January 9, 2007



By Brent Michael Davids, 1/9/07
“President Bush gave a very sincere and matured speech last night. It was visionary... It was a beautiful thing... Indeed” (David Yeagley, Horowitz Homey)

“The war is going well... Where were our boys wreaking vengeance on the enemy? ... "There’s power in the blood!" says the old 1899 evangelical hymn... we need the blood of warriors” (David Yeagley, Horowitz Homey)
1. Bush Homey: Jack Abramoff
Bush is draining the ecomony and the poor,
Losing a preemtive war of premeditated murder.
Bush thinks escalating troops is a good idea,
Bush practices torture and assaults individual freedoms.
Abramoff was Bush’s homey, draining the Indians and the poor.
Abramoff was a Bush Homey — Bush’s Token Indian Lobbyist.

2. Horowitz Homey: David Yeagley
Horowitz is draining away education and freedom,
Losing a proselytizing war on free thinking and reason.
Like Abramoff, David Yeagley is Horowitz’s homey,
Proselytizing against Indians, Minorities, Women, Muslims.
Yeagley is a Bush supporter of this war of aggression;
Yeagley supports Horowitz's assault on individual freedoms.
Yeagley is a Horowitz Homey — Horowitz’s Token Indian.

Yeagley is worse than Abramoff; The similarities are important.
Should America torture? Is the war really "going well?"
Bush wants to steal money, Abramoff helped him do it.
Horowitz wants to destroy freedoms, Yeagley helps him do it.

Examine the quotations below to experience Yeagley's
moral "character," reasoning "ability," level of compassion,
apparent "patriotic"
bloodlust, and lack of basic decency.


David Yeagley — “A boy threatened to sexually assault the girls with a broom stick? Surely such a remark cannot be considered seriously. It is the refulgence of adolescent passion, and braggadicio [sic!] in the midst of a stimulating situation”

David Yeagley “A woman in tears is a wonderful thing. The world wavers. History awaits. No doubt mankind is a mystical outpouring of a crying female”

David Yeagley “The key to success here is to let women be utterly inconsistent, self-contradictory, and abjectly contumacious. If we can tolerate this, all is well”

David Yeagley “I'm not going to tell Indians that our history is not tragic... Are we doomed to alcoholism, immorality, dissipation and disease? Are we doomed to see our men run after blondes and our women lie down and be raped by Negroes? Somehow, I don't see dissing Columbus as a solution to these problems”

David Yeagley “From her [Miss Kentucky become Miss USA] brief interview, posted on the Miss USA site, she seems rather humble for one so beautiful”

David Yeagley “Why am I talking to an Indian woman about this issue, where are the men!”

David Yeagley “This is about an "enhanced" woman [Pamela Anderson] objecting to the "enhanced" chicken. It's about a woman given to the visual, whose false appearance is supposed to stimulate objection to animal cruelty... A pornographic icon is being used to merge the human emotion of conscupiscent [sic!] sexual indulgence with righteous indignation at the sight of cruelty to birds, birds with enhanced breasts, like hers”


David Yeagley “The sexual aggression of the Negro, particularly when surrounded by those not of his race, is well known”

David Yeagley “The darkness of the Negro has always repulsed other races”

David Yeagley “Maybe the word ‘nigger’ should stay. It should be carefully defined, and refined, and it should remain... Nigger should be used when and only when appropriate....Nigger means unwanted, repulsive, and disgusting. Nigger means everything that is despised. Nigger means vehement and utter rejection”

David Yeagley “It's never going to end. Blacks, African-Americans, Afro-Americans, American Negroes, whatever, have a perpetual ticket to glory in our wondrous American system. If they don't have a Cadillac, a house in a white neighborhood, money for college education ... then they've been wronged, and it's everyone else's fault. "You owe me!" is their mantra”

David Yeagley “I just think it is neurotic and preposterous to make the sky fall because somebody says "n_gg_r," ... It is ludicrous, in fact”

David Yeagley “Slavery, properly understood, is not an evil at all. True, the 13th Amendment is known as the Amendment which abolished slavery, but that was only as a commercial institution. Yes, the Amendment was passed ... in response to the hysterical rhetoric about racially-based slavery in the South”

David Yeagley “And American Negroes today always think their experience in slavery was the worst ... That's only because their skin is the darkest”


David Yeagley “Indian men...deserve to be at the bottom of the barrel....They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies.”

David Yeagley “America did not commit genocide against Indians, and in fact was pleased to leave a good deal of land for relatively small population”

David Yeagley “And how can anyone forget about the hundreds of thousands (does it reach millions?) of white people who were slaughtered by Indians, whole villages burned, women raped, then sliced to pieces, etc.? Who do you think did all the torturing? It wasn't the whites”

David Yeagley “The Indian situtation [sic!] is not comparable to the Jewish Holocaust. Jews did nothing to anyone. Indians did....Like I said, it was a car wreak.[sic] An accident of geography and demographics”

David Yeagley “It’s their people that created America, not Indians. Only a diabolically self-righteous liberal politician would take America out of the hands that created it, and give it to those who either lost it, or never had anything to do with it”

David Yeagley “Indian men... and also typical of black women, together, is just the kind of thing that says these races deserve to be on the bottom of the barrel. They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies”


David Yeagley “Judeo-Christian religion allowed the European Caucasian race to advance above all other people. The darker races now encroach through integration and intermarriage... "Maybe Hitler was partially right on 'the hated white race' thing”

David Yeagley “The Holocaust terror at least had a racial divide of some kind. [I.e. as opposed to the French Revolution.]”

David Yeagley “I new [sic!] a Jewish girl ... who once said, about Hitler, "You know...he was kind of...great." There is mixed reaction to the Nazi phenomenon ... primitive wonderment at its power and aggression... I think the Jewish girl ... was just being objective, being impressed with the incredible power Hitler wielded, and impressed with how he created that power... It's all about power... America values, made this country the most powerful of all... America is truly, truly great in the world. The Hitler thing is kind of an individual glory”


David Yeagley “But their [=the Arabs] wives had indulged their secret desire to be ravished by the black ‘ogres.’ Stark racial contrast itself was sexually exciting to them. The more hideous and repulsive the man, the more sexual passion evoked in the female, and the more abandon she felt”

David Yeagley “A Caucasian ‘curl’ in Asian hair? A bushy Afro on a white woman? ... How can the colored races be equal with the white race if they have to be doctored up to look white?”

David Yeagley “Superior beauty is in the white race...In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black a beastly bore”

David Yeagley “The white blood flowing is the purest I’ve ever seen”

David Yeagley “Which Arab setting next to you on the plane, with his lovely wife and children, is not a mass murderer?”

David Yeagley “Everyone knows, Islam is the religion of misery. Ask the feminists”


David Yeagley “I'm beginning to think there's no such thing as racism. If there is, it is very rare”

David Yeagley “He annihilated his foes without mercy. He filled their hearts with fear... Where is Dracula when you need him? Pacifists of the Christian Left, be warned. Had your ancestors thought like you, you would have no freedom to practice Christianity today”

David Yeagley “Untill [sic!] Arab Muslims are all deported to their own countries, until there is at least a temporary ban on all world travel for Arab Muslims...Muslim leaders are pimps, and their murderous minions are whores. Whoso invites and harbors them deserves their plagues”

David Yeagley “I have a theory that once a people or nation survives a great threat of extinction, that people become themselves aggressive expansionists, in their determination never again to be so vulnerable... it was men like Dracula who saved us... there is something in his ruthless conviction that we need today... Where is our Dracula today?”

David Yeagley “America could easily level Iraq, with just the right bomb or two... I for one am terribly grateful for such a man as President Bush... Bravo, Bush. You are one brave man”


David Yeagley “Well, Roman Catholicism is foreign to all of western Europe, in that it is not ‘indigenous’.”

David Yeagley “The same people who want to remove the word ‘nigger’ want to remove ‘Christmas,’ and ‘God’.”

David Yeagley “The Hindu people play well into the hands of the cause of ‘Indian-izing’ the dark races. Soon, Hindu people will be called ‘American’ Indian. All non-white people of the western hemphisphere [sic!] already are. It's only a matter of time and the people of Asia and then Africa will be called ‘American Indian’.”

David Yeagley “The Mexican immigration problem is now a critical part of the Muslim plan to attack America”

David Yeagley “But this wasn't a normal social encounter. This was a sexual encounter by nature, for that purpose, at least in spirit”

David Yeagley “Sally Hemings ... was about one-quarter black. If she mated with a white man, and her child mated with a white spouse ... Sally Hemings black blood would become essentially extinct, I would guess. Some black baby might appear down the line, as a total surprise”

David Yeagley “Liberals everywhere lauded the decision [i.e. to hand over property to illegal immigrants from Mexico as a compensation for physical assault], and denounced any manliness displayed by white American citizens, especially males”

David Yeagley “I'm quickly loosing any respect I had for your ability to read, think, or comment... This is kindigarten [sic!]”

David Yeagley “War, real war, can end ‘terrorism’.”

David Yeagley “I know a lot more than you think I know. So watch out! ... I know a lot of things ... One day, I will reveal all”

David Yeagley “If there is such a thing as a lie, as we all know, I dare say, there is such a thing as the truth”


David Yeagley “I would welcome with most warmest wishes any white man or woman with real pride and respect for the race and it's accomplishments....I want to hear plans. I want to see ideas about how, where, when, in what way, to build a white nation”

David Yeagley “The brave and courageous Japanese attacked us”

David Yeagley “It is a wistful thing, to remember Pearl Harbor ... the dignity of war, the purpose of victory, and the value of the spoils”

David Yeagley “What we really need is more news about what is actually being accomplished in Iraq in the way of progress. We don't need daily reports of bombings... I want to hear about it when one toilet flushes successfully”

David Yeagley “The real problem is people here are AFRAID of Bad Eagle.... Remember I come from a warrior race. Says so on my genes”

David Yeagley “I think genocide is a very relative term....Also, the germ warfare thing is hackneyed as well. It's been around for millenia [sic!]. No special horror, just the usual....War is war”

David Yeagley “The White Anglo-Saxon Protestants created the American government... There is a sense of political/social/spiritual superiority in that aspect, I dare say”