February 23, 2007

Yeagley, Christian Advocate for Murder

from the Bad Eagle Journal

David Yeagley — “Illegal Immigrants Must Die! ... Sound a bit harsh? I think not... I say, let him die where he falls. Let the buzzards eat his body... That would be justice” (DY, Feb. 22, 2007)

The above words of Mr. Spleen Jeans of course reduce everything to it’s lowest and stupidest denominator. Take for example Majid and his nine-year old son Kevin who — through no fault of their own — were traveling from another country to Canada, and only from happenstance landed in the US without a visa; the plane was forced to land prematurely for a heart attack victim’s emergency. When they found Majid without a proper visa, the authorities jailed him and his entire family in a Texas internment camp where he still residing. Of course, where else besides Bush's Texas?

It was not
Majid's choice, nor his plan, to enter the US at all. But when he did so as a result of some else’s medical emergency, the Bush warrant-less security cronies threw him in prison camp, including his 9-yo son who sleeps by leaning up against a concrete bathroom wall each night. Smooth move Exlax. Dr. Kegely strikes again ... if Yeagley had his so-called "Christ-like" way, all Christians everywhere would start picking off immigrants on site. Here’s the Christian’s chance to finally “get even,” forget all that turn-the-other-cheek nonsense, right? Remember the Colosseum and feeding the lion’s? Well, get busy Christians, it’s open season on murder, according to the wrinkly ole traitor head himself, Dr. R.I.P Man Wrinkle.

Yeagley: A Clown by Many Monikers

From the Bad Eagle Journal

the Indian Apple
one small unworthy man
Waffling Warrior
the piano doctor
Dr. Kegely
the great pontificator
great white pontificator
flying monkey mouth
Wacko Jacko
mr. spleen jeans
Dr. R.I.P Man Wrinkle
Little David
Average Savage
ole traitor head

By any name, it’s still a joke of a moniker. A scared piano player who never fought against anything except good scientific reasoning. Did you check out his stance on global warming? Virtually every scientific organization in the world is united on the cause of global warming (air pollution by human beings), yet Dr. Kegely dumps his credibility on the words of Rush Limbaugh against all of them. Great, mr. spleen jeans and a drug addict, together in thought and mind. The piano doctor made his grand claims to formulate a brand spankin’ new theory of harmonic tonality and claims to have written works under it’s auspices, but it turned out to be all a hoax after all. Synthetic harmonies have been around for a long time, and the great pontificator loves to exaggerate, especially to bolster his own image. He keeps all too quiet about it now, now that a formidable composer has investigated it. In the end, most everything flying monkey mouth declares is most likely supportive of the corporate right wing media and against Americans and our welfare. Perhaps we should add another moniker, traitor head.