March 15, 2007

Yeagley takes lying seriously, for the “right" people

from the Bad Eagle Journal

Remember these words?

David Yeagley — "I take lying seriously. I hate liars. Indeed. I hate liars. I hate being lied about" (DY Oct 2006)
But no sooner did one of Yeagley’s main supporters, John Martin, get caught fabricating his identity that Yeagley did ... absolutely nothing. That’s right, nothing at all. It’s not first time the piano doctor has been caught — himself — with two faces.

Remember his claim to being the first Indian to write an opera, revealed to be a fabrication because Zitkala-Sa was the first some 70 years before Yeagley was even born?

Remember his claim of writing a new and previously undiscovered theory of harmonic development, revealed not only as a false claim but as a near impossibility given the advanced state of mathematics?

Remember his claim to be the first Indian to compose classical music for the Indian wood flute, which of course was proven false as Quapaw/Cherokee composer Dr. Louis Ballard premiered an American Indian flute concerto with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra back in 1961?

Remember his claim of creating the only “epic poem” of the 20th Century, precluding all the genuine epic poems by the 20th-century’s better established writers?

Fabrication after fabrication; can we really take anything Yeagley claims as “serious” seriously? Only the foolish of fools would do so, after looking at the abundance of available evidence. Yeagley himself has been caught in many lies, so we must ask (considering the above quotation): does he “hate” himself?

Remember this bold claim by John Martin, aka Tallsoldier77?
John Martin — “I am enrolled in the Oglala, Sioux Rez from Pine Ridge .S.D... I graduated high school in 1986 and joined the Army (DD214 available upon request, lol.) I served 4 years in the Army I attended basic, AIT and Jump school at FT. Benning, GA. After basic I was shipped to Germany where I spent 2 years, then I did my last 18 months at FT. Bragg, N.C. I was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. I got recalled to do a year when my unit paricipated [sic!] in Operation Desert Storm. I ETS'd (seperated) [sic!] with honors from the Army in 91'.” (tallsoldier77, Oct 2006)
Of course, as with much of Yeagley’s site, he was uncovered as a fraud, though his spelling is comparable to Yeagley’s I must admit. But Yeagley himself did nothing and still does nothing — the twin faces of the piano doctor — it’s apparently not okay to lie unless you’re the “right sort of person” or belong to the “right people.” Again, John martin is a fake, and has many identities on the web, many in dating sites, which I’m guessing he is trying to keep hidden from his wife.

Another fabrication: tallsoldier77 claims to have been at Ft. Benning, GA. However, the patch that he flies on his blogger signature is an Airborne patch of Army Special Operations Command out of Fort Bragg, NC. If Martin was at Fort Bragg, he was certainly not in the Airborne, have a look for yourself — from USMILREC — There is nothing about John W. Martin in the 82nd Airborne:
Service : ARMY

Service Component : REGULAR

Pay Grade : E-4

Military Specialty : 76Y1O (unit supply and armorer)

Home of Record : Unknown


Service : ARMY

Service Component : REGULAR

Pay Grade : E-2

Military Specialty : 11B1O (infantryman)

Home of Record : Unknown

Service : ARMY Service
Component : REGULAR
Pay Grade : E-1
Military Specialty : 13B1O (cannon crewmember)

Home of Record : Unknown


Service : ARMY
Service Component : REGULAR
Pay Grade : E-1
Military Specialty : 62E0O (Heavy Construction Equipment Operator)
Home of Record : Unknown


John said...

Doesn't that just figure. Should of known -- TS is so defensive it's almost to the point of paranoia. Now we know why...must suck living a life of lies and deception. Wonder how often his different worlds collide? I'm sure he has many...I know this much, he will have a world of police hurt if he ever makes a post like he did on Yeagley's site stating "he knows where I live." What a loser!

The_Editrix said...

I don't think this pathetic lump is the problem. The problem is Sitting Duck who leans back, fully knowing who and what TS/JM is, enjoying every minute of his antics while smarmily avouching how much he hates lies and liars.

May I remember you of that?

The alternative would be that he really believes his own shit, which means he belongs in a padded cell.

Take your pick!

The_Editrix said...

And for God's sake, when will somebody finally show the dolt what a spell-checker is!!!