March 14, 2007

David Adolf Yeagley?

from the Bad Eagle Journal

Did you ever notice how the life of Hitler and Yeagley seem somehow parallel? All the ranting about "superior" races and "master" races? All the reductionism to “blood” percentages and “warrior” stereotypes? Amazingly similar, if I do say so.

That’s probably why he loves and defends Hitler so much, yes? I’m sure you can find other similarities for yourselves, but these brief similarities below do seem rather startling. Check this out:

About Mothers:

Adolf Hitler — “Young Adolf was showered with love and affection by his mother” (world healers blog)

David Yeagley — “Who among us has not felt the divine joy in our mother's love? ...Whom can we always turn to for love and acceptance, no matter what? Who is always there, to mend, to encourage, to forgive, to buoy up our spirit? ... I speak as a son, with a mother who... never failed to love” (DY, May 2006)

About Fathers:
Adolf Hitler — “there is anecdotal evidence that Adolf's father regularly beat him during his childhood” (world healers blog)

David Yeagley — “I refuse to feel intimidated... or otherwise limited by being Comanche. My white father apologized to me for my being Indian ... I've been told that wherein I have failed, it is because I am Indian” (DY, Dec 2006)

About Non-Whites:
Adolf Hitler — "[The Jews'] ultimate goal is the denaturalization, the promiscuous bastardization of other peoples, the lowering of the racial level of the highest peoples as well as the domination of his racial mishmash through the extirpation of the folkish intelligentsia and its replacement by the members of his own people," he wrote [Mein Kampf]. On the contrary, the German people were of the highest racial purity and those destined to be the master race according to Hitler. To maintain that purity, it was necessary to avoid intermarriage with subhuman races such as Jews and Slavs” (world healers blog)

David Yeagley — “It's all psychological. White is right, black is dark, suspicious, and evil” (DY, Jun 2003)

David Yeagley — “I say, love of race ... is the only saving grace of the world. Without it ... the world will simply become an emasculated, mass wimp... There is a reason for differences. This is to keep the human race separated into smaller groups. Love of race is the only 'saving grace' left in the world... Mixed raced people can't help what they are... But there is no need to repeat the same, or to advocate more, or to idolize such a condition by perpetuating it. When you realize you're on a wrong path,... the only dignified thing to do is to get back on the right path” (DY, May 2005)


From the Bad Eagle Blog

Did someone not receive their check from Mark Winters?
From David WhoreO'twits?
Or did David Adolf Yeagley do something particularly vile?
Or was his site hacked ... as I'm guessing he will claim soon enough.
Of course, "commies" and "darkies" were responsible.
Well, whatever the reason, isn't it nice to have a cleaner, more friendly, internet today?
Somehow, it just feels better doesn't it? We think so.

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