March 23, 2007

The magically white David Yeagley

from the Bad Eagle Journal

How is it Yeagley can pose as an Indian when he’s really a white supremacist? It’s not sanity in operation, so if it isn’t magic, it must be punditry. One thing is for sure, it’s another word game. After all the “darkie” admonitions, the rants about the NMAI museum including “darkies” within it, and all the rants about the "low morality" of black women, Yeagley has no political or moral right to say anything at all about anyone.

How is it that Yeagley “believes” he can determine what is appropriate terminology and what isn’t? He is the worst possible judge of such things, having himself a malignant conscience when it comes to letting blacks, muslims, American Indians, or women decide FOR THEMSELVES what they wish to be called. No, Yeagley “the great white pontificator” has decreed that he can — and will — decide what is appropriate for everyone else. He is the self-proclaimed language police. Talk about PC idiocy.

It’s a good thing Yeagley’s “humor” is so poorly developed, assuring that he remains rather oblivious to most folks, which is a good thing. Speaking against Indians, putting others down, denigrating women, and word games ... this is apparently what occupies Yeagley’s thoughts, endlessly. It’s good that we have mostly better things to do, than play “Simon Says.”

David Yeagley — “For what it's worth, I do protest the comical use of the word Negro, only for the reason that it robs me of the one word I thought carried respect. Of course, lampooning is what American politics is all about. I will still use the word Negro with respect, but now I'll probably always have to stifle a laugh that comes with it, now that it's been used in sport, rather hilariously. Rats. Humor is so powerful! Wholly hilarity, Black Man!” (DY, Mar.22, 2007)
Bad Eagle Says ... “darkies infest the American Indian museum”
Bad Eagle Says ... “women are whores”
Bad Eagle Says ... “Indians are weak old women”
Bad Eagle Says ... “I’m important and if you don’t believe that, just ask me”

We have better things to do than play Bad Eagle Says.