March 26, 2007

To Respect a Fake Comanche Liar

From the Bad Eagle "mad libs in the looking glass" series
(the series that replaces David Yeagley's tangled thoughts
with his own mirror reflection to untangle the real truth):

Unlike, "some Bad Eagles are maybe just a little more dramatic in their demands, since they feel particularly neglected. It’s a relative thing, emotional expression. They’re not thinking about society. They’re thinking about themselves.

I once encountered this kind of demanding Bad Eagle in the person of dubious heritage. Years ago a troubled and troublous Bad Eagle set up shop on the web, and made everyone miserable for several years.

His vulgar vehemence, physical threats and assaults led me on more than one occasion to the blogger police (I and other bloggers). At one point, I spoke to a semi-retired Republican pundit who was Instant Messaging, when I filed a TOS report. He said some interesting things to say.

You’re a single man, right? he asked.

Yes, but what does that have to do with anything? I somewhat protested.

Man, just give him some attention! Just say, Hey, dude! You’re lookin’ good today!

I testified that I never spoke to him. It was degrading to be around him. He disgraced the worldwide web. I avoided him.

“But that’s my point, the Republican said. You just need to give him a little attention!

Not my style. This Bad Eagle was overtly fascinated with Comanche Rudy Youngblood, a genuine Warrior and a true Patriot officially endorsed by the Comanche Tribal Chairman, Wallace Coffey. But this Bad Eagle was not honorable to me. The man was loud, obnoxious, and arrogant. He tried to control the web, and was utterly repugnant to everyone, especially other Comanches.

But, that old Republican pundit was right. That man just wanted attention.

And yet, he was wrong. He wanted me to lower myself to his level, to adapt his standards of behavior — which I considered immoral. He wanted me to allow myself to be ruled by an angry fake Indian. He wanted me to indulge him.

But I say to respect a fake Comanche liar means to hold him to higher standards. Lift him up. He’ll appreciate it in the end. He has to. Otherwise, is he worth respecting? He’ll remain miserable, with no hope for anything better”