison of hate and violence show in a person’s eyes? If true, little david may have more in common with IMUS than with Jackson; well, unless you’re perhaps talking about Andrew Jackson and not Michael, which might be an equally valid comparison. But read on.

Remember how disrespectful David IMUS Yeagley is toward Indian women, because they cannot be "warriors" according to his misogynist dillusions? And then read between-the-lines (below) as David IMUS Yeagley salivates over his own "eye for an eye" policy, completely forgetting that the VA Tech classes were filled with women victims.

So let me get this straight — only MEN can be "warriors" and many of the VA Tech students were WOMEN — so is David IMUS Yeagley saying that the women victims deserved death by the virtue of being born female? Clearly, David IMUS Yeagley has not "reasoned" this issue through very carefully, as you'll find true of the majority of his blogger efforts.

David Yeagley — "The students at Virginia Tech were afraid to respond... They have been trained to think responding is wrong. Morally wrong. Thus, they are totally weak, and unprepared. They can only be victims" (April 17, 2007)

David Yeagley — "people need to be re-programmed to respond immediately--with violence! There were no heroic acts in the VA Tech incident ... Hiding behind a desk, or jumping out a window is not a heroic act! ... There is no honor in escaping. The honor is in taking the killer out, immediately" (April 17, 2007)

David Yeagley — "Respond to violence with violence--immediately, without hesitation, without thought, and without error ... You don't barricade yourself in a room, or behind a desk. You attack the attacker ... I'm sick of these killings. I'm sick of the weakness that allows them" (April 17, 2007)
Personally, I find it disgusting that, after failing to successfully rally against Comanche Actor Rudy Youngblood, David IMUS Yeagley immediately and opportunistically chimes in with a “blame the victim” tirade once the VA Tech shootings hit the airwaves. While David IMUS Yeagley tries to blame some vague liberal “conspiracy” is responsible for the media's coverage, it is painfully clear he is simply using the tragedy to bolster his own sunken blog ratings himself, with a sensationalistic and moronic response: blame the victims. Shame on you Yeagley. Shame on you.