April 27, 2007

Images the 'romantic warrior' Yeagley would rather you forget

The David Yeagley fantasy — “people just can't deal with the hard work of George Bush, and the 'war on terror.' ... Iraq is actually a tremendous victory. Historical, and unprecedented... The American soldiers don't want to pull out of Iraq” (Nov. 2006)
The True Facts — The Iraq War is a terrible failure and largely based on lies and deception; the Iraq war had no connection whatsoever to 9/11. The vast and unacceptable number of dead and maimed Iraqi children are the result of American bombs and collateral damage. The US forces do not want to be there. David Yeagley himself is a military dodger who never served, and is the pontificating “chicken hawk” shrieking out big talk but with absolutely no conviction. Yeagley would send your kids to war but is, himself, a cowardly bird brain.

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