August 10, 2007


From the Bad Eagle journal

On today’s date, August 10, back in 1846, the Smithsonian Institution was formed, and today the museum houses the NMAI, or the National Museum of the American Indian. To its credit, the NMAI is inclusive in its mandate, covering the northern and southern hemispheres of indigenous lifeways, including what we now call Mexico — which is an extreme irony for David Yeagley.

“In his will, written in 1826, English scientist James Smithson left over $500,000 to the United States of America to establish in Washington an institution "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge." An Act of Congress dated 10 August 1846 established the Smithsonian Institution as a trust instrumentality of the United States, created a Board of Regents, and called for a building to house a museum with geological and mineralogical cabinets, a chemical laboratory, a gallery of art, lecture rooms, and a library.”
Though once invited to the NMAI to play piano along with some genuine American Indian musicians, Yeagley has repeatedly taken lengths to negatively criticize the NMAI for it’s so-called “globalist,” “communist,” “racist” and “liberal” activities, despite the fact the NMAI is neither a political organization nor a socialist one. With almost a quarter of its budget provided by the US people themselves, it’s mandate remains altogether bipartisan.
David Yeagley — "It’s official: the new National Museum of the American Indian declares all brown-skinned people of the Western hemisphere are now ‘American Indian.’ All ‘indigenous’ people... are aggrandized in the $219 million dollar showcase of brown pride... What globalist, racist visionaries are behind this... It’s only a matter of time, and the word “indigenous” will include the Negro slaves of the Americas” (9-28-04).

David Yeagley — "According to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Christopher Columbus was an Indian. The surreal global racist definition of the Museum is that all ‘indigenous’ peoples of the Americas, including Pacific Islanders, are properly called ‘American Indian’ (10-10-04).

David Yeagley — “This kind of race-based, intercontinental grouping is only a mean and vulgar globalist gesture aimed at denigrating the white ‘race’... It insults common sense as well as any honest intellectual thought. It is simply a political manoeuver, not history, not truth, and not helpful to Indians” (10-4-06).

David Yeagley — “the name American Indian, or ‘Native American’ has been made to mean non-white, so that all races in the Americas can share the blood-bought honor of of [sic!] the name ‘American Indian.’ ...This has been the same Communist racialist plan from the beginning, and was manifested in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian from the first. All non-whites in the ‘Americas,’ in western hemisphere, are properly called American Indian” (12-20-06).
Ranting at the NMAI is a difficult argument to promulgate for Yeagley; because, it appears that Yeagley is himself of Mexican lineage. The museum that would include him with open arms is instead under consistent rhetorical attack by Yeagley. Instead of gladly accepting his inclusion, Yeagley prefers to feign a faux martyrdom, rejecting the museum’s blanket acceptance of his lineage, to falsely maintain his victim persona; Yeagley prides himself on rooting out the “evil” of the museum’s “commie” and “liberal” language abuse (however ridiculous that may seem to normal thinkers).

Rather than see the NMAI as a beacon of education and research into indigenous lifeways, Yeagley sees in the NMAI a paranoid melting plot of communist free-thinkers out to liquidate his own “Mexican Indian” cosmology, a mythology built on a Mexican adoption legend of his own design. It is an example of mental tumbling at its best, as Yeagley could, with much easier justification, simply accept himself into the fold of the NMAI as the part Mexican Indian that he claims (1/16).

Yeagley seems to languish himself, almost with a savory delight, in rhetorical contortions and clownish twists of logic all in an implausible effort to maintain his self-absorbed victim identity.


"Bad Eagle" is the grand mythology of many adoptions, including an adoption by David Yeagley himself — who claims to be "enrolled" as a Comanche but more probably of Mexican lineage (his adopted mother was part "Portillo"). Bad Eagle is a supreme illustration of an adoption mythology.

Including the unsourced claims in the "Bad Eagle" Wikipedia entry (that Yeagley’s compañero “User:Badagnani” posted there on Yeagley’s behest), the only reference to "Bad Eagle" is David Yeagley's own unverified claims, simply repeated and re-cited in numerous links again and again. The Wikipedia pseudo-article on “Bad Eagle” is tagged (probably permanently, as there is no evidence to be found) with this disclaimer:
“This article does not cite any references or sources... Unverifiable material may be challenged and removed. This article has been tagged since November 2006.”
But no sooner does anyone challenge the blatant lack of references, does User:Badagnani step-up his loyalist efforts (however irrational and antithetical) to blocking those legitimate challenges to freeze the entry from alteration, always reverting it back to the unsourced claims. In other words, don't be fooled by the blackened-out birth certificate he posted (perhaps adoption court re-issued), Yeagley's father was white and so is David (and given his "Portillo" lineage, part Mexican). Consider this more plausible historical explanation:

ADOPTION 1 — A wandering orphan of an unverified Mexican lineage, Águila Negativa, was first adopted by a Mexican soldier, Captain Portillo.

ADOPTION 2 — Águila Negativa was later adopted into the Comanche tribe after an Indian ambush, where he chose to remain with the Comanche people.

ADOPTION 3 — Because his own mother (Norma Portillo) was part "Portillo" (Mexican), David Yeagley adopted and renamed “Bad Eagle” as his personal moniker and has puffed up a rather marginal figure, some say fabricated, into a story of the “great warrior” Bad Eagle.

ADOPTION 4 — And Bad Eagle is now my chosen Indian mascot, adopted by me, just like Yeagley adopted him. Bad Eagle is a grand story of adoptions, a true stereotyped "Indian" mascot.

ADOPTION 5 AND DIME — Even more, he can be yours TOO if you choose; with just a bit of 'wishful thinking' and some 'chump change' to run a website, you too can claim him for yourself.

HEY, EVERYONE IS DOING IT! — Or as Yeagley himself put it to a non-Indian audience: "Now I think you should all go home and begin to become Comanche warriors."

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