April 30, 2007

Yeagley's Men: Anxious Masculinity and Fear of the Wimp Factor

Sorry, but you really are an oaf Yeagley. This latest rant is soooo much propaganda, it belittles even you (which is difficult to do). Only a boorish dolt could use rape statistics about women and twist it into an aggressive war campaign for men. How utterly ridiculous, sheer idiocy, and on your part probably perverse fascination with all things rape, considering your former Duke pontifications.

David Yeagley — “A Time for war ... I say forget the government. Let’s form our own warrior societies, with real men, and organize an assault on the enemies of our people, the gangsters, the criminals, the drug dealers, and the abusers. Forget AIM. The Aimsters were no better themselves. It’s time for totally new aggression” (April 2007)
First of all, the government IS the people, it is us. It is not supposed to be some corporate warmongering white men's club that the Republican neo-cons have turned it into the past 6 years. We can only hope that changes at least somewhat with the Dems in power, because they are BY FAR more fiscally responsible than the corrupt and morally bankrupt neo-cons.

Secondly, only an immature dunce would go for hate and aggression, when almost every mature person goes for negotiation as the best solution. You really are a simpleton Yeagley, an immature cowardly boy who does not know how to play nice with others. Anyone doubting this assessment need only read your web page. You appear so extremely fearful of being labeled a wimp, that you indulge in hyper-masculinity, anxious masculinity. Most people see right through the ruse however; so puff up that chest all you want little david, but you're still a slave to your own psychology.
David Yeagley — “A white student at Augusta College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota once asked me why the white race had advanced more than other races. “Monogamy,” I said. Family morals. One man, one wife, forever. This is what all children need. This is what Indians need, and all of America. Whatever threatens the family is a deadly enemy of society, and should be guarded against like the plague” (April 2007)
The truth is that the white race is advanced only in technology. In social skills it is (and remains) far behind American Indians, the supreme negotiators with a more highly developed kinship system. So while white America might be good with electricity, Indians are far better at relationships. It has been true since the time of first contact. So the question you pose, under the guise of an imaginary white student, is based on a false dichotomy.

Once again, you prove to me, and the world, that you do not know Indian culture nor Indian history. You are the great pontificator, the Idiot Eagle who desires self-praise from anyone who is dumb enough to give it to you, deserved or not. You really should go out and compose a new piece of music, not some old fugue or piano piece ... a real piece of music. Maybe your good friends Lamb and Lynx will help you record it? You’d be better appreciated for that, than for your poorly reasoned blog attempts. How about that harmonic theory you said you invented? Why not reveal that and we'll have a look at that, yes? You really are a laughing stock: Mr. Mouse Potato calling for aggressiveness in men. LOL

April 29, 2007

David Yeagley defines and defends White Power

Originally posted by The Angryindian, July 3, 2007

David Yeagley has truly lost his mind. Again. Fresh off the racist vote in Cherokee Territories last week to legally and morally remove Black Indians from their nation, Dr. Yeagley makes it clear that this is a White world and all Indians and other inferior races can do is to live gracefully under a vastly superior White paradigm: Direct from the Internet mouth of David Yeagley's BadEagle.com: "Who rules the world? Or, who created the present world?

David Yeagley — “White men. European white men. Western European men. Christian men--at least nominally Christian, with Christian social values. That would include ancient Hebrew (Jewish) values. This should be obvious to anyone looking on the world from a historical perspective, and from a practical view of the present. Things could have gone Arab Muslim at one point, but the Mongolians prevented that, in the 13th century. From that point, Europe was on the rise. Europe survived the Muslim onslaught, and grew to dominate the world.

The seat of power, economic, military, social, ideological, is white. European white. Judeo-Christian, "Bible" white. This throne, in this world, will not change. It is secure. White man will not be de-throned. The position is permanent”
Is there any one else that would like to challenge me on my position concerning White supremacist attitudes in Indian Country? Jeffery Weise, the neo-Nazi racist hater behind the senseless violence on the Red Lake reservation was just the begining. Now we have the self-defined, sole voice of Native American conservativism drawing a line in the sand for those of us with the audacity to think that we have a right to seek redress for colonialism and genocide. It's a White world and Dr. Yeagley wants us to get that into our thick, Indian skulls. But wait, he goes further by telling us "leftist" Aboriginals that we, as Indian people, are responsible for how things have turned out because we taught White folks the wrong way. In short, The lost White man still needs the Indian to show him the best way to continue his domination over us and other backwards non-White peoples too savage to live on our own. And all this time I thought that fighting for Aboriginal rights was the right thing to do. Instead, I should be re-directing my efforts to "helping" White folks continue to get over at the expense of myself, my people and others unfortunate enough to to have run into European explorers. Don't believe me, Dr. Yeagley can explain himself quite clearly and does:
David Yeagley — “But I propose the idea of guilt, alright. Only not white guilt. Indian guilt. American Indian guilt. That's right. The United States of America was shaped by American Indian encounters at every step, at every stage of developement. American Indians are responsible for whatever misanthropy exists in the United States government. We are the fathers of this country, really. We didn't ask for it, true, but it happened. We allowed the bastard child of Europe to grow up in our midst.

It is time we owned up to the responsibility which was ours. It's time we acknowledged our role. It's time we took up again the lead. We need to correct the wayward left, and rebuke his abuse of the races, his deceptive, lying fraud. The throne is white. The whites built it, and anyone who tries to deceive the races into thinking that throne belongs to all people is a psychological criminal, a moral thief, and an ideological terrorist. The best American Indians can do now is act as advisors, reminders, consultants. We actually helped shape that throne, by default, yes, but the reality is ours. And the responsibility is ours. We must partake in the American political process. We must let our voice be heard. We must tend to our wayward step-son, grand and might as he is. I believe he needs us, still”
If anyone personifies the White Man's Indian in modern day America, it is Dr. David Yeagley. In his own words he has justified European domination over the entire world and defends as well as promotes servitude of non-Europeans to White society. I did not misquote him. I do not need to. Dr. Yeagley needs no assistance to make himself appear like the foolish White racist bigot he really is. And anyone who questions that viewpoint is either wholly ignorant of the facts concerning Aboriginal/United States relations since 1492, or are closeted racists not used to direct challenges to White socio-political rule. In any case, Dr. Yeagley and his supporters are I am sure welcome to the next Ku Klux Klan meeting nearest them. Perhaps if Yeagley put on some WhiteFace make-up, he could entertain the assembled cross-burners with his musical skills. Kinda like the Polish Jews forced to play live music for Nazi functions, including while people were sent to thier deaths. He knows his place and is not ashamed. He should be.

April 28, 2007

Have David Yeagley speak at your next party!

Yeagley's more laughs than a barrel of monkeys! Did you miss the "Native America Calling" show when Winona LaDuke opened a can of whoopass on little David? Before you hire Charlie Hill or Drew Lacapa, check out the piano doctor's latest rant and let the soup fly through your nostrils! He’s loony, he’s wacko, he's a barrel of fun! Listen to this Bad Eagle Speaks MP3 right away, and party hardy!

April 27, 2007

Images the 'romantic warrior' Yeagley would rather you forget

The David Yeagley fantasy — “people just can't deal with the hard work of George Bush, and the 'war on terror.' ... Iraq is actually a tremendous victory. Historical, and unprecedented... The American soldiers don't want to pull out of Iraq” (Nov. 2006)
The True Facts — The Iraq War is a terrible failure and largely based on lies and deception; the Iraq war had no connection whatsoever to 9/11. The vast and unacceptable number of dead and maimed Iraqi children are the result of American bombs and collateral damage. The US forces do not want to be there. David Yeagley himself is a military dodger who never served, and is the pontificating “chicken hawk” shrieking out big talk but with absolutely no conviction. Yeagley would send your kids to war but is, himself, a cowardly bird brain.

April 24, 2007

The Chickenhawk Compassion of David Yeagley

from the Bad Eagle Journal

David Yeagley — “The students at Virginia Tech were afraid to respond... Thus, they are totally weak, and unprepared... Students are afraid to defend themselves. They don't have the spirit of self-defense... They are docile lambs... I say resist. Kill the killer, immediately. Don't stand around and watch... Throw a book at them, and they'll be terrified...

Such occasions as the VA Tech murders... are simply opportunities for the liberal rhetoric of lamentation... respond immediately--with violence! There were no heroic acts in the VA Tech incident, contrary to liberal media reports. Hiding behind a desk, or jumping out a window is not a heroic act! ... There is no honor in escaping. The honor is in taking the killer out, immediately. Respond to violence with violence--immediately, without hesitation, without thought, and without error.

You don't stand around and watch... You don't barricade yourself in a room, or behind a desk. You attack the attacker. Throw something at him... I'm sick of these killings. I'm sick of the weakness that allows them. I'm sick of the liberal philosophy of victimhood. That philosophy creates more and more victims! We don't need a pscyhoanalysis [sic!] of Cho Seung-Hui. We don't need an endless, professional explanation of why it happened, or a dramatized lamentation of the fact it did happen. This is not helpful” (April 17, 2007).

A True Comanche Star: Rudy Youngblood!

from the Bad Eagle blog

Comanche Rudy Youngblood and a very approving Chairman Wallace Coffey

Comanche Chairman Coffey, Mel Gibson, Miss Indian World, and Comanche Youngblood

BadEagle.org gives well deserved praise to Comanche Rudy Youngblood! We're so proud of our Comanche brother! Congratulations on your award! Chairman Coffey and Rudy Youngblood are the truest of Comanche stars, and proof that the Comanche legacy remains strong today! Rudy Youngblood is an authentic Comanche Warrior and a real man. Eat your heart out, Mr. Fakeriot Act! Check out more of the award photos HERE!

April 23, 2007

Who do you support, Erdrich or Yeagley?

Star Tribune — The offer means "a great deal" to her, Erdrich wrote, and she would happily accept it but for the logo. "I hate to do something like this," Erdrich told the Star Tribune. "It goes against my grain. But I do feel strongly about this symbol."
Who do you support, Louise Erdrich or David Yeagley? Hmm, let's see. One is a genuinely creative and talented writer, the other is a paid blogger who cannot spell. One has written many books on what being Indian means for today's indigenous people, the other has written about Indians needing to become 'more white' to make their Indian heritage meaningful. One finds stereotyped and demeaning mascots abhorrent, the other finds solace in having Indians publicly degraded. One was born an Indian woman, the other was probably adopted by an Indian woman. So who do you believe has a better handle on what being Indian means?

David Yeagley — “Indian men...deserve to be at the bottom of the barrel....They cannot appreciate good will, they are possessed by envy, and have no higher thought than lies.”

David Yeagley — “There are large numbers of illegitimate children fathered by irresponsible Indian men and loose Indian women.”

David Yeagley — “Superior beauty is in the white race...In the darker races, everything is always the same, dark brown and black a beastly bore.”

David Yeagley — “The white blood flowing is the purest I’ve ever seen”

David Yeagley — “I'm beginning to think there's no such thing as racism. If there is, it is very rare.”

David Yeagley — “American Indian mascots and monikers should remain forever in American schools and universities."
Yeagley is obviously a non-Indian in his heart and probably in blood as well (he has not revealed an unedited version of his birth certificate — an original version not consigned by an adoption court — to ease the rampant suspicions in Indian country resulting from his anti-Indian views). Read this revealing bit from the biography he wrote about himself in third person:
David Yeagley — “Yeagley’s Comanche mother did not raise her children ... within Indian culture. She felt that culturally, socially, and professionally, this was a dead end... She also disagreed with many Indian ways and customs. Therefore, her children were raised with the values of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.”
Yeagley categorizes Indians into three categories: Rez Indians, Urban Indians and Educated Indians. Of course this is pure hogwash, as these three categories, in and of themselves, simply do not constitute a theory.
David Yeagley — “American Indians today live in at least three major states of mind... The three states of mind are well-defined, 'inter-active' and unavoidable. There is the reservation Indian, the urban Indian, and the educated Indian... all created by historical circumstance ... they are so permanent and powerful today.”
To easily explain why this pseudo analysis is bonkers, we can play that fun little game: “Which of these things does NOT belong?”
Rez Indian (category based on location)
Urban Indian (category based on location)
Educated Indian (category based on training)
See what I mean? Yeagley’s an idiot. Not to mention the fact that the categories are simplistic and do not reflect the reality. What about an Indian born on the rez but moved away at year one: Rez or Urban Indian? What about an Indian born off the rez but moved there at year one: Rez or Urban? What about a doctorate degreed Indian born and raised on the Rez: Educated or Urban? What about an Indian living half on and half off the rez and halfway through schooling: educated, urban, or rez Indian?

You see, Yeagley’s simplistic categories don’t mean squat in real life, they are nothing but speculative hyperbole to puff up Yeagley’s own fake scholastic image. He is pontificating again about that which he does not know. So — again — who would you trust, a widely-celebrated and renown author, or a piano player turned plastic-surgery Indian? I put my faith in Louise Erdrich. Read on.

Author Erdrich rejects UND honors over 'Fighting Sioux' nickname

Minnesota author Louise Erdrich has rejected an honorary degree from the University of North Dakota because it continues to use the "Fighting Sioux" team name and logo -- a contentious and litigious issue in Grand Forks.

Author Louise Erdrich rejects UND honor over 'Sioux' nickname
Award-winning author Louise Erdrich has said "no" to an honorary degree from the University of North Dakota because of the school's continued use of the "Fighting Sioux" sports team name and logo. Erdrich, who grew up in North Dakota and has an American Indian heritage, rejected the degree in a letter to UND President Charles Kupchella.

April 21, 2007

David IMUS Yeagley

from the Bad Eagle Journal

Forget the Wacko Jacko plastic surgery makeover, and take a look at the weathered-by-hatred look of David IMUS Yeagley. The comparison is rather startling, yes?! Can it be true? Can the inner person — one seasoned by unfailing hatred toward others — be visible in a person’s face? Does the poison of hate and violence show in a person’s eyes? If true, little david may have more in common with IMUS than with Jackson; well, unless you’re perhaps talking about Andrew Jackson and not Michael, which might be an equally valid comparison. But read on.

Remember how disrespectful David IMUS Yeagley is toward Indian women, because they cannot be "warriors" according to his misogynist dillusions? And then read between-the-lines (below) as David IMUS Yeagley salivates over his own "eye for an eye" policy, completely forgetting that the VA Tech classes were filled with women victims.

So let me get this straight — only MEN can be "warriors" and many of the VA Tech students were WOMEN — so is David IMUS Yeagley saying that the women victims deserved death by the virtue of being born female? Clearly, David IMUS Yeagley has not "reasoned" this issue through very carefully, as you'll find true of the majority of his blogger efforts.

David Yeagley — "The students at Virginia Tech were afraid to respond... They have been trained to think responding is wrong. Morally wrong. Thus, they are totally weak, and unprepared. They can only be victims" (April 17, 2007)

David Yeagley — "people need to be re-programmed to respond immediately--with violence! There were no heroic acts in the VA Tech incident ... Hiding behind a desk, or jumping out a window is not a heroic act! ... There is no honor in escaping. The honor is in taking the killer out, immediately" (April 17, 2007)

David Yeagley — "Respond to violence with violence--immediately, without hesitation, without thought, and without error ... You don't barricade yourself in a room, or behind a desk. You attack the attacker ... I'm sick of these killings. I'm sick of the weakness that allows them" (April 17, 2007)
Personally, I find it disgusting that, after failing to successfully rally against Comanche Actor Rudy Youngblood, David IMUS Yeagley immediately and opportunistically chimes in with a “blame the victim” tirade once the VA Tech shootings hit the airwaves. While David IMUS Yeagley tries to blame some vague liberal “conspiracy” is responsible for the media's coverage, it is painfully clear he is simply using the tragedy to bolster his own sunken blog ratings himself, with a sensationalistic and moronic response: blame the victims. Shame on you Yeagley. Shame on you.