March 2, 2007

Yeagley Supporter John Martin Issues More Death Threats

It appears Brent Michael Davids was not the only person receiving death threats yesterday. Dr. Al Carroll reports that Martin made similar calls to him, which were similarly reported to the authorities. A partial quote is below; for the full report, GO HERE.

Originally posted by Dr. Al Carroll, 3-2-07

Dr. Al Carroll — "Visitors to this archive [] may remember John Martin as an unbalanced lunatic and imposter posing as a Gulf War veteran who issued several death threats from and several more at At Indianz he was kicked out. At Badeagle, Yeagley at first cheered him on. Then finally the other members of Badeagle had enough and urged him to quit embarassing himself and their forum. Another moderator sternly warned him and threatened to expel him, while others pointed out his many lies.

Martin continues to be determined to make himself and Yeagley look deranged and unstable. He tracked down my PARENTS' home phone number, thinking it was mine, and called six times yesterday.

The first time I happened to be there..." (Al Carrol, Mar. 2, 2007)

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