February 15, 2007


From The Bad Eagle Journal

While the piano doctor David Yeagley is lockstep with the latest talking point “talk about anything except the failure in Iraq” that dominates the right wing, he continues to put out streams of logic that defy imagination, such as linking the passing of Anna Nicole Smith to demonizing the Democratic proclivities of the American people. Yeagley’s logic (going smoothly from point A to point B) is a vast void of emptiness that is not even smooth in a purely rhetorical sense. The only link between Anna’s demise and America’s Democratic leanings exists within Yeagley’s own web page, purely rhetorical and wholly without merit. And, why is the Anna story not ending? Because pundits are keeping it alive as a distraction, that’s why. Talk about anything BUT the failure in Iraq — so dictates the talking point — so Yeagley writes about white women, again.

David Yeagley — “Wonder why the Anna Nicole Smith story won't end? ... Now, liberals love to lament, and lavish useless affection over suffering, but there's more to this than just that... Democrats are trying to trash Bush and to trash America... Vickie Lynn trashed her own life (in a way worse than the trash her mother handed her), and ultimately left the curse on her innocent baby girl. Vickie Lynn can't make anyone think differently about her life. So, when liberal Democrats have their way, what innocent baby will they leave cursed?” (DY, Feb. 15, 2007).

THE REAL NEWS STORY here, however, is about Yeagley himself, the white supremacist. He is proven this time to be not only philosophically Anti-Indian, but literally Anti-Indian. In Yeagley’s imaginary world, his unscientific web post on how the global warming crisis is nothing but a leftist liberal scare tactic, is directly at odds with what our American Indian leaders are struggling with in the real world. Yeagley rejects the proven science to favor the anti-warming claims of a convicted and drug-impaired radio talk show personality.
David Yeagley — "It's a grand, apocalyptic cause, this global warming. The Leftists love it. It is their religion... I know science has proven itself unreliable ... These scientists are like the mullahs in Iran. They must create a crisis to remain employed. They must talk crises, to maintain their importance and power. One of the best assessements of this issue is offered by none other than Rush Limbaugh” (DY, Feb. 2, 2007)

Yeagley directly opposes what we know is the life-and-death struggle of Indian people. While American Indian leaders, such as Inuit woman and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier, are calling for accountability from the corrupt governmental practices that keep the destruction going, pundits like Yeagley are pampering themselves without conscience to maintain and even increase the devastating effects on our indigenous people. While Indians in the north are struggling to survive as the world’s “first responders” to this global catastrophe, Yeagley is championing our extinction. Irregardless of whether you (the reader) are liberal or conservative, democratic or republican, Indian or non-Indian, what is now a proven verifiable fact is that David Yeagley is — quite literally — anti-Indian.
“Indigenous peoples from the Arctic have long argued that global warming was having a dramatic effect on their environment. In 2002, villagers in the remote Alaskan island community of Shishmaref voted to relocate to the mainland because rising sea levels threatened to overwhelm their community. Data has been gathered to support their claims and scientists have recorded how polar regions are the most vulnerable to climate change. The most recent international Arctic Climate Impact Assessment suggested global warming would see temperatures in the Arctic rise by 4-7C over the next 100 years - about twice the previous average estimated increase.

The delegation to Washington will be led by Sheila Watt-Cloutier, the former chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference who was last week nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Speaking yesterday from Iqaluit in Nunavut, Canada, she said: 'For us in the Arctic our entire culture depends on the cold. The problem of climate change is what this is all about. At the same time we will be bringing in lawyers to talk about the link between climate change and human rights’." (from The Independent, Feb. 9, 2007).