February 13, 2007


Pundithead David Yeagley, the great pontificator, is swallowing and regurgitating another talking point, which seems to be the norm for him this week. It’s intended to trump up the call to further war and further debt, in order to help the oil corporations make a lot more money. Poor companies are nearly bankrupt, they need our help. Why not go to war, and feed the machine. And David Yeagley, the piano doctor, is at it again, and as uncritical as always about what he digests, hook, line and stinker. No need to repeat the stupidity here. If you’d like to read something intelligent and well constructed about all this trumpeting the call for war — again — read this article instead, and flush Yeagley away as insignificant, which he is.

"From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq"