February 24, 2007

Wacko Jacko is a Liar, Wacko Jacko’s Pants on Fire

from the Bad Eagle Journal

As Wacko Jacko is so very fond of Suzan Shown Harjo, I thought I add some of the recent editorial on the Illiniwek mascot retirement that has left a smothering lump of coal in Waffle’s underwear. And as a two-fer, Yeagley once claimed be the first American Indian to have written an opera, when the actual fact is that Gertrude (a woman) did so, some 70 years prior to the White Ponificator’s grand operatic declaration. Read on.

Suzan Shown Harjo — “I have a theory that some of the Chief fans really don't disrespect Native people. They just don't know any. While fans were collecting their orange Chief T-shirts, mugs, caps and bumper stickers, they missed a few things. The first dozen years in the life of UIUC's racial mascot were the last dozen years of real life Yankton Sioux author Zitkala-Sa ... Gertrude Bonnin, she was a musician, composer and the first Native person to write an opera... This richness of spirit can fill empty places. Find out about Native people now departed and what gifts they left for us: ... Read or listen to anything by Vine Deloria Jr. or John Mohawk. Look at anything by T.C. Cannon, Harry Fonseca, R.C. Gorman, Allen Houser, George Morrison, Fritz Scholder or Pablita Velarde. After even a brief exploration, Illiniwek fans, you may kick yourself over the great many Indian people you missed while following the Chief” (SJH, Feb. 23, 2007)