March 18, 2007

Yeagley Yahoo Challenge

Create the funniest caption for the "great white pontificator" in this photo (complete with the Tandy Leather "Trading Post" head band)!

Health to Illegal Immigrants?

from the Bad Eagle Journal

The piano doctor is at it again, calling for masses of people to suffer extinction rather than bow to his white supremacist fantasies. This time he is claiming that his fantastical visions are inevitable history as if with divinity at his command he can see into the past as well as into the future. In other words, Yeagley’s theory is a load of horse manure.

Consider this simple and elegant definition of history, as a possible starting point: History is “either the study of the past, or the product of our attempts to understand the past.” This says nothing of the divine right of kings, nor of the divine right of some city-upon-a-hill notion, nor of the inevitability of any nation to exist or cease to exist. All such nations are the products of many factors and variables, none of which indicate ‘natural’ providence. History does not have “final solutions” as Hitler did, history is an ongoing process of questions, interpretations, defining and redefining. It has no ‘inevitable purposes’ like theology might, nor pragmatic theories of some “master race” like David Yeagley asserts.

So what do we make of statements comparing immigrants to traitors, such as this ... ?

David Yeagley — Who would say such a thing as "Death to Illegal Immigrants"? What might that actually mean? What would occasion the thought? Death to traitors? Who'd a thunk it? Everyone's 'thunk' it, and has been thinking it for thousands of years. It's called history” (DY, Mar.18, 2007).
And statements advocating a “creator’s” preference of one nation over another, such as this ... ?
David Yeagley — “True nationhood is not created, but ordained of nature and of nature's Creator. Therefore, the invasion of Mexico into the United States is criminal by every description... This is indeed a war of nationhood, and they are proven in sympathy with the enemy” (DY, Mar.18, 2007)
And finally, statements advocating war as the best and brightest of solutions according to the providence of history, such as this ... ?
David Yeagley — “The enemy must be destroyed, one way or another. His aggressions must be made to cease... Violence is a great ego boost for the morally abandoned peoples of the world. Unfortunately, in this kind of world, it has to be dealt with--by supreme violence. That is the lesson of history” (DY, Mar.18, 2007).
First, immigrants are not traitors illegal or otherwise, they are simply searching for a place to reside and have minimal legal status at best, according to the country they occupy; so no, they cannot be mischaracterized as traitors. They have human rights, and civil rights and are most likely nice decent folks. So Yeagley’s comparison is skewed and smacks of sensationalism.

Second, true nations ARE created, contrary to Yeagley’s utopian fantasies. Nations are not ordained from any other source than themselves, and they are 100% human endeavors. People create nations; nature creates nature. So Yeagley’s divine-right-of-nations call is simplistic hyperbole. If Yeagley thinks immigrants are traitors, this opinion has nothing whatsoever to do with divinity nor nature, it is simply a notion harbored by David Adolf Yeagley and nothing more. He is a bigot not because of history nor because of nature; bigots are the creators of their own bigotry. Yeagley is racist because he wants to be racist — history and nature have nothing to do with it.

Third, war is never the answer; even in war there is eventually negotiation. Negotiation, cooperation, consensus building efforts, these are the processes of peace. War is created by warmongers, those who wish force and violence upon others, always using the argument that wars can only be dealt with by more wars. It is a deadly and rather stupid process, war-making. Yeagley’s arguments here are simply one side of the warmongering elite’s fantasies, who continue warring because others are warring too. The process is stupidly circular, a never-ending reactionary myth of fending off the “other guy’s war” with, ironically, your own war. Yeagley’s phony “warrior” mask is infantile and certainly not drawn at all from American Indian life. Yeagley is a fake patriot who spouts phony rhetoric, and the two-faced, cherry-picked logic of his simplistic arguments boggle the mind. He may be a doctor of piano, but certainly not of reason nor logic.

In my own view, I wish these so-called “illegal immigrants” the best health and happiness America can provide, and I believe America has an obligation to treat them as welcomed with dignity.