April 24, 2007

A True Comanche Star: Rudy Youngblood!

from the Bad Eagle blog

Comanche Rudy Youngblood and a very approving Chairman Wallace Coffey

Comanche Chairman Coffey, Mel Gibson, Miss Indian World, and Comanche Youngblood

BadEagle.org gives well deserved praise to Comanche Rudy Youngblood! We're so proud of our Comanche brother! Congratulations on your award! Chairman Coffey and Rudy Youngblood are the truest of Comanche stars, and proof that the Comanche legacy remains strong today! Rudy Youngblood is an authentic Comanche Warrior and a real man. Eat your heart out, Mr. Fakeriot Act! Check out more of the award photos HERE!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure these pix will the "generickee" Yeagley's panties in a bunch.


Yeagley is the one true Generokee Princess alright!

The_Editrix said...

I have no idea how an Indian "ought to" look (and frankly, I don't care). But every picture I see of Rudy shouts what a thoroughly nice guy he is. He has that sort of kindness and innocence that attracts evil.

Look well after the boy, Michelle!

The_Editrix said...

Yeagley is the one true Generokee Princess alright!

Well, all this has one good thing. After the Football Worldcup is history and Sitting Duck has no pretense, however transparent, to post semi-nudes of Zigane and other hunks anymore, he at least gratifies the eyes of his female readers of both sexes by a seemingly neverending string of gorgeous glamour shots of Rudy. Bless his foetid little heart! He is, to misquote our very own J.W. Goethe "...part of that power, which ever produceth good, whilst ever scheming evil."