January 7, 2007

Uncle Tomahawk 01

For Yeagley, His Old
Acquaintances ARE Forgot!
THAT — and He’s Gathering
New Adversaries Quicker
Than Snot On A Doorknob

by Brent Michael Davids, 1/7/07

David Yeagley, known to many as a columnist for David Horowitz's FrontPageMag.com, delivers a bizarre anti-Muslim tirade in his latest blog post. I find this very hard to believe. This is not the guy I used to know back in the late 70s and early 80s when we both attended the New Haven Seventh-day Adventist Church--when he was working on his M.Div. from Yale Divinity School(!). I really feel sorry for him"
(Bill Cork)

Bill Cork, another former friend, finds David Anthony Yeagley has rallied off the deep end, ranting and raving about stuff that has little relevance to anyone, and is tasteless for most true American patriots.

Also, an excellent article was posted by the Editrix that you simply must read at editrixblog.blogspot.com, but here’s an excerpt:
“Today is Pearl Harbor Day, December 7... Forget the lamentations. Remember the victory. Lamentation is a Leftist specialty. All are victims, in their mind... Forget victims! Remember the conquerors! Honor the conquerors! There is no honor in victimhood... Today, there is no war. Muslims have no honor. Mass murderers disguise themselves as charitable human beings, with rights, no less! Every element of human trust and human relations they have desecrated. Professional liars and deluded deceivers like Jeff Sidiqqi (Pakistan-born "American" Muslim--I hate to associate the two words, for there is no association) epitomize the perfidy and odious character of the enemy. An enemy without honor is less than a dog. An animal has more pride than they... It is a wistful thing, to remember Pearl Harbor, to remember a real war. We haven't declared one since then. We haven't been allowed to. Liberals control our government”
(David Yeagley, piano player)

“Yes dear reader who has made it so far without throwing up, you're right! ‘Yeagley’, the Waffling Warrior is at it AGAIN! War "romantic"? War as something to be remembered ‘wistfully’? ‘Dignity of war’? Let's forget the victims? Did this drooling, bloodthirsty harridan, whose only way to physical and mental fulfillment is probably the thought of sweaty, gory young men, ever talk to a soldier who saw combat? I mean a real soldier, not the cartoon characters who are fouling up his idiot site...”
The Editrix)