April 30, 2007

Yeagley's Men: Anxious Masculinity and Fear of the Wimp Factor

Sorry, but you really are an oaf Yeagley. This latest rant is soooo much propaganda, it belittles even you (which is difficult to do). Only a boorish dolt could use rape statistics about women and twist it into an aggressive war campaign for men. How utterly ridiculous, sheer idiocy, and on your part probably perverse fascination with all things rape, considering your former Duke pontifications.

David Yeagley — “A Time for war ... I say forget the government. Let’s form our own warrior societies, with real men, and organize an assault on the enemies of our people, the gangsters, the criminals, the drug dealers, and the abusers. Forget AIM. The Aimsters were no better themselves. It’s time for totally new aggression” (April 2007)
First of all, the government IS the people, it is us. It is not supposed to be some corporate warmongering white men's club that the Republican neo-cons have turned it into the past 6 years. We can only hope that changes at least somewhat with the Dems in power, because they are BY FAR more fiscally responsible than the corrupt and morally bankrupt neo-cons.

Secondly, only an immature dunce would go for hate and aggression, when almost every mature person goes for negotiation as the best solution. You really are a simpleton Yeagley, an immature cowardly boy who does not know how to play nice with others. Anyone doubting this assessment need only read your web page. You appear so extremely fearful of being labeled a wimp, that you indulge in hyper-masculinity, anxious masculinity. Most people see right through the ruse however; so puff up that chest all you want little david, but you're still a slave to your own psychology.
David Yeagley — “A white student at Augusta College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota once asked me why the white race had advanced more than other races. “Monogamy,” I said. Family morals. One man, one wife, forever. This is what all children need. This is what Indians need, and all of America. Whatever threatens the family is a deadly enemy of society, and should be guarded against like the plague” (April 2007)
The truth is that the white race is advanced only in technology. In social skills it is (and remains) far behind American Indians, the supreme negotiators with a more highly developed kinship system. So while white America might be good with electricity, Indians are far better at relationships. It has been true since the time of first contact. So the question you pose, under the guise of an imaginary white student, is based on a false dichotomy.

Once again, you prove to me, and the world, that you do not know Indian culture nor Indian history. You are the great pontificator, the Idiot Eagle who desires self-praise from anyone who is dumb enough to give it to you, deserved or not. You really should go out and compose a new piece of music, not some old fugue or piano piece ... a real piece of music. Maybe your good friends Lamb and Lynx will help you record it? You’d be better appreciated for that, than for your poorly reasoned blog attempts. How about that harmonic theory you said you invented? Why not reveal that and we'll have a look at that, yes? You really are a laughing stock: Mr. Mouse Potato calling for aggressiveness in men. LOL

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