April 29, 2007

David Yeagley defines and defends White Power

Originally posted by The Angryindian, July 3, 2007

David Yeagley has truly lost his mind. Again. Fresh off the racist vote in Cherokee Territories last week to legally and morally remove Black Indians from their nation, Dr. Yeagley makes it clear that this is a White world and all Indians and other inferior races can do is to live gracefully under a vastly superior White paradigm: Direct from the Internet mouth of David Yeagley's BadEagle.com: "Who rules the world? Or, who created the present world?

David Yeagley — “White men. European white men. Western European men. Christian men--at least nominally Christian, with Christian social values. That would include ancient Hebrew (Jewish) values. This should be obvious to anyone looking on the world from a historical perspective, and from a practical view of the present. Things could have gone Arab Muslim at one point, but the Mongolians prevented that, in the 13th century. From that point, Europe was on the rise. Europe survived the Muslim onslaught, and grew to dominate the world.

The seat of power, economic, military, social, ideological, is white. European white. Judeo-Christian, "Bible" white. This throne, in this world, will not change. It is secure. White man will not be de-throned. The position is permanent”
Is there any one else that would like to challenge me on my position concerning White supremacist attitudes in Indian Country? Jeffery Weise, the neo-Nazi racist hater behind the senseless violence on the Red Lake reservation was just the begining. Now we have the self-defined, sole voice of Native American conservativism drawing a line in the sand for those of us with the audacity to think that we have a right to seek redress for colonialism and genocide. It's a White world and Dr. Yeagley wants us to get that into our thick, Indian skulls. But wait, he goes further by telling us "leftist" Aboriginals that we, as Indian people, are responsible for how things have turned out because we taught White folks the wrong way. In short, The lost White man still needs the Indian to show him the best way to continue his domination over us and other backwards non-White peoples too savage to live on our own. And all this time I thought that fighting for Aboriginal rights was the right thing to do. Instead, I should be re-directing my efforts to "helping" White folks continue to get over at the expense of myself, my people and others unfortunate enough to to have run into European explorers. Don't believe me, Dr. Yeagley can explain himself quite clearly and does:
David Yeagley — “But I propose the idea of guilt, alright. Only not white guilt. Indian guilt. American Indian guilt. That's right. The United States of America was shaped by American Indian encounters at every step, at every stage of developement. American Indians are responsible for whatever misanthropy exists in the United States government. We are the fathers of this country, really. We didn't ask for it, true, but it happened. We allowed the bastard child of Europe to grow up in our midst.

It is time we owned up to the responsibility which was ours. It's time we acknowledged our role. It's time we took up again the lead. We need to correct the wayward left, and rebuke his abuse of the races, his deceptive, lying fraud. The throne is white. The whites built it, and anyone who tries to deceive the races into thinking that throne belongs to all people is a psychological criminal, a moral thief, and an ideological terrorist. The best American Indians can do now is act as advisors, reminders, consultants. We actually helped shape that throne, by default, yes, but the reality is ours. And the responsibility is ours. We must partake in the American political process. We must let our voice be heard. We must tend to our wayward step-son, grand and might as he is. I believe he needs us, still”
If anyone personifies the White Man's Indian in modern day America, it is Dr. David Yeagley. In his own words he has justified European domination over the entire world and defends as well as promotes servitude of non-Europeans to White society. I did not misquote him. I do not need to. Dr. Yeagley needs no assistance to make himself appear like the foolish White racist bigot he really is. And anyone who questions that viewpoint is either wholly ignorant of the facts concerning Aboriginal/United States relations since 1492, or are closeted racists not used to direct challenges to White socio-political rule. In any case, Dr. Yeagley and his supporters are I am sure welcome to the next Ku Klux Klan meeting nearest them. Perhaps if Yeagley put on some WhiteFace make-up, he could entertain the assembled cross-burners with his musical skills. Kinda like the Polish Jews forced to play live music for Nazi functions, including while people were sent to thier deaths. He knows his place and is not ashamed. He should be.

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