November 21, 2007


from the Bad Eagle blog

As if his blatant white supremacy “rants” weren’t enough, Yeagley has now taken to asking white society for Indian handouts. It’s not enough Indians had their lands actually stolen, and have been supremely abused even today. No, for Yeagley, he wants the Lakota people to play 'kiss-the-aggressors' with heaps full of thankful praise.

Thankfully, most Indians can see through Yeagley’s erroneous reasoning, and refuse to accept the US government's pitiful offer to compensate them for the Black Hills with an increasingly worthless monetary settlement (have you checked the falling dollar lately?).

The land is the real valuable part of Lakota life not some paper the privatized federal reserve banking system prints up at will, at the behest of the immoral shock-doctrine capitalists. The Lakota are right to stand their ground and refuse the handout, that Yeagley wants them to accept and simply “move along” like good little Indians.

Yeagley — “Superior beauty is in the white race...In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black a beastly bore” (2002) ... “There is a tremendous drive in many white women to experiment with the darkies (2004) ... “I'm beginning to think there's no such thing as racism. If there is, it is very rare” (2005) ... Slavery, properly understood, is not an evil at all... Slavery and indentured servitude are both perfectly legal--as punishment for crime. That's what the Constitution says (2006)”
Let’s take a closer look at this recent gem (below), posted prominently on Yeagley’s anathema blog:
Yeagley — “There's an important lesson here. I hope Indians see it. Indians feel no shame in poverty or living close to the earth. The modern standard of living is not particularly prized by the Indian. He for the most part isn't even interested in economic "improvement." He might not reject it, if it is handed to him, but, he certainly isn't motivated to work for it. Why should he be? Many, many Indians are simply not attracted to American culture, and have no desire to be part of it, much less to excel in it” (11-21-07).
First, we see the piano doctor wanting to give unsolicited advise, I mean who asked him? And if anyone did ask him, what in the world should they expect as a response but one of his white supremacist-tainted replies?
Yeagley — “There's an important lesson here. I hope Indians see it. Indians feel no shame in poverty or living close to the earth”
No shame is felt because the fault does not rest on the Indians, it rests on the US government and the non-Indian disaster capitalists who stole all the land. If any shame is to be felt, is rests squarely with the non-Indians.
Yeagley — “The modern standard of living is not particularly prized by the Indian”
Actually, Yeagley is 100% wrong on this point. Indians want good water, electricity, and proper sanitation. Most times, however, they are unable to secure these basic needs because of corporate theft and disaster capitalism that keeps them at a poverty level subsistence.
Yeagley — “He for the most part isn't even interested in economic ‘improvement’”
Wrong again. 100% wrong. Improvement is exactly what Indian people want, across the board, no matter what tribe you are from.
Yeagley — “He might not reject it, if it is handed to him, but, he certainly isn't motivated to work for it”
Indians are proud and work hard. What Yeagley is doing with this distasteful comment is making Indians out to be lazy rez-loafers, who should get off their duffs and accept that government handout already: accept paper for the Black Hills and be a good little Indian. The reason reservations are places with high unemployment and depression, is because reservations were setup as US detention camps. Duh.
Yeagley — “Why should he be? Many, many Indians are simply not attracted to American culture, and have no desire to be part of it, much less to excel in it”
Confusing American culture with economic benefit is Yeagley’s big mistake here. We do not even need to know whether Indians do or don’t accept American culture; I suspect that some do and some do not. But that “attraction,” as Yeagley mischaracterized it, is not the same thing as jobs, economic development and clean water. People of other cultures want clean water too, being an American is not a prerequisite for drinking good water. One does not need to be a white Christian "father" to be American; in fact, one can be an Iraqi Muslim woman and still be more Patriotic than David Yeagley himself. She deserves good water too, as do all American Indians on all reservations no matter what culture or cultures they desire.

In short, Yeagley has once again advocated for Indians to remain subservient to his “fighting whitey” image of America, rather than supporting the indigenous right to self-determination and true sovereignty. If Yeagley had his way, he’d have every Indian become a slave to “white superiors” asking for a few crumbs of sovereignty — as if sovereignty is something granted and not inherently inalienable.
Yeagley is the worst politician in Indian country, with a self-serving ambition that far outweighs his actual abilities laced with a white supremacy streak that falls like snowflake dandruff in hades.

The Comanche people were right to confront Yeagley outside the Committee House following his (in-a-word) weird nomination for tribal office, reported by several witnesses. It is not surprising that he was seen quickly slinking back inside the building, as the “heat” outside was something Yeagley could not weather. It is good to know that strong Indian people faced with such a toxic buffoon, stood up that day and compelled that merry-andrew to shrink away in cowardess.

Bravo Comanches!


beverly isaac said...


My name is Comanchemoon, I was one of the women he labled viciouse. Fact is these ladies wanted to ask him a few questions. I wanted Sandra Gallegos, MY CHOICE FOR VICE CHAIR OF THE COMANCHE NATION, to meet him. Thats ALL, we did was discuss a few things. Among one was the fact that his Mother was "NEVER" on the THE COMANCHE BUSINESS COMMITTEE AS HE STATES IN HIS BIO, and now in his campaign. I and my older sister tried to convince him and he accused me of saying his Mother was a liar, I would never do that, never. I just wanted him to get it straight before he went full force into his campaign, but he took offense at our kind constructive critism. He said on his website that there were "many Comanche women, vicious, and they won't forget, and unfriendly regards etc.", None of that is TRUE. There was Sandra Gallegos, my sister, my neice, my daughter and I, five Strong involved Comanche Women. He did like the attention he was receiving, although he accused Sandra Gallegos of being dishonest because she did not have a braclet on that showed her not signing in at the General Council Meeting, therefore she should not be able to RUN for office!!! My sister told him, "she didn't even have to be here to be nominated, she could have been in Tulsa, if she was nominated by someone and didn't want to run, all she had to do was decline. You are nit picking, who told you she never signed in, who is watching her every move, why do you care" he backed off. He actually knows NOTHING about our Government, I even hear he and Redelk are not even going to any of the DEBATES. This is where the people who don't know you can get acquainted with you, and they are not attending! He has to confront the Comanche People sometime, well maybe he doesn't, but I would like to know WHY waste our Election Peoples' time and money even putting his name on the Ballots, of course he is thrilled to see his own name, Finially among the Comanche!

So much more I could say, but he already calls me his enemy, I am not, I just felt sorry for him, not anymore!


Anonymous said...

I really respect the people that choose to stay and live on the Reservations, and those that get the education or work outside and go back to them.

I have a nephew that is on the Comanche Police Force, he told us that they have been asked to go to the one of the Sioux Reservations to assist them for some troubles they are having at this time.

I have no qualms that my Comanche People should assist them in their issues. I am proud of these Reservation Indians for taking a stand, its not protesting, nor begging, they are still fighting for their rights to the Land, minerals, water and just being Indian. I would help them if possible in this fight, in fact I asked by nephew if I could go.

Yeagley calls it poverty, just because we choose to live just comfortable, well looks like the whole U.S. of America will be in Poverty soon, at least the Native Americans are used to being without all the Materialistic crap the whites take for granted.