February 2, 2007


So the piano doctor reads this paragraph arguing for extermination:

"The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring is a demand of the clearest reason and if systematically executed represents the most humane act of mankind" Mein Kampf, tran. Mannheim (1927; rpt.1971), p.255

Then compares it to this paragraph, arguing for the healing of a denial-of-death culture in America:
"The mission of the Project is to promote a better understanding of the experiences of dying and bereavement and by doing so help transform the culture surrounding death ... they abandon the dying when, in their own words, there is nothing more to be done" Project on Death (from The Columbia Speech of George Soros.)

And sees both paragraphs as making the same charge:
DAVID YEAGLEY — “Sounds like Soros is a softened pitch for the same view of Hitler. This is astounding, if true” (DY, Feb.1, 2007)

First off, it does not escape me that this latest neocon ‘talking point’ is designed to shift focus away from Bush failures and escalation in Iraq, Cheney’s court woes over CIA leaks, Gonzales illegal spying programs, and the neocon saber rattling toward Iran — after all, how DID American oil get under Iraqi soil?

But Yeagley made the mistake of attempting to pen his own version of a talking point. Did the so-called piano doctor flunk reading 101? Was he looking through those Stalin-colored spectacles again? What percentile did he merit on his GRE scores in analytical thinking? Did he get to skip those pesky GRE exams being a music major? Yeagley’s above analysis seems — how shall we say — blockheaded, if not outright stupid. For a supposed college graduate, this is astounding, if true.