March 1, 2007

Yeagley: The Error of a Racist

from the Bad Eagle Journal

David Yeagley — "It is quite clear that the mullahs in Tehran, and their chosen representative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, all share a genetic intuition of ruling the world” (DY, Mar. 1, 2007)

From the above pontification, it would seem little david has the power to not only interpret the intuition of others but of entire races of people. Make no mistake, the allusion to psychobabble above is the sheer veneer of racism, claiming the superiority of the whites over the darker races. But those unjustified notions of white superiority are not easily expressed anymore in blatant racial terms; lynching is no longer possible for white supremacists so they have taken to analyzing the inferior or immoral motivations that plague the darker races. Racism lives on in dominionist psychobabble to interpret motives, and preserve the power position of the white races.

But the truth rests in other areas of thought, justice for example. The white supremacist fanaticism to find the immoral motivations of other races is merely a theme-and-variations on the older lynching mentality of racism, but designed to keep whites in power. What a white dominionist does not reveal however is that no other avenues are being investigated, such as how climates of injustice maintain the inequality and support racism, even if thinly veiled as psychobabble. American Indians, Muslims, Iranians, and the other nonwhite races, are not genetically inclined, or "genetically intuited," toward great immorality or criminal behavior — any more than whites are that is.

If genes are connected to unhealthy behavior, it only takes a quick look at the world today to see that the planet’s worst offenders are not, by any stretch of the imagination, limited to nonwhites. In fact, who is the worst offender currently? George W. Bush, a white dominionist. The motivation of “preemptive war” is nothing but premeditated murder at its heart; Bush is the one trying to control the world, not the folks in the middle east. But racism lives on in the "motivations" of David A. Yeagley, babbling out his psycho explanations to keep white folks in power and undermine the equitable sharing of power among the world's population.


from the Bad Eagle Journal

David Yeagley does not know what he is pontificating about, and this dishonors all American Indian people, and especially the Comanche Nation. His web pages are nothing more than self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing, narcissistic romances with a stereotyped American Indian culture. American Indians do not romanticize death in the way Yeagley imagines we do. Of course, there are ceremonies for death just as their are ceremonies for birth and life. But to borrow this “bad eagle” moniker and abuse it by spouting stereotypical romantic death is blasphemy to actual living breathing Comanches (the un-adopted variety). Yeagley has taken a bit of Comanche culture, distorted it into a stereotyped cliché (avoiding all things gentle and loving), and tried passing it off as some sick personal indulgence. David A. yeagley is a white supremacist, a dominionist, a make-believe warrior aggrandized by other fake warriors. Why would any reasonable person dish up so much falsity and deceit just to maintain a fake web moniker? No reasonable person would, which lends itself to the conclusion that whatever Yeagley is, it is not reasoned and mostly likely not an example of mental wellness.

David Yeagley — The mass Mexican trespass is a self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing, auto-erotic cultural romance... you'll consider yourself a cultural hero, a Mexican people's man, a grand Commie... Death validates your wonderful cause, your selfish intent, your low purpose of crime and illegality. Death means nothing to Muslims... They are cowards and murderers. They are beneath dignity. When one of them is blown up, the people parade for self-righteousness ... It is a party, if we are to take their profession seriously... In the old days, American Indians did not fear death, but they did not love it either. To die in battle was a supreme honor, but to murder was an unthinkable weakness--well, at least Indian to Indian. Training in bravery was functional, for battle, not for some sick personal indulgence” (DY, Feb. 28, 2007)

As for Yeagley's supporters, such as John Martin using the “Tall Soldier 77” moniker, they are false warriors too, whose writings appear to exhibit the same anti-gentleness and anti-love characteristics that Yeagley trumpets. Certain facts have been uncovered by contributions to the Bad Eagle Journal for your review. Review the statement of John Martin below, and then examine the facts further below. These facts are posted for your adequate preparedness concerning this individual. Take the appropriate actions if necessary.

John Martin — “I am enrolled in the Oglala, Sioux Rez from Pine Ridge .S.D... I graduated high school in 1986 and joined the Army (DD214 available upon request, lol.) I served 4 years in the Army I attended basic, AIT and Jump school at FT. Benning, GA. After basic I was shipped to Germany where I spent 2 years, then I did my last 18 months at FT. Bragg, N.C. I was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. I got recalled to do a year when my unit paricipated in Operation Desert Storm. I ETS'd (seperated) with honors from the Army in 91'.” (TALLSOLDIER77, Posted: 10/16/2006, 12:42:55 AM)

NAME: John Martin (photo here)

SPOUSE: Denise Faamasino


RESIDENCE: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

ADDRESS: 4040 Spencer St., Suites P&Q, Torrance, CA 90503
PHONE: 1 - 310 - 378 - 7715
FAX: 1 - 310 - 378 - 8225

Steve Slawinski -
Debbie Gefre -
Patrick Wilson -
Armando Moreno -

Mr. Martin seems to spend a great deal of his employer's time and resources cyber-stalking others who differ with him. It may also be true that Martin may threaten, harass, verbally insult or focus attention on his target's children and family members.

It seems that Mr. Martin has confabulated potentially harmful and defaming stories (falsely accusing others of sexually harassing his children online) about others he has experienced cyber-conflict with, called employers, and former employers, harassed family members of, and generally exhibited cyber-stalker behavior toward.

Mr. Martin falsely claims to have served in the US Army Airborne. A locator check indicates that no one named John Martin was trained in the Airborne, went to Airborne Jump school, or served in the 82nd Airborne during his time of services. He was an ordinance CLERK. His unit NEVER went to Desert Storm for a year.